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Daoist Changes the World Chapter 468 Heart Seal Military Manual

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Sun Boda narrowed his eyes. He knew all the people who shouted disapprovingly just now. One of them was a disciple of the Han Clan. In the past, the Han Clan was at most on par with his own Shang Bing Sect in terms of strength and status.

But now that they were fighting in a chaotic battle, the reputation and status of the Shang Bing Sect was far behind them. His opinions could be ignored.

However, the other was the Shifang Academy, a state-level sect with a deep foundation. Shang Bing Sect still dared to offend them, so his dissenting voice still rang in his mind at this moment.

Although the Sixth Alliance only had eleven clans and sects, under these eleven clans and sects, it was unknown how many clans and sects they depended on.

Therefore, apart from the eleven great clans and sects' disciples, there were more clans and sects' disciples that were attached to this place, especially the disciples that were attached to the Ten Directions Academy.

As a result, the moment the disciples of the Ten Directions Academy spoke, the scene instantly fell silent.

Sun Boda helplessly cupped his hands and said, \"May I know what the two fellow daoists think?\"

\"I think that since the order hasn't arrived, we should wait. Without the order, the Han Family won't move.\"

The disciples of the Han Clan were very rigid, but it wasn't strange. The Han Clan's rules were strict and rigid, and they were famous. Everything was handled according to the rules of the Han Clan, and they didn't have the slightest hint of human kindness.

\"Although I admire your sect's command of the battle and have heard of Fellow Daoist Sun Bo's name, since we are soldiers, we naturally have to wait for orders.\"

Sun Bo Da's expression slightly slowed down as he secretly hated the Han Clan in his heart. In contrast, the Ten Directions Academy was a state-level sect. It was both affectionate and reasonable. Although the meaning was the same, it was very comfortable in his heart.

\"Pedantic. I agree with Fellow Daoist Sun to lead us to the desert.\" A voice sounded from the crowd once again, breaking the silence. Everyone looked at the voice and realized that this person was a cultivator from a reputable sect.

However, when the Han Clan cultivator and the Ten Directions Academy cultivator saw this person clearly, their faces revealed an embarrassed expression. They were afraid that they would not be afraid at all. However, this famous clan was famous for their eloquence and righteousness. If they were to argue with him seriously, they would lose without a doubt.

The most famous example is the debate over whether a magic treasure is a treasure or not.

It was rumored that a Nascent Soul cultivator from a famous clan was competing with a Nascent Soul cultivator from a certain clan in an auction house. For some reason, the conflict was actually transferred to the issue of whether a magic treasure was a treasure or not.

Who would have thought that a cultivator from a prominent sect would speak crazily and come up with the fallacy that a magic treasure was not a treasure? That cultivator knew that it was a fallacy, but he actually argued against him. However, he was unable to make a move on the spot and was so angry that he coughed up two mouthfuls of blood.

When everyone thought of this, they couldn't help but shut their mouths tightly, afraid that this cultivator would catch them and argue for several hours.

Seeing that the Han Clan cultivator and the Kong Clan cultivator did not speak, the righteous clan cultivator was slightly pleased and said his logic again,

'\"Who will lead us to kill the enemy? That's after we arrive at the desert. How can we be confused if we are only leading a team to the desert? Even if there is an order for me to lead everyone to kill the enemy, I can still let Fellow Daoist Sun lead the team to the desert first.\"

After a few words, the crowd began to clamor again. Some nodded their heads, some shook their heads, and most of them were as cold as cultivators should be.

Although Sun Boda was happy that this person approved of him leading the team, he knew that this person did not really approve of Sun Boda, but only wanted to sophistry.

If everyone agreed to lead the team, he would probably disapprove of it.

However, although the Han Clan and the Shifang Academy did not speak, they did not agree with the instructions. At this moment, he did not come down, nor did he come down. This was truly extremely embarrassing.

\"Then let Fellow Daoist Bo Da form a team. I will lead everyone to kill the enemy.\" Just as the commotion was happening, a voice from the arena was like an order, instantly silencing everyone.

Following the sound, a green-robed cultivator slowly stood up. Previously, there were many cultivators who were meditating like him, or who listened to the crowd arguing with each other, so they did not notice him at all.

However, when he stood up, his eyes lit up. The only thing he could do was to release his spiritual sense. However, his body trembled slightly.

The green Daoist uniform, the resolute face, the powerful gaze, and more importantly, the word Yi instantly reminded them of a possibility.

Yi, who else would be the most famous Yi on the continent besides Yi Heng?

Even if he hadn't been seen for more than three years, where wouldn't his legend be spread?

