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From Zero to Hero in the Doomsday Chapter 69 Blonde Girl

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\"Why should I apologize? What did I say wrong? They've been aggressive all this time, okay?\"

Yan Qing's face was completely red with anger. Xu Lizhen did not dare to care about this situation anymore. She glared at her like she hated steel and quickly let go. Otherwise, even she might not be able to get a bite of food tonight. Su Qingya then sneered and said, \"You really have character. I'll see when you can be stubborn!\"

\"Actually, it's very simple for you to want to eat, but you really need to understand the rules …\"

Su Tong hurriedly stood up and pulled Su Qingya. Then, she said bitterly, \"There really can't be anyone in our team who doesn't cooperate. Otherwise, the entire team will collapse. Do you know how many people we had before? Twenty of them died because of internal strife!\"

\"Then what are your so-called rules? Are you going to kowtow to you or accompany your captain to bed to take advantage of him …\"

Yan Qing roared. She didn't even have the slightest bit of fear. However, Lin Na suddenly sighed and said, \"No one wants you to bow down. Chen Guangda only wants to obey orders. Although this absolute obedience is very irritating, who told us to rely on him to survive?\"

\"If he wants us to sleep with him, do we have to obey him unconditionally?\"

Yan Qing glared at Lin Na. Xu Lizhen pulled her a few times without stopping her, but Lin Na shook her head without any hesitation. \"Of course not! You have the right to refuse all of his unreasonable requests. He definitely won't force you. However, you must be prepared to part ways with him. He is … sometimes very narrow-minded!\"

\"Holy **! What do you mean you have a small heart? If I hadn't saved you, you would have died long ago without even leaving a scrap …\"

Chen Guangda immediately glared at Lin Na in embarrassment, but Lin Na scolded even more angrily, \"Didn't you ask me to kiss you and sleep with you? If I hadn't been useful, you, Chen Guangda, would have long since disappeared!\"

\"Why don't you know how to be grateful? If it was someone else who was touched to the point that they agreed to it, there's no need for me to take the initiative to ask for it …\"

Chen Guangda curled his lips in disdain. However, it was obvious that he was extremely guilty. His old face was flushed red. Lin Na snorted coldly and said, \"Anyway, you're not a good thing. Everything you do is purposeful. I've seen through you long ago! Hmph ~\"

\"Brother Guang ~ Don't be angry. We will definitely listen to you well in the future. You can't bear to see us starve to death …\"

Liu Jie suddenly squatted in front of Chen Guangda and shook his hand. Although this girl was not as beautiful as Yan Qing, she was also a soft girl who was above average. Her big watery eyes flashed as she looked at Chen Guangda. Chen Guangda immediately stuffed a large box of chocolates into her.

\"Thank you, brother! You were so brave just now! You are our hero, hehe …\"

Liu Jie immediately laughed happily. If not for everyone looking at them, this obviously coquettish girl would probably even kiss her lips. Dante Li suddenly sneered and said, \"Anyone can eat here, but you, Yan Qing, can't. Aren't you very temperamental? Then go and fix it yourself!\"

\"If you don't eat, then you won't eat. Who cares …\"

Yan Qing shook her hand and left angrily. She even stomped her high heels. Xu Lizhen could only squat over and helplessly said, \"Leader! Don't be angry with her. Her father is a provincial cadre. He has been doted on since childhood. He has been spoiled for a long time. Wait for me to teach her a lesson and accompany you.\"

\"Everything between you women belongs to Ding Li. I only care about the Tian Clan's strength. If she says no, then no …\"

Chen Guangda lit a cigarette carelessly. Xu Lizhen could only stand up helplessly and tear a piece of chocolate and swallow it. Ding Li then clapped her hands and said, \"All of you can carry the rice up. Su Qingya, you can make a fire and cook. Cook more so that everyone can eat until they are full. We can leave tomorrow.\"

\"No problem! Leave everything to me …\"

Su Qingya nodded happily. She was already so hungry that her chest was pressed against her back. In addition to the blood from the knife on her left wrist, she felt that she could eat a cow. However, Lin Na frowned and said, \"Don't be in a rush to cook. Hurry up and ask them to find you a first aid kit. If you don't treat this wound, your hand will be crippled!\"

\"Yes, yes, yes! Doctor Lin, hurry up and get it for me. My left hand is almost unconscious, and my head is still dizzy …\"

Su Qingya hurriedly cried out with a naked face. The girl named Huang Lili went to find a first aid kit without saying a word. Xu Lizhen was also extremely surprised and said, \"Ah! So you're a doctor. No wonder you're a little … a little …\"

\"You're a maverick, aren't you?\"

Lin Na squatted down and smiled bitterly. As she helped Su Qingya clean up her wounds, she said helplessly, \"If I weren't a doctor, do you think I would have eaten good fruit? I'm afraid that Mr. Chen had exposed me to the wilderness long ago, so you'd better show some of your worth. He never brought useless people with him!\"

