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Cold-blooded Undercover Master Volume 1 Chapter 880 Peak Duel

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Finally, the The Underworld Emperor felt that the time was ripe. The power that belonged to the Divine Realm suddenly unleashed and rushed towards the Demon Emperor Palace.

Seeing this, Kong Yun's chest also burned with a fierce fighting spirit. Today, it was necessary to turn the Demon Domain in the seventh level of the Divine Dao upside down!

\"Who trespassed into the Demon Emperor Palace?!\" Outside the Demon Emperor Palace, the guards sensed the surging killing intent of the two of them and immediately leapt in front of them. As the guard captain of the Demon Emperor Palace, he was truly at the Inferior God Realm!

\"Die!\" The The Underworld Emperor 's eyes were cold. With just a single word, Kong Yun saw the body of the demon guard explode, and his flesh and blood scattered into the shape of fireworks.

Kong Yun couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air. He was also at the Inferior God Realm. The difference in strength between an ordinary expert and the The Underworld Emperor had actually reached such a degree?

\"Don't be surprised. The higher you reach, the more you rely on a martial artist's comprehension of the Laws. The The Underworld Emperor was once a true Divine King, and his comprehension of the Laws has reached its peak. Right now, he just doesn't have enough Laws to absorb and break through.\" The artifact spirit said to Kong Yun. In fact, he had to be extremely cautious when advising Kong Yun to break through to the Divine Realm.

Kong Yun nodded and continued to follow the The Underworld Emperor 's footsteps. Along the way, the The Underworld Emperor 's expression was horrifying, as if he was a true God of Slaughter. All the demon race experts were not a united general in his hands!

With the The Underworld Emperor facing the Divine Realm experts, Kong Yun used his Heavenly Dao Sword to fight against countless Demigod Realm experts. It was like a wolf entering a flock of sheep. Everywhere Kong Yun's sword intent swept, it was filled with devil blood spraying out, causing his devil soul to tremble.

\"Just who are these two people?!\" Almost all of the demon race experts were shouting in their hearts. At the same level, Kong Yun was only at the peak of the Undying Immortal Realm. How could the two of them have such strong combat strength!

The two of them were fighting happily when a hoarse voice came from afar, causing the The Underworld Emperor to temporarily stop the massacre.

\"Disturb my demons! Die!\" A dark black hand came out of the Demon Emperor Palace. Straight at the The Underworld Emperor , Facing this hand, the The Underworld Emperor didn't dare to be careless. Blood Fiend Force wrapped around his body and formed a seal with both of his hands. A blood red seal rushed out. The palm print didn't make a loud noise against the seal. Instead, it was plain. Kong Yun could feel that the powerful energy emitted from the surrounding space was enough to tear apart everyone, including him.

\"Demon Emperor! Come out and meet me!\" This was the first time Kong Yun had seen the The Underworld Emperor use an exclusive power that belonged to the Divine Realm. The sky above the Demon Realm gradually turned blood red, and Kong Yun could feel that the The Underworld Emperor seemed to have completely merged into this world. He represented this world at this moment!

\"Divine realm\" Kong Yun muttered silently. He clenched his fists tightly. Kong Yun firmly believed that he would definitely find a path that belonged to him. A path that was different from others, a path that led to the strongest.

\"Who are you?\" A phantom figure flashed out from the Demon Emperor Palace and landed in front of the The Underworld Emperor . He looked at the The Underworld Emperor carefully with a strange expression in his eyes.

This was the first time Kong Yun had seen a supreme expert of the demon race. He was also one of the experts who controlled the destiny of heaven and earth, a true God King Realm!

\"Who are you?!\" It was rare for Kong Yun to see a trace of fear and dread in the Demon Emperor's eyes when he looked at the The Underworld Emperor .

The The Underworld Emperor stretched out his arms and his tiger body trembled. His domineering aura spread out, facing the Demon Emperor's four eyes.

\" The Underworld Emperor … you're not dead …\" The Demon Emperor's voice was hoarse, revealing a trace of regret. He hated that he should have properly examined it back then.

The The Underworld Emperor sneered and said with disdain, \"I'm not dead. You must be very disappointed.\"

\"Haha, no matter how powerful you were before, you are only at the Inferior God Realm now. How do you want to fight me?! As long as I want, I can tear you apart now.\" Seeing that the The Underworld Emperor was aggressive, the Demon Emperor was not easy to bully. His expression darkened as he said coldly.

When the Demon Emperor's voice fell, the The Underworld Emperor actually laughed wildly. He pointed at the Demon Emperor's phantom and said, \"If you really have the confidence to kill me now, how could you not make a move? My strength is not at its peak, and you are only a phantom now. Why are you pretending to be here?\"

Indeed, as the The Underworld Emperor had said, the Demon Emperor's expression changed slightly. Although it was only an instant, it was still captured by Kong Yun.

\" The Underworld Emperor , I'd like to see if you still have the ability from before!\"

\"Then let's fight!\"

The phantom of the Demon Emperor and the figure of the The Underworld Emperor rose to an altitude of 10,000 meters at almost the same time. This was the rule of martial artists. After reaching the Divine Realm, in order not to bring unnecessary calamity to weak creatures, they would choose to fight in the air, even if it was a life and death grudge.

When Kong Yun saw this, the Metal Laws covered his body and his figure soared into the air. Kong Yun did not want to give up this peerless battle. Although one of them was not at the peak and the other was just a phantom spirit body, Kong Yun knew that observing this battle would greatly benefit his breakthrough to the Divine Realm in the future.

Apart from Kong Yun, there were also many higher realm demon race experts who leapt up one after another, but they weren't as close to the battlefield as Kong Yun.

Their momentum continued to rise, but neither of them was able to suppress the other. The air was rendered red and dark by both of them. It was extremely dazzling.

