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God Emperor of Dragon Tripod Chapter 635 Fly Into A Rage

Author:  Chi Bian Ren Genre:  Eastern UpdateTime:  2021-01-14 01:01:41

Chu Jun couldn't imagine the consequences of Xiao Xiao being known to be the Nine Yin Mysterious Yin Body. He was extremely afraid that that would happen to her, so much so that his body started to shake slightly. His handsome face was so pale that there wasn't even a trace of blood. However, the blood-colored baleful aura on his body became even more intense.

Ding Qing and Ding Ding couldn't help but be shocked. They hadn't expected Xiaoxiao to have such a heaven-defying bloodline. If it fell into the hands of another man, then there would probably be nothing left.

\"Fei Fei, how is Xiaoxiao now?\" Ding Ding asked anxiously.

Seeing Chu Jun like that, Tao Fei Fei was both shocked and distressed. She hurriedly said, \"Chu Jun, don't worry. I heard someone sent by Elder Zhuo Bufan say that Tan Ye Shan sent someone to give Xiao Xiao to King Bing Yun because he was worried that Sister Qing would join forces with King Bing Yun. The condition was that he would kill us!\"

\"Bah, that old dog of Tan Yeshan is really despicable!\" Ding Ding cursed.

Chu Jun's pale face was immediately filled with blood. He asked with killing intent, \"Has someone sent him over?\"

\"It was delivered not long ago. It was personally delivered by Tan Yeshan. It should be in the Ice Accumulation King's tent now!\" Tao Fei Fei hurriedly said.

Bang! As soon as Tao Fei Fei spoke, the tent was shattered by the explosive aura from Chu Jun's body.

\"Brother Jun, don't be rash!\" Ding Qing cried out anxiously. However, Chu Jun's figure flashed and he had already left the camp. He had never been so cautious in his work. Moreover, Tan Yeshan had touched his reverse scale. This was already enough to sentence him to death. If King Bingyun dared to collude with him, Chu Jun did not mind killing him at the same time.

\"Earth egg, wait for me!\" Ding Ding's figure flashed and chased after him.

Ding Qing gritted her teeth and a harsh expression flashed across her pretty face. \"Ximen Yu, you should do it yourself. If you dare to join forces with Tan Yeshan, then it's not my fault for being ruthless and merciless!\"

The sound of Chu Jun destroying a tent naturally triggered the commotion in the camp. Kou Zhong hurriedly ran over and asked, \"General Tao, what happened?\"

Tao Fei Fei's eyebrows twitched as she said, \"Let the brothers prepare for battle to prevent the Ice Condensation Army from attacking!\"

'\"How could the Chilly Ice Army attack us?\" Kou Zhong blurted out.

However, just as he spoke, he noticed that there was a commotion in the distant Bingyun Army Camp, and the troops were obviously gathering!

Chu Jun strode to the camp of the Chilly Ice Army . Seeing that the Chilly Ice Army was gathering, he immediately understood what was going on. It was obvious that the Ice Accumulation King, Ximen Yu, had already reached a deal with Tan Yeshan and was preparing to send troops to attack. Since that was the case, then he didn't have to be polite and directly rushed in!

\"Who dares to trespass on the barracks?\" Seeing Chu Jun, a small group of Chilly Ice Army soldiers immediately rushed forward aggressively.

A trace of malice appeared on Chu Jun's face. Since the Ice Accumulation King had agreed to Tan Yeshan's conditions, then he was the enemy. Chu Jun would never be soft on the enemy. A cold light flashed in his hand, and the Chilly Ice Army of that squad was instantly wiped out by the Tai Ah Sword. The broken limbs and broken arms immediately fell to the ground.

This change stunned the Chilly Ice Army that was gathering. Only when Chu Jun strode forward did the general react and shouted, \"Chu Jun, how dare you kill my Chilly Ice Army !\"

Halfway through his words, this guy was intimidated by the dense aura of Blood Fiend emitted from Chu Jun's body, causing him to not be able to speak properly, and he retreated in fear!

