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Daoist Changes the World Chapter 460 The Might of a Punch

Author:  Bei Shui Zhu De Qing Genre:  Eastern UpdateTime:  2021-02-23 16:22:05

Although Yi Heng attacked in extreme anger, he only wanted to test the power of the Body Refining Art. He did not have the intention to kill, so he did not circulate his magic power, nor did he cast any spells.

Seeing that the mighty He Laosan was also swinging his fist and circulating all of his mana, he didn't dare to be careless. He clenched his right fist tightly again.

\"Boom!\" A loud explosion rang out, and the sound of bones shattering entered everyone's ears. \"Haha...\"

The cultivator on the second floor saw a figure flying backwards and laughed. However, he suddenly discovered that the other cultivators did not laugh. He couldn't help but stop and looked down in surprise.

The cultivator surnamed He had just stood there without a human figure, but more than ten zhang away, a figure flew backwards, rolled on the ground several times, and then remained silent again.

His heart suddenly congealed. Looking carefully, it was the cultivator surnamed He who fell to the ground. He couldn't help but be shocked and look for the azure figure again.

The azure figure didn't seem to have moved at all. It was still standing where it was. It looked like it was about to go up to the second floor. However, it suddenly turned around and asked in a low voice, \"Fellow Daoist Yuan, is room 321?\"

\"Yes, yes.\" The red-clothed female cultivator stuttered a little, but her face shone and her eyes revealed a myriad of different emotions.

\"Alright, I'm happy to be quiet. I don't want any other cultivators to live around.\" After saying that, he raised his right fist, which emitted a bit of fluorescence.

He turned around and didn't go upstairs. He lightly tapped the ground and flew out of the room like a breeze. He pushed open the door and entered. Then, he closed the door.

Hundreds of cultivators stared blankly at him as he entered the room and closed the door, but they didn't dare to make a sound for a few breaths.

Only the four late Gold Core Realm cultivators hurriedly ran to check on the cultivator surnamed He who had fallen to the ground. Suddenly, they cried out miserably, \"Dead! Dead!\"

\"Dead?\" '\"Hiss!\" A breath of cold air rang out from within the wall. The expressions of all the cultivators were uncertain.

Suddenly, a cultivator flew down and ran to the red-clothed female cultivator to ask for a change of room because he was Number 320.

The four late Gold Core Realm cultivators didn't dare to say anything else. They carried the cultivator surnamed He and rushed out of the inn's entrance in an instant, flying away.

Hundreds of cultivators had already seen that half of the He cultivator's body had disappeared, and he was already dead.

His entire body couldn't help but tremble. At this moment, he must be looking for He Lao Boss He Lao Er. Perhaps tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, there would be another bustle to see.

But now, he returned to his room in extreme silence, because that person had just said that he liked silence.

When the red-clothed female cultivator saw that everyone had disappeared in an instant, it was as if death had returned to this place. She couldn't help but exert her gentle eyes as if the scene just now was a mirage in the desert.

However, she was absolutely certain that it was true. Her steady and resolute face, bright eyes, thick thick eyebrows, sturdy body, and a clean green Daoist uniform had definitely just appeared.

Not only did he appear, he even killed the Golden Core Great Circle cultivator on the spot with a single punch. What exactly was the origin of that cyan-colored Dao-clothed cultivator?

She was immersed in the scene just now, and her eyes revealed a hint of color. Only after someone shouted loudly did she wake up.

At this moment, all the cultivators were immersed in that scene, but no one understood what had happened.

Even Yi Heng himself was immersed in that scene. His magic power did not circulate at all. With just the strength of his physical body, he actually killed that cultivator with a single punch. Moreover, half of his body was blown away. How brave was this body refining technique?

Sure enough, the more he suffered, the harder it would be for him to stand at a higher peak.

Raising his right fist, there was not a trace on it, not a single drop of blood. It was still emitting a faint glow. He tried to clench his fist, feeling extremely powerful.

Suddenly, he regretted endlessly. He didn't do such an important thing as killing people and seizing storage bags for a year, and he forgot all about it. He still needed to find spirit stones to pay for it.

However, at that time, even he was shocked, so how could he have thought of this? Moreover, this was a great desert. If people were to openly kill and rob him in front of their eyes, it would be difficult for them to escape from the wrath of the crowd.

When he thought of this, he calmed down and saw that there was nothing in the room. It was just a wooden table and a sandy bed made of weeds.

The most expensive thing in the room was the weeds on the sand bed. After all, it was very difficult to find weeds in the desert.

