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God Emperor of Dragon Tripod Chapter 734 At the Peak of the Storm

Author:  Chi Bian Ren Genre:  Eastern UpdateTime:  2021-02-23 18:03:41

Outside the Tibetan Army Valley, Nearly 50,000 people formed into ten neat square formations to practice, Everyone was surprised to find that, In the past, Jing Heilian, who had always cursed and kicked people with his big feet, was actually respectfully accompanying a man in green, while pointing and explaining something. Even Incense Chief Li, who was rarely seen in the past, followed behind him with a smile on his face. His slender waist and buttocks, which made men swallow their saliva crazily, swayed seductively along with the alternating steps of his jade feet.

Yun Sun's eyebrows twitched as he whispered to a nearby brother, \"Hey, do you know who's next to Jing Heilian?\"

The brother did not look sideways and curled his lips. \"Needless to say, even Second Boss is following behind. That person must be the legendary Big Boss!\"

\"Tsk tsk, I can't see that you still have some eyesight. I let you guess correctly. This is our big boss behind the scenes, Chu Jun. I've seen him before!\" Yun Sun said proudly.

\"Chicken, you forgot to say that you were being tied up and beaten!\" A person beside you said in shock.

Yun Sun said casually, \"So what? I've already found out. The girl who tied me up is Big Boss's younger sister, Zhao Ling. Zhao Ling, you've heard of her. I heard that Big Boss killed Ximen Yu because of her!\" This fellow's saliva splashed everywhere, as if it was a glory to be sniffed by a little.

Everyone in the surroundings couldn't help but show envy. Being beaten up by the legendary Nine Nether Profound Yin Body didn't seem to be too embarrassing. What's more, this little girl was also Big Boss's younger sister? What kind of character was Big Boss? He didn't even blink an eye after killing the Ice Accumulation King. Rumor has it that he beat up the Eight Desolate King, killed the Grand Elder of the Immortal Cultivator Guild, Zhang Yan, and recently killed the Thunder Jade King to snatch the Qian Long Cauldron. A proper king-level assassin!

Seeing this, Yun Sun said proudly, \"I'm telling you, Big Boss once talked to me … **!\"

Before this guy could finish speaking, he flew out and sturdily threw a hungry dog to eat **. It turned out that Yang Bai had kicked his butt behind him.

The surrounding brothers couldn't help but burst into laughter. However, when they saw Yang Bai's gloomy face, they tactfully shut their mouths and stared straight at the miserable Yun Sun . However, their gazes were unanimously ridiculing at the miserable Yun Sun .

Yun Sun got up from the ground and cried out in his heart. He was too proud. He didn't even know that Yang Bai's face was behind his butt. Damn it, Yang Bai's face was too sinister.

Yang Bailian's real name was Yang Yiqing. He was one of the three black iron generals that Ding Qing had packed up for Tao Feifei. Because he was stern and unsmiling, and his skin was very white, Chu Jun privately called him Yang Bailian and Jing Shouren Jing Bailian as black and white as impermanence.

\"Desert during training. Yun Sun will be punished with 30 whips. Others who have spoken will be punished with 10 whips. They will run around the camp for 10 laps!\" Yang Yiqing said coldly.

Yun Sun 's expression couldn't help but change. The thirty leather whips didn't sound like much, but they were actually extremely terrifying. First, he sealed the spiritual energy, and then the Foundation Establishment cultivator would execute it. The thirty leather whips would cut open the skin and rot the flesh of the light one, and the heavy one would be injured. It wouldn't be good if he didn't lie down for ten days or eight days. If the executioner were more ruthless, he would lose a little bit of his life.

The surrounding brothers were so scared that their faces turned pale. Ever since Tao Fei Fei took control of the Chu army, the severity of running the army was even more severe than Jing Heilian's. Not long ago, many brothers were beaten up because they had violated the military rules and were unable to get out of bed.

Very quickly, Yun Sun and the others were dragged down by the executioners and whipped. Perhaps because they knew that the boss was here, the two executioners beat him so hard that the dozen or so people screamed in pain.

