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Green Life The girls in the cave! – chapter 85

Author:  [email protected] Genre:  Other UpdateTime:  2021-02-23 19:04:18

[ Then Hatsuko! You were looking for the nearest place I live right? ] ( Chloe )

Her expression changed into a serious one as she asked me this question.

Something feels weird here!

Like, why is she claiming that I want to know where she lives? I asked her where the closest city or village is located, where people have managed to survive, just like U.G.C!

But I will go with it, for now, to see where this goes.

[ Yes. ] ( Hatsuko )

I casually responded to her.

[ Okay then try to keep up with me! ] ( Chloe )

She started running after saying that.

For a skinny, weak girl, she can run really fast.

She ran over the grass while avoiding all the rocks around as if they never were never there! Her steps were light as feathers and could barely be heard.

So that's how she managed to get away from the monsters.

From the way she approached me and attacked me, she could be an assassin!

Two daggers, managing to hide her presence from monsters, and fast movements.

I should be careful around her! I'm not sure when she might attack me!

I also should use a temporary base in her village or city. My top priority is to find the last soul which my status requires for something. The way, my ability works is still unknown to me.

[ Oh, you can keep up with me? ] ( Chloe )

She turned around and said that to me with a smile on her face. Based on the tone of her voice, I could understand that it contained happiness and hope.

I was behind her the whole time ever since she started running. I wasn't too far away from her, but not too close either!

On each of her steps, I noticed her hair waving around from the air. Even her skirt was moving up and down from her movements.

That skirt looked as if it was ripped and burned at some places ending up really short.

I don't know if she knows this, but her clothes were a mess. As her skirt was waving up and down, I noticed that she wasn't wearing anything underneath.

She wasn't wearing any underwear under her skirt...

Is this her fetish or she just can't afford to buy new clothes?



After running for some time, she stopped near a small lake.

Even after running for that long, she didn't seem that tired from it.

[ We are almost there! ] ( Chloe )

Is this going to be another secret city just like U.G.C?

We kept following up the stream of the lake until we reached a waterfall.

This was actually rare! Finding a waterfall in this kind of place.

The sound of the waterfall was a bit loud, but calming at the same time. I followed her until we reached a dead-end near the waterfall.

Is the entrance of that city going to be somewhere near here?

[ This way! ] ( Chloe )

She said as she started walking towards the waterfall, using the side rocks as a way to go there without falling into the river.

I prepared a barrier around my body in case something would happen. As I kept getting closer to the waterfall, I noticed a gap where there was no water flowing down from the waterfall. That gap was big enough for a person or two, to enter together. That's where Chloe entered.

I also followed her and entered that place.


It was a cave?

Behind that waterfall, was a big cave. The smell here was unpleasant and the temperature was low. The waterfall at the entrance of this cave might have caused the low temperature of this place. Inside here was really dark, but I still could see clearly despite that.

Is this really the entrance of the city?

The more seconds were passing by, the more suspicious she was becoming. She started walking a little deeper in this cave while looking around for something.

[ Chloe? ]

From the depths of this cave, a small girl came in front of Chloe.

[ EVERYONE! Chloe is back! ]

The little girl turned her head around and said that with a loud voice.

[ Ava! I'm back! ] ( Chloe )

[ [ [ Chloe!!! ] ] ]

[ Chloe is here! Wake up! ]

[ Chloe? ]

Six girls were gathering around Chloe with an exciting look in their eyes. Some of them even started hugging Chloe.

[ Did the fire turn off? ] ( Chloe )

After everyone calmed down a little, Chloe asked the little girl. I think her name was Ava?

[ The firewoods, ran out... ] ( Ava )

She looked down on her side as she said that.

[ I see... Was it cold? ] ( Chloe )

She asked the little girl with a worried look.

[ Umu! ] ( Ava )

She tilted her head sideways as a response.

[ I'm already a grown girl! I won't be cold just from this but... the others weren't feeling that good... ] ( Ava )

The little girl showed a strong will to Chloe.

Hearing this kind of answer, Chloe clenched her fists as she looked in sideways.

[ What about Hide? Where is he? ] ( Chloe )

Chloe looked around in the group of little girls trying to find that boy named Hide.

[ He is still laying down. His face is becoming redder from the cold. ]

Another girl who still was hugging Chloe answered the question.

[ Chloe, is Hide going to be okay? ]

Another young girl came towards Chloe and asked her with tears in her eyes.

This girl seemed to be the youngest in this group of girls.

[ Don't worry! Your brother will be as strong as a superhero! I promise you that! ] ( Chloe )

Chloe showed her clenched fist with a confident look as she answered that young girl.

[ hic, thank you... big sister... ]

Chloe's face didn't change even for a bit. She showed to all the girls here, the brightest smile she could do.

[ Chloe is so cool! ]

Everyone had admiring looks on their face.

[ Chloe, um... who is that over there? ] ( Ava )

That girl pointed her finger towards me as she was asking that question to Chloe.

It seems that one of the little girls had finally noticed my presence.

[ Oh, His name is Hatsuko, we met in the forest! ] ( Chloe )




{Author's note:

Okay, I'm almost catching up to all of the chapters I have written until now 85/102 (You can check all of the written chapters on my Patreon.). And the last few days I haven't written anything at all.

Sometimes I find inspiration from positive comments and reviews. But the reason that I haven't been that active is that I'm practicing my drawing skills. 

Yes, I am starting my own Webtoon! My skills as an Artist are as **ty as a writer so if you want to check out my webcomic then feel free to do so! I only have released a small trailer of the webtoon, nothing special. But after improving my skills a bit more, I will continue drawing as well as writing stories!



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