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Game Hunter Chapter 101 The Fall of the Earth

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\"What did you say? Spiral pills?\" Luo Fei asked in surprise as he looked at the ball of energy in Chameleon Weirdo's hand that flickered with blue light.

\"What spiral pill?\"

At the same time that Luo Fei complained, he directly threw his eyes over. This guy's ear is really a little serious! This is the Extreme Time Pill, not the Spiral Pill. Do you think this is the blogger's legend made by that dog-tailed mink?

The Extreme Time Pill in Luo Fei's hand shone brightly. Speaking of which, there was also Rabbit Weirdo's contribution.

When Luo Fei saw Rabbit Weirdo release his energy, Luo Fei firmly believed that what Game corpse could accomplish would be something he could accomplish, or even better.

After imitating Rabbit Weirdo's energy release, coupled with the power of the Limit Perception Game Card, Luo Fei used this new skill, the Jishi Pill!

In Luo Pu's palm, the basketball that was being incessantly burned was also one of Luo Pu's skills, dunk basketball.

Looking at the Extreme Time Pill in Luo Fei's hand and the slam dunk in Luo Pu's hand, Chameleon Weirdo couldn't help but sweat.

From these two skills, Chameleon Weirdo could smell danger.

These two skills were enough to threaten his life.

Chameleon Weirdo subconsciously wanted to leave, but Luo Fei, who had the ability to predict the future, had already seen the future ahead of him.

As Chameleon Weirdo was about to enter a penetrating state, Luo Fei detonated the bomb that had been lying in ambush at Chameleon Weirdo's feet.

Although the bomb did not cause much damage to Chameleon Weirdo, it successfully interrupted Chameleon Weirdo's penetration.

While Chameleon Weirdo was maintaining his strength, Luo Fei and Rope moved at the same time. Two pincers, Luo Fei's Extreme Time Pill on one side and Rope's Flame Basketball on the other, didn't know which to defend against.

The Extreme Time Pill and the large slam dunk simultaneously struck Chameleon Weirdo's body.

Chameleon Weirdo's game virus suffered heavy injuries, returning to its dormant state, and Chameleon Weirdo was beaten back to its original form.

Looking at Chameleon Weirdo, who had returned to human form, Luo Fei and Rope heaved a sigh of relief.

I really didn't expect that dealing with a Level 20 or above Game Corpse would be so laborious. If one day, a Level 30 or above Game Corpse came, wouldn't it be known?

Thinking of this, Luo Fei's lips curled into a bitter smile.

It seemed that the most important thing right now was to raise his game level. Only by increasing his level would he be able to avoid the headache of meeting a Level 28 Chameleon Weirdo like he was now.

After dealing with Game corpse, Luo Fei and the others immediately left the factory.

However, when Rope and the others met up with Ou Sheng and Europe, Ou Sheng was dumbfounded.

Ou Sheng looked at Luo Fei who was standing in front of him and was dumbfounded. He thought that he had seen the wrong person.

Ou Sheng asked in surprise, \"Why are you here? Didn't I already send someone to look after you?\"

\"Uh, this!\" Luo Fei said awkwardly, \"The air in the hospital is a little stuffy. I came here to breathe some sinister air.\"

\"Oh--! So it's like this--!\"

Ou Sheng seemed to have come to a sudden realization.

Just as Luo Fei thought he could get away with it, before Luo Fei could react, Ou Sheng punched Luo Fei in the head with his love fist, causing Luo Fei to scream in pain.

\"It hurts so much--!\"

\"If I believe your nonsense, then I'll see the devil--! So you still know how to hurt!\" Ou Sheng grabbed Luo Fei's ear and shouted, \"I told you to stay in the hospital, but you dared to disobey my orders. Have you forgotten my warning? If I let you know that you sneaked away, you would …\"

\"You're going to break your leg?\" Luo Fei suddenly understood. At this moment, he remembered that Ou Sheng had indeed said such a thing at that time. However, when he hurried to the first area, Luo Fei had already forgotten Ou Sheng's warning.

Looking awkwardly at Ou Sheng, Luo Fei said guiltily, \"Well, captain, I have nothing to say when you break my leg. But now we are so short of manpower. If you break my leg, if you have to carry out the mission again, you may face an awkward situation that no one can use.\"

\"Huh?\" Ou Sheng frowned slightly. He stared at Luo Fei and questioned, \"Are you threatening me?\"

\"No, no!\" Luo Fei hurriedly denied, \"I was just worried that your lady would forget more things, so I just wanted to remind you.\"

Looking at Luo Fei's awkward situation, Rope couldn't help but plead for him, \"Captain Ou Sheng, although Luo Fei did disobey your orders this time, if Luo Fei hadn't arrived, he might have died at the hands of the chameleon eccentric long ago. Perhaps our mission wouldn't have gone so smoothly this time.\" So don 't make things too difficult for Luo Fei. \"

\"Yes, Captain. How about we treat Luo Fei's merits and demerits as compensation?\" Tang Ran pleaded.

