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The Medical Guru

The Medical Guru

Author: Bu Xing Tian Xia Genre: Magical

He was the youngest guru of martial arts as well as the perfect Mr. McDreamy of the most girls. He had mysterious absolute touch, clear-sighted observation ability and various outstanding talents. But now, he was just an ordinary freshman in University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, who wanted to learn Chinese Medicine, see patients, and get into a relationship with a girl in a low-key way. However, in a Mid-Autumn Festival party, he was forced to put on a performance, which shocked the whole audience. The shiny and wonderful university life began from then on. In the university, he met a beautiful and smart School Beauty Jiang Miaoyu who shook his heart slightly. But the road of love was never smooth, even to a perfect hero. He also met a kind and friendly teacher Dr. Shen who discovered his excellent technique and gave him a chance to practice. Besides, his three lovely and interesting roommates were indispensable in his life, although sometimes they looked a little awkward. But this young hero’s life was not always full of happiness without a hitch, some trouble still appeared from time to time. The domineering and imperious President of the Students’ Union Li Qingshi purposely made difficulties for him repeatedly. The stubborn and hardworking martial arts practitioner Chen Cong often challenged him in different ways. Just because of these extraordinary personalities around him, this young hero’s road of struggle looked so amazing...

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Chapter List
Volume 1 School Master - Chapter 1 A Hidden School Master Chapter 2 Indignantly Rebuking the Vulgar Tycoon! Chapter 3 The Mysterious Middle-aged Man Chapter 4 Curing the Campus Belle! Chapter 5 A Exclusive Big Secret Chapter 6 A Fracture In the Military Training Chapter 7 Mid-Autumn Evening Party Chapter 8 Hello Everyone! I Am Fang Qiu! Chapter 9 Stunning! Astonishing! Chapter 10 A perfect pair! Chapter 11 Going Viral on BBS! Chapter 12 A Love Letter from School Beauty Chapter 13 The Battle Began Chapter 14 I Am So Handsome Chapter 15 A Mysterious Man Who Astonished the Whole School! Chapter 16 Invitation to the Start-of-Term Ceremony! Chapter 17 Sharp Vision! Chapter 18 Why Are You Everywhere? Chapter 19 I cannot trust you Chapter 20 Model Company Chapter 21 The Help From A Mysterious Man Chapter 22 Locking the Mysterious Man! Chapter 23 Beat You up Every Time I See You! Chapter 24 Screening One by One! Chapter 25 Willing to Be a Lighthouse! Chapter 26 Basically Knowing It All! Chapter 27 The Mysterious Man Is a Coward! Chapter 28 Sounds Pleasant! Sounds Really Pleasant! Chapter 29 It Was Really The First Time?! Chapter 30 An Assistant Physician?! Chapter 31 If I Can't Be Cured, I Will Make You Sorry For It Chapter 32 Love Was Extinguished Chapter 33 What Can You Do To Me? Chapter 34 Start-of-Term Ceremony Started! Chapter 35 Filling the Vacancy! Fang Qiu Stepping onto Stage Chapter 36 A Powerful Bring in the Wine Chapter 37 Taking the Whole University by Storm! Chapter 38 Go! Get Him! Chapter 39 I Want You! Chapter 40 It's Not I Singing the Song—the Song Singing Me! Chapter 41 Waging a War in Public! Chapter 42 Choose Anything as You Like, I'm Fine with It! Chapter 43 Donating a Goal! Chapter 44 A Full Live Broadcast of Smacking in the Face! Chapter 45 The Consequence of Being Loyal to Your Bro Chapter 46 No Need to Prescribe Me Some Medicine? Chapter 47 Fang Qiu Is a Doctor? Chapter 48 Curiosity! Doubt! Chapter 49 Ranking Thirtieth?! Chapter 50 The Shocking Ranking! Chapter 51 Discovered! Chapter 52 Out of Money Again Chapter 53 I Will Retaliate