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This was a bit terrifying. He was already at the Great Perfection of the Universe, and a cultivator who could appear beside him without him noticing was undoubtedly a sage.

That person quickly reacted and suppressed the shock in his heart. He pretended to be calm on the surface and said.

\"You still have time to escape. Otherwise, you won't be able to escape when my Ghost Rakshasa Clan's title Sage comes out.\"

\"Oh, are you talking about Ghost Fang? Hehe, he doesn't seem to be in this world anymore. Otherwise, you can be his companion.\" Kong Yun said. He also admired this Gui Luosha captain in his heart. Even to this extent, he was still able to act tough without blushing or beating his heart. He even told himself to quickly escape.

The other Ghost Rakshasa clansmen on the side had long been frightened silly. At first, they were all able to speak more and more. They were there trying their best to flatter Captain Ghost Rakshasa.

Seeing that the situation was not right, they suddenly realized that this human cultivator, who had always been regarded as a fish with a knife's tip and flesh on the chopping board, was actually a terrifying expert. All of them were so frightened that they couldn't stand up properly.

\"How … how is that possible? Sage Ghost Fang is a comprehender of the supreme laws of space. Even if he is no match for others, as long as he wants to flee, there will probably be very few people in this world who can keep him alive.\"

Captain Ghost Rakshasa's face was filled with disbelief, believing that Kong Yun was lying. In their eyes, the Ghost Fang Sage was a legend of almost a generation. In the past, when he was in the Universe's Great Power Realm, he was able to cut down and kill the Titled Sage.

Now that he had comprehended the supreme laws of space, if nothing unexpected happened, he would definitely shine brightly in the Ghost Rakshasa Clan and be ranked at the top. He could overlook the ups and downs of all living beings and become a supreme expert of his generation.

\"Then he's very unlucky. I happen to be the ones who can keep him.\"

\"Are you kidding me? A cultivator with such a shallow cultivation period still wants to kill a sage of the older generation. Someone big must have helped him from behind.\"

Until now, Captain Ghost Rakshasa still couldn't believe that Kong Yun could kill Ghost Fang himself. This kind of thing was too terrifying to spread. Not long ago, they had learned that Kong Yun was only a Star Realm Master. How could he rise so quickly in such a short period of time and kill the older generation's title of Sage?

It wasn't just that no one had such a fast cultivation speed at the moment. Even if one looked at the ancient history, one couldn't see such a person for tens of millions of years. This kind of person couldn't be deduced from common sense. He was a monster.

\"I'm too lazy to talk nonsense for you. Now tell me about the power of your ancestral formation. What is your intention to keep it hidden from the world?\"

As Kong Yun spoke, his body naturally emitted an extremely strong pressure. The moment the pressure appeared, everyone trembled. There was even a timid and weak Ghost Rakshasa Clan member who knelt on the ground under this pressure, unable to get up at all.

Their eyes revealed an incomparably frightened expression. Originally, they wanted to reign over this world and become the ruling race of the main The universe , but now, they had only just appeared and were about to face death.

\"Are you afraid of death? If you tell me, perhaps I will spare your life.\" Kong Yun slowly walked over. Every step he took was like stepping on the heartbeat of the Ghost Rakshasa clansman, causing his heartbeat to quicken and his mental defenses to constantly approach the verge of collapse.

Slowly, Kong Yun got closer and closer to that person. The power of Laws spread out like a wandering snake on his body, and it continuously increased the endurance of his heart.

\"Tell me, the power of the Ancestral Array is aimed at those people.\" Kong Yun's tone was neither anxious nor slow. He wasn't worried that the Ghost Rakshasa clansman wouldn't say anything, because the defensive line in that person's heart had been completely destroyed by him.

\"I... I don't know.\" There was not a single part of that person's body that did not tremble in fear and intensity. Looking at Kong Yun was like seeing a god of death.

\"I really don't know. I really don't know. That kind of secret isn't something that a nobody like us can come into contact with. You … you can ask him, ask him!\"

The man lowered his head and continuously scratched his head. His mind was even a little unconscious. This was all because Kong Yun was pressing forward step by step and then launching a psychological offensive. After all, the two of them were too different in level. He didn't have the slightest room to resist. Kong Yun could expose him to all sorts of surroundings, making him look at himself like he was looking at a devil in the depths of hell.

\"Hmph, what a waste. I don't even know about this. Then what use do I need you for?\" Kong Yun shouted coldly and suddenly condensed into a metal broadsword in his hand.

With a wave of the metal saber, fresh blood surged like a fountain, and a boiling hot head spun on the ground.

\"What about you? Do you know?\"

Kong Yun turned his head to look at another person. He was not surprised that that person gave the same answer as the previous person. The reason he did this was to confirm the answer again. In fact, he already had a rough guess in his heart.