Li Li and the others pleaded for Luo Fei. Ou Sheng looked at everyone's expectant eyes with an awkward expression.

Luo Fei was also stunned when he saw this scene. Never would he have imagined that he would erupt with human qualities as well.

Facing everyone's expectations, Ou Sheng finally nodded his head with difficulty. \"Alright,\" he said helplessly, \"I'll leave this leg with him for now. If there's another time, I'll break his third leg.\"

\"The third leg?\" Luo Fei couldn't help but swallow his saliva. He suddenly felt a chill on his back and a chill under his feet.

After completing the mission, everyone set foot on their way back.

In the process, Luo Fei also showed Ike the treasures he had unexpectedly obtained.

'\"This is …\" Looking at the new game tape in Luo Fei's hand, Ike was surprised. \"This is the game tape that the factory has just produced. The reason why I came to the first section together was because I was worried that the game tape would fall into the hands of the chameleon eccentric. But I couldn't find it for a long time. I didn't expect it to fall into your hands.\"

\"I accidentally discovered this game cassette during my battle with the chameleon eccentric.\" Luo Fei played with the game cassette in his hand and smiled, \"Since you were going to destroy the game cassette, it means you don't want it anymore. Now that the cassette has fallen into my hands, it's equivalent to my spoils of war, so you can't charge me for it!\"

The corner of Ike's mouth twitched. He looked at Luo Fei speechlessly. This guy, is he taking advantage of this?

\"The thing you don't want was picked up by me. Now, this new type of game tape is mine.\"

Against Luo Fei's shameless excuses and excuses, Ike was full of admiration.

\"Actually …\" Luo Fei changed the topic and continued, \"It's not impossible for you to retrieve this game cassette. However, I have one condition.\"

\"You just need to spend money and buy the game tape in my hand. The price is easy to negotiate. I owe about $5 billion to you now. This game tape will be sold to you for $5 billion. How about it?\"

Luo Fei said with a big mouth. Against Rofey's request, Ike was dumbfounded.

Ike immediately rejected Luo Fei's offer. At the same time, Ike's reaction was fierce.

\"Gungun--!\" Ike said fiercely, \"If you want to take money from me, there's no door. I won't give you a penny.\"

\"Then do you want this game card? No, I'll take it away.\"

\"Alright, alright. Since you want it, I'll give it to you.\" In the end, Ike had no choice but to agree to Luo Fei's request because of his thick skin.

Luo Fei looked at Ike speechlessly. This guy is really a complete miser. It's not easy to get a penny from Ike.

Originally, according to the plan, Luo Fei wanted to use this to pay off all his debts compared to the game cassette. But Luo Fei did not expect that Ike would be so obsessed with money. He would rather lose a game cassette than pay a penny.

Luo Fei had seen stingy people before, but this was the first time he had seen such a stingy person like Ike.

As for Ike, although he was slightly disappointed that he had been defrauded of a game cassette by Luo Fei, his gloomy mood was greatly diluted when he thought of his future plans. Coincidentally, this new type of game cassette has not been tested in humans. Since Luo Fei wants it so much, then Luo Fei will be his little white mouse.

Luo Fei proudly played with the game cassette, but Luo Fei was completely unaware of Ike's plan.

This time, after completing the mission perfectly, he could get a new type of game cassette for free. This was a huge profit for Luo Fei. The only pity is that there are billions of dollars of debt on Rofey's shoulders.

On the way back, bad news suddenly came.

Chong Sheng hurriedly said through his communicator, \"This is bad. The chess corpse team launched an all-out attack on Flowing Nation. Nearly half of the city has been destroyed and nearly two-thirds of the country has fallen into Game corpse's hands.\"


Upon hearing this news, everyone was dumbfounded.

But then, Chong Sheng gave them another piece of news that shocked them even more.

\"It's not just Flowing Nation. Every country in the world, including the United States and Britain, has been invaded by Game corpse's army. Washington, New York, Tokyo and London have fallen one after another. Game corpse has occupied nearly three-quarters of the planet. Humanity has reached a critical juncture of life and death!\"

The faces of Luo Fei and the others were filled with astonishment. At this moment, the crowd was already too shocked to speak because of the news.

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