for You Soon Chapter 54 The Pathetic PE Teacher! Chapter 55 I'll Beat Him Up! Chapter 56 I'm a Medicine Major! Chapter 57 You Are the Mysterious Man? Chapter 58 The Same Style as the Mysterious Man's! Chapter 59 Fang Qiu Is Not on the List? Chapter 60 You've Finished? Chapter 61 An Amazing High Score! Chapter 62 An Argument About The Apprentice Plan! Chapter 63 Do You Know How Many Points He Has Got? Chapter 64 Deeply Shocked! Chapter 65 Apprentice Plan Which Shocks the Whole School! Chapter 66 The Namelist of Those Masters Chapter 67 Cause A Sensation through Eight Universities of C Chapter 68 An Advance on the Salary! Chapter 69 Too Strange! Chapter 70 Trash! Chapter 71 Slaps in the Face! Chapter 72 Locate Xu Miaolin! Chapter 73 Chinese Medicine Level! Chapter 74 Tuition Fee of 300,000! Chapter 75 Mo Yiqi Returns the Money! Chapter 76 The Secret of Mahjong! Chapter 77 Your Lucky Man Chapter 78 Farewell Song! Chapter 79 Jeer to Sing Together! Chapter 80 Would You Like to Enter Showbiz? Chapter 81 The Patients Were Sitting Back and Waiting Chapter 82 Who Says the Young Doctor's Medical Skill Is Bad? Chapter 83 No Tickets to Mount Taishan Chapter 84 I've Met an Immortal! Chapter 85 A Beauty Comes for Him! Chapter 86 I'm Making a Fortune! Chapter 87 The Youth Was the Mountain Lord? Chapter 88 Old Man's Teaching! Chapter 89 Great Hand of Destruction! Chapter 90 Scroll of Heaven Materials and Earth Treasures! Chapter 91 Earth Treasure, Red Spirit Date! Chapter 92 Selling Medicine in the Village! Chapter 93 I’ll feed him some earth! Chapter 94 Jiang Miaoyu Is Injured! Chapter 95 Meeting of the Two Girls Chapter 96 Beautiful Past! Chapter 97 Could You Stay with Me Tonight? Chapter 98 Misunderstanding That Can’t Be Cleared! Chapter 99 Sell Medicine for One Hundred Thousand! Chapter 100 The Trade Fair in Wulin! Volume 2 Be Well-known Among Universities-Chapter 101 All I Chapter 102 Someone Tried to Rob the Treasure! Chapter 103 Auction! The Highest Bidder Wins! Chapter 104 I Offer 1,500,000! Chapter 105 Plan to Find the Mysterious Man! Chapter 106 Asking for Face Slapping Chapter 107 An Amateur Beat A Professional! Chapter 108 He Is Nothing Less Than A Flying Man! Chapter 109 Got A Running Result That Could Rival Olympic's! Chapter 110 The Tools That Are Used By The University! Chapter 111 A True Guru! Chapter 112 Think Before Acting! Chapter 113 Apprentice Plan Program Announcement Chapter 114 Pay Down 300,000! Chapter 115 I Am Going To Be Self-Taught! Chapter 116 The Apprentice Plan Is Really Proposed by a Stud Chapter 117 Meet and Greet Starts Now! Chapter 118 Talent! Chapter 119 Someone Has Passed Out! Chapter 120 All Parties Are Moving Chapter 121 Dumbfounded! Completely Dumbfounded! Chapter 122 The No.1 Among the Young Doctors! Chapter 123 Rejected by the Supervisors Chapter 124 The Barrier Became Bigger Chapter 125 A Contest in the Dark! Chapter 126 Fifty-One vs Fifty-One? Chapter 127 I Was a Scumbag! Chapter 128 Here Came the Bearer of the Silk Banner! Chapter 129 Thirty Thousand for a Detective! Chapter 130 Fang Qiu You Creep! Chapter 131 The Competition List Was Out! Chapter 132 Persuasion to Join the Sports Meeting! Chapter 133 The Mysterious Man, Come out to Save the Girl! Chapter 134 Is There Something Wrong with the Students' Brai Chapter 135 Searching for the Mysterious Man! Chapter 136 I'm Not an Ordinary Man! Chapter 137 Eat All the Noodles! Chapter 138 Pay The Debt! Chapter 139 A Punch for Testing! Chapter 140 I Bet Fifty Yuan on This! Chapter 141 Constantly Win Chapter 142 You Look Very Disdainful! Chapter 143 This Fighting Skill Actually Works? Chapter 144 Watch Carefully! It's up to You Whether You Can Chapter 145 Get a Promotion Successfully! Chapter 146 I Have Finished Reading the