Such a big commotion naturally attracted Chu Jun's attention. He walked over and saw more than a dozen Chu soldiers dripping with blood. He couldn't help but ask, \"What happened?\"

Yang Yiqing naturally recognized Chu Jun and respectfully bowed, \"Yun Sun and the others were chatting while training, so I was going to punish them!\"

\"Chicken?\" Chu Jun recognized this clever fellow. He still remembered that he had been caught and beaten up by Xiaoxiao at that time.

Yun Sun's entire body was covered in blood. He was so painful that he almost breathed a sigh of relief. He pouted his butt and looked back. He immediately nodded fiercely as if he had hit a chicken's blood. \"I'm a chicken … no … I'm Yun Sun. Haha, Big Boss, you still recognize me. See, I'm not bragging? Big Boss knows me!\"

Jing Shouren and Yang Yiqing couldn't help but have black lines all over their heads as Li Xiangjun clutched his mouth and giggled with envy.

Chu Jun smiled and said, \" Yun Sun , is your skin itchy? You actually chatted during training!\"

Yun Sun grinned like he was crying, \"Didn't I get too excited when I saw Big Boss? I couldn't help but boast to everyone. I didn't expect that Yang Bai would run into me … Cough … General Yang ran into me, kicked my dog and bit his **, and was even beaten 30 times. I almost died!\"

Everyone couldn't help but laugh out loud. Even Jing Shouren couldn't help but smile. Yang Yiqing's lips twitched, not knowing whether to laugh or cry!

Chu Jun waved his hand and immediately cast a gentle moonlight over the dozen or so people who were being punished. The wounds on these people actually healed at a speed visible to the naked eye. Yun Sun jumped up and said in surprise, \"My injuries are all healed. Big Boss, you're awesome!\"

Everyone else found that their injuries were all healed, Without leaving even the slightest wound, everyone's gazes couldn't help but look at Chu Jun in shock. They only saw Chu Jun spraying out a white light to heal their injuries. This was truly beyond everyone's recognition. The executioner naturally knew how heavy the chicken's injuries were. It was actually fine in the blink of an eye. What kind of technique was this?

Everyone looked at Chu Jun with admiration as well as shock. No wonder Big Boss was called a king-level killer. However, this move just now was enough to explain the problem. This type of group healing technique was unheard of and unseen. Jing Shouren and Yang Yiqing were even more excited. They knew how powerful this spell was. If they sprinkled large amounts of blood on the battlefield, their own people would immediately be revived. How awesome!

Although Lin Yueyi had said that he couldn't use the Moon Coldest Art and the Blazing Sun Art, there were concealment formations outside the valley. In addition, there weren't any large energy fluctuations. He believed that it shouldn't attract the attention of those two terrifying figures. Thus, Chu Jun revealed his Great General Illumination Technique. By the way, he could see its actual effects. Now, it seemed that the effects were pretty good.

\"Alright, all of you scram and train seriously. This sect will not treat you again the next time you make a mistake!\" Chu Jun smiled.

\"Yes, Big Boss!\" Yun Sun and the others immediately ran back to their training as excitedly as if they had been beaten with chicken blood. Although they had been beaten up for a while, they still had the chance to have the boss personally treat them. Furthermore, they had witnessed such a miraculous healing technique. It was worth it!

Jing Shouren praised, \"Sect Master's group healing technique is simply too powerful. If our team has several hundred … dozens of people, it will be even more useful than a hundred thousand troops!\"

Chu Jun naturally knew what Jing Shouren meant. He shook his head and said, \"This sect is not a jinx. This kind of technique is truly not something an ordinary person can cultivate!\"

Jing Shouren nodded regretfully. He did not doubt the authenticity of Chu Jun's words, because if anyone could cultivate such a miraculous technique, it would be incredible.

Next, Jing Shouren continued to accompany Chu Jun's patrol team!

The formation of the Chu army was now completely formed. The supreme commander, led by Chu Jun, was followed by Tao Fei Fei. Under the marshal was the commander-in-chief, Jing Shou Ren, the deputy generals, Yang Yi Qing, Zhou Haitao, and Pan Chuan Xiong. Below them, there were Guild Leaders, Battalion Leaders, and Guard Leaders. Each regiment had ten battalions. Each battalion had ten marks, and each mark was divided into ten guards.

After inspecting the entire Tibetan Army Valley, Chu Jun stayed here for a few more days. Only after receiving a message from the Peach Concubine's flying sword did he return to Mingzhao City through the teleportation array.

