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Hidden Blade Chapter 734 Come On! Come Risk Your Life!

Author:  Ta Ceng Shi Shao Nia Genre:  Fantasy UpdateTime:  2021-02-23 17:33:22

Gui Guzi's face revealed a look of shock.

Not only was it because of how much trouble Xu Han's twin dragon and snake technique would bring him, but it was also because of the twin dragon and snake technique itself.

He shouldn't have forgotten that with Gui Gu Zi's deductive ability, they naturally knew about the existence of the Dragon-Snake Twin Technique, but since they knew about it, how could they possibly miss out on this matter?

This was because they were skilled in deducing everything and had managed to dodge the actions and pursuits of the emperors over and over again. They thought that their attainments in this technique had already reached the peak, so how could they make such a mistake? Moreover, after he had foreseen Xu Han's abnormal situation, he had deduced it once more in his heart. He had not discovered the abnormal situation. He could have made the same mistake the last time, so how could he have made it twice?

Thinking of this, Gui Gu Zi suddenly frowned. He thought of something.

On that night in Chang'an City, the monitors had once descended. This was something that had never happened 18 times before. They had destroyed Xu Han step by step, and the beginning of all of this was the twin birth of dragons and snakes. Naturally, they were extremely concerned about the arrival of the monitors, and they also saw everything they had done. He gave Xu Han the sword from beyond the heavens, and the Ghost Rice Men treated this matter as the main purpose of the surveillance team's descent. But now, it seemed that what they had seen was far from enough.


Gui Gu Zi's body suddenly trembled. He remembered that the watcher had once given Xu Han a starlight, and this starlight was the thing that had blinded the heavens, so much so that they had missed something in their calculations. In fact, only powerful beings like the watchers who had ascended to the Immortal Realm could do this without the eyes of the Ghost Rice Men.

Gui Gu Zi thought of this, Xu Han had already devoured all of the dragon energy in the image of the dead dragon. The strange black inscriptions on his naked upper body began to change in his eyes. They continued to walk upstream of Xu Han's body, fusing, devouring, and finally transforming into a dragon tattoo that pierced through his entire body, jumped out from his shoulders, and opened his chest.

Almost half of the world's luck gathered around him. In addition to the power he extracted from the demons in the depths of the world, the two were superimposed together. The aura Xu Han displayed at this moment was no longer something that could be described by the word \"terrifying\" alone.

He raised his head and looked at Gui Guzi. His gaze was still incomparably cold, but it caused Gui Guzi's body to tremble. He could sense a dangerous aura from Xu Han's body that he had never felt in the past tens of thousands of years.

At that moment, Xu Han extended his hand again. Gui Guzi's heart trembled. The hands that held the Veluriyam World tightened. He could already feel that Xu Han possessed the power to threaten him. This was a very intuitive matter. After Xu Han had obtained the Dragon Qi, the surging power in the Myriad Domains of the Universe stopped abruptly.

This meant that in the starry sky of the Myriad Realms, there was a change in the will consciousness between the new king and the old king.

Gui Gu Zi increased his strength. The damage to the world became even more intense. He felt that as long as he persisted for a little longer, the world would be doomed to destruction. At that time, even if Xu Han had great abilities, he would not be able to change the fact that Gui Gu Zi had become a new emperor. Moreover, the damage to the world was so intense that Xu Han could not repair it in a short period of time.

There was nothing wrong with his calculations.

Even with the blessing of the Dragon Qi, it was not something that Xu Han could do to repair this world at this moment.

In fact, it seemed that Xu Han had never thought that he would do this. As he moved towards the dome, his hand suddenly clenched into a fist, and then a powerful dao mixed with various kinds of power violently smashed onto the dome.

The sky, which was already on the verge of being shattered, instantly split apart, and transparent glass fragments fell down like rain.

Gui Guzi's heart shook. He had once again miscalculated Xu Han's thoughts. He couldn't understand why Xu Han didn't want to use all of his strength to repair this world at this moment, and why he still shattered it even harder. Could it be that he really wanted to give up everything in this world and escape alone?

This thought had just arisen in Gui Gu Zi's heart, and in the next moment, it dissipated.

Because Xu Han's body did not flee into the boundless void outside the world at that time, his wings flapped and black gas surged across the sky. At that time, his body carried the roar of a dead dragon and charged straight towards Gui Gu Zi.

Gui Guzi's mind went blank for a moment before he finally reacted.

He wants to kill me!

Such thoughts appeared in Gui Gu Zi's mind. He was stunned. Ever since Gui Gu Zi established the vast universe, no one in this world dared to have such thoughts. Even the watcher who claimed to be on equal footing with Gui Gu Zi had never done such a thing.

Hundreds of thousands of years of ease made Gui Gu Zi subconsciously think that either fleeing or surrendering was the attitude a creature should have towards Gui Gu Zi.

Evidently, this Xu Han in front of him was not something an ordinary creature could compare to.

Gui Guzi's thoughts only took him a breath or even less to understand his situation.

However, in a battle of this level, even a mere breath of time could change a lot of things.

