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Hidden Blade Chapter 635 Gravekeeper

Author:  Ta Ceng Shi Shao Nia Genre:  Fantasy UpdateTime:  2021-01-14 01:01:36

\"So evil? Talk about Cao Cao, Cao Cao arrives?\"

Meng Liang, who looked like he was facing a great enemy, saw a few figures on the giant ape that had suddenly arrived. His expression immediately changed as he muttered to himself in his heart.

Xu Han, who jumped down from the giant ape, was similarly puzzled. He looked at the tall barbarians beside Meng Liang and couldn't help but frown. \"Senior Brother … these are …\" he asked.

These barbarians who were born in the Southern Wilderness and died in the Southern Wilderness had never seen such a huge ape before. Even Udah's complexion turned cold and his aura was not smooth at that time. But even so, Meng Liang also heard that Wu Da shouting in barbaric language, \"Protect Mola!\"

Hence, the hundreds of elite warriors of the other races put on airs at that time, their feet trembling as they stood in front of Meng Liang.

Meng Liang looked at the group of barbarians, feeling helpless and touched. He pointed at Xu Han and said to Wu Dayan, \"Kuka.\"

Kuka means friend in Barbarian.

Wu Da was stunned, as if he was still worried, \"Kuka?\"

\"Yes, Kuka.\" Meng Liang nodded again.

Only then did Wu Da smile, The barbarians' thoughts were simple. Everything was written on their faces. He hurriedly called for their clansmen to retreat. After all, any warrior was indispensable to a tribe. If they fought against this giant ape, they would surely suffer heavy losses. Once the strength of the royal court was weak, they would be waiting for another tribe to take their place.

After the barbarians left, Xu Han walked over to Meng Liang and asked, \"What's going on?\"

Although Xu Han had never been to the Southern Wilderness, he had also heard of everything about it. He had originally thought that it was a lonely Sword Mausoleum, but he did not expect it to be so lively outside. Furthermore, looking at Meng Liang's posture, his status among the barbarians was still extremely high. It seemed like this Sword Mausoleum was not as lonely as others had said.

\"Ah! Uncle Meng, you're carrying Sister Ziyu on your back!\" Xiao Nineteen, who had also jumped down from the giant ape's body, also approached Meng Liang. She looked at the two barbarian \"beauties\" beside Meng Liang with a look of disgust as she caught her adultery in bed. In the end, she frowned and said, \"You still have such a bad taste.\"

After saying this, Xiao Nineteen sighed and said, \"Sigh, man, there's not a single good thing.\"

When he said this, Meng Liang's expression immediately changed. He hurriedly waved his hand and said, \"It's not like that. Xiao Nineteen, don't misunderstand. I, Meng Liang, am not the kind of shameless person who eats in a bowl and looks at the pot while being concubine with others and joining hands with others.\"

Before the word \"disciple\" could be spoken, a dry cough sounded from Xu Han's mouth.

Meng Liang was stunned. He looked at Xu Han, who had an ignorant expression on his face. He then looked at Qin Keqing, who was beside Xu Han, and instantly understood.

\"Anyway, it's not what you think,\" he said hurriedly.

\"Is that so?\" Little Nineteen was clearly more certain of this belief that seeing was believing and hearing was false. She narrowed her eyes and looked at Meng Liang, her long and narrow eyes filled with the crafty smile of the Fox newspaper.

Meng Liang was immediately discouraged, \"Tell me, how can you keep your mouth shut?\"

\"Two sets of sword techniques!\" Xiao Nineteen stretched out his index finger and middle finger, but soon felt that it was not worth it. He hurriedly stretched out his ring finger and said, \"No, three sets.\"

There was a saying that there was no one who didn't lower his head under the eaves. Meng Liang could only smile bitterly and nod his head when he heard this, \"Alright...\"

Xiao Nineteen, who had obtained such an answer, was naturally satisfied. He immediately pulled Zhou Yuan, who was beside him, and hopped into the barbarian camp, watching everything in the barbarian race with interest.


In order to prevent Wu Da from thinking that Xu Han and the others were not satisfied with their treatment, Meng Liang pulled Xu Han and the others to sit beside his \"throne\", while Xiao Nineteen had already fought with the barbarian children. From time to time, she would occasionally use the shallow sword techniques and saber techniques that she had learned from Xu Han and the others to attract a large number of barbarian children to applaud.

Meng Liang also took advantage of this time to explain his predicament to Xu Han one by one. Then, he stared at Xu Han with widened eyes and asked, \"Junior Brother, can you think of a way to persuade these barbarians to leave?\"

Hearing this, Xu Han turned to look at Meng Liang. He also blinked his eyes and asked with a puzzled expression, \"Is it difficult?\"

\"Isn't it difficult?\" Meng Liang was a little confused.

