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Death's Kiss 1 1. Prologue

Author:  Gorgiarocks Genre:  Fantasy UpdateTime:  2021-01-14 01:47:58

Kira has always been a strong and healthy child who rarely ever got sick. Her life was filled with happiness, sports,school and her loving family. People always stopped to stare when they saw her because her beauty,even at a tender age was breathtaking. Red locks that were usually braided framed her pale heart shaped face that always shone with happiness and life. Her almond shaped forest green eyes glittered with childish curiosity and kindness. There is not a single soul that would testify to hate her or despise her because she was the epitome of goodness.

Her parents were loving and they raised their two daughters Kira and Angel with great care. Angel was dark haired and gentle yet feisty. Her essence burned with energy and incinerated every room she entered. Her green eyes were identical to her younger sister Kira but they held more mischievousness in them that the former. Kira was 12 and Angel was 17,even though there was an age gap, they truly understood each other.

Happiness seemed to be a thing that would last forever,but darkness was looming. In January,as the new year began,Kira was diagnosed with Cancer. It was in it's advanced stage and so it could not be cured

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