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God on Campus Chapter 101 Rumors Are About to Start

Author:  Shuang Xi Pai Lao Ya Genre:  Other UpdateTime:  2021-05-04 16:31:41

For a moment, Short-haired girl looked at Su Ye's departing figure and became extremely resentful. He gritted his teeth fiercely.

He actually dared not put me in his eyes, that's outrageous! You are dead meat!

The rest of the girls saw the embarrassment written on their eldest sisters' faces and weakly retracted their necks.

Just as he was thinking about whether to ask him if he was going to catch up, the entire campus remembered the sound of the bell that was like the gospel of salvation for the students. It dispelled the thoughts of those young girls who wanted to catch up with Su Ye and continue to pester him.

Short-haired girl glanced at Li Keke who was watching Su Ye leave. He was dumbfounded. He didn't know what he was thinking. After narrowing his eyes, he placed his hand on Li Keke's shoulder. You You said, \"Coco, you must have a story with that guy just now, right? Tell me about it.\"

Hearing Short-haired girl's words, the eyes of the other girls all revealed a ferocious glint after smelling the gossip.

Yes, that gaze made Li Keke look like she was surrounded by a pack of big grey wolves, Little Red Riding Hood.

Li Keke's expression was a little stiff as she said weakly, \"I … I've already told you …\"

Short-haired girl snorted, \"I told you that there was a poor boy who confessed to you back then, but you refused. That's all!\"

The other girls echoed, \"That's right! That's right! We need to listen to the details. Don't think of sending us off with just a single sentence, or else the sisters won't be able to do it!\"

Li Keke frowned. Although she didn't want to mention it, it could be seen that the surrounding comrades looked like they wouldn't give up if you didn't tell them. She could only bitterly smile and say, \"There really isn't anything to say …\"

\"We don't care!\" Short-haired girl You You said, \"Anyway, you have to tell me everything that you and that kid have today!\"

Li Keke lowered her head slightly and sighed helplessly, \"Alright … Alright …\"

When the other girls saw that Li Keke finally let go, they were all spirited.

Not long after, everyone's brains started to fill in this scene.

A dirty little beggar had been peeping at a young girl since childhood. He knew that when he grew up, a toad wanted to eat swan meat, but was rejected in the end. He made an embarrassing story in public.

However, a different picture appeared in Li Keke's mind.

In the garden of a certain neighborhood, a little girl would run to a swing every day to play and swing around. She would often see a little boy carrying a gunny bag and picking up bottles outside the fence of the neighborhood.

Looking at the dirty appearance of the little boy, the little girl couldn't help but look at him curiously. She couldn't understand why there was such a dirty person in her head.

However, the two of them, who didn't intersect at all, started to get to know each other after the rope on the swing broke.

The little girl looked at the swing board lying on the ground and could only cry loudly. However, at some unknown time, the little boy who would only pass by outside the fence of the community quietly flipped into the garden and said in a milk voice, \"Don't cry, I'll help you fix it.\"

The little girl couldn't help but feel worried as she watched the little boy climb up the tall shelf alone.

However, a little boy who wasn't even seven or eight years old actually managed to fix the broken swing.

After repairing the swing, the little boy carried the sacks filled with bottles and cans and wanted to leave.

The little girl, on the other hand, invited, \"Do you want to play with me?\"

From then on, at dusk every day, the little boy would appear beside the swing on time. After swinging a few times, he would carry his sack and leave contentedly.

This scene lasted for many years, until the little boy and girl slowly grew up, and nothing changed.

It could even be said that this pair of young and ignorant men and women gradually developed a wisp of emotion towards each other.

However, when the boy's feelings grew stronger and stronger, he did not know that the girl was gradually estranged from the boy because of the people and things around her.

\"Li Keke stays with that beggar all day. How disgusting!\"

\"Yeah, don't get close to her. Perhaps you might accidentally get dirty!\"

\"No … no!\" The girl looked at the distant classmates beside her and shouted helplessly …

\"Why haven't you been playing on the swing lately? You know, I'm admitted to the same high school as you!\"

The boy was full of joy, but with pure and flawless eyes, he stopped the girl on her way home from school and asked.

However, the girl made a slight appearance of retreating. She did not say anything and immediately ran back home.

The boy stupidly thought that it was because he accidentally touched the girl's hand last time. The girl was shy and the girl also liked him.

He thought like a fool that as a male student, he should take the initiative to express his feelings.

On the day of high school entrance, the boy confessed, and the girl snapped back in order to be able to stay in the new school and not be isolated by her classmates.

\"Su Ye! Stop pestering me!\"

Su Ye walked towards the school district building, The things that happened back then appeared in his mind, He couldn't help but sigh heavily. He couldn't help but lower his head and look at the white shirt on his body. He recalled that when he returned home, he didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He used all of his strength to wipe away all the spots on his clothes. After laughing, he shuttled through the crowd on the campus because class was over. He subconsciously avoided everyone and never had any chance to wipe his shoulders with these passersby.

As for the girls who were still stunned at the school gate, their faces were filled with indignation.

Short-haired girl was the first to say angrily, \"I thought it would be amazing to see that guy in a suit one night! So he was just a scavenger!\"

\"That's right! That expensive suit he wore at that time was definitely stolen!\"

\"Right now, Keke's father has just been hired by the Tang Corporation. How dare such a scavenger dare to think of our Keke? He's really overestimating himself!\"

\"Yes, yes!\"

No one would believe that a scavenger could pick up an expensive and brand-new suit.

After learning all of Su Ye's information, the girls were worth it for a moment. It was like if a commoner was ignored and disdained by a prince-like figure, then this person would definitely take it for granted. No matter how indignant he was, he could only choose to swallow his anger and pretend that nothing had happened.

However, once people discovered that the person who ignored them and looked down on them was a person who was even lower than them.

Not many people would choose to laugh. What everyone would do was think of how to teach that fellow who was obviously lower than him a lesson, but who dared to look down on him. If it was in ancient times, then people would definitely surround him and beat him up violently to vent their anger.

In a society ruled by law, although there was no longer any way to beat people up, there were many ways to deal with a person. Especially often, mental attacks were more ferocious than purely physical attacks.

\"Hmph, such a guy dares to ignore us like this. If we don't teach him a lesson, we really won't have the face to stay in school!\" Short-haired girl sneered.

The other girls echoed in succession. Only Li Keke's eyes couldn't bear it for a moment, but she didn't say anything in the end.

\"Big sister! I've thought of how to teach that Su Ye a lesson!\" The mushroom-headed girl immediately gave a bad laugh and narrowed her eyes as she said, \"With his identity as a scavenger, there is no reason to know the woman who drove the car just now. It must be the same as the TV drama. The pretty face of such and such is kept by such and such a wealthy woman.\"

Everyone was overjoyed. They really felt that once news of this spread, Su Ye would no longer have the face to stay in school.

However, Short-haired girl sneered, \"But isn't that too simple? If that brat's skin is thick enough to deny it, wouldn't everyone end up dead?\"

The rest of the girls were puzzled, \"Big sister, what else do you want?\"

'\"Coco, that bastard likes you. Why don't you seduce him and ask him to confess to you once more. At that time, he will reject him in front of everyone. At that time, everyone will see his ugliness. Even if he wants to deny it, there's nothing he can do!\" Short-haired girl smiled wickedly.

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