At this moment, he sat cross-legged on the weeds and thought carefully.

Now that the situation in the desert was unknown, it was hard to know what had happened. That cultivator kept saying that he was a spy, what exactly was going on?

Just now, the four people in their Spiritual Sense rushed out with Third Brother He, thinking that they would definitely attract Second Brother He, Boss He.

However, no matter who it was, as long as their cultivation didn't exceed the Nascent Soul Stage, killing them would be the most effective method in the cultivation world.

Without a fist, it was like the crowd of cultivators who had just mocked him. Wasn't it extremely quiet at this moment?

However, the red-clothed female cultivator must not be provoked. There must be a cultivator above the Golden Core Realm behind her.

Thinking of this, the red-clothed female cultivator appeared in her mind. In the blink of an eye, she turned into a ruthless cultivator hiding his saber in a smile. She was cold and heartless. With a smile, she sent the cultivator surnamed He flying.

To be able to run such an inn here, how could he do it without strength, means, and backing?

Thinking of this, he dispersed the red-clothed female cultivator's figure in his mind and began to sort out the two years' worth of gains.

It had been two years since he left the Southwest Continent, and there had been no news from the outside world in these two years. At this moment, he naturally could not control that much. He should sort out his own strength.

The Eight Trigrams Plate, Soul Thorn, Sect Change Cultivation Technique, Snowflake Dao, and the Eternal Madman Body Refinement Technique that had just been refined had definitely surprised him. These were all trump cards.

However, regardless of whether it was the Eight Trigrams Disk or the Spirit Thorn, the Snowflake Dao that he had comprehended required a strong soul support.

Therefore, in the future, one must focus on soul cultivation.

The Nine Layers Soul Refining Technique had only reached the third layer. It was truly because there was not enough time. It would be good if he could cultivate his soul for several decades at a time.

He sighed slightly, but how could he have the time?

There were also Gold Devouring Insects that needed to be nurtured and trained. They believed that they would soon become their own strength. Although the secret techniques of the various great clans and sects were not often used, they could still be pleasantly surprised at critical moments.

The Purple Gold Flying Sword had actually been reduced to being used for traveling. It was only for the sake of supporting the front and putting on an act.

Ever since he had the 'Kun' spell, he no longer used defensive magic treasures. Now that he had the 'Body Refining Spell', he didn't even need it.

However, he had to randomly get one to confuse his opponent. That ancient book was still there, so he could just continue to use it.

Today's punch didn't say anything more. It really had a very good effect. If it had been in the past, I'm afraid I would have shouted, \"Body Refinement for Mad Demons, Wanjun Punch!\" \"Body Refinement for Mad Demons, Wanjun Punch!\" The habit of shouting first was finally broken.

Then, he tidied it up the same way.

Spirit Sense entered the Spirit Pet Pouch to see how about a thousand Gold Devouring Insects?

The scene of a person commanding nearly a thousand Goldbiter Beetles appeared in his mind. Perhaps even Nascent Soul cultivators would not dare to provoke him.

However, the joy on his face instantly froze when his Spiritual Sense entered the Spiritual Pet Pouch.

Then, he picked up the spiritual pet bag with both of his hands and checked it over and over again. He was sure that there was no one inside the rotten hole, and his puzzlement in his eyes became even more intense.

His expression instantly sank. There were only 51 gold-devouring insects left in the spiritual pet pouch.

He clearly remembered that besides the twenty or so Gold Devouring Insects of the fourth or fifth layer of cultivation, there were many more in the pet pouch one after another.

After killing Ariselan, he obtained more than 30 early Second Grade Gold Devouring Worms.

After killing that early Nascent Soul cultivator, he obtained ten late Second Grade Gold Devouring Worms.

Afterwards, he killed more than a hundred Golden Core cultivators in the grasslands. He didn't carefully remember how many he had obtained, but it was definitely close to a thousand.

But now, why were there only 51 of them? Furthermore, they were all late Second Order and had already fallen asleep?

\"Wait, where did the remaining thirty-one come from?\" He clearly remembered that there were only ten late Second Order Nascent Soul cultivators.

I wonder which Golden Core cultivator raised one in the middle stage, but now there are 51 of them. Could it be?

He hastily dug out the items left behind by the Nascent Soul stage cultivator, found the secret of feeding the Gold Devouring Insect, and immediately checked them.

It didn't take long for him to understand, and a look of regret appeared on his face.

It turned out that this Gold Devouring Insect had continuously devoured its peers when advancing to the next level. Of course, this was because it had not been specially fed.