\"It's not difficult.\" Xu Han nodded and said.

\"Then you'll take care of them?\" Meng Liang asked again. For a moment, he really couldn't think of any way Xu Han could solve this matter.

\"Alright.\" Xu Han smiled and nodded. Then, he suddenly waved his hand at 19 children who were enjoying themselves with a group of barbarian children not far away. Seeing this, Little 19 jumped up and down in front of Xu Han.

\"What's wrong, Uncle Xu?\" She asked.

Xu Han silently leaned over to Xiao Nineteen's ear and whispered a few words that others could not hear clearly. Xiao Nineteen immediately smiled.

\"Can you do it?\" Then, he looked at Xiao Nineteen with puzzled eyes from Meng Liang and Qin Keqing and asked.

Xiao Nineteen tilted his head and thought for a moment, then stretched out his hand and said, \"Three sets of sword techniques?\"


As soon as he finished speaking, Xiao Nineteen's head was slapped by Xu Han. At that time, the little fellow immediately covered his head in grievance, and tears flashed in his dark eyes.

\"I don't have that many swordsmanship in total. Do it as soon as possible. As long as you can learn it in the future, it won't be a problem for me to hand over all of my cultivation to you.\" Xu Han, however, immediately said in a deep voice, \"Did you eat the nineteen aggrieved moves?\"

Hearing this, Little Nineteen broke into tears and laughed, but his expression changed as he looked at Meng Liang, who was dumbfounded.

\"Alright, Uncle Xu, don't worry.\" After saying that, Little Nineteen turned around and walked into the group of barbarian children, pulling them to the side. A few of them lowered their heads and didn't know what they were stammering about.

\"What are you going to do?\" Meng Liang asked curiously.

However, Xu Han deliberately sold the juncture. He smiled and said, \"Senior Brother, just wait and see what happens. Junior Brother will definitely be fortunate enough to live up to his fate.\"


Even before this, Meng Liang had clearly told Xu Han about the enthusiasm of these barbarians, but when night fell, everyone was still shocked by the formation the barbarians had set up.

At night, when the hunting team returned to the tribe, the women began to kill chickens and sheep. As for the men, they lit a campfire in front of Xu Han and the others. The children danced around the campfire, singing barbarian songs in a childish voice, a scene of pilgrimage.

After Qin Keqing and Xu Han met again, She seemed to have returned to the gentle and quiet woman of the past, She saw the barbarians busy making a fire and cooking, and wanted to help, However, whenever she walked in front of the barbarians, Yi Fang would hurriedly bow to her. She didn't even dare to raise her head to look at her. Qin Keqing, who realized that she could only cause trouble, could only sit beside Xu Han. She sat there quietly and looked at the smiling child in front of the campfire with a rare smile on her face.

Afterwards, the barbarians brought the roasted chicken and fat sheep to Xu Han and the others. Although they were a little hesitant, the crowd still politely took some food from the food they handed over to satisfy their hunger. The rest was returned to the barbarians. Even though the gods in their hearts had accepted their tributes, the barbarians were celebrating as if something great had happened.

After dinner, the barbarians raised their clans to sing and dance around Xu Han and the others. Although the crowd could not really hear what they were singing, nor could they appreciate the dance that was completely different from the Central Plains, they could feel the joy that the barbarians felt from your heart.

In the end, Xu Han even pulled Qin Keqing and the others to join. Although the barbarians were still a little frightened at first, after Xiao Nineteen said a few words that Meng Liang could not understand, the barbarians immediately pulled Xu Han and the others to join with ecstasy.

The carnival continued until late at night before the barbarians dispersed. Xu Han and the others also stayed in the best tent that Wu Da had arranged for them.

For the next three days, Xu Han seemed to have forgotten to promise Meng Liang that he would get along well with these barbarians every day. He even began to lead the others to help these barbarians do something that he could. For example, Qin Keqing taught them how to make better bows and arrows, more lethal and hidden traps, and Qin Keqing also taught those women how to sew clothes to make them stronger.

As the days passed, Meng Liang finally couldn't hold back any longer in the evening of the third day.

After the usual carnival dissipated, he walked to Xu Han's side and whispered, \"Junior Brother, have you forgotten something?\"

\"What?\" Xu Han, who was sitting beside the campfire, glanced at Meng Liang and asked in confusion.

