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The Fantastic Super Vision

The Fantastic Super Vision

Author: Chi Yan Sheng Ge Genre: Magical

It is an ultimate goal and dream for every man to be fully in charge of the power while lying drunk beside a beauty’s knees.

There was an ordinary man who had originally led a calm and average life. His life should have been mediocre throughout. However, one day he got a queer stone from an old swindler. Surprisingly, with the help of the stone, he actually possessed the ability to see through things. His whole life was turned upside down overnight. The door to a brand new world was open to him. In the end, having numerous beauties surrounding him, he got caught up in a relationship vortex, a grand scene of fighting over power: Starting from being a mediocre and nameless nobody, he overcame all the difficulties on the way and raked in the power, the beauty, and the wealth all in the end. Let’s have a look at how he had the whole city in the palm of his hand, how he lived a glorious life, and how he made himself a legend with just one simple stone.

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Chapter List
Chapter 1 Special Ability Chapter 2 The Olive Branch Chapter 3 The Amorousness Chapter 4 A Robbery Chapter 5 Protecting the Beauty Chapter 6 Feeling Jealous Chapter 7 Gambling on Stones Festival Chapter 8 Displaying Only A Small Part Of His Talent Chapter 9 There Finally Was a Jade Inside the Stone! Chapter 10 Raking in Millions Chapter 11 The Art of Gathering Qi Together Chapter 12 Cultivation Chapter 13 A Terrible Ability Chapter 14 The Requirement to Formally Acknowledge the Old M Chapter 15 The Rage Chapter 16 Beating Him Till Getting His Apology Chapter 17 An Ambiguous Misunderstanding Chapter 18 Going on a Big Fight Chapter 19 Entrapping His Foes Chapter 20 Making a Bet Chapter 21 The Cut Off Chapter 22 Tit for Tat Chapter 23 The Goal Chapter 24 The Exhaustion Chapter 25 Barbaric Woman Chapter 26 Forced Kiss Chapter 27 Perverse Behavior Chapter 28 Expanding the Jewelry Business Chapter 29 Continue Clearing out Their Stock Chapter 30 I Don't Believe in Destiny Chapter 31 Rough Me Up? Chapter 32 The Terror That Was Tang Airou Chapter 33 Erotic Healing Chapter 34 Overdid It Again Chapter 35 Prodigy Chapter 36 Watch and Learn Chapter 37 You Bastard Chapter 38 The Case of Jewelry Robbery Chapter 39 Fully Showing Out His Invincible Might Chapter 40 Superman of the City Chapter 41 The Visit of Someone from Bei Enterprise Chapter 42 Bei Yunxue Justified His Fault Chapter 43 Extreme Dedication Chapter 44 Secretary of the Municipal Council Chapter 45 Is This Love? Chapter 46 Psycho Killer Chapter 47 Red Wine Beauty Chapter 48 Sudden Panic Chapter 49 Cruelty Chapter 50 A Gift? Chapter 51 A Sudden Happiness Chapter 52 Hua Long's Rage Chapter 53 Xia Xiaomei's Distress Call Chapter 54 Xia Xiaomei's Seduction Chapter 55 Devouring Xia Xiaomei Chapter 56 The Mastermind Chapter 57 The True Mastermind Chapter 58 The City Slums Chapter 59 Gu Ping's Plight Chapter 60 A Scumbag Chapter 61 Breaking His Legs and Dumping Him on the Street Chapter 62 Getting Despised Chapter 63 An Emotional Dispute Chapter 64 He Who Showed Off Would Get His Ass Kicked Chapter 65 A Perfect Goddess Chapter 66 Scaring the Hell out of Him Chapter 67 Information for Investigation Chapter 68 The Obstruction to External Strength Chapter 69 Screw All of You! Chapter 70 She Took His Kindness as An Ill Intention Chapter 71 Entrapping an Idiot Chapter 72 Uncle Li Chapter 73 The Black-Hearted Real Estate Traders