The following days Chu Jun very leisure, city affairs are all handled by country, and he is hiding in the small world every day to cultivate the five thunder is the heaven art, with the assistance of the thunder fiend bead, and cold moon clothes, Chu Jun's five thunder is the art of rapid progress.

The time it took to blink his eyes was almost a month. Chu Jun's Five Thunder Heavenly Art had also officially stepped into the late Nascent Soul stage. If this cultivation speed were to spread out, it would probably shock many people's jaws.

On this day, Wei An, who was escorting the supplies for Du Wu's army, came back. As soon as this guy entered the manor, he hurriedly ran over.

\"Chu Jun, you're finally back!\" When Wei An saw Chu Jun, he first punched him in the chest, and then a passionate bear hug.

Chu Jun laughed and said, \"How is the situation on the frontlines?\"

Wei An's eyebrows lit up as he said, \"The army under the palace's main hall has been like a bamboo shooting down a bamboo shooting stick, causing the ghost army to piss. Now, they have already pointed their weapons straight at Chen Tian City!\"

\"Hou Xin is indeed formidable!\" Chu Jun nodded.

\"Of course, Hou Xin is a golden general!\" Wei An's eyes revealed a look of reverence, but he suddenly felt a little reluctant to say anything.

Chu Junjian asked curiously, \"Old Wei, if you have anything, just say it!\"

Wei An shook his head and smiled, \"Nothing much. I want to go back to Serene Sun City to see Yan'er in a few days!\"

\"Oh, I should. Sister Zhen Yan has already given birth, right? Male or female? As a big brother, I have to go and take a look when I have the time!\"

Wei An couldn't help but reveal a gentle smile and said, \"It's a boy. He has already been named Wei Kang. Haha, you brat, hurry up and give birth to a wife for my son!\"

Chu Jun couldn't help but laugh and curse, \"Get lost!\"

'\"Tsk, based on the outstanding aptitude of me and Yan'er, the son we gave birth to is definitely a dragon and phoenix amongst humans. In the future, if your daughter wants to marry my son, I still have to consider it!\" Wei An smiled.

\"There's no need to skip a single word. What's the use of saying it now!\" Chu Jun smiled and said, \"Right, this is the Black Jade Regenerative Ointment. I have already sent someone to give Miao Kai a bottle. This bottle is yours. First, cut the wound on your severed arm, then apply the Black Jade Regenerative Ointment. Your arm will slowly grow back!\"

The last time Chu Jun obtained the Black Jade Lotus King in Ice Connotation Continent, he specifically asked Ding Qing to send out the Black Jade Regenerative Ointment to help Miao Kai and Wei An revive their arms.

Wei An couldn't help but be overjoyed, \"You actually got such a good thing!\"

\"Hehe, hurry up and put it on. You can go back and see your son soundly!\" Chu Jun laughed.

Wei An didn't pay any attention to Chu Jun's teasing. Instead, he said gratefully, \"Brother Chu, thank you so much!\"

Chu Jun frowned and said, \"If you're a brother, then don't **ing talk nonsense!\"

Wei An opened his mouth. Finally, he chuckled and slapped Chu Jun's chest with one arm. He nodded and said, \"That's right, if you're a brother, don't **ing talk nonsense!\"

Only then did Chu Jun reveal a smile!

'\"Oh right, I heard that you've made quite a lot of noise this time. I didn't believe it when I first heard about you. You actually killed the Ice Accumulation King and the Thunder Jade King a few days ago. F*ck you, I can't stand it anymore!\"

Chu Jun couldn't help but shrug his shoulders and say, \"It was just a fluke!\"

\"Lucky for your sister!\" Wei An couldn't help but curse, \"One is a fluke. Two or three is strength. You're even more famous than the Nine Kings. Everyone says you're a King Killer!\"

Wei An's expression suddenly became a little unnatural. He said softly, \"However, you are now at the forefront of the storm. Killing two continental masters in a row will definitely arouse the extreme fear of the other continental masters. Furthermore, you have also snatched away the Thunder Jade King's Qian Long Cauldron. Adding on the tiny Nine Nether Profound Yin Body, you are equivalent to being roasted on a fire right now!\"

Chu Jun patted Wei An's shoulder and smiled, \"Don't worry, I understand all of this. I will be careful!\"

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