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The Invincible Sword God

The Invincible Sword God

Author: Duan Jian Genre: Historical

Luo Zheng gets an extraordinary prize for his great performance during military exercises. But a bad man shows up and wants his prize. Unwilling to give up his treasure, Luo Zheng is tied up and thrown into a wolf den. A mysterious girl tries to save him. In order to save the girl, he realizes he as a new power. Will he be able to get revenge with this power?

Chapter 468 Jinghai Marquis Arrived 2021-02-27 16:50:27
Chapter List
Chapter 1 Cold Sect Young Master Chapter 2 Heavenspan Sword Formation Chapter 3 Sword Master Space Chapter 4 Brother Chapter 5 Xiaoyue'er Chapter 6 I'm Going to Challenge You Chapter 7 It's My Turn Chapter 8 Flame Purity Chapter 9 Win with One Punch Chapter 10 Lightning Thorn Chapter 11 Tong Tian Lu Chapter 12 Zhao Feng Chapter 13 Trial Field Chapter 14 Gambling Contest Chapter 15 The Third Floor of the Trial Field Chapter 16 Seize First Place Chapter 17 Grandpa Bought You Candy Chapter 18 Who Told Me to Kneel Chapter 19 Everyone Has Their Own Aspirations Chapter 20 Why Do You Have to Force Me Chapter 21 The Key to Becoming a Weaponry Master Chapter 22 Star Stone Fire Source Chapter 23 Wang Chen Chapter 24 An Energetic Fatty Chapter 25 Heart Refinement Technique Chapter 26 What Else Could Happen? Chapter 27 Enemy Meeting Chapter 28 Get Starstone Fire Source Chapter 29 Condensed Sword Chapter 30 Chase After Chapter 31 Cold Door And Dogs Chapter 32 Beast Transforming Pill Chapter 33 A Genius Beauty Chapter 34 Tianfu Pavilion Chapter 35 Blood Refinement Begins Chapter 36 Ten Thousand Foot Absolute Valley Chapter 37 Ancient Tomb Chapter 38 Why Aren't You Chasing Me Anymore Chapter 39 Meet the Girl in Black Again Chapter 40 Ancient Martial Arts Chapter 41 Earth-traveling Thorn Armored Beast Chapter 42 Demon Core Chapter 43 Attribution Of Force Chapter 44 An Agreement of Ten Moves Chapter 45 Refining Demon Pills Chapter 46 Hurry Up and Hit Me If You Have the Guts! Chapter 47 Blood Tempering Realm Chapter 48 Meet Xiao Han Again Chapter 49 Frost Palm Chapter 50 Kill Xiao Han Chapter 51 So What If I Play You Chapter 52 Third Place in the Blood Refinement Examination Chapter 53 Shit IOU Chapter 54 Flying Star Steps, Hidden Breath Method Chapter 55 Taotie Heaven Devouring Art Chapter 56 Again in the Heavenly Fortune Pavilion Chapter 57 It Really Isn't a Good Thing Chapter 58 The Mu Clan's Foundation Chapter 59 Marrow Transformation Realm Chapter 60 Chase After Chapter 61 Battle Wolf Hunting Team Chapter 62 Yan Nan'er Chapter 63 Night Strike Chapter 64 Die For Me Chapter 65 Ninja Said, Chapter 66 Yellow Dragon Fruit Chapter 67 Golden Horned Python Chapter 68 Bloody Battle Golden Horned Python Chapter 69 Have a Lot to Gain Chapter 70 Golden Horned Python's Egg Chapter 71 The Black Egg Cracked Chapter 72 Refining Demon Binding Ropes Chapter 73 Prince Rong's Mansion Chapter 74 I Have Birds, Too Chapter 75 Flame Scorpion Fire Source Chapter 76 Heavenly Wind Society Chapter 77 Weapon Refining Inheritance Chapter 78 Claim For Compensation Chapter 79 Stealth Magic Tool Chapter 80 Presbyopia Chapter 81 The Auction Begins Chapter 82 A Grand Gathering Chapter 83 Two Beautiful Girls Chapter 84 Ninth Heavenly Yuan Realm Chapter 85 White Bear Ape Chapter 86 Golden Horned Python Spine Chapter 87 Be Determined To Obtain Chapter 88 Price Skyrocketed Chapter 89 Fierce Competition Chapter 90 An