The most sensational thing was that he had seriously injured the top geniuses of the grasslands, causing the Grasslands Royal Court to send troops down south, directly starting the prelude to a chaotic battle on the continent.

Afterwards, he fought with late Nascent Soul cultivators in front of the two armies, and commanded a thousand Foundation Establishment cultivators to instantly kill late Nascent Soul cultivators in front of the array, directly angering the Holy Flame Sect in the desert.

Following that, the five Patriarchs took action at the same time, moving day and night to the depths of the desert to defeat the Sacred Flame Religion.

Because of this, the Loulan Divine Sect gathered many forces in the desert, gathered four to five million cultivators, and pushed them into the Moving Continent, causing another chaotic battle.

In other words, this battle on the battlefield was caused by the person in front of him?

\"Fellow Daoist Yi Heng?\" The Han Clan cultivator cupped his hands and asked. Although the other cultivators had guesses, they did not receive any confirmation and listened with their ears pricked up.

The two hundred thousand cultivators instantly became extremely quiet, only hearing the sound of their hearts beating.

\"It's Yi. Yesterday, the eleven Patriarchs asked me to lead everyone to the desert, so I didn't give any orders again.\"

After leaving the Ten Directions Academy yesterday, he seriously thought about the techniques and combinations of the eleven clans and sects. Haikou had already praised them, and this was the only chance he had. If he could not succeed, then he was afraid that his goal of entering the Yi Sect would be farther and farther away.

At this moment, he soared into the sky and stood side by side with Sun Boda. His eyes swept across the crowd, emitting a shocking light as he loudly said.

Hearing everyone's comments and seeing everyone's performance just now, he naturally had a certain understanding. It could not be said that he was disappointed, but it was definitely far from what he had imagined.

Originally, he thought that this was the last batch of cultivators. They should have already been trained into an army. Not to mention strict military discipline, but at least they should be able to look a little bit better.

But now, it seemed that training from here to fifty thousand kilometers away was probably essential, and it would also require the cooperation of the various cultivation methods, and it would require training.

It was hard to predict whether he would be able to reach his expectations in the end.

\"Yi Heng is easy to kill?\"

\"It should be this person. All kinds of characteristics match.\"

\"No wonder he hasn't given the order to lead the team. So it was him who personally led the team.\"

\"Personal strength is absolutely not a problem, but is it possible to lead the army in battle?\"

\"Needless to say, a thousand-man Foundation Establishment team was able to destroy a late Nascent Soul cultivator on the spot with a single strike. Who has the ability to do so?\"


As he listened to these discussions, he thought to himself that he was extremely lucky. There was a suspicion that killing that late Nascent Soul cultivator was a trick, but it didn't spread out.

If these 200,000 cultivators didn't listen to his commands at all, forcing him to find eleven ancestors to force him to give orders, then he would appear to be incompetent.

\"Could it be that the test has begun?\" He was slightly shocked. Without giving any instructions, letting himself lead these cultivators to the desert was also a test?

\"Since you are Fellow Daoist Yi Heng Yi, then we naturally have no objection.\" The Han Clan cultivator arched his hands and shouted loudly.

\"That's right. The Ten Directions Academy naturally has no objections.\"

\"The main sects have some objections, but I would like to see how Fellow Daoist Yi commands first.\" The cultivator surnamed Yin from the main sect also said, but his opinion was always different from others.

Naturally, cultivators from other countries also spoke up, but none of them dared to have any other opinions. In a moment, they had already thought the same way.

\"Fellow Daoists Yi, thank you very much. Fellow Daoist Sun, please line up your fellow Daoists according to your thoughts.\" Whether it was a test or not, it shouldn't be too difficult.

However, when he saw Sun Boda beside him, his expression was not very good, as if he had some thoughts. With his experience, how could he not know what this person was thinking?

\"Fellow Daoist Sun, there's no need to think too much. I will definitely let you unfold your ambition.\"

\"Really?\" Sun Boda's already dim eyes suddenly lit up.

\"Of course I'm serious. I promised the Patriarch that I can only win and not lose. I have to rely more on Fellow Daoist.\"

\"I obey.\" Even if he couldn't lead an army alone, with this person here, he definitely wouldn't dare to say anything else. The entire alliance existed because of this person, and even the various Patriarchs and Sect Leaders had to be a bit afraid of him, let alone him.

\"Under Fellow Daoist Yi's orders, all the cultivators of the various sects immediately flew into the air and formed a formation. There were 500 people in a row. Each of them was ten zhang away from each other. It was completed in ten breaths. Let's begin.\"

Since Sun Boda had received the order, he naturally did not hesitate at all. He gathered his spirit and let out a loud roar, causing the entire chaotic cultivator to fly everywhere.