And how would he have the time to feed it and the things that would allow it to advance in rank in the past two years?

Therefore, these Gold Devouring Bugs continued to fight and devour in the Spirit Pet Sack. Fortunately, this Spirit Pet Sack was prepared for the Northwest Continent. Its quality was also good, and the space was also large. Only then could it contain so many Gold Devouring Bugs.

The ten Gold Devouring Insects were extremely hungry and continued to devour the other Gold Devouring Insects. Seeing this, the other Gold Devouring Insects also frantically fought in order to escape the fate of being devoured. They frantically devoured the low-grade Gold Devouring Insects and frantically advanced.

In this narrow space, there was no way for them to escape. They could only be devoured and become supplements for the advancement of their fellow cultivators.

In the end, nearly a thousand gold-devouring insects survived, leaving 51, but they all fell asleep.

Looks like when he wakes up, he will definitely advance again and become a peak Second Grade existence.

He didn't know if he was happy or worried, but he commanded nearly a thousand Gold Devouring Bugs. Thinking about that scene, he was extremely shocked. Perhaps even Nascent Soul cultivators would have to take a detour.

However, those were only early Second Order cultivators. Now, there were 51 Second Order Great Perfection cultivators. Although the scene wasn't spectacular, it was several times more formidable.

If he was allowed to choose, he really didn't know how to choose. Fortunately, this Gold Devouring Bug had already chosen for itself. It meant that the fittest would survive, and the inferior would be eliminated.

No matter what race it was, wanting to survive was equally cruel, he thought to himself.

Hang the Spirit Pet Bag on your waist and carefully remember what you need to feed the Gold Devouring Insects. In the future, you must collect more.

If all 51 late Second Grade Gold Devouring Bugs were able to enter the Great Perfection stage, then once all of them were released, the scene would simply be unimaginable.

Sitting cross-legged on the weeds, he finally felt a hint of temporary stability.

Regardless of who the four late Gold Core Realm cultivators following He Lao San would bring today or tomorrow, it was a rare moment of stability.

Gradually, the Zifu people began to cultivate the Nine Layers Soul Refining Technique, and strands of soul power were constantly being generated and wrapped around his small body.

His small body grew larger and solidified.

This meditation lasted for a day and night. However, cultivators meditated and cultivated every year. At this moment, if they weren't in another country and there were strong enemies coming at any time, they would probably be immersed in the beauty of cultivation and wouldn't want to wake up.

However, he had no choice but to pay attention to the gentle knocks on the door.

The red-clothed female cultivator appeared in her mind. She whispered, \"Fellow Daoist Yuan, please come in. May I help you?\"

\"Creak!\" The door was pushed open. The existence of this door was just a habit. If he was willing to peek at it or break it, how could he guard against someone with a heart?

Halfway through the door, a red figure flashed into the room and stood in front of him seductively.

Looking at the red-clothed female cultivator three meters away, he felt slightly uncomfortable. How could an unfamiliar cultivator be so close?

\"Fellow Daoist, have a good rest. My body is Yuan Hongshui.\" Her face was like peach blossoms, and her eyes were filled with autumn ripples. Qianqian's thin hands were constantly twisting a strand of her beautiful hair as she secretly sized him up shyly.

\"Fellow Daoist Yuan, if you have nothing else, please return. I want to be quiet.\" Since he already knew that this woman couldn't be provoked, he naturally wouldn't give her any chance.

All kinds of charm, exquisite, sometimes bohemian, sometimes gentle like water, just appear charming, in the blink of an eye hot kill.

His cultivation base was also high, and his backers were also strong. Naturally, he was not someone he could provoke.

\"Tsk, Fellow Daoist still owes me two thousand spirit stones for being so generous.\" Sure enough, she did not pretend to be shy and immediately revealed her true colors.

He unrestrainedly swung his hair back and sat down on the sand bed weeds with his waist straight like the wind, looking at him boldly.

\"What? Fellow Daoist, do you want to go back on your word? Or how do you plan to settle the debt?\"

An incense breeze rushed over and he retreated without a trace.

However, her delicate body slightly moved and she leaned forward again. At this moment, she was only about two feet away from her. She sighed in her heart and helplessly said,

\"Fellow Daoist Yuan, don't worry. With this fist, even if it's a snatch, it will snatch spirit stones.\"

As he spoke, he raised his right fist and waved it in front of her, revealing a trace of ruthlessness on his face.

This move was indeed effective. It seemed to remind her of the half of He Lao San's body, forcing her delicate body back a few feet.

Her peach blossom-like face was slightly pale and her small hand touched her full chest.

