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Almighty Doctor Chapter 460 Staffing

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Li Huachen frowned, \"Why do you have so much money?\"

Returning to Zhi Xin, he said, \"This is too much.\"

\"Oh, because the construction period is very dry, our Northern Warring States labor is very expensive, materials are also top-grade materials, to ensure environmental protection, the day can stay, so materials are also very expensive. Coupled with the electrical equipment inside, various high-tech intelligent voice control systems, and tap water filtration and air purification systems... But in the end, that batch of artworks is too expensive. Many of them are shipped from Europe, and a few are antiques. \"

Li Huachen said painfully, \"More than 100 million yuan, so much money, let me go out.\"

\"I don't think it's expensive anymore,\" he said carefully. \"Oh, I've also asked about the situation here during this period. I've also come to see you once. You haven't met him yet, and he specifically told me not to worry about the money. I have to buy Master Nine's house beautifully.\"

Li Huachen nodded, \"Alright, I understand.\"

\"Ninth Master, there's still a problem,\" he said. \"Let me inform you and discuss it with him.\"

\"What's the problem?\"

\"That's … that's … the problem with the personnel.\"

\"Personnel problem? What personnel? What problem?\"

\"You need someone to clean your big house. You need someone to cook three meals a day. You need someone to mow the garden and lawn. You need someone to maintain the circuit of the pool. You also need someone to maintain your car regularly.\"

Li Huachen felt as if his head was about to explode, \"Hey, hey, hey, I live alone. Why is it so troublesome!?\"

Bai Yifei chuckled, \"Do you think living in a big house is that simple? That big house doesn't need dozens of people to serve it?\"

Li Huachen said, \"I think it's enough for just a few of us to stay in Ying Ning's villa.\"

\"That's her villa,\" Bai Yifei said. \"You cook a lot. Someone comes to clean it once a week.\"

\"How can I afford to feed so many people?\" Li Huachen said with a sad face.

Gui Er Zhi smiled and said, \"Ninth Master, there is no need for you to worry about this. After you set up your manor, theoretically speaking, you will pay for all these expenses yourself, but you will also receive more than 10 million yuan in monthly contributions.\"

\"Monthly payment? More than 10 million yuan?\" Li Huachen was stunned.


Li Huachen smiled and said, \"Alright, being a prince is great. I've earned more than a hundred million yuan a year.\"

\"This is just a small piece of fur, it's not worth mentioning to you,\" he said with a chuckle.

\"Right, what do you think happened to the staff?\"

\"Oh, chef, waiter, gardener, I've already found all of these. There's no problem. The main thing is … security, because it involves your safety, so …\"

\"Do I still need security here?\"

\"En … the principle is that you need someone to follow you.\" Returning, he said, \"It's like Old Fifth Kou standing beside Fourth Young Master, guarding him and taking care of the family affairs on your behalf at the same time.\"

Li Huachen said, \"Where can I find such a person?\"

\"That's why I want to discuss it with you.\"

\"Ah … so troublesome!\"

Li Huachen drove himself to a bad situation.

The current Li Huachen was no longer the same as before. He drove a top-notch sports car given by the Crown Prince, wore a fashionable and handsome casual suit, and stepped on a pair of soft-soled leather shoes worth more than 40,000 yuan. He walked with high spirits and unrestrained ease.

As soon as they got out of the car, someone immediately walked over and bowed, \"Ninth Master.\"

\"Yes.\" Li Huachen threw the car keys to him, \"Help Ninth Master park the car.\"


Li Huachen walked to the building of the Buliang Yamen Bureau and got lost. A warm-hearted person brought him to Uncle Li Ya's office.

As soon as Li Ya saw Li Huachen, he excitedly put down the pen in his hand, \"Aiya, look who this is. My old lump is coming, hahaha.\" Then he said to the people in the room, \"You guys go out first. We'll talk about this later.\"

\"Yes, I'll see you later, Ninth Master.\"

Li Ya smiled and said, \"How is it? This seems to be your first time in Buliang Yamen, right?\"

\"Yes, this is the first time.\" Li Huachen said, \"Big brother, this Buliang Yamen Bureau building is too big. It's still circular. I almost thought I was lost.\"

\"Hahaha!\" Li Ya smiled and said, \"This practical matter looks simple. In fact, if you hook a wrong stroke, take a nap, or misread a single word, it can be a human life or countless property losses.\" Therefore, the cooperation between departments here is interlocking, the way of office is scientific, and multiple checks, can also ensure that the error rate to the minimum. \"Hey, look at me. I've been busy talking about this place. How's your house?\"

\"I was just about to thank Big Brother.\" Li Huachen said, \"I feel sorry for making big brother spend a lot of money.\"

\"Ah, my brother, what's there to be sorry about? If you want to say that you're sorry, then I'm the one. I didn't choose a good location back then.\"

\"Big brother, let's not talk about this anymore.\"

\"Alright, alright, alright. You're here today to...\"