Books! Chapter 147 Speedy Advancement! Chapter 148 You Can Live Until 100 Years Old! Chapter 149 He Is Better Than Me in Boneset! Chapter 150 Using Mental Power for Boneset! Chapter 151 Using 300,000 Yuan to Do Good Things! Chapter 152 The Arrival of the Eight Universities! Chapter 153 Each of Them Is Awesome! Chapter 154 It Is a Real Slap in the Face! Chapter 155 Cooperate Again Chapter 156 So Amazing?! Chapter 157 The Competition Began! Chapter 158 What? Handing the Paper??? Chapter 159 Who Is the First One? Chapter 160 Full Marks! Chapter 161 A Sensation at Eight Universities! Chapter 162 Nervous! Three Wrong Answers in A Row! Chapter 163 MVP! Chapter 164 UJCM Was Suspected of Cheating! Chapter 165 He Is Going to Eat All the Meat Without Leaving Chapter 166 Old Classmate, Make a Concession to Me? Chapter 167 Honey-trap Doesn't Work! Chapter 168 Thanks to Fang Qiu! Chapter 169 Fang Qiu Was Poisoned! Chapter 170 He Might Not Participate in the Competition Tomo Chapter 171 Time Out! Not Arrived? Chapter 172 Unable to Snatch Any Question, Am I to Be Elimin Chapter 173 Yesterday's Fang Qiu Is Back! Chapter 174 Fang Qiu Won! Champion! Chapter 175 I Don't Accept This! Chapter 176 Hatred Master Fang Qiu! Chapter 177 Fang Qiu, Champion! UJCM, Champion! Chapter 178 A Villain with No Medical Ethics Chapter 179 Who Poisoned Me? Chapter 180 Treasure While in Use and Trash Once Discarded Chapter 181 Found the Man Responsible for the Poisoning Chapter 182 Have You No Shame? Chapter 183 Lose Weight to Advance? Chapter 184 The Key Factor to Get a Promotion to Martial Sup Chapter 185 Senior, Please Beat Me Up! Chapter 186 You Are Too Old to Get a Promotion! Chapter 187 Evidence Was publicized Throughout the School! Chapter 188 Poisoned Someone at the First Time Chapter 189 The Last Poison-making Doctor! Chapter 190 Punish Fang Qiu Severely! Chapter 191 You’ve Been Fired! Chapter 192 The Drivers Came to the University! Chapter 193 Is Fang Qiu Going to Teach Bonesetting Publicly? Chapter 194 Was This an Institution of Higher Learning?! Chapter 195 Being Screwed, a Serious Warning! Chapter 196 Letting Fang Qiu Take Part in the Games Chapter 197 A Sensation Across the City! Chapter 198 The Alt Account That Accepted the Challenge! Chapter 199 That Alt Account Was Fang Qiu?! Chapter 200 Crazy Abuses! Chapter 201 Not That Bad! Chapter 202 Fang Qiu Was Going to Be Fired? Chapter 203 Accept My Challenge? You'll Regret! Chapter 204 I've Booked the Ticket. Never Leave Without Seei Chapter 205 The Mysterious Man Who Shocked the Entire Wulin! Chapter 206 Feel the Pulse of Pregnancy in the Hospital! Chapter 207 The Time and Place Were Fixed! Chapter 208 Block His Way! Chapter 209 Chasing Dr. Xiao Fang? Humph! Chapter 210 Arriving in the Capital! Chapter 211 Chinese Medicine Was Pseudoscience! Chapter 212 Wearing the Mask of the Mysterious Man? Chapter 213 Congratulations! It's the Pulse of Pregnancy! Chapter 214 Congratulations. It's a Boy! Chapter 215 A Young Hero! Chapter 216 Chinese Medicine Ethics! Chapter 217 I Have Only Learned It for Four Days! Chapter 218 Shall We Take a Break? Chapter 219 Held Your Head High! Chapter 220 Chinese Medicine Won! Chapter 221 Hot Discussion across the Internet Chapter 222 Praising Fang Qiu Exaggeratedly! Chapter 223 Fang Qiu Gave a Lecture Chapter 224 Cancelling All the Punishments! Chapter 225 Did They Really Make a Breakthrough?! Chapter 226 You Were a Quack! Repay with Your Life! Chapter 227 He Was Better Than You! Chapter 228 Being Hit Twice in One Day! I Didn't Want to Liv Chapter 229 Looking, Listening, Questioning and Feeling the Chapter 230 Independent Diagnosis! Chapter 231 Wait! You Were Wrong! Chapter 232 This Is Your Prescription? Chapter 233 Mandala Poisoning! Chapter 234 I