However, they were still cultivators. Furthermore, the people present were at least Foundation Establishment cultivators. They had previously trained in the clan, so it was naturally extremely easy for them to line up in the air.

Ten breaths later, the formation was complete. Two hundred thousand cultivators, five hundred in each row, four hundred in each row. Each person was ten zhang apart, five hundred zhang less than ten zhang.

Yi Heng was slightly satisfied. Regardless of his combat strength, his formation and speed were definitely much better than the group of rogue cultivators on the small island back then.

\"Press this queue and move forward slowly. When moving forward, the distance between them cannot be small or large.\" Yi Heng said to the 200,000 cultivators who had already formed a formation.

This made Sun Boda very surprised. He thought that he should at least talk about military rules or discipline. After all, the first thing Shang Bing Sect commanded the army was to rectify military discipline, even if these people were cultivators.

However, he instantly understood that there was no need to tighten up military discipline. In front of this cyan-colored Dao-clothed cultivator, all the cultivators were behaving themselves, and there was no sound of discussion at all.

There was admiration in his eyes. This kind of worship and prestige was something a commander would seek for his entire life. With this kind of prestige and worship, he would be able to command with ease like an arm emissary.

\"Fellow Daoists, it is rumored that I killed a late Nascent Soul cultivator in front of the two armies.\" Yi Heng said again before turning around and leading the team to fly away.

As soon as these words were spoken, 200,000 cultivators burst into breath. Even Sun Boda, who was beside them, immediately turned around to look at him. The rumors were still rumors, but they had not been personally proved by him. Everyone still had some doubts in their hearts.

If a late Nascent Soul cultivator were to charge into the thousand Foundation Establishment cultivators' ranks, they would definitely be able to kill all of them without being injured.

To be able to injure or kill a cultivator of that level, the key was to attack at the same time. If one, two, or even ten hundred cultivators attacked at the same time, it wouldn't work at all, and it couldn't hurt them at all.

But how could all cultivators attack at the same time?

Although their cultivation levels were the same, their reactions were fast and slow, and their strengths were high and low. It would definitely be difficult for a thousand people to react at the same time.

After this news spread throughout the continent, many cultivator commanders had conducted experiments and were unable to succeed at all. They couldn't help but suspect that this news was true or false.

This was also why the group of cultivators had to combine their magical artifacts in the air before they could increase their power. Although it would take a little more time for them to combine, they had no choice but to do so.

Hence, many cultivators didn't believe this rumor at all. However, the cultivators of Limitless Sword Sect who personally participated in the rumor swore an oath, and even the Eastwood Sword personally testified to this. Only then did they have some doubts.

Right now, the main body was right in front of him, and he was talking about this matter, so he naturally had to hear it clearly.

\"This is not a rumor. A thousand Foundation Establishment cultivators have turned that late Nascent Soul stage cultivator into a bloody mist with a single strike.\" His voice wasn't loud, but it was heard by all the cultivators.

After he personally confirmed it, the eyes of the 200,000 cultivators once again revealed admiration.

\"However, there's no news that I've been alone in the Sacred Flame Sect's 1,000-man Foundation Establishment Team, and I'm safe and sound.\"

Yi Heng suddenly said loudly. As soon as he finished speaking, the crowd of cultivators immediately revealed expressions of disbelief.

First, a thousand Foundation Establishment cultivators' attack turned a late Nascent Soul stage cultivator into a bloody mist, causing everyone to feel that even a thousand Foundation Establishment cultivator was absolutely formidable.

But now that he was alone amongst the thousand Foundation Establishment cultivators, could it be that he was even more powerful than a late Nascent Soul cultivator?

Impossible. Even if he was incomparably powerful during the Golden Core Stage, there was absolutely no way he could be stronger than a late Nascent Soul Stage cultivator.

The only explanation was the difference between the thousand Foundation Establishment cultivators.

When they were powerful, they could instantly kill late Nascent Soul cultivators. If they weren't powerful, they wouldn't even be able to kill late Gold Core cultivators.

This was the reason why the commander was different?

\"That's right. Everyone has already figured it out. This is the reason for whether they are united or not, whether they obey orders or not.\" Seeing everyone's thoughtful expressions, he shouted loudly.

Sun Boda instantly admired him. He didn't start with the rigid military discipline rules, but with concrete examples to illustrate the importance of unity and military discipline. It was absolutely more convincing.

