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Apocalypse With No End 2 Chapter 2

Author:  KraneTB Genre:  Romance UpdateTime:  2021-01-14 01:48:46

Even though he said he would try to die, he was still unsure. He still had his natural survival instincts, so although he wasn't afraid of dying, he was afraid of the pain.

Lee was a wuss, he was always holed up inside his lab with only two assistants, those which knew not to bother him during his work. Even when he was younger, he never did any sports and when forced into it, always ended up crying or quitting within a week.

Since this was the kind of guy Lee was, he was surprised that he held such determination to even think of dying.

So he trudged on, looking for ways to die. He found none.

He was along an open road with no houses, trees or anything really. Just grass, grass, and more grass. He could try to suffocate himself, but his instincts would kick in and he would breath in the air.

He was still thinking when in the distance, he spotted something obstructing the road. He didn't know what it was, but he could tell it was pretty big and was so wide it took up the whole road. As he got closer, his eyes widened, realizing what it was.

It was an overturned tank. Some bodies were still surrounding it, probably military based on their attire and guns by their hands in a uniformed fashion.

He was appalled at the way they looked. They faces were burnt so they weren't at all recognizable. Their hands and feet looked like they were ripped off aggressively, almost like they were pulled off in one full motion without much effort.

The stench of blood wasn't heavy, so the rain must've swept it away.

Rain? Lee didn't remember any rain while walking, but there was clearly dew on the grass and the tank had an unmistakable wet smell. There wasn't even much blood on the ground.

Lee walker closer to the bodies. He touched their clothing, albeit with a shaky hand, and felt the damp clothes.

Why was everything wet? It didn't rain, he doesn't know how long he was walking, but he knew he didn't rest and fall asleep for there to suddenly be any rain.

While in the middle of pondering, he suddenly heard two voices in front of him, just beyond the tank.

"Jimmy, you know we're not supposed to get too close to the divider."

"Cool it Laura, I'm not going to touch it or anything. I'm not stupid enough to risk getting thrown out of this place, or whatever stupid name you guys call it.

"It's a tribe, Jimmy. We've got to stick together and get through this. Who knows what the others would do to us."

Lee was perplexed, but he felt these people knew what was going on. Why everything was so weird and why he could just get stabbed in the gut without feeling anything.

He walked from behind the tank and into the open to try and talk to them. But before he could even get a word out, he was shot multiple times.

He didn't feel the pain, but he knew he would fall unconscious. Before he did though, he saw these people look scared and run away, the girl and guy gripping their guns, fearful for their life.

For some reason though, they looked oddly pink.

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