Without saying a word, Chu Jun raised his hand and slashed out with a sword, \"Scram! Those who block me will die!\"

The general raised his sword to block the attack, but the two sides of the sword were sliced apart, and his blood and organs were blown away by the wild sword intent. The scene was extremely bloody and shocking.

Seeing this, the expression of the distant commander-in-chief changed. He had just received the order of the Ice Accumulation King to dispatch troops to destroy Ding Qing's hundreds of Eight Desolate Army. Now, Chu Jun was the first to come to kill them. Obviously, he had already received the news.

\"Chu Jun, you're too **ing arrogant! Go, hack him to death!\" This general was shocked and furious. No matter how powerful you are, can you still fight against your ten thousand elite soldiers?

Chu Jun smiled as he looked at the surging Ice Constellation Army. However, his gaze was ice-cold, as if he was looking at a group of dead people. The general couldn't help but feel a chill in his heart, as if he had fallen into a cold pond. A thought flashed through his mind: Perhaps he shouldn't have ordered an attack.

\"Seven Ye True Fire!\" Chu Jun shouted coldly. The surroundings around his body instantly turned into a blazing fire purgatory. Countless Chilly Ice Army soldiers that rushed forward turned into ash like paper. Some of their limbs and limbs that were far away from him were burnt off. They fell to the ground and cried out miserably. They were simply utterly tragic.

These Chilly Ice Army had been defeated by the Monster race's subordinates, and they had long lost their spirit and vitality. They were instantly scared to the point that they retreated. Only a few hundred of their companions who had been burnt to ashes by Qi Ye's True Flame were left on the ground struggling and wailing.

Looking at the tragic scene, all of the Chilly Ice Army were so frightened that they inhaled a breath of cold air. That general looked at Chu Jun, who was like a god of hell flames, with his mouth wide open and silent. At this moment, Ding Qing and Ding Ding also arrived, and they couldn't help but be shocked. They didn't expect that Chu Jun had already killed so many people in the blink of an eye.

Chu Jun's gaze swept coldly, \"If you don't want to die, don't provoke me!\" After saying that, he strode towards the middle camp, leaving behind a fiery red lava that was gurgling with smoke. Nobody dared to stop him.

\"Chu Jun, don't be so arrogant!\" The commander shouted angrily and pounced towards Chu Jun. As the commander, if Chu Jun was allowed to break into the camp unhindered, then he wouldn't be mixed up anymore.

\"You're courting death!\" Chu Jun swiftly turned around and slashed down with an incomparably tyrannical sword intent that carried a shocking amount of wild lightning!

Bang! This lord general with a mid-Nascent Soul cultivation was actually sent flying by his sword strike. Not only that, the violent sword intent directly penetrated through his body. This lord general exploded into a ball of minced meat in the air, and even the Nascent Soul did not have time to escape.

Everyone had reverse scales. Chu Jun's reverse scales were his relatives. Tan Yeshan moved a little, which completely violated his bottom line and touched his reverse scales. Right now, Chu Jun was completely furious. His chest was filled with ferocious killing intent. This absolutely berserk sword strike instantly killed a mid-stage Nascent Soul!

Everyone present was dumbfounded, terrified, and didn't dare to step forward to stop them!

\"Ximen Yu, Tan Yeshan, get out of here!\" Chu Jun shouted loudly, and a loud voice resounded throughout the entire camp.

At this moment, a figure flashed out of the tent. It was Ximen Jun. He was originally cultivating in his tent. Suddenly, he heard someone calling out his father's name. He immediately ran out angrily, ready to see who had eaten the bear heart leopard gall. Seeing Chu Jun's murderous aura, he couldn't help but erupt and roar, \"Chu Jun, you big dog gall …\"

Before Chu Jun could finish speaking, he was sent flying by Chu Jun's palm, and fresh blood sprayed out from his mouth!

Chu Jun took a step forward and arrived in front of Ximen Jun. He reached out to pinch his neck and lifted it up. The latter's cold eyes touched Chu Jun's. His spine couldn't help but turn cold. In his dreams, he hadn't expected Chu Jun to be so powerful that he could subdue him with a single move.

\"Chu Jun, what do you want to do? This is the camp of my Chilly Ice Army . If you dare to touch a strand of my hair, you are doomed!\" Ximen Jun threatened in fear.