\"This fat girl also has … Is she also valuable …\"

Xu Lizhen looked at Su Tong awkwardly. Unexpectedly, Su Tong smiled nonchalantly, \"Of course I'm valuable. I'm a radio anchor. In every boring and lonely night, I use my voice to placate his empty heart. Then he can use his imagination and wave his right hand to his heart's content. Haha ~\"

\"Ah, bah ~ You damn girl, and you put my tyre on your back. You're not allowed to eat at night …\"

Chen Guangda angrily knocked on her head and hurriedly ran out of the warehouse. If this stinking girl continued, he would definitely not have the face to see anyone again. Who would have thought that Su Tong would actually laugh and shout behind her, \"Brother! I'll give you another passionate night talk later. I guarantee that you'll be able to feed Sister Lily to the fullest! Hahaha …\"

\"Huala ~\"

A basin of cold water was poured onto Chen Guangda's head. He squatted on the ground and trembled. Ding Li put shampoo on his head and smiled as she washed his head. The bank had more than a dozen barrels of pure water and more than 20 boxes of mineral water. It was more than enough to bathe them and wash their hair. After they left, they would not be able to take the water away.

Lin Na and Su Tong were also washing their hair from the side. The two women were dressed very coolly. Although the little fatty really had nothing to look at and even had a bit of hot eyes, Lin Na inherited the bold and hot personality of a foreign girl. She wore her underwear and squatted to the side. She did not notice that a human-shaped pervert was staring at her fiercely.

Some genetic stuff is really incomparable, Not only was his skin naturally snow white, The ratio of long legs to body was perfect. Even Ding Li couldn't compare to them in this aspect. Especially Lin Na was born with a sexy honey. Her peach butt, this kind of fat butt was almost exclusive to foreign girls. Asian girls could only surpass them in terms of skin. For example, if her muscles were congealed, it wouldn't be suitable for Lin Na.

\"I'll go!\"

Chen Guangda's eyes suddenly froze. He looked at it for a long time but didn't find any hairs on Lin Na's legs. However, the little foreign girl actually possessed a complete eight-pack abdominal muscle. Although Ding Li and the others were also very thin, they definitely could not see such a strong eight-pack abdominal muscle. He lowered his head to look at his belly. He estimated that he would have to undergo a laparotomy to see his abdominal muscle. Even being ashamed and angry was not enough to describe his current mood.

\"Lin Na! Why is your hair black, but the hair on your arms is golden? You can't be so colorful even if you're a foreigner, right?\"

Chen Guangda suddenly tilted his head suspiciously. Lin Na actually had a little golden stubble growing under her armpits, but Lin Na raised her head to look at him and then said dejectedly, \"I think I told you before. My classmates like to call me Little Golden Hair, so my hair was originally golden, but I dyed it black!\"

\"Holy **! So you're really a blonde, why did you dye it black …\"

Chen Guangda almost jumped up in surprise. However, Ding Li pushed it back angrily. Lin Na sighed and said, \"It was all caused by the psychological shadows of my childhood. My classmates always liked to pull my hair and even burned it with a lighter. That day, I chased after them for three laps before hitting them. But since then, I have dyed my hair black because I really don't want to look different!\"

\"You're so old, do you still have any psychological shadows …\"

Chen Guangda looked at her in surprise. Lin Na was at least twenty-four or twenty-five years old, However, Lin Na said with a disgusted expression, '\"You're not the only one who likes blondes. American hooligans are also very hateful. Many people whistle at me and shout at me. Let's give it a shot. When someone introduces me to a boyfriend, they say that your blonde hair is so beautiful. It makes me feel like everyone is coming for my hair!\"

\"Uh ~ Then is the fur in your place also golden …\"

Chen Guangda involuntarily swallowed his saliva. His eyes were as cold as a light bulb, but Lin Na smashed a tube of shampoo and shouted loudly, \"Could it be that the color below you is different? You really are an idiot, actually asking such a stupid question!\"

\"He's not stupid. He's just very excited. Look at his eyes …\"

Ding Li gave him a teasing push, and Chen Guangda chuckled and said, \"This question has really troubled me for many years, because the women on the film are all naked. Who knows what color they will be? It's only today that I finally understand, little golden-haired girl! Hehe …\"

\"Hmph ~ I've never seen you so shameless. Forced …\"

Lin Na cursed with a face full of shame. Not only did he curse in front of him, he also had a strong Sujing City accent. Chen Guangda was stunned by the curse. This was the first time he had heard Lin Na speak a local language. It was also a big curse. He immediately sucked in a breath of cold air and shouted, \"Huo ** your mother! You are going to heaven!\"

\"Look at how cowardly you are, how far you've been killed by me …\"

Lin Na actually pulled out another authentic Sujing City sentence. However, she then burst into laughter. She covered her mouth and her face turned red. Ding Li and Su Tong were also laughing so much that their branches were trembling. They almost burst into tears.

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