Ask for Leave to Confess My Love! Chapter 235 Feng Xuexin Is Kidnapped! Chapter 236 Kept the Appointment Alone! Chapter 237 Ghost! A Ghost! Chapter 238 A Person Could Be So Awesome?! Chapter 239 Here Came the Trouble-maker! Chapter 240 The News of the Old Master! Chapter 241 Taking Days off to Find the Old Master! Chapter 242 Fang Qiu Established Where the Old Master Was! Chapter 243 Seeing Each Other When There Were Two Flowers in Chapter 244 He Could Do Bonesetting?! Chapter 245 To Feel the Pulses with Both Hands?!! Chapter 246 You Were the One Who Was Sick! Chapter 247 Doctors Didn't Knock on Patients' Doors Chapter 248 The First Examination, Herb Distinguishing! Chapter 249 If You Failed to Pass This Exam, Don't Bother to Chapter 250 Full Marks! Chapter 251 I Didn't Believe He Ranked the First! Chapter 252 Did He Cheat? Chapter 253 Just a Blade of Grass? Chapter 254 A Mystery Guest Returned! Chapter 255 Their Hero Was Back! Chapter 256 What a Magic Song! Chapter 257 The Vice President's Apology Chapter 258 Chen Cong's Breakthrough! Chapter 259 Not As Good As Fang Qiu's Singing! Chapter 260 What Bad Luck! Chapter 261 You Sing the Best, So What? Chapter 262 A Shocking High-pitched Voice! Chapter 263 Victory! Chapter 264 A Good Opportunity! Chapter 265 Concert Tickets Chapter 266 The Tickets Were Finally All Given Out! Chapter 267 I Brought Some Presents for Everyone! Chapter 268 What the Hell is This?! Chapter 269 The No.1 Among Students in UJCM Chapter 270 A Girls' Confidant! Chapter 271 See a Patient in the Dormitory Chapter 272 The Youngest, You Are Famous Again! Chapter 273 So Young Chapter 274 Only Learned for Six Months Chapter 275 What Was This Boy Doing? Chapter 276 How Dare He! Tell Him to Stop! Chapter 277 There Was a Last-Minute Change to the Rules! Chapter 278 Fang Qiu, from the Battle of the Pulse of Pregna Chapter 279 Senior John Doe Was Here!! Chapter 280 Next, Please! Chapter 281 All In! Chapter 282 What Do You Mean?! Chapter 283 Martial Arts Practitioner VS Martial Superior??? Chapter 284 There Was Dead Silence Chapter 285 Got the Craftsman Doctor's Qualification Certifi Chapter 286 The Treasure Book of Acupuncture Chapter 287 Breakthrough of the Mental Power Chapter 288 Senior John Doe's Disciple Chapter 289 Anyone? Chapter 290 Unbelievable Chapter 291 Dragon's Claw Against Dragon's Claw Chapter 292 Earth Treasure and the Bingdi Lotus! Chapter 293 The Secret of a Flowering Dantian Chapter 294 The First Person in History! Chapter 295 Full Marks for All Subjects! Chapter 296 Why? Chapter 297 Will You Be My Girlfriend Chapter 298 Caught in the Act Chapter 299 A Toad That Was as Big as a Car! Chapter 300 On the Verge of a Breakthrough Chapter 301 Opening His Meridian Chapter 302 A Gift for Treating a Patient? Chapter 303 I Fought with a Toad That Was as Big as a Car! Chapter 304 My Son Is a Miraculous Doctor? Chapter 305 Treat Me Too! Treat Me Too! Chapter 306 House Rules Chapter 307 Wait, Let Me Have a Look! Chapter 308 He Could Truly Be Cured! Chapter 309 Smile Froze Chapter 310 Beast in the Way! Chapter 311 Heaven Treasure, Plum Blossom Chapter 312 Go and Get My Broom! Chapter 313 Bending a Brick as Easily as Bread Chapter 314 Young Physician of China Competition! Chapter 315 The First Participant Who Received an Invite! Chapter 316 Rejecting the Invite! Chapter 317 The Interest Level in This Topic Has Increased! Chapter 318 Let's Send Him to Hospital Chapter 319 Do you know Fang Qiu? Chapter 320 That Was Awkward Chapter 321 His Return to the Hospital Chapter 322 Murderous Looks! Chapter 323 Damn It, It Was Immediately Effective! Chapter 324 He Started a New School of Thought Chapter 325 I've Heard That You Know Some Acupuncture, Shall Chapter 326 The Battle for the Campus Belle