Right now, it was no longer important whether or not he had truly crossed the thousand Foundation Establishment cultivators' ranks alone, because everyone's eyes revealed enlightenment once again.

\"Since you've already understood, then from now on, work together and obey the orders of the army is the first training target on the road. Let's set out.\" Sun Boda, who was still surprised, turned around and flew towards the desert.

When the rest of the cultivators heard the word \"set out\", they hesitated for a moment before following behind them, causing the formation to become somewhat blocked.

\"One hundred and twenty-three, thirty-first from the left, one hundred and eighty-two, seventy-five from the right...\" He read out hundreds of cultivators in a row, and his spiritual sense instantly focused on these cultivators.

\"Hearing the order, I still have some thoughts. This is the first time. It won't be the next time.\" Although his cultivation was only at the peak of the Golden Core Realm, his strength was so high that he had killed far more people than everyone else.

That spiritual sense stared at the cultivators as if it was real, causing their hearts to tremble slightly. Their foreheads to sweat, but they did not dare to argue or hesitate. They focused their attention, maintaining the same interval as before, and proceeded forward.

Two hours later, Yi Heng said to the shocked Sun Boda with satisfaction, \"Fellow Daoist Sun, what do you think about directing the battle?\"

An hour later, the two hundred thousand cultivators behind him finally formed a conditioned reflex. When they heard the order, they did not hesitate to follow it.

This made Sun Boda doubt whether he had secretly learned this technique, and now he even used it better than himself.

\"Fellow Daoist Yi, I admire you very much. If Fellow Daoist Yi has any instructions, I will definitely obey them.\"

At this moment, apart from the specific tactical battle strategy, he hadn't heard of it yet. He admired the military discipline training of the entire squad at the beginning, and this was the most important aspect of leading troops to battle. He had no choice but to admire it.

\"Fellow Daoist Sun, you don't have to be too modest. Your sect specializes in the Cultivation Technique\" Primordial Chaos Heart Seal Armament Treasure Book \"and some other related secret techniques. I have borrowed them from you. These are all learned from them, and you will have to rely on Fellow Daoist to direct the battle in the future.\"

\"Fellow Daoist, is this really because of this technique, the Primordial Chaos Heart Seal Armament Treasure Book?\"

Sun Boda instantly became confident again. At first, he thought that there were even more powerful military techniques besides this sect, but now, it was actually this sect's technique. Naturally, he regained his confidence again.

\"That's right, it's your sect's cultivation technique. However, I'm only cultivating to the third level, the five hundred person realm.\"

Yi Heng recalled the technique of \"Primordial Chaos Heart Seal Armament Treasure Book\" in his heart. It could be said that each of the eleven clans and sects had their own strengths, and their techniques were definitely not bad.

However, he did not have the time and would not cultivate all of them. There were only a few cultivation methods that he could seriously cultivate or study. This cultivation method of the Shang Bing Sect was definitely the most important.

The first level of the [Primordial Chaos Heart Seal Armament Treasure Book] was a five-man realm. If one could connect five people in a five-man team, they would basically be able to attack and defend an alliance.

The second level of the fifty-man level allowed him to command a troop of fifty people, as if he were commanding his own brothers and sisters.

The third level was the realm of five hundred people. This was his current realm. He could command five hundred people at the same time, not by roaring, but by connecting five hundred people with this technique. His orders could be instantly transmitted to five hundred people.

At the beginning, he felt that this technique was very miraculous. After executing it, it was like pulling 500 people into a room. However, he could only transmit orders and could not receive any feedback.

In other words, in this small room, only he spoke, and the others could only execute it.

As for the fourth level, it was at the 5,000-person realm. He needed to reach the Great Circle of the Golden Core Realm to study it. Naturally, he could also cultivate, but he didn't have enough time to do so.

If four hundred disciples of the Shang Bing Sect cultivated to the five hundred people realm and commanded them themselves, and each of them commanded another five hundred people, they would be able to command two hundred thousand cultivators at the same time.

Perhaps he didn't need to command so many people to accomplish this. Now, he only saw that there were many people who had reached the fourth level of the Shang Bing Sect.

This was the most terrifying part of the Primordial Chaos Heart Seal Armament Treasure Book.

Sun Boda looked at him with admiration. \"The third level is enough. This time, there are more than 20 people who have reached the Golden Core Great Circle, and there are also more than 20 people who have reached the fourth level.\"

\"That's good. Fellow Daoist, do you have any ideas now?\"

\"Could it be that they formed teams according to the various clans themselves and arranged for our sect's cultivators to be among them?\" Sun Boda was puzzled.

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