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Gene Evolution Epoch Chapter 101 Big Brother, Please Spare Me

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In the end, Corpse Nation didn't agree to it in the palace of Corpse Emperor. Helplessly, he could only temporarily decide to use Murong Ao as a backup candidate. Among the eliminated people, he was the strongest.

\"Since the Corpse Emperor insists on this, then I'll disturb you. Let's go!\"

\"Ai, I'll send you guys off!\"

Just as First Chief stood up and was about to give up completely, he suddenly stretched out a hand and patted Corpse Emperor's shoulder.

\"Not even a little help?\"

\"I already said that if I don't go, then I won't go. I still have a great future!\"

Just as he was relieved to send the guests off, the Corpse Emperor refused him conditionally after being questioned again. However, when he raised his head again, his words were somewhat abnormal.

\"Brat, even the commander doesn't make sense. Just what kind of mouth can you put in!\"

\"Old Wu, don't act recklessly. He is the king of the Corpse Race, you can't judge him by his appearance!\"

Seeing Wu Tian's sudden action, Qin Jingtian sneered and Chen Kun pulled Wu Tian back in time.

\"The Corpse Emperor, stop. There's no need to send him off. We'll leave now!\"

First Chief stopped the Emperor from sending him off and was prepared to leave under the escort of the crowd.

\"Haha …\"

All of a sudden, the Corpse Emperor burst into laughter. Everyone couldn't help but be on guard. Even the guards in the palace looked over.

Everyone was puzzled, but they all thought that Wu Tian had inadvertently angered the Corpse Emperor.

\"Little brat, you really are a big deal! You don't even think about what kind of onion you are!?\"

This sudden turn of events caused everyone to blame Wu Tian.

\"Hahaha, big brother … spare me!\"

Just as everyone was on guard, the Corpse Emperor knelt down to Wu Tian. He was so sincere, and at the same time, he said such nonsense.

The entire arena fell into silence, a deathly awkward silence.

\"Good boy, long time no see. I was asked to take care of you. I didn't expect your score to be so big! It seems like you don't need me to take care of you!\"

Wu Tian looked at him with a faint smile. The previous Corpse King and the current Corpse Emperor had also leveled up.

\"Big brother, you're wrongly accusing me. How could I be? I was just joking! … Isn't it just helping? I can't go! But big brother, you have to protect me!\"

Upon hearing the Corpse Emperor's words, everyone present understood the relationship between the two of them.

\"Haha, since Corpse Emperor and Little Wu are relatives, then compared to Corpse Emperor, they shouldn't refuse anymore!\"

Since there was such a relationship, it was easy to say. The Corpse Emperor, who had been humiliated by Wu Tian's immoral might, agreed to help him on this trip.

They arrived at S City through the portal. Everything was ready. Everyone boarded the alien spaceship's stomach-powered aircraft and headed to Skeleton Island.

The Corpse Emperor's real name was Liu Xu. He originally thought that he and Wu Tian would never meet again, but what else could he do? Heaven's Will was messing with people.

Sitting opposite Wu Tianming, he didn't know how to explain himself, so he could only keep looking at other places to ease the awkwardness.

\"Ai, big brother, you're a little different!\"

\"What do you want to say?\"

\"I noticed that you've become much more handsome!\"

\"Stop flattering me. Tell me clearly where you went back then!\"

\"This … that … there was a small accident at that time. The moment you went in, there was an earthquake. The tree hole was blocked up by the earthquake. Then … there was an old saying,\" Keep the green mountains alive and don't worry about burning firewood! \"


This self-written, self-directed, and self-performed drama was something that Wu Tian admired so much that he could even write a script.

\"Don't talk about these useless things. Tell me what happened after you escaped. Also, how did you become the ruler of Corpse Nation?\"

To tell the truth, Wu Tian felt a little envious of this fellow. This fellow was likely to have some fortuitous encounters.

\"Big brother, don't keep talking about escaping. This little brother is just retreating strategically …\"

Because of his guilt, Liu Xu always felt scared when he heard the word escape in front of Wu Tian.

\"… Alright, stop talking nonsense!\"

When the others saw Wu Tian being so impolite to the Corpse Emperor, they all looked at Wu Tian a few more times.

Chen Kun even arrogantly brought Gong Xue over to Wu Tian's side. His expression was extremely unbeatable, as if he was saying that he was my brother.

'\"Actually, I wanted to move reinforcements after the strategic retreat …\" However, thinking about it, they weren't reliable. There was nothing I could do about it … I just wanted to subdue some of my subordinates. After all, the people I controlled were more reliable! \"

Liu Xu was too verbose, full of useless excuses and nonsense.

\"Cut the crap!\"

Wu Tian covered his forehead, and a faint blue light flashed through his pupils. He looked at Liu Xu and said this.

\"… Actually, it's nothing much. I fell into a heavenly pit while I was walking. There was also an underground river below. For some reason, I was rushed to an ancient tomb along the underground river. Then, I was struck by a mechanism and fell into the Mercury Lake.

At that time, I was shocked. This tomb was too trenchant. A lake made of mercury almost thought that it was doomed. But I thought, alas, I am no longer a human. So what if mercury?

Afterwards, he casually walked to a large tomb filled with zombies. He wanted to kill me, but he didn't even think about who I was. All of them were under my control and were under my control! \"

Everyone present listened to Liu Xu's narration. It was really as if they were listening to a story. They had actually stolen a big scene after taking a walk!

\"Wait, where is the ancient tomb you mentioned!\"

Suddenly, Qin Jingtian asked loudly.

\"What are you doing? You scared me … I don't know how to get into that tomb, but when I came out, it seemed to be underwater, and the base seemed to be Xianyang Lake …\"

Liu Xu rubbed his chin, thought for a moment, and came to a conclusion.

\"Holy **, Wori, your Immortal Board stole my ancestral tomb. I'll fight you!\"

Hearing the exact answer, Qin Jingtian was enraged. The cemetery Liu Xu entered was the tomb of his ancestor, the First Emperor.

I didn't expect Corpse Emperor to steal the tomb of the First Emperor.

\"Are you kidding me? That coffin in the cemetery is empty. There are only a few buried with you! Who are you? You said it was your ancestor! I even said it was my hometown! What the hell!\"

\"Ancestor Shi Huang fraudulently died and left the world. This is just a method used by great powers throughout the ages! What's so strange about it! However, if you trespass into my ancestral tomb, your sin will be punished!\"

\"Punish you, Uncle! I am a zombie, not a human anymore. Try to punish me! My big brother is still here, try touching me!\"

The two of them quarreled with each other. Qin Jingtian's martial power was even stronger, but only if he was able to escape the Corpse Emperor's control.

\"Kid, don't think that I can talk to you properly, just treat me as easy to bully!\"

Liu Xu was also enraged by Qin Jingtian. His pupils instantly turned completely white, and Spiritual power was released like a hurricane, instantly filling up Qin Jingtian's spirit.

\"Corpse Emperor, show mercy!\"

Seeing this scene, First Chief, who was watching quietly from the side, hurriedly called for a stop.

Qin Jingtian was already filled with Liu Xu's Spiritual power. As long as he had another thought, Liu Xu would be able to occupy his main consciousness and replace him. However, after Wu Tianyi gave him a look, he recycled Spiritual power.

\"Humph! Seeing the face of the commander, my lord will not remember my mistakes!\"

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