Astronomical Price of 90 Million Taels Chapter 91 Duality Star Killing Array Chapter 92 Golden Giant Dragon Chapter 93 Martial Lieutenant Chapter 94 Starlight Kill, Earth Star Kill, Heavenly Star Ki Chapter 95 Complete The Training Mission Chapter 96 Go Home Chapter 97 Linyang City Chapter 98 I'm Back Chapter 99 Guan Clan Chapter 100 200,000 Gold Taels Chapter 101 A Blood Tempering Realm Expert Chapter 102 Apology Chapter 103 Why Should I Kneel Chapter 104 The Yu Clan Had Come to Kill Him Chapter 105 Bloodbath of the Guan Clan? Chapter 106 Marrow Transformation Realm, a Peerless Genius? Chapter 107 Kill My Kin, Ten Times More! Chapter 108 A Lone Horse Chapter 109 Scram As Far As You Can Chapter 110 Make a Fortune by Raiding One's Family Chapter 111 Spirit Stone Mine Chapter 112 Deep Mountain Mining Chapter 113 Low-level Spirit Gathering Array Chapter 114 Stolen Or Robbed? Chapter 115 Five Saint Potential Rankings Chapter 116 There 's No Need to Go Chapter 117 Little Black Dragon Chapter 118 Powerful Little Black Dragon Chapter 119 Last Place in the Rankings Chapter 120 Basic Examination Chapter 121 Examination Rewards Chapter 122 Take A Gamble Chapter 123 Humanoid Beast Chapter 124 99,0100 Jin! Chapter 125 Sorry, Innate Divine Power Chapter 126 Mother, This Is a Demonic Beast! Chapter 127 Illusion Array Chapter 128 Wang Nian Was Embarrassed Chapter 129 Be At The Bottom Chapter 130 Keep A Low Profile Chapter 131 Arena Battle Group Chapter 132 See You Again, Little Wind Cloud Marquis Chapter 133 Who Told You I Was in the Blood Tempering Realm Chapter 134 It's Not Good to Break Your Neck Chapter 135 Luo Zheng Said to Zhao Feng Chapter 136 Superior Grade Magic Tool Blood Spring Sword Chapter 137 Little Black Dragon Chapter 138 The Strength of a Demonic Beast Chapter 139 Zhan Huangqinjun, Son of Heaven's Disciple Chapter 140 Wu Tian Ji Chapter 141 Overbearing Martial Heavenly Secrets! Chapter 142 Zhao Peng! Chapter 143 Introductory Trial Chapter 144 Refining Spirit Stones Chapter 145 Devil Mist Swamp Chapter 146 Crisis-ridden Chapter 147 Wind Swallowing Condor Chapter 148 Five-Colored Spirit Sparrow Technique Chapter 149 The Might of the Thunder Dragon Slash! Chapter 150 Blackwater Dynasty Chapter 151 Thousand Springs Sect's Direct Disciples Chapter 152 Instantly Kill Chapter 153 Kill Another Person! Chapter 154 I Will Destroy All of You Here Chapter 155 Underground Mausoleum Chapter 156 Heaven-shaking Lightning Chapter 157 Ruthlessly Kill Chapter 158 I'll Cut The Back Chapter 159 Nine Dragons Coffin Chapter 160 Golden Flame Peak Chapter 161 Thousand Flow Spear Technique Chapter 162 Can Cooperate Chapter 163 Flipping Out Again Chapter 164 An Incomparably Great Harvest Chapter 165 Make a Fortune in Silence Chapter 166 Purple Extreme Divine Iron Chapter 167 Teach Chapter 168 Shen Tieyi Chapter 169 Heavenly Phenomenon Disciple Chapter 170 Spiritual Sense Attack Chapter 171 Nine Nether Demon Body Refinement Chapter 172 Stimulate Potential Chapter 173 Add More Chapter 174 Wu Tian Ji Breaks Through to Metamorphosis Chapter 175 Spirit Spring Pill Chapter 176 Four Precious Artifacts Chapter 177 Seven Earth Stage Martial Arts Chapter 178 Qianyuan Wind Lightning Palm Chapter 179 Pills Piled Up into Mountains Chapter 180 Seventh Prince Chapter 181 Entering The Blackwater Dynasty Chapter 182 Blackwater City Chapter 183 Four Sects of Thousand Springs Sect Chapter 184 Become a Thousand Springs Disciple Chapter 185 Du Chunyun Chapter 186 Spiritual Spring Chapter 