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God Emperor of Dragon Tripod Chapter 880 Solicit Credit

Author:  Chi Bian Ren Genre:  Eastern UpdateTime:  2021-05-04 17:50:18

The reversed spiritual veins in Twin Leaf City were reversed and turned into spiritual veins that released spiritual energy. The lifeless Twin Leaf City regained its vitality once again. The Azure Dragon Army and the disciples of the Five Extreme Sect were hurriedly repairing the city walls and defensive formation of Twin Leaf City.

The generals of the Five Extremes Sect and the Azure Dragon Army had gathered in the main hall of the City Lord's Mansion. Everyone's faces were filled with joy. This battle had almost annihilated Gui Dongya and occupied Shuangye City. It was undoubtedly a great victory.

Jiang Bin, Lu Xun, and the other young generals sat upright. Occasionally, they would peek at the purple-dressed woman sitting on Chu Jun's left. When they were swept by her charming eyes, their livers would immediately jump wildly. Li Xiangjun smiled sweetly and was even more amazing. The few youths were immediately dizzy and hurriedly stared at each other. Although they did not recognize this charming woman, she was able to sit in such a front seat. Furthermore, she was also beside Lord Chu. Perhaps she was King Chu's woman. Even if she was tempted, she would only dare to secretly glance at her to appease her cravings.

Chu Jun inadvertently glared at the strange Li Xiangjun. The latter's lips curled into a faint arc and sat upright. As a result, the arrogant upper encirclement became even more shocking. The alluring curves made Yang Yun and the other old fellows' heartbeats quicken.

Chu Jun coughed lightly. Everyone present immediately sat down solemnly and looked at Chu Jun with reverent gazes.

In just over a month, Chu Jun led everyone to two consecutive victories. To wipe out nearly a hundred thousand ghost army, even the deputy commander of the ghost race, Gui Dongya, almost died. Such a great victory was second to none in the war between the human and ghost races. Furthermore, it was a great victory with a small number of victories. At present, Chu Jun's prestige in the hearts of the Azure Dragon Army and Five Extreme Sect disciples was absolutely incomparable.

\"It's all thanks to everyone working together to achieve such a glorious victory this time. This king has always been rewarded and punished clearly. Everyone has a heavy reward!\" Chu Jun said.

Everyone present couldn't help but be shocked. King Chu was famous for his generosity. Recently, when the Tree Sect returned, ordinary soldiers had been rewarded with a hundred spirit crystals, not to mention the great victory this time.

\"General Yang, our previous bet …!\"

Before Chu Jun could finish speaking, Yang Yun stood up and respectfully said, \"I am willing to admit defeat. Yang Yun is willing to accept defeat. I am willing to lead the Azure Dragon Army to surrender. At the end, I will see King Chu!\"

Jiang Bin, Lu Xun, Xu Chong, and the others hurriedly stood up and shouted, \"I'll see His Majesty King Chu at the end!\"

Chu Jun laughed heartily, \"Sit down, everyone will be one of us in the future!\"

Li Xiangjun glanced at Chu Jun, lowered her head and took a sip of tea. There was a faint smile on her lips. Hearing everyone address him respectfully, a trace of satisfaction and pride unconsciously arose in her heart. It was as if she had heard someone praising her as a man. This was a hundred times happier than others praising her.

Although Li Xiangjun was a strong woman, But even stronger women want men to be stronger than them, Otherwise, this man would not be able to enter her eyes. For a woman like her who was outstanding and had a strong desire for power, the biggest reason why she was so determined to work for Chu Jun was because Chu Jun was a man who could suppress her. If Chu Jun was a mediocre fellow, she would probably have set up a new stove long ago.

This time, Chu Jun ran to Beiyang Manor alone. In just a few months, he had already pulled up an army and obtained such a great victory. There was practically no backup force to help him during that time. Although Li Xiangjun was conceited, how could she not have Chu Jun, the big tree, to lean on? She asked herself how she could not form such a huge energy net as the Dark Fragrance and Spiritual Fragrance Pavilion. Chu Jun was capable of doing so. He did not need any power backing him up and could pull up a group of forces wherever he went. This was what Li Xiangjun admired and was fascinated by the most. In the eyes of outsiders, Li Xiangjun was omnipotent. Even King Chu had to rely heavily on her. However, she knew that without Chu Jun, she would be nothing.

The generals all sat down. Chu Jun said, \"Although we have won a great victory this time, we have suffered quite a few losses. Have the casualties been counted yet? Old Hao, tell us first!\"

Hao Yinlong stood up and replied, \"Reporting to Sect Leader, our Five Extremes Sect has lost more than 3,000 disciples. Three of them are Nascent Souls, 21 Golden Core disciples, and 70% of our disciples are injured!\"

Chu Jun nodded. This number of casualties was acceptable. Fortunately, there were 50,000 to 60,000 beast armies supporting them. Otherwise, the disciples of the Beast, Bird, and Bug Sects would probably be wiped out.

\"Our Azure Dragon Army has lost 2,363 people, seriously injured 371 and lightly injured nearly 10,000!\" Yang Yun continued.

The Azure Dragon Army was a well-trained regular army. In addition, they had fought all the way with the wind, so the casualties weren't big. It could be said to be a very glorious battle record.