Chapter 327 Fang Qiu Knew Qigong? Chapter 328 Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu Were Practicing Qigong Chapter 329 Poisoned by King of Glory? Chapter 330 Challenged Instead! Chapter 331 Consecutive Exams! Chapter 332 Restriction on the Entire School! Chapter 333 The Old Commander Came to School! Chapter 334 The Crisis! Chapter 335 Let's See How You Pay for These Lives! Chapter 336 The Mysterious Man Showed Up! Chapter 337 Did He Just Fly? Chapter 338 The Mysterious Man Was Not on the Namelist? Chapter 339 He Was Attacked! Chapter 340 The Terrifying Strength of One Slap! Chapter 341 The Strength of First-Class Martial Superior! Chapter 342 The Devil Cultivation Method! Chapter 343 A True Story Chapter 344 Caused a Sensation Chapter 345 The Mastermind Behind the Scenes! Chapter 346 Have You Ever Seen a Mobile Phone Bounce across Chapter 347 Fang Qiu Had Beaten Someone Up! Chapter 348 I Would Stand By This Student! Chapter 349 Chen Yinsheng Was Suspended From Work! Chapter 350 Qi Really Existed! Chapter 351 Made a Scene in the Principal's Office! Chapter 352 Fang Qiu's Big Move! Chapter 353 Qi from the Mysterious East Chapter 354 The Grieved Vice President! Chapter 355 Was It So Amazing? Chapter 356 To Expel Fang Qiu! Chapter 357 I Didn't Skip Class, but I Left Early! Chapter 358 Fang Qiu Had Updated His Weibo Account Again! Chapter 359 Everyone Was Shocked by the Contents of this Pap Chapter 360 The Up-and-comer in Chinese Medicine! Chapter 361 Being Reinstated! Chapter 362 The Investigation Team Came to Huaxia! Chapter 363 I Can Make You Feel Qi! Chapter 364 A Shock! ! ! Chapter 365 Fang Qiu, You're a Traitor! Chapter 366 Be Careful of the Brick Falling! Chapter 367 Top the List Again! Chapter 368 The Great Huaxia Chapter 369 Three Major Problems! Chapter 370 Ready to Promote It in the Whole School Chapter 371 He Would Be a Big Shot Someday! Chapter 372 Make a breakthrough! Chapter 373 Elder Yi Is Seriously Injured Chapter 374 You're Looking for Me? Chapter 375 What A Fast Breakthrough! Chapter 376 Remove All Of Them Chapter 377 It's Forbidden! No More Investigation! Chapter 378 Seems to Have Found the Heaven Treasure! Chapter 379 Fish in Troubled Waters? Chapter 380 The White-dressed Man of Nearly Forty Chapter 381 I Disagree! Chapter 382 Get the Heaven Treasure! Chapter 383 Challenge Fang Qiu Chapter 384 He's Shameless For Selling the Earth Treasure Chapter 385 Appearing While Having Steamed Buns! Chapter 386 Auction the Earth Treasure! Chapter 387 The Crisis of UJCM! Chapter 388 If You Don't Want to Die, Tell Me! Chapter 389 It's Justice? Chapter 390 Fang Qiu, Help! Chapter 391 Amazing Moxibustion Chapter 392 Breakthrough of the Mental Power Chapter 393 Also So Inhuman! Chapter 394 Have Met a Heavenly God! Chapter 395 Someone Had Raised the Alarm! Chapter 396 Three Earth Treasures! Chapter 397 Cultivating Earth Treasures? Chapter 398 Leaving the School Dejectedly Chapter 399 Shut Up! Chapter 400 Leave Your Contact Information! Chapter 401 Earth Treasures Are Robbed! Chapter 402 Mental Power Accelerates Healing Chapter 403 I Can Cure Your Disease Chapter 404 He's at Least a Highly-skilled Doctor! Chapter 405 He's the Miracle-working Doctor?! Chapter 406 The Highly-skilled Doctor Certification! Chapter 407 I Want Twice as much! Chapter 408 I'll Fetch It Myself! Chapter 409 John Doe Has Come! Chapter 410 Giving back the Earth Treasures! Chapter 411 Live Auction! Chapter 412 Is This Fang Qiu? Chapter 413 Everyone Can Give A Question! Chapter 414 You're Starting a Fight! Chapter 415 A Question About Defecation Chapter 416 The Elimination Rate Is Too Fast! Chapter 417 Please Explain This Question, Fang Qiu! Chapter 418 Come On, Chinese Medicine! Chapter 419 The Second Competition! Chapter 