187 Lightning-controlling Demonic Beast Chapter 188 Dragon Elephant Grand Magic Seal Chapter 189 It's Really Fresh Chapter 190 Lu Zhengqi Chapter 191 Selection Of Chief Steward Chapter 192 Luo Zheng Took the Upper Seat Chapter 193 Origin Void Seven-Aperture Moire Furnace Chapter 194 Cultivate In The Furnace Chapter 195 Yang Xuanqi Chapter 196 Third Prince Blackwater Chapter 197 Envoy Luo Zheng Chapter 198 The Third Prince's Treasury Chapter 199 Be Obedient Chapter 200 Golden-clothed Youth Chapter 201 Kill The Ninth Princess Chapter 202 Cultivate In Seclusion Chapter 203 Refining Viscera and Consolidating Viscera Chapter 204 Consume a Lot of Energy Chapter 205 Mountain Shaking and Earth Trembling Chapter 206 Dragon Pearl Chapter 207 Battle Yang Xuanqi Chapter 208 Spiritual Sense Attack Chapter 209 A Method of Condensing Divine Sense Chapter 210 Hundred Mountain Flag Chapter 211 Woman In Green Chapter 212 Thousand Zhang Golden Flood Dragon Chapter 213 Peerless Demonic Concubine Chapter 214 Mo Niushan Chapter 215 Shameless Big Black Bull Chapter 216 Bloody Mess Chapter 217 Magmatic River Chapter 218 Refining Blood Essence Chapter 219 Ninth Heavenly Yuan Realm Origin Transformation Chapter 220 Her Lady Mother Chapter 221 Sky Dragon Seven Killing Technique Chapter 222 Battle of Man and Bull Chapter 223 How Can a Woman Look Down on Her Chapter 224 Tempt By Lure Chapter 225 Three Great Monster Kings Chapter 226 Run with One's Head Clasped in One's Hands Chapter 227 Big Black Ox's Thoughts Chapter 228 Young Master, Do You Think My Body Is Majestic? Chapter 229 The Big Black Bull Took Refuge Chapter 230 Yang Xuanqi's Wedding Chapter 231 Again on Thousand Springs Peak Chapter 232 Kill Liang Donggui Chapter 233 What Are You? Chapter 234 Don't Forget The Agreement Chapter 235 Du Yun'er Chapter 236 Back to Heavenly Wolf Peak Chapter 237 Law Enforcement Disciple Chapter 238 Forgive Me for Not Accompanying You Chapter 239 Xingtian Battle Stage Chapter 240 Combat Zhao Peng on the Xing Tian Stage Chapter 241 Yin Death Zhao Peng Chapter 242 He Didn't Hesitate to Reveal His Cultivation to Chapter 243 Luo Zheng's Worries Chapter 244 Hundred Beast Soul Forbidden Array Chapter 245 Refining Array Disk Chapter 246 Military Merit Hall Chapter 247 View Military Achievements Chapter 248 300,000 Accumulated Merits, Heavenly Dragon Disc Chapter 249 Magnetic Meteorite Mountain Chapter 250 Magnetic Earth Fire Chapter 251 This Is A Misunderstanding Chapter 252 Scared the Shit Out of Me Chapter 253 Not Interested Chapter 254 Bai Qinghou Chapter 255 Origin Nourishing Realm Martial Artist Chapter 256 Fire Burning Valley Chapter 257 What Do You Want Chapter 258 Giant Armed Golden Ape True Technique Chapter 259 The Might of the Hundred Mountain Flag Chapter 260 Golden Dragon Killing Golden Ape Chapter 261 Same Boat Chapter 262 Identity As a Weaponry Master Chapter 263 Water Attribute Demon Pill Chapter 264 Juvenile Metamorphosis Chapter 265 High-Grade Mortal-Ranked Pills Are Already Effec Chapter 266 The Sword Intent of the Magnetic Sword Valley Chapter 267 Nine Nether Demon Body Level 2 Chapter 268 Goodbye, Prince Rong Chapter 269 Return Safely Chapter 270 Refuse to Rong Wang Again Chapter 271 Xiangju Luofeng Courtyard Chapter 272 As Hard As a Rock Chapter 273 Zhou Tian's Star Counting Technique Chapter 274 Heaven And Earth Protection Chapter 275 Promotion Examination Start Chapter 276 Killing Intent Was Extremely Keen! Chapter 277 Blood Demon Space Chapter 278 Conquer