\"Demon Emperor, when I fought with Long Tian in the Vietnam War, you sneak attacked me from behind. Now that I have revived, your good days are over!\"

\"Hmph, King Cheng has defeated the bandits. Since I can kill you once, I can kill you a second time!\"

The two of them didn't give way to each other, and then their figures flashed out at the same time. Their speed was so fast that it was difficult to capture Kong Yun's soul force. The bodies of the two collided. Unexpectedly, the two of them were like melee battles between folk mortals. The space was filled with the sounds of their muscles colliding.

Suddenly, the Demon Emperor took the lead in attacking. A demon seal came out from his chest and met the The Underworld Emperor 's fist. The The Underworld Emperor was calm and unhurried, and the Blood Fiend Qi wrapped around the fist wind.

\"Boom!\" The light seal collided with the fist wind and emitted a loud explosion. Then, a heat wave swept across the sky and knocked Kong Yun dozens of meters away. This time, the two of them were evenly divided, and neither of them got any advantage.

\"Underworld Spirit Sword Intent!\" Finally, a blood-red sword appeared in the The Underworld Emperor 's hand.

\"The Blood Underworld Sword is bloodthirsty. It is nourished by the blood of humans or experts of other races.\" The Tool Spirit muttered to himself.

The The Underworld Emperor leapt forward, and the Blood Underworld Sword created a wave of killing intent. If Kong Yun hadn't been far away, the Blood Fiend Qi alone would have easily caused Kong Yun to lose his mind.

The sword intent flashed past, and before the Demon Emperor could resist, the Demon Emperor's phantom image dissipated.

\"The Underworld Spirit Sword Intent is indeed powerful. I wonder how it compares to my Heavenly Dao Sword Intent.\" Kong Yun thought to himself.

Although the Demon Emperor's phantom image had dissipated, Kong Yun knew that it was not the The Underworld Emperor who had defeated the Demon Emperor. After all, the Demon Emperor only used a spirit body. The power of Laws had already been exhausted in the previous battle, so he was so vulnerable to the Underworld Spirit Sword Intent.

On the ninth level of the Divine Dao, a purple beam of light shot out from a pitch-black pair of eyes in the Demon Realm space, almost destroying the entire Demon Palace. The owner of this gaze was the real Divine King, the strongest expert of the demon race-the Demon Emperor!

\"Demon Emperor, what's wrong?\" The one who spoke was Mo Lingzi. Ever since he met Kong Yun on Sea Heart Island, he had returned to the Demon Emperor's side to concentrate on cultivation. Now, he had broken through to the Demigod realm. What was even more terrifying was that Mo Lingzi possessed a martial arts talent that belonged to Kong Yun. When he advanced to the Demigod realm, he was actually able to kill an ordinary Inferior God Realm expert!

It really happened to Mo Lingzi that he didn't massacre the gods for the sake of the gods.

Regarding Mo Lingzi's question, the Demon Emperor only shook his head. His dark black hand casually knocked on the chair twice and closed his eyes again.

On the other side, the phantom image of the The Underworld Emperor dissipated. The Demon Race experts on the seventh level of the Divine Dao had completely become the food of Kong Yun and the The Underworld Emperor . In half a day, there was not a single Demon Race martial artist in the seventh level of the Divine Dao.

What was even more terrifying was that after this slaughter, Kong Yun could clearly feel that the The Underworld Emperor 's strength had improved a bit, and he had the faint intention of breaking through to the middle god realm.

After stepping over the corpses, Kong Yun walked to the The Underworld Emperor 's side.

\"Why are you helping me?\" Kong Yun asked, puzzled. Kong Yun knew that he had comprehended the Heavenly Dao Sword Intent after arriving here under the guidance of the The Underworld Emperor . If he wanted to help, he had only killed a few Demigod realm martial artists. Even without him, the The Underworld Emperor would still be able to do so easily.

\"We are just cooperating. Now that our identities have been exposed, you have to help me attract a portion of the demon race experts to chase after us. As for the sword intent, it was comprehended by you. It has nothing to do with me.\" The The Underworld Emperor coldly looked at Kong Yun and explained.

Kong Yun nodded. He had always had an endless relationship with the demon race. Today's matter was just an added bonus. There was no need to worry about it.

\"Son of Heaven's Choice … I hope you can inherit Long Tian's mantle. The chaotic times are not far off.\" The The Underworld Emperor raised his head to look at the sky, his expression extremely solemn.

This was not the first time Kong Yun had heard such a thing, but Kong Yun knew that even if he continued to ask, the The Underworld Emperor would not tell him what this chaotic world meant, so he did not ask for trouble.

\"Remember what you promised me, stop slaughtering human martial artists.\" Kong Yun looked at the The Underworld Emperor . Although he had sworn a martial oath, Kong Yun was still afraid that he would go back on his word. One had to know that an expert of the The Underworld Emperor 's level would definitely be a disaster if they entered the world of human martial artists!

The The Underworld Emperor gave Kong Yun a sidelong glance and didn't say anything. With his arrogance, he naturally wouldn't explain anything to Kong Yun. Instead, he slowly walked into the Demon Emperor Palace.

After the battle just now, the only thing that hadn't been destroyed in the entire Demon Region was the Demon Emperor Palace. Kong Yun followed the The Underworld Emperor 's footsteps in surprise.

\"Tell that little fellow who knows formations to come out and send us out of here. The Demon Emperor Statue in front of us is where the formations are.\" The The Underworld Emperor lowered his head and looked at Kong Yun, as if he knew all the secrets on Kong Yun's body.

Kong Yun was stunned for a moment, but he still nodded his head. After the artifact spirit tossed and turned, the two of them finally left the Demon Realm.

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