Hearing this, Meng Liang revealed an understanding expression. He patted Xu Han's shoulder seriously and said, \"Men, bragging isn't a bad thing. Senior Brother understands that this isn't embarrassing. After all, I haven't thought of a good idea for you after staying here for so many days. It doesn't matter if we think about it together, we'll find a way to let them leave.\"

Hearing his words, Xu Han did not comment. Instead, he asked, \"Senior Brother returned to the Chen Kingdom a few days ago. How about it?\"

Meng Liang's expression darkened when he asked this question, but he quickly suppressed this strange expression. He turned around and said with a smile, \"What can happen? Chen Country is very stable.\"

Since returning to Great Zhou, Xu Han hadn't heard much about Chen Country. He didn't doubt Meng Liang's words. He said, \"That's good.\"

\"Yes.\" Meng Liang nodded his head and used several breaths of time to calm down the unseen surge in his heart. Then, he turned his head to look at Qin Keqing and the others who were sleeping in the tent. Suddenly, he nudged Xu Han with his elbow and a teasing smile appeared on his face. \"Junior Brother, tell Senior Brother, do you like Miss Hongjian or Miss Keqing?\" He asked.

Xu Han probably never thought that Meng Liang would ask him such a question after holding back for a long time.

He was stunned for a moment, but he didn't have the time to answer Meng Liang's question immediately.

Seeing this, Meng Liang's face immediately revealed a clear expression. He nodded his head and said seriously, \"Well, in this aspect, Junior Brother is much stronger than Senior Brother. He really pushes the waves forward after the Yangtze River.\"

Xu Han was stunned by Meng Liang's words. He couldn't help but look back at Meng Liang and asked, \"Senior Brother, what do you mean?\"

Meng Liang lightly hit Xu Han with his shoulder and teased, \"Senior Brother, you and I are fellow disciples. What's there to hide? As for men, Senior Brother understands what it means to want the blessings of others.\"

\"But Miss Qing can still say that Hongjian is not a fuel-efficient lamp. Junior Brother still needs to work harder.\"

Hearing this, Xu Han shook his head and smiled bitterly. He wanted to explain, but after thinking about it, he did it again. There were some things that were insignificant to outsiders, but deep down in his heart, he thought, perhaps he should find some time to give Qin Keqing an explanation.

Seeing that Xu Han did not intend to entangle himself with this topic, Meng Liang tactfully shut his mouth. However, perhaps because he had stayed with these barbarians for too long, Meng Liang did not intend to end the conversation between the two of them. After a few breaths, he asked, \"Junior Brother saw the situation in the Surabaya Pass when he came.\"

\"Mm. The vast army probably won't do it if they touch the Undying Sword Mausoleum.\" Xu Han nodded.

\"Sigh, you said that these people are the same. They have a good life, but they have to fight back and forth. Even if I break my leg, I can't do it.\" Meng Liang sighed and raised his head to look at the horizon. He looked at the full moon in the sky and felt a bit of melancholy like he was thinking of his hometown. However, Eldest Young Master Meng thought for a moment. His hometown was no longer his hometown. Since he couldn't miss his hometown, then he should think about people. Therefore, he sighed and said, \"I wonder how Ziyu is now.\"

\"Senior Brother, if you miss Ziyu, please ask Uncle Wang to let you leave the Sword Mausoleum after this matter is over. You can go find her.\" Xu Han said in relief.

\"How can it be that easy?\" Meng Liang smiled bitterly, \"I think that the army in the Surabaya Pass has 40,000 to 50,000 people, right? Even an ordinary soldier with 40,000 to 50,000 people there is enough for us to kill until our hands are soft, let alone some monsters who don't know where they came from.\"

\"Senior Brother, do you think we can't defend the Mausoleum of Xu Han asked with a smile.

\"How?\" Meng Liang also looked at Xu Han at that time. Although he did not directly answer Xu Han's question, both his tone and expression were obvious. He did not hold any hope for this matter.

\"Since you can't defend it, why is Senior Brother still here?\" Xu Han asked again.

\"Didn't you come too?\" Meng Liang helplessly glanced at Xu Han and said, \"In the end, we both want to have a clear conscience.\"

Meng Liang seemed to have thought of something and sighed, \"Sigh, a clear conscience, how many lives did he kill?\"

Xu Han did not understand where Meng Liang's exclamation came from, but he could feel that Meng Liang's heart was not depressed at this moment. At that time, he also fell silent, looking at Meng Liang and thinking about some of his thoughts.


Meng Liang had a dream.

In his dream, Chen Country was peaceful, and his Master and Mother were like immortal couples, traveling around the world.

Father retired from military power and lived in Jinling City for many years.

Chen Xuanji was in charge of the Imperial Court, and the people respected him.