420 The Hot Trailer! Chapter 421 Fang Qiu Cured My Broken Leg! Chapter 422 Gave a Wrong Question? Chapter 423 Truth in the Hands of a Few! Chapter 424 Being Asked to Recite?! Chapter 425 Final Hit—Two Questions of Electroacupuncture! Chapter 426 Jiang Miaoyu's Meeting with Her Master Chapter 427 Xu Miaolin Was Forced into a Marriage! Chapter 428 Holy Doctor! Chapter 429 The Condition of Marriage! Chapter 430 Get Rid of Evil for Wulin! Chapter 431 Defeat a Seventh-class Martial Superior with Two Chapter 432 Breakthrough to Be a Third-class Martial Superio Chapter 433 Tell Me His Weakness! Chapter 434 I Know Where the Earth Treasure Is Chapter 435 Did He Win? Did He Make a Breakthrough?! Chapter 436 He Tried to Borrow Someone Else's Hand to Commit Chapter 437 One Wave After Another Chapter 438 A Master Came From Huaxia Chapter 439 One Versus Four Chapter 440 He Is About to Lose Control of It! Chapter 441 Challenge the Outer Mongolian Wulin Community Chapter 442 An ID Without Face in It Chapter 443 Getting the Invitations! Chapter 444 Bid for the Heaven Treasure Chapter 445 Twenty Million! I Don't Have Any Money Chapter 446 I Have One More Thing To Sell! Chapter 447 Shocking Sixth Class to Seventh Class Experience Chapter 448 Getting the Heaven Treasure! Chapter 449 Mr. Policeman, They Robbed Me! Chapter 450 To Break Through To Fifth-class Martial Superior Chapter 451 Young Chinese Medicine Doctor Was On Air Chapter 452 The Show Was On Fire! Chapter 453 Amazing Ratings! Chapter 454 The Promotional Video of the Second Episode! Chapter 455 Round Three: Collect Medicinal Herbs in the Fore Chapter 456 Continual Discovery! Chapter 457 I Think There Might Be Ginseng! Chapter 458 Wasn't this Outdoor Survival? Chapter 459 I Wish I Had a Watermelon Chapter 460 A Gate-crasher! Chapter 461 Offer An Explanation Regardless Of Victory Or De Chapter 462 Hypocritical? Then I Won't Show Any Mercy! Chapter 463 Find the Book of Heaven Treasure and Earth Treas Chapter 464 Such A Great Plan! Chapter 465 The Treasure Method of Divine Consciousness Chapter 466 Really Discovered an Earth Treasure! Chapter 467 Is There a Manuscript? Chapter 468 The Second Episode Of the Young Chinese Medicine Chapter 469 The Audience Was Furious! Chapter 470 The Ratings Exceeded 3%! Chapter 471 Challenge Price, 10 Million! Chapter 472 The Fourth Episode: Process Herbs Chapter 473 Directly Advancing to the National Top 15! Chapter 474 The Program Group Was too Harsh! Chapter 475 I'm Not Convinced! Chapter 476 Preparing for the Examination of Doctors of Brig Chapter 477 Friday, Battle Starts! Chapter 478 Refusing to Sell the Treasure Book for 100 Milli Chapter 479 I, Lost! Chapter 480 The Next Challenge, 20 Million! Chapter 481 The Third Episode Is on! Chapter 482 Young Chinese Medicine Doctor Is Being Doubted! Chapter 483 Fang Qiu, It's Time to Prove TCM Chapter 484 I Accept the Challenge! Chapter 485 Fang Qiu Was Rejected Chapter 486 The Master of Uncanny Power Chapter 487 Calling His Bluff! Chapter 488 Cured! Chapter 489 How Did Fang Qiu Do It?! Chapter 490 One Man Carried the Whole Show Chapter 491 See the Highly-skilled Doctor Certification agai Chapter 492 This Is Uncanny Power! Chapter 493 The Highly-skilled Doctor Treats First! Chapter 494 He Was Really Cured?!! Chapter 495 Four Methods to Diagnose a Disease Chapter 496 I'm Afraid that All of You Would Be Embarrassed Chapter 497 Fang Qiu, We Will Defeat You Someday! Chapter 498 The Examination Of Doctor Of Brightness! Chapter 499 Constant Diagnosis Chapter 500 Please Do Me a Favor Chapter 501 The Ratings Dropped! Chapter 502 The Sixth Episode Is Mind-blowing! Chapter 503 Find a Trace! Chapter 504 Using a Borrowed Knife to Ruthlessly Torture Oth Chapter 505 Who Is It? Give Me