\"That's … the choice of the guards …\"

\"Oh, oh, oh, oh.\" '\"I remember. I personally asked about this a few days ago. Ah, how many people are there, but I don't know if they're suitable for you. Wait a moment.\" The old man patted the armrest of the chair and said, \"Well, I remember. I asked myself about this a few days ago. I don't know how many people I have, but I don't know if it's suitable for you.\"

The uncle pressed the phone and said, \"Get me a group.\"

The phone rang, and the old man picked up the phone, \"Hey, I said last time that the people who were going to serve as guards for the ninth master should gather in a group. I'll bring the ninth master over now.\"

Uncle put down the phone and smiled, \"Let's go take a look.\"

The two of them walked for a long time before arriving in front of an elevator. Unobstructed, the uncle directly entered the ground.

In an empty large room, there were four people standing upright.

\"These four are the first-class experts that I have carefully selected for you, ninth brother. You have met ninth master.\"

\"This subordinate greets Ninth Master!\"

Li Huachen nodded, \"Big brother, they are …\"

Li Ya began to introduce: \"This is called Jin Yilun, is a rare talent in the north, specializing in hard Qigong, strength is currently the top four;\" This person was called Liu Yongchun, an expert from Evil Arrival Hong Kong. He had joined the Buliang Yamen Bureau for a very long time and was skilled in all kinds of concealed weapons. This person is called Jiang Huan. He is one of the descendants of the Back Penetrating Fist. He is also one of the top four. He has six punches and is extremely aggressive. With him following you, I can rest assured. Oh, this last one is Yuchi Gang. His lightning skill of stepping on water without any traces is very good. Ninth Brother, these four are the four experts that I have carefully selected for you. With their help, if you go out again in the future, you will have more or less the aura of a prince. Moreover, some small fish and shrimp, they will be able to help you get rid of it. \"

Li Huachen didn't expect that he would gain so much from becoming a prince and establishing a mansion. The four experts of the upper four sects were completely obedient to their commands and dispatches, and they were happy to think about it. Wherever he went in the future, would he still need to make his own move? Who would dare to act recklessly if they stood in one place?

Li Ya pulled Li Huachen to the side and said, \"Ninth brother, you know, the top four sects are scarce in all of China. They are even more precious than gold. Big brother really did his best to gather four experts for you.\"

Li Huachen faintly smiled, \"Big brother, this is too difficult for you. However … I think they all possess exceptional skills and are idle with me for a day. Isn't it a waste of talent?\"

\"Hey, how can this be said to be a waste of talent?\" Li Ya said, \"Your safety is more important than what?\"

Li Huachen thought for a moment and then said, \"It's still not appropriate. They worked hard to cultivate and finally managed to become one of the top four sects. They just worked as servants for me. If it was me, they would feel bad in their hearts.\"

\"Didn't you cultivate diligently in order to enter a bad situation?\" Li Ya said, \"Entering a bad situation is not only their honor, but also the honor of their sect and clan. As for what to do, how can they decide everything by themselves?\"

Li Huachen said, \"However, I heard that these people were originally going to be part of the investigation team.\"

\"The big tongue stops. You dare to talk nonsense about anything.\" Li Ya said, \"You don't have to worry about that. Big brother knows what to do. Tell me, do you like these four people?\"

Li Huachen thought for a moment, \"Well, big brother, wait here for a moment. I'll go and take a closer look and ask.\"


Li Huachen staggered to the four masters and coughed, \"I heard that you all went to great pains to enter a bad situation.\"

Jin Yilun stood there upright, \"We feel extremely honored to be able to contribute to the peace of the Ancient Martial World of the Northern Kingdom.\"

Li Huachen said, \"If you accompany me everyday to go sightseeing and pick up girls to see the scenery, wouldn't your good kung fu be wasted?\"

The four of them moved their mouths but didn't say anything.

Li Huachen said, \"I have also been practicing martial arts since I was young. Although my kung fu isn't as good as yours, I know it.\" Cultivators, no matter how modest their mouths are, they are still unconvinced in their hearts. He worked hard to cultivate and break through, reaching the enviable top four sects and entering the yearning Buliang Yamen game. In the end, you found out that your work wasn't important, and you actually wanted to be a bodyguard for a rogue kid in the end. \"Aiya, is this meaningless?\"

The four of them remained silent, but Li Huachen could tell that he was right in the hearts of some people.

\"Alright!\" Li Huachen said straightforwardly, \"I'll give you one chance, only once. Anyone who wants to join the investigation team is worthy of this life and doesn't want to disappoint his martial arts skills. Stay where you are. If you really want to spend some time with me, if you are willing to sacrifice your life to protect me, take a step back.\"

Li Huachen's voice fell to the ground, and Li Ya was also staring at this place not far away.

Not a single one of the four moved. Their bodies didn't move, but it could be seen that their hearts were at war with the Celestials.

At this moment, one of them retreated slightly and took a step back.

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