When Gui Guzi realized this and tried to mobilize all his strength to resist Xu Han's attack, Xu Han's body had already arrived in front of him. What was worth mentioning was that when Xu Han rushed out of the barrier, his body suddenly enlarged, becoming the size of that ghost grain.

The big fist carried the might of a dragon and the roar of a dragon as it headed straight for Gui Gu Zi's face. However, all of this happened too suddenly. Gui Gu Zi didn't have time to react and was ruthlessly punched in the face by that punch. His body suddenly flew out and fell into the boundless void. The glass ball that he held in his hand immediately released from his hand and floated in the void.

Xu Han stretched out his hand to hold onto the glass world, but just as his hand reached out, a dragon roar sounded from the boundless darkness.

Gui Gu Ziyu, who was dressed in a black robe, sent a black and white dragon out from the depths of the darkness. Xu Han frowned without the slightest hesitation, and at that moment, he suddenly waved his fist in the direction where Gui Gu Ziyu had come from.

In the void, the world of darkness was completely shattered by such a powerful fist wind. Layers upon layers of darkness were shattered, but they were instantly repaired by the void. Only Xu Han's fist was straight back and forth, not stopping at all.


A loud explosion exploded in the void. Xu Han and the disciples from Gui Gu Zi pushed themselves away. The black gas behind Xu Han dimmed, and the evil dragon beneath Gui Gu Zi's feet looked dispirited.

Evidently, the duel this time had not yielded the slightest benefit, but the glass ball that the world had transformed into was stirred up by the aftermath of the collision of the two forces, floating high up and down in the void.

The world that was originally on the verge of shattering was in an even more dangerous situation when the two forces collided with each other.

Gui Guzi, who had retreated to the side, caught a glimpse of the situation. He knew that as long as he injected a little more power into the world, This world would be completely destroyed. Once the world was destroyed, the emperors in the depths of the sealed world would also die. At that time, the Myriad Domains of the Starry Sky would once again consider their Gui Gu Zi bloodline as the new emperor. In this way, Gui Gu Zi's hundreds of thousands of years of planning would be rewarded at this moment.

Thinking of this, Gui Gu Zi gritted his teeth and the evil dragon beneath his feet howled again. He ignored it and rushed towards the boundless void that was glittering with brilliant glass spheres. Xu Han naturally pierced through his thoughts. His wings flapped and killing intent surged in his eyes. Three thousand black sword shadows appeared. The black dragon tattoo on his naked body flickered, and the black gas around his body condensed. At that time, all of his strength was pushed to the limit by Xu Han, causing the ghost grain to explode without leaving any room.

Gui Guzi's expression changed as he saw Xu Han's desperate gamble.

If he was a bystander, he would even laugh at Xu Han's stupidity. Xu Han had clearly placed all his bets on this killing move. In fact, even if he really succeeded, he would only kill Gui Gu Zi. It would not be of any help to save the world he lived in. According to Gui Guzi's thoughts, what Xu Han should do at this moment was to snatch the glass ball that represented his world like Gui Guzi.

But Xu Han was not Gui Gu Zi.

His expression was resolute. His gaze was firm. He did not hesitate at all. All of his strength was activated by him at that moment, pouring towards the Ghost Valley that was heading towards that world.

Therefore, when he decided to sacrifice his own life to help his tribe fulfill their hundreds of thousands of years' long-cherished wish, or to save his own life, and retire for the time being, when this choice was placed in front of Gui Gu Zi, he no longer had the slightest mood to mock the foolishness of Xu Han's decision.

Gui Gu Zi's apostle gritted his teeth. He did not believe that Xu Han would make such a decision. He felt that as long as he did it more ruthlessly, Xu Han would definitely reveal a flaw and stop such an absurd action. As long as Xu Han hesitated for a moment or made a move to protect this world, he would be able to grasp that instant opportunity and heavily injure Xu Han.

Therefore, he pushed his speed to the limit at that time and charged towards the glass ball that the world had transformed into even faster.

He was getting closer and closer to the ball, to the point where he could even reach his tentacles. As long as he held out his hand tightly, the world would turn into powder. However, Xu Han still did not have the slightest intention of changing his offensive. All of his strength gathered together and followed closely behind Gui Gu Zi like maggots of bones. As long as he crushed that world, Xu Han's killing move would also take his life in the first place.

Gui Guzi's hand was already halfway through, and Xu Han's killing move was getting closer and closer.

This wasn't a very long time. In fact, it was a long story, but for the two of them, it wasn't even a breath's worth of time.

However, for Gui Gu Zi, this situation was as long as a few years. At this time, he finally confirmed that Xu Han seemed to be unable to stop. His heart shook, and he finally hesitated between the glory of the tribe and his own life. This hesitation slowed down his attacking speed a little.

Xu Han's killing move was closer to him, and the smell of death had never been so clear.

The fear in his heart grew even more intense. He subconsciously turned his head around. At that time, he saw Xu Han flying towards him. He saw the black wings that covered everything, saw the surging sword intent, saw the roar of a dead dragon, and also saw a pair of pitch-black eyes.

Those eyes seemed to be saying...

Come on!

Come risk your life!

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