Blood Wood Chapter 280 Blood Wood Devouring Demon School Chapter 279 The Vicious Zhao Feng Chapter 281 Blood Tower Prince Chapter 282 Why Are You in Such a Sorry State Chapter 283 Get the Memories of the Blood Tower Chapter 284 More Arrogant, More Arrogant! Chapter 285 His Merits Were Unparalleled, and His Qi Suppres Chapter 286 Ancient Spring Chapter 287 Demon King Castle Chapter 288 Kill the Prince in a Row Chapter 289 Ice Lotus Body Chapter 290 A Supreme Ghost, the Path of an Assassin Chapter 291 A Storm Is Approaching Chapter 292 Netherworld Blood Ghost Technique Chapter 293 Treat Each Other with Both Heart and Soul, Never Chapter 294 Sword Qi Surpasses the Rest of the World Chapter 295 Kill Until You Die! Chapter 296 Origin Martial World Chapter 297 Yearning for the Center of the World Chapter 298 Underground Bronze Palace Chapter 299 Strangle With One Sword Chapter 300 Five Elements Chain Formation Chapter 301 He Is A Monster Chapter 302 Profound Nirvana Battle Chapter 303 The Hardest Thing to Bear Is the Kindness of a B Chapter 304 Great Sun Heavenly Pearl Chapter 305 Earth Shock Dragon Chapter 306 Geniuses Work Together Chapter 307 Another Mid-Grade Treasure, Myriad Wood Battle A Chapter 308 Luo Zheng Was in Danger! Chapter 309 Deadly Suppression! Chapter 310 Each Harboring A Ghost Chapter 311 Sacrifice Oneself For Righteousness Chapter 312 Refining Blood Crystal Chapter 313 Heavenly Chaos Finger, Martial Saint King's Ulti Chapter 314 Are You Done? Chapter 315 Origin Nourishing Realm Chapter 316 It's Not Much to Break Your Finger Chapter 317 Cunning, Sinister! Chapter 318 Water of the Mysterious Female Chapter 319 Ancestor Golden Crow Chapter 320 Heavenly Chaos Sky Breaking Talisman Chapter 321 Primordial Heaven Sect Treasure Chapter 322 Ice Lotus Variation Chapter 323 Be Siblings and Look Forward to Reuniting Chapter 324 Who Was That Youth? Chapter 325 Royal Princess' Soft Rice Chapter 326 Jade Spirit Surpasses Wu Tian Ji Chapter 327 Luo Zheng Was First Chapter 328 If I Say I Can Make a Breakthrough, I Will Defin Chapter 329 Not Good! Chapter 330 Jiang Kun Again Chapter 331 Insatiable Greed Chapter 332 Ruins Chapter 333 Void Orifice Moire Furnace Destroyed Chapter 334 Hang By A Thread Chapter 335 I'm Not Going to Be Your Sister-In-Law Chapter 336 Golden Crow True Scripture Chapter 337 News Of Wu Tianjiao Chapter 338 Promotion Ceremony Chapter 339 Heavenly Tiger Peak Chief Law Enforcement Discip Chapter 340 Deny In One Breath Chapter 341 Bai Yixian's Challenge Chapter 342 Retreat Unscathed Chapter 343 Tier 4 Admiral Chapter 344 Mischief Has Swift Wings Chapter 345 Go to the Frost Desolation Chapter 346 The Coldness of the Wilderness Chapter 347 Return with No Reactive Power Chapter 348 You Still Want to Pick It? Chapter 349 Southern Demon Sea Chapter 350 Pill Island Chapter 351 Jinghai Marquis Chapter 352 Warships And Exploration Ships Chapter 353 Brave Camp Chapter 354 A New Scout Chapter 355 Sea Swallowing Whale Chapter 356 Missing Exploration Ship Chapter 357 Phantom Pirates Chapter 358 Must Be Called a Dog Chapter 359 Immortal Slaying Crossbow and God Killing Chapter 360 Three Pirates Chapter 361 Black Dragon Island Chapter 362 Heavenly Gate Chapter 363 Ten Great Geniuses of the Southern Demon Sea Chapter 364 Suffer A Great Loss Chapter 365 Bai Qian Sword Chapter 366 Why Do You Have to Force Me? Chapter 367 Innate Charm Chapter 368 Myriad Poison Society Chapter 369 Accidentally Enter The Urn Chapter 370 Sea King Auction