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I Snatched Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet Chapter 15

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The fire in New York City hasn't been burning for long. After all, it's a new york city that has been subjected to numerous evil conspiracies, numerous mutated monsters' wanton destruction, and numerous alien invasions. Such a "small disaster" that destroyed more than ten buildings, burned several streets, and killed less than 1000 people will not have much impact on the tough New Yorkers.

There are many crises in New York City, and there are also many superheroes. Therefore, every time there is a crisis, someone will come to help save people. No, the Iceman, storm girl and Wolverine in the X-Men have already started to organize the rescue of those affected citizens.

The fire fighting robots of stark industries also began to put out the burning buildings. Soon the fire was put out. The agents of aegis maintained order in the streets, and the citizens were treated one after another. It seems that this crisis will soon subside.

But for others, it's far from over.

At this moment, on the rooftop of a building not too far away from the place where the incident happened, two figures, black and white, were peeping at what happened here.

"I didn't expect that the power of infinite gloves was so powerful that even the wings of death could be summoned casually."

The king's black hand in black venom armor exclaimed.

Standing beside him, the white shadow in white symbiotic armor laughed.

"Ha ha, you're the one I didn't expect. I've thought about it for a long time, and I've thought about more than that. If I expect it to be right, the ability to summon the wings of death should come from the power of real gems, and it must be some kind of big move, which can't be used continuously."

Wang's black hand thought about it, but nodded, "you're right. If such powerful skills can be used without CD, it's really against the sky. Although the balance of Marvel Universe is not generally bad, it's not likely to happen."

White shadow is about to continue to speak, suddenly his eyes move, said with a smile, "I said that since you are here, don't hide, come out, Xiao FA, I have noticed you."

A figure suddenly emerged from the air behind them, but it was lawless.

"Why are you two here?" Lawless and ungrateful asked.

"Ha ha, of course, I was attracted by the big news you made. How about that group of waste of Tiandi League failed in the end? I have already said that the group of waste is unreliable."

Lawless some discontented to see two people one eye, "they can't depend on, can you depend on?"

The white shadow snorted coolly, "if you mean loyalty, we are like each other. But if you ask about fighting, I ask myself that it is very reliable. Fighting does not depend on many people, but on strength and resourcefulness." The tone was rather proud.

He really has the capital to be proud of himself. The white shadow's symbiotic armor is made of intelligent metal and desperate virus. If iron man sees it, he will be absolutely surprised, because the opponent's armor seems to be more advanced than his nano alloy armor. In fact, it is true. Symbiotic armor is strictly an invention of iron man, but it is not It's in movies, it's in comics.

Because the Marvel Universe game is based on the movie, so far this suit of armor has not even been made by Stark.

In fact, the white shadow comes out of DIY itself, which is unique in the game of Marvel Universe, so it's not difficult to see how strong the white shadow is.

As for the black hand of the king around him, he is also very powerful. He is a powerful mutant of alpha level, and he has built a poison symbiotic battle suit to enhance his combat effectiveness. He will not be affected by his mind while gaining the blessing of poison power. It can be said that he is very strong.

In addition to their strong personal strength, they are also the two elders of the famous guild's firerunner alliance. They can easily pull out tens of hundreds of strong men to fight. Naturally, they are different from the small roles of Tiandi alliance.

Lawless but also understand this, so did not argue with the white shadow.

"Well, no more nonsense. I believe you can understand that eternal company can't allow unlimited gloves to be left in the hands of any person or guild, but if it's just unlimited gems, it's different. As long as eternal company doesn't know this, we can hold it temporarily, or at least exchange interests, so I suggest that we do We'll take the green fat together and destroy the infinite glove. We three have two infinite gems each. What do you think, Lao Bai? "



"I can only give you an infinite gem, and the other five belong to us. Don't forget, we still need a lot of people. Besides your personal strength, you don't have any extra value. For the sake of friends, you can share one. Don't think about the extra."

However, the situation is better than others, but he also knows that he will never get back the infinite gloves by himself.

It's better to have one than none, and the form will change all the time. Maybe what's going on.He nodded and said, "OK, but how can we find green fat? After this war, the other side must have ambushed. "

"Don't worry, someone will help us find him." The white shadow said, but looked into the distant sky, where it seemed that there was nothing. However, through the transparent screen of symbiotic armor, the white shadow could see a huge spaceship floating in the mid air in an invisible attitude.

This ship is the space carrier of aegis.

At this moment, in the interior of the space carrier, the Avengers alliance, X-Men, magic four and other superheroes have gathered again.

It was the director of aegis, Nick Frey, who held this meeting: "you must have known what happened in New York City before. A black dragon attacked Fifth Avenue in New York City. According to previous reports, the black dragon was more than 100 meters long. After burning down several streets, it suddenly disappeared. It was so big It's obviously impossible for the monster to disappear out of thin air. We have to find out what happened before here. "

Dr. strange sighed, "unfortunately, if my Argo eye is still there, I can replay what happened before."

Iron Man stark laughs, "don't bother. Don't you know there's something called a camera in the world?"

As he said this, he took out a tablet computer again and again. "On Friday, please give me all the surveillance videos on the street before the incident, and do me a favor to transfer the images to the screen in front of me."

"At your service, Mr. stark."

With the sound of AI Friday, soon some pictures appeared on the big screen in front of people's eyes.

For iron man's self assertive behavior, Frey was quite dissatisfied, but he didn't say anything. Soon people's attention was attracted by the screen.

What was shown on the screen was the scene of Qin Huan and Tiandi League meeting and fighting.

"My God, infinite gloves?"

Looking at the things on the Hulk's hand in the picture, all the heroes suddenly showed shock and dignified look.

Nick Frey was not surprised. In fact, he had seen these pictures before.

He glanced at the crowd with his one eye.

"Ladies and gentlemen, when mieba was defeated, the infinite glove disappeared strangely. Although it was calm for the next two years, my heart was filled with worry that this weapon might pose an unimaginable threat to our world if it fell into anyone's hands.

This time, it was a black dragon that killed and injured hundreds of people. Next time, God knows what kind of monster will appear and how many will be killed and injured.

We must find infinite gloves as soon as possible and take them into our hands at any cost for reasonable storage and utilization, so as to avoid falling into the hands of bad people.

This time I call you here for this matter. I hope everyone can contribute their strength. No matter who the guy in the picture is, we must find him and get back the infinite gloves. "

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