Another Shot! Chapter 506 This Guy Is Incredibly Powerful! Chapter 507 One Versus Seventy! Chapter 508 The Ratings Exceeded 6%! Chapter 509 Help A Hundred People Improve Their Strength! Chapter 510 Horrifying Combat Capability Chapter 511 Ran into an Injustice Chapter 512 Shoot! Kill Me! Chapter 513 Track! Chapter 514 Find the Headquarters! Chapter 515 Kill One After Another! Chapter 516 Destroy the Dawn Group Chapter 517 The Division of Forces Chapter 518 Go to Hell, All of You! Chapter 519 Child Suicide Bomber! Chapter 520 Code Name: X! Chapter 521 People of the Middle East Were Stunned! Chapter 522 You're Finally Back! Chapter 523 Cooperation from a Medical Company! Chapter 524 Where Will the Public Opinion Be Guided to? Chapter 525 The Ancients Are Right! Chapter 526 A Hundred Media Platforms Witness Together! Chapter 527 Streamers Are In Action Chapter 528 Various People Were Following! Chapter 529 What Sort of Treatment Method Is This? Chapter 530 This Is Qi! Chapter 531 The Tumor Is Gradually Shrinking! Chapter 532 I Want to Prove the Existence of Meridians! Chapter 533 Shocking the Entire Internet! Chapter 534 Going Viral Abroad! Chapter 535 Let Me Sing a Song for You! Chapter 536 I Mean You Are Exorbitantly Excellent! Chapter 537 Unemployed Hospital Scalpers! Chapter 538 Get Him to the Clinic Directly! Chapter 539 The PD Is Going Crazy! Chapter 540 Dr. Xiao Fang Can't Leave! Chapter 541 Two Thousand People Came to the Free Clinic! Chapter 542 Haemorrhoids Acupuncture Chapter 543 See Patients for 24 Hours! Chapter 544 75 Hours! A Breakthrough of Mental Power! Chapter 545 The Popular UJCM! Chapter 546 Malice Towards Fang Qiu on the Internet Chapter 547 It's Not Your Own Business! Chapter 548 Aggressive Response as Always! Chapter 549 Being Kicked Away After Being Made Use of by Fan Chapter 550 Turning What Was Make-believe into Truth! Chapter 551 Screw You! Chapter 552 Justice Naturally Inhabits Man's Heart! Chapter 553 I Am a Chinese Medicine Practitioner! Chapter 554 Find the Person Pulling the Strings! Chapter 555 Spilled the Beans! Chapter 556 Confront a Listed Company! Chapter 557 Lawyer’s Letter Is Issued! Chapter 558 The Second Listed Company! Chapter 559 The Third Company! Chapter 560 Expose Six Companies in a Row! Chapter 561 Crisis Public Relation! Chapter 562 Fang Qiu's Incredible Influence! Chapter 563 There's No Residues, No Excess! Chapter 564 A Solution: A Sincere Invitation To Fang Qiu! Chapter 565 Playing Tai Chi with Me? Chapter 566 Consulting Session for College Admission Chapter 567 Fang Qiu Giving out Leaflets Chapter 568 Treating a Patient Right on the Spot! Chapter 569 Fang Qiu Was Recognized! Chapter 570 Let's See How You Treat A Patient! Chapter 571 He Earns a Hundred Million through a Treatment! Chapter 572 Still No News for Recording Chapter 573 Fill In the Application Form of College Chapter 574 The Keeper of Yaowang Mountain Calling for Help Chapter 575 Dissipate Cold and Dampness! Chapter 576 Opening a Company? Chapter 577 University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine Interce Chapter 578 Help My Junior Fellow Apprentice Come to the Wor Chapter 579 In Fact, the Competition is Already Over! Chapter 580 The Much-anticipated Episode! Chapter 581 \"The Taboo Rhyme of Pregnancy\" Chapter 582 The Tenth Place! Chapter 583 The Sixth Place, Jiang Miaoyu! Chapter 584 Fang Qiu Got Into the Top Two! Chapter 585 We Support Luo Jie! Chapter 586 Let's Watch Some Commercials Chapter 587 Champion, Fang Qiu! Chapter 588 Dig In! Chapter 589 The Disadvantage of Being Famous Chapter 590 The Types of Pulse Are Too Strange! Chapter 591 Take Advantage of This Situation! Chapter 592 Competition! Chapter 593 He Is Fang Qiu?! Chapter 594 The Book Is Yours. Get Lost! Chapter 