'\"All disciples and soldiers who die in battle shall be given a compensation of 100,000 spirit crystals. Those who are seriously injured shall be rewarded with 30,000 spirit crystals. Those who are lightly injured shall be rewarded with 5,000 spirit crystals. All those who participate in the battle shall be rewarded with 1,000 spirit crystals. The rest shall be rewarded according to their merits. Generals shall be rewarded with 100,000 spirit crystals for each Ghost Soldier killed, 1,000 Ghost Length, 10,000 Ghost Lieutenant, and so on!\"

As soon as these words were spoken, the scene immediately became excited. Everyone's faces turned red with excitement. Don't talk about race righteousness, white-colored spirit crystals were the real thing. The boss was generous, and everyone was willing to risk their lives. At the very least, even if they braided their hair, their relatives would receive a heavy pension. There was no need to worry behind them!

\"Xiangjun, this matter is up to you. If the spirit crystals aren't enough, ask Li Youyin, that fat guy, to transfer it over!\" Chu Jun turned around and instructed.

\"This subordinate obeys!\" Li Xiangjun said with a smile. However, it was a little painful. This was a large sum of money. Without hundreds of millions of spirit crystals, he would not be able to step down. Even Golden Mountain and Silver Mountain would not be enough for him to continue spending money like this. Pain was pain, but Chu Jun had already said it in public, so Li Xiangjun naturally couldn't refute it. A smart woman definitely couldn't embarrass a man.

At this moment, a woman with a dark fragrance walked in and whispered a few words into Li Xiangjun's ear. The latter frowned imperceptibly.

Chu Jun couldn't help but ask, \"What happened?\"

Everyone who was in high spirits immediately calmed down. Their gazes coincidentally looked at Li Xiangjun, especially those young men. They finally had an excuse to look openly and openly. All of them stared at this charming woman without blinking.

\"I just received news that Ghost King Lie's 50,000 strong army has actually returned to the Realm River and returned to the Star Continent!\" Li Xiangjun said softly.

Everyone present revealed puzzled expressions. Because they were afraid of causing panic, Chu Jun did not reveal the fact that Ghost King Lie's 50,000 strong army was approaching Shuangye City since he returned. He only told everyone to step up their defenses. Therefore, other than Li Xiangjun, Wei An, and Chu Jun, none of the others present knew about this.

Yang Yun asked with a serious expression, \"King Chu, are there 50,000 ghost army reinforcements?\"

\"That's right, but I've already retreated!\" Chu Jun said.

Jiang Bin sucked in a breath of cold air and said, \"Fortunately, we have already captured Shuangye City. If these 50,000 ghost reinforcements were to arrive during the intense battle, then it would definitely be us who lost!\"

\"Good luck!\" Lu Xun nodded.

\"That is our King Chu, His Majesty Hong Fu Qi Tian!\" Xu Song said.

Wei An chuckled and said, \"What if I said that this ghost reinforcements is only 800 miles away from Shuangye City , and we just defeated Gui Dongya's 30,000 ghost troops?\"

Everyone immediately looked at each other. The distance of 800 li was only about two hours. Wasn't that when the two sides were fighting in front of Shuangye City ?

\"Young Master An, are you kidding me? Then why didn't this ghost reinforcements rush over to support us and watch helplessly as we captured Shuangye City? Are their generals' heads rusty?\" Jiang Bin didn't believe him.

\"The general of this ghost army is Ghost King Lie. Do you think his head is rusty?\" Wei An smiled.

Yang Yun couldn't help but frown. Although Ghost King Lie had been completely annihilated by Du Wu, he had nearly annihilated First Prince Du Ru'nan . It was obvious that he wasn't a mediocre person.

\"King Chu, are the 50,000 ghost reinforcements really only 800 miles away from Shuangye City?\" Zhong Hua asked doubtfully.

Chu Jun nodded and smiled, \"That's right, and they have time to arrive before we break through Shuangye City!\"

\"Then why didn't this ghost army come to reinforce them and instead retreated? Could it be that Ghost King Lie was afraid of being beaten by the palace hall and became as timid as a mouse?\" Lu Xun laughed.

Chu Jun glanced at Li Xiangjun and said, \"We have to ask our Incense Chief Li!\"

Everyone's gazes immediately turned to Li Xiangjun. The latter was a little embarrassed. He rolled his eyes at Chu Jun. This charming scene caused Jiang Bin and the others to secretly swallow their saliva.

\"Hehe, Incense Chief Li is embarrassed to say that. Then let me say it!\"

Wei An vividly described Li Xiangjun's withdrawal from the fifty thousand troops with just thirty people's wisdom. It had to be said that this fellow was eloquent and talented, as if he had seen it with his own eyes. Everyone was shocked to hear this.

\"So that's how it is. Fortunately, Incense Chief Li has stalled this 50,000 strong army. Otherwise, we would be in a terrible situation. In my opinion, the greatest credit should go to Incense Chief Li!\" Jiang Bin said loudly.

\"That's right, that's right. Incense Chief Li is a wise man. We admire him greatly and are willing to lose!\" Lu Xun said.

Xu Song couldn't help but feel annoyed that his reaction was too slow. His lines were snatched by those two fellows. He patched up the situation and said, \"Lord King Chu, I think you should reward Incense Chief Li heavily at the end of the day. Otherwise, no one will be convinced!\"

Li Xiangjun laughed out loud and looked at Chu Jun with a smile that was not a smile, as if she was really waiting for Chu Jun to reward her heavily!

Chu Jun couldn't help but laugh and cry. With Li Xiangjun's charm, it was hard for a man to resist. Moreover, these young men with strong blood energy were all competing for credit for her.

'\"Ahem, Incense Chief Li has done a great service. There really should be a heavy reward. This king will make a decision before announcing it. Now, let's discuss why Ghost King Lie's fifty thousand ghost army returned to Star Continent.\"

Seeing that Chu Jun had changed the subject, Li Xiangjun couldn't help but cough softly.

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