For a clan like this, just relying on these Starfield Master's minions was not worthy of knowing these secrets. The only thing that was worthy of knowing was the Grand Perfection of the Universe, or even the captain who had already come into contact with the power of Laws.

\"Alright, the same question. I'll give you five breaths of time. If you take a breath later, you'll lose one limb. If you don't tell me then I'll borrow your soul to have a good time. Let's begin now.\" Kong Yun muttered. The metal broadsword in his hand flickered with a sharp cold light, causing people to tremble.

Just now, they had already created that enormous pressure. Almost everyone present was approaching the line of defense that had collapsed in their hearts.

\"One!\" Like a god of death in hell blowing the horn of death, Kong Yun coldly shouted a number and looked at the metal broadsword in his hand without hesitation.

\"Pu!\" Captain Ghost Rakshasa's entire right arm was chopped off by Kong Yun, and fresh blood sprayed out in an instant. The boiling hot blood spilled on Kong Yun's face and neck, making his image even more frightening. ,

\"Two!\" Kong Yun stared at Captain Ghost Rakshasa motionlessly, and then slowly spat out another word.

Some of the surrounding Ghost Rakshasa clansmen were stunned when they saw this scene. They completely collapsed. They held their heads and cried bitterly from the side. They howled in their hearts, \"Who the ** said that our Ghost Rakshasa clan is ferocious? This young cultivator in front of us is a thousand times more ferocious than us! 10,000 times more ferocious!\"

\"I want to go back to the Gui Luo Universe. This place is too scary. Didn't we say that it was a delicious cake? Why did it turn into hell?\" There were still people who regretted it, and the scene in front of them viciously stimulated their tense nerves.

\"Stop, stop, I said, I said.\" Captain Ghost Rakshasa was finally unable to endure this torture. He stretched out his remaining arm and begged for mercy.

\"Hehe, it's over.\" Kong Yun grinned, revealing a row of white teeth. The metal saber once again slashed through the void, and his extended left arm also stepped into the dust of his right arm.

Kong Yun's body was dyed scarlet red by the sprayed blood, like an Asura bathed in blood.

\"Alright, you can say it now.\" Kong Yun dispersed the metal broadsword and looked at Captain Ghost Rakshasa calmly.

Captain Ghost Rakshasa had long ago grimaced in pain. He felt like he wanted to die, but Kong Yun refused to let it go. Moreover, the wound that had been cut by the metal broadsword had the power of Laws spreading out. It was blocking his own healing, causing fresh blood to continuously flow out.

\"The power of the ancestral formation is boundless, \"Although it doesn't have my king to preside over it, only three sages are needed to activate the ancestral formation together. Then, the ancestral formation will explode with some power. Although it is only partial, it is definitely not weaker than my king's. It can strangle an invincible enemy. However, there is one drawback-the ancestral formation is too large to move at all. It can only be fixed in one place.\" Captain Ghost Rakshasa was afraid that he would cause Kong Yun's dissatisfaction by explaining in detail.

\"But how could a small formation have such great power?\" Kong Yun asked curiously.

\"The Ancestral Array has an extremely long history. It is very likely a product of the Era of the Gods. It was left behind by the ancestors of the Ghost Rakshasa Clan. Even my King has not fully comprehended it up to now.\"

\"You actually came from such a large background. I'm afraid that the reason you brought this terrifying killing weapon here is not just to protect you, but also for what purpose.\" Kong Yun was shocked. He really didn't expect an ancestral array to be able to trace back to the Era of the Gods.

\"First of all, it must be to protect the stronghold, protect the passage from being damaged by others, after all, our Ghost Rakshasa Clan's high-end combat power can't be fully descended, is far from being the enemy of the Devil God Clan's opponent; \"Secondly, it's to tempt some other sages who are trying to destroy us, such as the Universe Bank and the Demon God Race. At that time, we will be able to destroy a large number of sages by surprise. These two powers will be weakened to the extreme.\"

\"How can you be sure that those Titled Sages will attack you? Furthermore, the ones that are so targeted are the Universe Bank and the Demon God Race.\" Kong Yun was puzzled.

'\"Because there are our people in the Universe Bank and the Demon God Race, who are our sworn enemies, we naturally have a way to lure them over. This time, we will deal a major blow to the Universe Bank and the Demon God Race. Of course, there may be many other human experts.\"

Kong Yun was shocked. This Ghost Rakshasa Clan had actually secretly played such a game of chess. From the tone of his voice, it was clear that some of the higher-ups of the Big Universe Bank had betrayed them. Otherwise, no one else would be able to stir up the Big Universe Bank to attack the Ghost Rakshasa Clan's stronghold.

This was a great conspiracy against the humans and the Demon God Race. If Kong Yun hadn't noticed it beforehand, he might have met with a great calamity.

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