Chu Jun's gaze turned fierce. He raised his hand and slapped him. Immediately, half of his teeth were pulled out. He said sternly, \"If you dare to make a noise again, I will kill you!\"

Ximen Jun was so scared that he shrank his neck, closed his mouth and swallowed a few broken teeth!

\"Chu Jun, how dare you! Release Jun'er immediately!\" A dignified voice filled with boundless anger rang out. Bing Yun Wang Ximen Yu strode out of the tent and stared at Chu Jun with a dignified and fierce gaze.

Dozens of experts surrounded Chu Jun and Ding Qing. At this moment, the other Chilly Ice Army also surrounded them. The inner three floors, the outer three floors, surrounded them completely.

Seeing this, Ximen Jun couldn't help but feel relieved. He said hatefully, \"Chu Jun, you're still alive this time. If you dare to hit me, I'll let you taste the taste of life worse than death later!\"

Chu Jun raised his hand and gave Ximen Jun another slap, knocking out his teeth on the other side. He said coldly, \"Believe it or not, I'll crush your throat right now!\"

Ximen Jun was so scared by Chu Jun's ruthlessness that his heart was shattered. He was stunned and didn't dare to waste any more words!

King Bingyun was both shocked and angry. He didn't expect that Chu Jun would still dare to be arrogant under such circumstances. He shouted sternly, \"Chu Jun, this king has ordered you to immediately release Jun'er, otherwise …\"

Before the Ice Accumulation King could finish speaking, Ximen Jun howled miserably. It turned out that Chu Jun had crushed one of his finger bones!

\"Chu Jun, this king will not spare you!\" The aura on the Ice Accumulation King's body suddenly erupted, and boundless Spiritual Energy pounced towards Chu Jun.

Chu Jun sneered as he received the same Spiritual Energy.

Bang! With a loud explosion, the Ice Accumulation King's face turned pale. His body actually shook a few times, but Chu Jun remained motionless.

All the experts present couldn't help but be shocked. One had to know that Ximen Yu, the Ice Concentration King, had an early stage Spirit Concentration cultivation. Although he was injured, he was still a terrifying existence at the Spirit Concentration Stage. He had actually fallen short in the spirit power competition. Wasn't this Chu Jun at least at the early stage Spirit Concentration Stage? Heavens, what kind of monster is he? Even if he started cultivating in his mother's womb, he wouldn't be able to reach this level!

The Ice Accumulation King's heart surged with shock and regret. If he had known that Chu Jun was so powerful, he would never have dared to agree to Tan Yeshan, even if he had given him a virgin of the Nine Nether Profound Yin bloodline. Although a virgin of the Nine Nether Profound Yin Bloodline was precious, she still had to have a life to enjoy. It was not a joke to offend a Soul Concentration Stage fellow. Perhaps even her 10,000 plus Ice Concentration Army would have to be told to stay here.

\"Chu Jun, this king has no grudges or enmity with you. Why did you barge into this king's barracks and start a massacre?\" Ice Accumulation King shouted with a fierce tone.

Although his tone was fierce, it was evident that he wasn't as domineering as before.

At this moment, Ximen Jun also saw how powerful Chu Jun was. He was actually not even afraid of his father. He couldn't help but tremble in fear, \"Chu Jun … This Young Noble has never offended you. What do you want?\"

Ding Qing's face couldn't help but reveal a look of disdain. With this kind of virtue, even if she wanted to pursue this aunt, even lifting her shoes for Jun Di wasn't worthy!

Chu Jun ignored Ximen Jun and said coldly, \"Tan Yeshan, get out!\"

The muscles on King Bingyun's face trembled, and he understood that Chu Jun had already received the news!

At this time, several people walked out of the tent one after another. They were Tan Yeshan, Wei Zheng, and Gongsun Wudie, and Gongsun Wudie was holding a little Zhao Ling in her hand!

Upon seeing the tiny figure in Gongsun Wudie's hand, Chu Jun's eyes couldn't help but be enraged. The killing intent on his body rose sharply. Gongsun Wudie's face was actually pale from fear. She took a step back, almost unable to lift a single person up.

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