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I Snatched Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet Chapter 17

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"What if I refuse?" Qin Huan asked coldly.

"Then I'm afraid we can only forcibly recover and resort to the law. According to the terms of the game contract, all the items in the game belong to our company, and the players only have the right to use them. Our company can recover the virtual items of the game players in any way at any time." The GM said and took out a document directly. "You've signed a consent form."

"What signed?"

Qin Huan took it to see it and immediately wanted to vomit blood. It was a legal statement. It was the one that just came out of the game and needed to be approved. But Qin Huan didn't see it at all. In fact, it's estimated that no player would have a spare time to watch it.

Qin Huan was very angry.

"No, you can't be so unreasonable."

The man in black coughed and said, "Mr. Qin, let me be frank. We must recycle this glove. If you don't want to hand it in, we just have to deal with it by force. I hope Mr. Qin won't take any chances."

Qin Huan Xin said that you are a staff member of a game company. It seems that you are a national secret agent, pretending to be a wolf with a big tail. You are forcing me to curse my mother. No, no, we are cultured people. We can't expose our nature so easily.

He took a deep breath, pretending to read the document while his brain was running fast.

It's obvious that it's the best way to refuse. If someone forcibly recycles it, there will be nothing left. At that time, can we really fight a lawsuit with them? If we fight against small people like ourselves and big companies like this, we'll be looking for death. Although we're a small local tyrant, we'll be a scum compared with the world's technology giants like others.

However, it was a bit hard to give up. Since the other party didn't directly recycle the gloves in the game, they talked with themselves. It was not so easy for them to recycle the infinite gloves, which gave them room to bargain. Qin Huan suddenly had a flash of inspiration and said, "I'll sell it.".

There are plenty of local tyrants playing this game. If it's a big deal, it's cheaper. Five million yuan is a buy it now price. It's estimated that there are plenty of buyers.

Thinking of this, Qin Huan nodded, "well, in that case, I can return the infinite gloves to you, but I still need to carefully consider what gems I want. In this way, when I go online, how about contacting GM directly?"

The two men in black looked at each other and nodded.

"Yes, we'll give you one day to think about it. If you think about it, you can contact our GM directly. Just dial this number." Then he handed a note to Qin Huan, "if it's more than 24 hours, we'll forcibly recycle it."

Qin Huan took a look at the note and nodded.

After walking out of Qin's gate and looking at the dead gate behind him, the two men in black looked at each other, but the tall one couldn't hold his face. He was worried and said, "brother Wang, are you sure it's ok? If the company knows that we are doing this in private, I'm afraid -- "

" what are we afraid of? As long as we get unlimited gloves, we will be invincible. Even if the company knows, we can't help it. " The short man said with indifference.

"But what if the boy doesn't obey?"

"Ha ha, he doesn't know the truth of the game, and he doesn't know what the plot props are for. We represent the official of the game. How dare he be tough with us? Don't worry. As long as we get unlimited gloves, we'll be done."

The short man said, but thought with a sneer in his heart, you will be useless at that time, only one person can have unlimited gloves, that person is me.

"Brother Wang is right. I'll listen to you." The tall man said with a flattering smile, but he thought, hum, let you be arrogant for a while. When you get the infinite gloves, you can see who laughs and who cries.

Each of them had his own way and turned to leave.

After sending away two black suits, Qin Huan was furious. He was a lawless bastard. If he couldn't fight, he would play with me. Why should I report the endless gloves that I had beaten.

There are those GM, even a million want to take my equipment, get rid of your sister's, no, I can't accept anything.

Qin Huan was also a bachelor, so he decided to sell it. Anyway, he was happy.

Thinking of this, he did not wait for his own dinner, and directly lay in the game warehouse again.

He's made up his mind to get rid of it as soon as possible.

At the moment, Qin Huan appeared again in the open wilderness of the western United States, where he had gone offline before.

Around is a desolate open wasteland, not far away can see a wind erosion rock column, forming a strange landscape like rock forest.

Qin Huan didn't go back to the auction in New York. For one thing, it takes a long time to put up the auction. For another thing, the unlimited glove auction is likely to attract GM's attention. Maybe there is some retrieval mechanism there.So Qin Huan decided to sell the world shouting directly. In fact, the world shouting was a little risky, but he had no better way.

[Mr. Hawker's second uncle: the first artifact of the game is to sell all the infinite gloves and six infinite gems. If you put them on, you will be invincible. It's only five million. Yes, you can't buy five million. You can't be fooled. As long as five million, you can become the first person in the game. This is the only infinite glove. It's out of date. 】

however, after sending it twice, before finding the buyer, a private chat message appeared in Qin Huan's information column.

[gm1132: Mr. Qin, please don't challenge the bottom line of our company. The trading function of your game characters has been locked. Please don't struggle in vain. 】

as soon as Qin Huan's eyelids jumped, he found out that it would not give people a way to live, and he also locked up the trading function.

Ah, ah, ah! With a loud roar, the annihilation light of infinite gloves swept all around, destroying the rock pillars in front of him one after another.

What to do next? Do you really want to accept recycling? But I'm not reconciled.

Qin Yu is depressed thinking.

The light of the portal suddenly came out, and Qin Huan was on guard. He said that he was the lawless boy again, but this time it was not him.

The comer was also wearing a magic cloak, but he had a long face, which was quite strange and serious.

"Dr. strange?" Qin Huan lost his voice.

"Yes, that's me." Dr. adventure nodded to Qin Huan, "it seems that I am more famous than I thought. OK, then things are much easier. I think you should know what I came to you for."

The strange doctor said, and his eyes fell on Qin Huan's gloves.

"It turned out to be true. The infinite glove has not been destroyed. It has fallen into your hands? I hope you can understand what you have in your hand, sir

"So you're here for the infinite glove?" Qin Huan asked angrily.

"Yes, this artifact is very dangerous. You can't leave it here at will. We don't have to investigate the damage you caused in New York, but you have to hand over your unlimited gloves."

Qin Huan sneered, "if I don't, are you going to rob me?"

Dr. strange shook his head: "I prefer to call it custody."

"I sincerely hope we don't need to resort to force, but I don't mind if we have to."

"Just you? Want to fight against me with infinite power Qin Huan disdained to say that Dr. strange is really powerful. He must be much more powerful than lawlessness. After all, he is a hero NPC and a genuine supreme mage. However, with unlimited gloves, he doesn't pay much attention to each other. Today, I'd like a boss to brush his equipment.

Dr. strange shook his head: "infinite gloves are related to the safety of the whole universe, so I will not come alone." He said, around suddenly and continuously opened a few portal, one after another superheroes came out from inside.

In the sky, the aegis space carrier emerged a huge figure, iron man, Raytheon, war machine, Falcon, and several Kun fighters completely blocked the sky.

On the ground, Hulk, Spiderman, Wolverine and other X-Men, magic four, dozens of superheroes surrounded Qin Huan in all directions.

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