\"I know that Fellow Daoist is formidable, but is it a hero who frightens others like this?\" The female cultivator's expression changed, and her demeanor completely dissipated. She looked as if she was afraid of being pitiful, and her eyes seemed to be on the verge of tears.

She had only been in this room for a few dozen breaths when she saw several expressions, but she felt as if they came from the bottom of her heart.

If it was an ordinary person, they would have believed it a long time ago. Even he himself felt a little unbearable at this moment.

If he hadn't seen her turn around so forcefully yesterday, he would have either believed it or punched her long ago.

\"Fellow Daoist Yuan should be here to tell me what happened tonight, right?\"

When she entered the door, the female cultivator told herself that this place would be very lively in the next few days. If she came again, it should be this matter, but she had to pretend to be so.

\"Keke, I really can't hide it from you.\" Yuan Hongshui's pitiful appearance disappeared in an instant, and he immediately returned to the inn owner. \"There are a lot of people coming today, so the rooms around Fellow Daoist can't be empty, not even Fellow Daoist Fu Lingshi.\"

\"Hehe, of course. Fellow Daoist can't even afford spirit stones, let alone spirit stones.\" At this moment, she no longer concealed any expression. Her eyes lit up and she looked at him boldly.

\"Also, there will be a grand gathering here tomorrow night. Fellow Daoist, if you like peace, you can leave early. Otherwise, you won't get peace. Of course, when you leave, you still have to pay off the spirit stones.\"

\"I know.\" He replied, his eyes revealing the intention of seeing the guests off.

Yuan Hongshui spat softly. He felt the fragrance fade and the red figure flew out of the room like the wind. \"Wait.\"

Yuan Hongshui turned around with such an expression on his face. A trace of joy flashed in his eyes. \"What? Fellow Daoist, have you thought it through?\"

\"I'd like to ask for some information. I wonder if Fellow Daoist Yuan can tell me something.\" He suddenly remembered that if he wanted to know the news, the person in front of him would probably be the most suitable.

\"Keke, it takes spirit stones to get information.\" Yuan Hongshui returned to the sand bed with a whoosh. She leaned close to him and looked at him like water. \"Fellow Daoist doesn't have spirit stones. How can I ask? Could it be that you want to...\"

Looking at the expression in her eyes, he hurriedly interrupted, \"Naturally, there are spirit stones. Just wait for me to change them.\"

\"Fellow Daoist, do you really just want to get some information?\"

\"Is there anything else?\"

\"You don't want to have any ideas about me?\" Although it was a low voice, it was extremely charming. When it entered his ears, his old face couldn't help but blush. It turned out that she actually thought so.

\"Fellow Daoist Yuan is joking. I just want to ask Third Brother He why he keeps calling me a spy.\"

\"I knew that cultivators like you have evil intentions and don't have the guts to do so. Keke, that's all. That's how interesting it is.\" Yuan Hongshui smiled dissolutely, and a trace of sorrow flashed in his eyes.

\"Didn't Fellow Daoist come from the Southwest Continent?\"


\"No wonder Fellow Daoist didn't know that the Great Desert Sacred Flame Sect and the Third Alliance of the Southwest Continent were about to start a war. Naturally, they thought that you were a spy.\"

\"Begin a war?\" Yi Heng was so shocked that he threw her watery eyes behind his back and thought quickly.

\"I heard it's to temper one's combat strength. Tsk, that sounds good.\"

\"Hone your combat strength?\" He thought to himself, \"This is really possible. I just don't know how big the war here is, and whether it's the same in other places.\"

In the great desert, each major sect formed their own formation. Naturally, this Holy Flame Sect had heard of it before, and there was also the most powerful and mysterious Loulan Divine Sect, and so on.

\"Cultivators from both sides are gathering. This time, they are only testing their strength. Therefore, cultivators are restricted to Foundation Establishment and Golden Core Stage. They are both commanded by top geniuses from both sides.\"

The figure of the Dongmu Sword appeared in Yi Heng's mind. Although he had never spoken to him before, he had seen it from afar in One Man City.

\"Of course, if the opponent's strength fails to withstand a single blow after probing, I'm afraid that the next step will be a large-scale invasion.\" Yuan Hongshui saw that he was very concerned and continued to add another guess.

\"Integration?\" He suddenly remembered these two words in his heart. Was this still the Yi Sect integrating forces from within?

Or perhaps it would consume too many cultivators on the continent, save resources, and leave them to powerful cultivators.

However, this action was simply too big. If this was the case, what about the other places?

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