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Kong Xuecang looked at Kong Yun and couldn't conceal the shock in his eyes. He kept mumbling, \"Unyielding will, it's actually unyielding will power. This youth is destined to be no ordinary person.\"

After Kong Yun dispersed the shadow in the void, he gradually collapsed. The silver luster on Kong Yun's body slowly faded away, and the silver luster in his eyes gradually disappeared. Kong Yun's eyes gradually lost their vigor.

Kong Xuecang watched Kong Yun destroy the phantom with his own eyes. His eyes were filled with disbelief, and his face was filled with disbelief. When Kong Xuecang saw Kong Yun fall, he did not dare to hesitate in the slightest.

After Kong Yun displayed his unyielding willpower, Kong Xuecang immediately discovered that he had truly discovered a precious inheritor. Perhaps, he could really step through the nine heavens in the near future and surpass the laws of this world.

Kong Xuecang did not hesitate to release his internal force towards Kong Yun and began to treat Kong Yun's injuries. Kong Xuecang sat behind Kong Yun and placed his hands on Kong Yun's back. True Qi continuously flowed into Kong Yun's body.

Although Kong Yun's eyes were tightly closed, Kong Yun could clearly see the situation at this moment. Sweat had already covered Kong Xuecang's face. This level of treatment was extremely exhausting for anyone.

At this moment, Kong Yun still didn't show the slightest sign of waking up. Kong Xuecang frowned and thought to himself, although there was an unyielding will on Kong Yun's body just now, he still couldn't resist the pressure brought about by the phantom.

At this moment, Kong Yun's injuries were slowly recovering under Kong Xuecang's cultivation. Kong Xuecang saw that Kong Yun had no intention of waking up, so Kong Xuecang did not continue to wait.

Kong Yun slowly withdrew his hand. At this moment, he was bathed in a silver light. After the White Snow Cang retracted his hands, he did not hesitate at all. He directly bit his finger and a stream of pure blood slowly flowed out.

This drop of blood slowly condensed within the Void Blood Firmament. There was no sign of dripping. Blood was constantly flowing out, but it did not drip, nor did it grow larger.

All Kong Yun could notice was that the wrinkles on Void Blood Firmament 's cheeks were getting more and more numerous. At this moment, the drop of blood on Void Blood Firmament 's finger had slowly turned silver-white.

Kong Yun stared at this drop of blood. Kong Yun could clearly feel how terrifying the energy contained in this drop of blood was, and how pure the power of the Laws of Space was.

Kong Yun himself had an extremely strong affinity for the power of spatial laws. Under such circumstances, Kong Yun felt incomparably close to this drop of blood.

Kong Xuecang took a slight look at Kong Yun and looked at the blood droplets condensed on his fingertips. He whispered to Kong Yun who was unconscious, \"I can only help you here. Whether or not you can wake up next depends on your own good fortune!\"

Kong Xuecang ejected the silver drop of blood from his fingertip into the void. Kong Xuecang slowly guided the drop of blood down and landed near Kong Yun's mouth.

Kong Yun slowly opened his mouth and Kong Xuecang smiled. \"This drop of blood is about the essence of my life. Kong Yun, I can help you get here. It's up to you.\"

Without the slightest hesitation, Kong Yun directly introduced the blood into his dantian. Kong Yun slowly gathered the energy released by the drop of blood, continuously refining it. Finally, he extracted all the energy from the drop of blood.

Kong Xuecang sat cross-legged and waited for Kong Yun to wake up. Kong Xuecang wanted to know when Kong Yun would wake up. He wanted to know which drop of his blood essence was useless, so he sat by the side and watched quietly.

The drop of medical knowledge circled around Kong Yun's dantian continuously. This drop of blood essence was filled with a strange and violent power. This was the period of time after the blood essence left his mother's body, when it would become exceptionally violent.

Kong Yun neither panicked nor panicked. He slowly guided the drop of silver blood around Kong Yun's meridians as his body was constantly being repaired.

At this critical moment, the void rift trembled slightly. Kong Yun could feel the void rift trembling unceasingly. He frowned slightly, and Kong Yun's expression became exceptionally terrified.

Kong Xuecang looked at Kong Yun and said, \"Young man, it will depend on your own good fortune. I can only help you here. Let me use this last bit of strength to do something more for my descendant. Hahaha …\"

Kong Yun slowly opened his eyes at this moment. The silver light in his eyes circulated. The power of the void energy was actually emitting the power of the void in Kong Yun's eyes.

Kong Yun said loudly to Kong Xuecang, \"Senior, I dare not forget your great kindness in this life. If I have the ability to reply to you in the near future, I will definitely do my best.\"

Kong Yun, this sentence of yours is enough. To have a successor like you at the end of my life is enough for me. You just need to remember what you said to me. One day, I will definitely break through the Nine Heavens.

Kong Yun looked at Kong Xuecang's eyes at this moment. There was a hint that he didn't care about how he was doing in his life. However, when he looked at Kong Yun, there was a hint of hope in his eyes.

Under Kong Yun's gaze, Kong Xuecang's figure gradually began to fade away, leaving behind only a single sentence that echoed in the void, \"Kong Yun, hurry up and recover. I'll wait for you to step through the Nine Heavens. Hahaha …\"

Outside the void rift, Empyrean Divine Wings had long since awakened. He stared at the void rift without moving his eyes. He had just ordered everyone to attack the void rift and directly destroy the entrance to the inheritance.

Right now, Empyrean Divine Wings was truly unwilling to casually enter this void crack. Just before, he had charged directly into this void crack. However, in an instant, tens of millions of spatial cracks had already appeared in this void crack.