595 Supernatural Power! Chapter 596 A Sandstorm Is Coming! Chapter 597 The Earth Treasure Is Going to Be Robbed! Chapter 598 Who Are You? Chapter 599 Help! Chapter 600 I Will Destroyed You Sooner or Later! Chapter 601 We Must Find Wulin! Chapter 602 The Earth Treasure's Cause! Chapter 603 Earth Treasures Can Be Mass-produced? Chapter 604 It'll Be Disgraceful If Someone Knows Chapter 605 Military Aircraft Comes To Pick Him Up Chapter 606 It's Like Earthquake! Chapter 607 Sky Parachuting... Stopped?! Chapter 608 Lop Nor's Secret! Chapter 609 Make All Of Them Break Through to Martial Practi Chapter 610 Three Thousand Meters Deep Pit! Chapter 611 Heaven Treasure, Vigor Grass! Chapter 612 Scaled Lizard! Chapter 613 A Way to Help 1,000 People Break Through to the Chapter 614 Vigor Grass Maturing! Chapter 615 A Thousand People Eating Grass! Chapter 616 Breaking Through to the Sixth Class! Chapter 617 Mysterious Nirvana Organization! Chapter 618 Martial... Martial Superior! Chapter 619 Need A Fake ID! Chapter 620 How Powerful Is John Doe? Chapter 621 I Want to Make Money! Chapter 622 That's the Aura! Chapter 623 I've Finally Found a Way to Make Money! Chapter 624 The Sword Made By Me Is the Best Chapter 625 Actually, I Can Cast a Sword Too! Chapter 626 Master! Chapter 627 Guru Sword Sharpened with a Mountain! Chapter 628 The Largest Auction Agency! Chapter 629 Guru... Guru Sword? No Service Charge Chapter 630 A Sensation in the Entire Wulin! Chapter 631 All Major Forces Come to the Auction! Chapter 632 It's Because You're Blind! Chapter 633 Seeing a Guru! Chapter 634 Raise the Price Crazily! Chapter 635 It's Already 55,000,000! Chapter 636 Eighth-class Sword Sold for Twenty Million! Chapter 637 Rising Violently to 200 Million! Chapter 638 300 Million! Chapter 639 A Teenage Guru??? Chapter 640 A Ton of Guesses! Chapter 641 The Auctioneer of the Guru Sword Appears! Chapter 642 You're Right, This is Me! John Doe! Chapter 643 Challenge with 20,000,000 Again! Chapter 644 After All, My Face Is Not Bad Chapter 645 Night Fight! Chapter 646 Meeting up with a Person of the Same Trade! Chapter 647 A Highly-skilled Doctor Was Rescued By a Nobody Chapter 648 Fang Qiu Made Big News Wherever He Went Chapter 649 Fang Qiu's Cunning! Chapter 650 Huaxia People's Medical Skill Is Really Amazing! Chapter 651 Curing the Secretary-general! Chapter 652 Inside Story Digressed Chapter 653 All for the Sake of Human Development Chapter 654 Live Broadcast From Huaxia! Chapter 655 Brother, Chinese Medicine Is More Than Acupunctu Chapter 656 The Medical Conference Begins! Chapter 657 He's On CCTV News Again! Chapter 658 The Secretary-general Was Re-elected! Chapter 659 Is the Live Streaming Against the Rules? Chapter 660 An Enormous Number of Live Streaming Viewers Chapter 661 It Finally Started! Chapter 662 Chinese Medicine Can Cure the Disease! Chapter 663 A Single Sentence Amazes 3,000 People Chapter 664 Acupuncture Points Discovered During Dissection Chapter 665 We Can See Meridians via Insight! Attainment of Chapter 666 See Meridians!!! Chapter 667 Supernatural Beasts Leviathan and Roc Are Qi?! Chapter 668 This is a Hypnosis Hoax!! Chapter 669 The Verification From a Child! Chapter 670 The Conference Concluded! Chapter 671 What's Fang Qiu's Standard in the Martial Arts C Chapter 672 Media Scrum! Chapter 673 The Star Who Was Best at Hiding in History Chapter 674 CG Animation! Chapter 675 I'll Give You Some Benefits First! Chapter 676 Fang Qiu Finally Showed Up! Chapter 677 We've All Misunderstood Fang Qiu! Chapter 678 I Want to Attract Investment And Sell the Ad Spo Chapter 679 Looking for a Rich Man to Help! Chapter 680 Be An Adult At 18 Chapter 681The Profit of Advertisement Was At Least 500 Mill Chapter 682 A Sneak Attack