House Chapter 371 Water Avoidance Droplet Chapter 372 Crazy Bidding Chapter 373 An Enormous Benefit Chapter 374 Deep In The Trench Chapter 375 One Step Life and Death Chapter 376 Spiritual Sense Attack Chapter 377 Sea Level War Chapter 378 The Sharp Golden Sword of the Great Five Element Chapter 379 Escape Infatuation Chapter 380 Tianmu Island Chapter 381 Li Sifan Chapter 382 Beauty Affection Chapter 383 Fortuitous Adventure in Sword Forging Chapter 384 Go To Yunbo Island Chapter 385 White Rainbow Thorn Sun Chapter 386 Overbearing Princess Yu Ling Huang Chapter 387 Bai Clan Expert Chapter 388 Encounter A Siege Chapter 389 Murder In Array Chapter 390 Soul Destroying Withered Blood Hand Chapter 391 Consuming Bai Lefeng to Death Chapter 392 Sea Dragon King Wisdom Battle Chapter 393 Sea Dragon King II Chapter 394 Wisdom Fighting Sea Dragon King III Chapter 395 Earth Lung Fire Chapter 396 Flee Into The Wilderness Chapter 397 A Strong Body Chapter 398 Explode! Chapter 399 Poison Origin Divine Art Chapter 400 Kill Wan Tianxiong Chapter 401 Myriad Poison Society Site Chapter 402 Red Tiger Returns to Heart Chapter 403 There's No Need to Think About It Chapter 404 Sure Enough, He's Here to Die Chapter 405 I'm Going to Blow You Up Chapter 406 Phantom Pirates Chapter 407 Capture the Fifth Commander Alive Chapter 408 Sword Spreading Blood Wood Chapter 409 Close Combat Advantage Chapter 410 Lord of Sea King Island Chapter 411 Li Daitian Was Stiff Chapter 412 Blood Refining Nerve Chapter 413 Assassination Chapter 414 Incarnate Pirate Chapter 415 Sun Si Chapter 416 A Hundred Times More Miserable Than Death Chapter 417 Interrupt A Precious Artifact Chapter 418 Back To Pill Island Chapter 419 Seeking to See Jinghai Marquis Chapter 420 He Jingtao, a First Grade Admiral Chapter 421 Jinghai Hou Intervened Chapter 422 Shocking News Chapter 423 The Combat Emperor Appeared Chapter 424 I Told You Not to Force Me Chapter 425 Don't Give Me a Princess Chapter 426 You Can Still Bite Me? Chapter 427 Receive A Little Brother Chapter 428 It Was the Sea Dragon King's Idea Chapter 429 Gangxun Stone Chapter 430 The White-Clothed Youth Chapter 431 Sun-Moon Elemental Ring Chapter 432 Emperor Weaponry Refining Zong Bin Chapter 433 Assassinate Sea Dragon King Chapter 434 A Strong Body Chapter 435 One Sword Slashing Eye Chapter 436 Thick Earth Wood Spirit Sword Chapter 437 Self-Detonating Demon Pill, Perish Together Chapter 438 Suppress Us? Chapter 439 Not Good Chapter 440 Sure Enough, It Was Hooked Chapter 441 Iron Turtle Island Master Chapter 442 Prince Tianze Chapter 443 Never Say It Again Chapter 444 The Guild Leader Is Not Here Chapter 445 Heavenless Sect Master Chapter 446 Calculate Everywhere Chapter 447 Lu Clan Inviting Marriages Chapter 448 Bloodwood's Battle Talent Chapter 449 Three Origin Refining Realm Cultivators Chapter 450 Golden Crow Fire Chapter 451 Separate Trap Chapter 452 Ancient Treasure Jade Axe Chapter 453 I'll Play The Rest Chapter 454 Arrive At Daylight Island Chapter 455 The Scenery of the Sun Family Chapter 456 I Have Endured It for a Long Time Chapter 457 I've Lost You, My Lord! Chapter 458 Am I Begging You? Chapter 459 Without A Sword Chapter 460 So What If You Have Inner Armor Chapter 461 Haofei Yu Chapter 462 Gift Sending Storm Chapter 463 Fighting for Wealth with Me Chapter 464 Daoist Dragon Sword Chapter 465 Sparring At The Banquet Chapter 466 This Is About Selling Me Chapter 467 Divine Sense Imperial Sword Chapter 468 Jinghai Marquis Arrived