Within the spatial rifts, there were countless streaks of lightning striking down. Even though his speed was fast, he still couldn't dodge them all. In the end, he was still unfortunately struck by a streak of lightning and was directly cleaved out of the spatial rift.

Just now, Empyrean Divine Wings said that he wanted to concentrate his firepower to attack this spatial rift. The experts of the Ghost Rakshasa Clan were all concentrating their firepower to continuously attack this spatial rift. The influence of Empyrean Divine Wings was unquestionable.

Just as the members of the Ghost Rakshasa Clan were attacking the void crack, everyone suddenly realized that the void crack was beginning to distort slightly. They thought that something had happened to the void crack. Could it be that they could enter?

One of the Ghost Rakshasa Clan's experts said, \"Quickly, quickly inform Empyrean Divine Winged to let him come over and see what is happening here.\" Another person said, \"Alright, then I'll go inform Empyrean Divine Wings now!\"

At the edge of the void crack, Empyrean Divine Winged stood there and swept his gaze over them. The Ghost Rakshasa Clan expert who came to report came to Empyrean Divine Winged and said to Empyrean Divine Winged, \"Lord Divine Winged Empyrean, there was a sudden spatial distortion in the void rift just now. Is someone coming out?\"

Empyrean Divine Wings continued, \"Yes, I'll go take a look now. I must catch Kong Yun. I want to cut him into ten thousand pieces!\"

At this moment, Empyrean Divine Wings' mentality was about to explode. If he really saw Kong Yun, he would probably make a move.

Beneath the void rift, Empyrean Divine Wings stood there, staring at the void rift. Suddenly, a silver light flashed through the void rift, and Kong Xuecang appeared in front of everyone.

Empyrean Divine Wings looked at Kong Xuecang, who was sitting cross-legged. This person was no ordinary expert. Kong Yun was still breathing in the void crack. The person Empyrean Divine Wings had cut out was not Kong Yun. \"Senior, I wonder if you've seen a human cultivator who paid Kong Yun's rent?\" He asked hurriedly.

Kong Xuecang slowly turned his head to look at Empyrean Divine Wings and said, \"I wonder what your relationship with Kong Yun is like? I really want to know about this.\"

Empyrean Divine Lake said, \"This Kong Yun has provoked me time and time again. This time, when I find him, I will definitely make her look good!\" Empyrean Divine Lake couldn't help but gnash his teeth when he said this, but there wasn't any result.

Kong Xuecang looked at Empyrean Divine Winged and said slowly, \"You mean you and Kong Yun have always been hostile?\" Empyrean Divine Wings didn't think too much about it. He didn't expect Kong Yun to have a connection with such a powerful person.

Therefore, Empyrean Divine Winged replied directly, \"Yes, Kong Yun has repeatedly been unable to deal with me. This time, I will definitely cut him into ten thousand pieces!\"

Kong Xuecang looked at Empyrean Divine Wings and said, \"This group of people are all from your race?\" Empyrean Divine Winged nodded slightly. Kong Xuecang smiled and said to himself, \"I didn't expect Kong Yun to be quite capable of causing trouble. He has the demeanor of me back then. Hahaha …\"

Void Blood Firmament suddenly burst into laughter. Empyrean Divine Winged felt puzzled and said, \"Senior, why are you laughing?\" Kong Xuecang said, \"This is nothing. I just suddenly remembered what I said to Kong Yun. That's why I laughed.\"

Empyrean Divine Winged replied, \"In that case, did Senior really see Kong Yun?\" Empyrean Divine Winged laughed loudly before Empyrean Empyrean Void Blood Firmament could finish his sentence. \"Yes, of course I have …\" Empyrean Void Blood Firmament said. \"This Kong Yun is here. Hurry up and deal with this void rift.\"

The experts of the Ghost Rakshasa Clan all accelerated their movements when they heard this. Kong Xuecang slightly turned around and looked at Empyrean Divine Winged, saying, \"I didn't finish what I said just now. I've seen Kong Yun before. Don't you want to know who I am?\"

After Void Blood Firmament finished speaking, Empyrean Divine Wings suddenly understood something and said, \"Right, right, I wonder who you are, Senior?\" \"I am the founder of this spatial rift, the spatial god Void Blood Firmament from a thousand years ago.\"

His words were plain and indifferent, without the slightest fluctuation. However, the surrounding people had indeed exploded. The energy contained in this word \"God\" was simply too great. How could there be a god in this vast main The universe ? And at this moment, this spatial rift was actually the inheritance of a god.

Everyone else thought that it was an inheritance, but Empyrean Divine Winged was abnormally clear-headed. He suddenly thought, \"This Kong Xuecang is the founder of the inheritance, and Kong Yun is the inheritor. Then …\"

Sky Blood Firmament smiled and said, \"What? Now, have you thought it through? You've been attacking my inheritance grounds. Today, I'll help my inheritor Kong Yun clean up your rubbish.\"

Everyone's expressions, including Empyrean Divine Wings, changed drastically. All of the Ghost Rakshasa Clan experts turned around to flee. They smiled faintly at the moment of the Void Blood Firmament .

Empyrean Divine Wings said, \"Don't panic. Perhaps it's not that we can't fight together!\" Empyrean Divine Wings released a wave of energy as he finished speaking, forming a protective barrier around his body.

Seeing this, the Ghost Rakshasa Clan experts no longer continued to flee. They all used their strength to wrap themselves and Empyrean Divine Wings in it.

When Kong Xuecang saw the protective shield built by these ants, he was still disdainful of it. They did not understand how great the gap between them and the gods was

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