He sat at home leisurely drinking wine, watching his maids sing and dance, feeling very uncomfortable.

When his wife Fang Ziyu arrived, she pulled his ear and scolded him. However, he did not feel any pain. Instead, he enjoyed the noise.

There were no Lunar Temple immortals here, no Changwu Pass where the army was suppressing them, and no Sword Mausoleum...

Xu Han would bring his two wives to the door, and Xiao Nineteen would suddenly appear, pulling him to say that he wanted to learn his swordsmanship.

Seeing Little Nineteen, Fang Ziyu felt that the child was very cute, so she shyly discussed with him at night whether she should have a child as well.

Meng Liang smiled foolishly as he looked at Fang Ziyu with a shy face. He reached out to hold her cheek and was about to kiss her, but at this moment...

I woke up.

Meng Liang opened his eyes. It was still the \"luxurious tent\" of the barbarians and the burning hot air of the Southern Wilderness early in the morning.

Meng Liang sighed. He thought that he still had to face the reality. At the very least, he had to deal with this group of barbarians first. He sat up and adjusted his clothes. He thought to himself that this matter could not be delayed any longer. Since Junior Brother had no other choice, he would have to drive these barbarians away today. After all, according to the time, the army in the Surabaya Pass had probably gathered by now. If it was delayed any longer, it would not be of any benefit to these barbarians.

Meng Liang's expression darkened as he made up his mind. He tried his best to make his face look fierce enough. Then, he walked to the front of the tent, pushed open the curtain of the tent, and walked out. He was about to say something loudly, but the scene in front of him caused the baleful aura that Meng Liang had built up on his face to dissipate. Then, he swallowed the words that came to his mouth.

In front of the enormous Sword Mausoleum, only Qin Keqing and the others were busy preparing this breakfast. Xu Han sat at the side with Xuan'er in his arms and closed his eyes to recuperate. Apart from that, the barbarians who had been standing in front of the Sword Mausoleum had all disappeared at this moment.

Meng Liang wasn't sure if everything in front of him was an illusion or if he was still in a dream and hadn't woken up. He subconsciously slapped himself.

With a crisp sound, burning pain came from the side of his face. The real pain reminded Meng Liang that everything in front of him was real.

\"Senior Brother, what kind of kung fu are you practicing? Is it so unique?\" Xu Han, who was standing at the side, was attracted by Meng Liang's self-slapping sound. He put down Xuan'er in his arms and walked over to Meng Liang, asking with a smile.

Meng Liang didn't have time to pay attention to the teasing in Xu Han's words, so he immediately asked, \"Where are the barbarians?\"

\"Let's go.\" Xu Han replied.

\"Left? Why did you leave?\" Meng Liang was stunned.

Xu Han looked at Meng Liang strangely and said, \"Didn't Senior Brother ask me to drive them away?\"

\"How?\" Meng Liang asked. After all, he had used all of his solutions to not drive away such brainless barbarians. What method did Xu Han use to make these barbarians so obedient?

Xu Han smiled and said, \"There is a saying that the bell must be untied. Senior Brother, why did those barbarians stay at the entrance of the Sword Mausoleum?\"

Meng Liang replied, \"They thought that the Sword Mausoleum was going to ascend to the Heaven Realm...\"

\"Right.\" Xu Han smiled and said, \"I let Little Nineteen learn a few words of barbaric language, On that day, when the barbarians were dancing, they told them that Mura was moved by their sincerity and decided to stay here. Not only that, Mura had to teach them immortal arts for three days. A year later, they came to pilgrimage according to the ancient teachings. Look, we taught them some random things in these three days, and they left happily, didn't they? \"

Meng Liang was stunned when he heard this. He slapped his forehead fiercely and cursed himself, \"Why can't I think of such a simple reason? But soon, he felt that it was a little inappropriate, so he asked,\" But at this time next year, the Sword Mausoleum is estimated to have been razed to the ground by those monsters. Is it inappropriate for Junior Brother to deceive them like this? \"

From Meng Liang's point of view, with the barbarians' single-minded temperament, if they didn't see Mora here next year, they would definitely think that the God-man had abandoned them, and at that time, they would inevitably suffer some calamity.

But when Xu Han heard this, he smiled and said, \"What does Senior Brother mean?\"

\"I'm not here for a clear conscience...\"

\"Since you're here, you're here to guard the mausoleum. You haven't even tried yet. How can you say you're defeated?\"

In addition, there was a suggestion from a book friend last night that when he entered the game \"Shadow Warrior\", he should set up a \"Hidden Edge\" gang. He felt that this idea was not bad, and he might even be able to fight for the novel in the game at that time

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