Chapter 74 The Spectacular Scene of Arresting Liu Xiong Chapter 75 An Extortion Chapter 76 Blackmailing Meng Yufei Chapter 77 Tang Airou's Father Was Kidnapped Chapter 78 Such A Mess Chapter 79 Contact Chapter 80 Fell into the Trap Chapter 81 Deformed Chapter 82 Unusual Excitement Chapter 83 Formally Acknowledge the Master Chapter 84 Such a Medical Miracle Chapter 85 Bei Yunxue Made the Breakfast Chapter 86 A Wife in Game Chapter 87 I Love You Chapter 88 Wang Feng's Wife in Game Came to Him Chapter 89 An Extremely Beautiful Woman Chapter 90 I'll Support You Chapter 91 Seduction Chapter 92 Skynet Organization Chapter 93 Tang Airou Came Chapter 94 Get Into Trouble Again Chapter 95 Zisha Came to Find Him Chapter 96 You Can Win the Academy Award For It Chapter 97 Do You Think We Are Poor? Chapter 98 Frightened Meng Dongxue Chapter 99 Temptation of Zisha Chapter 100 Zisha Would Invest Chapter 101 Handwriting for the Store Signboard Chapter 102 An Outstanding Charm Hidden between Characters Chapter 103 Find Security Guards Chapter 104 Form and Will Boxing Chapter 105 Training Chapter 106 Rapid Progress Chapter 107 A Misfortune in Xia's Family Chapter 108 See Through the Plot Chapter 109 The Culprit Chapter 110 Pay for Your Son's Life Chapter 111 Back to the Former Job Chapter 112 Viagra Liquor Chapter 113 Bei Yunxue Came Home Chapter 114 Surprising Scene Chapter 115 Something Happened to Mom and Dad Chapter 116 Stingy Aunt Chapter 117 Uncle Got a Blessing in Disguise Chapter 118 Parasite Chapter 119 The County Party Secretary Chapter 120 Revenge Chapter 121 Become a Killer Chapter 122 Cruelty Chapter 123 When You Do Something Wrong, You Pay the Price Chapter 124 Did I Say That? Chapter 125 Revelation Chapter 126 The Suffering Old Man Chapter 127 I Give in to You Chapter 128 Help Is Here Chapter 129 Leave Chapter 130 Sister Xue Never Coming Back Chapter 131 Ming Yue Manor Chapter 132 Proposing a Marriage Chapter 133 Luxurious Impact Chapter 134 A Regretful Marriage Chapter 135 The Funniest Joke Chapter 136 A Cold Heart Chapter 137 A Reverse In Trend Chapter 138 Finding the Culprit Chapter 139 No Escape Chapter 140 Abnormal and Perverse Thinking Chapter 141 What Are You Going to Do? Chapter 142 Hot Night Chapter 143 Skynet Coming Chapter 144 No, I Want Him Chapter 145 Zisha's Business Insight Chapter 146 Preparation for Opening Chapter 147 Problem of Supply Chapter 148 Zisha's Feeling Chapter 149 Opening of a New Store Chapter 150 Unkind Visitor Chapter 151 The Battle between Warriors Chapter 152 The Change Chapter 153 The Elixir Chapter 154 A Terrifying Income Chapter 155 We Will Meet If It's Fated to Be Chapter 156 A Collision-Scale Death Chapter 157 Buying a Shopping Mall Chapter 158 Taking the Cheap Chapter 159 Leaving Chapter 160 Winning First Place Easily Chapter 161 Dragon Spirit Squad Chapter 162 Drill Sergeant Chapter 163 Challenge Chapter 164 A Knockout Competition Chapter 165 Dumb Luck? Chapter 166 Reject Enlistment Chapter 167 A Moon-lit Night with Black Wind Chapter 168 Killing and Robing Chapter 169 The Hero Saves the Beauties Chapter 170 Spending the Night with Two Beauties Chapter 171 Danger Arrived Chapter 172 Fight the Good Fight Chapter 173 Destruction on Both Sides Chapter 174 No More Holding Back Chapter 175 Internal Strength Chapter 176 A Forced Kiss Chapter 177 The Special Power of the Dragon Spirit Squad Chapter 178 An Effortless Rise Chapter 179 Luo Yongxin's Murderous Intent Chapter 180 A Battle of Life and Death Chapter 181 Invincible Chapter 182 Go to the Battlefield Chapter 183 The First Victory Chapter 184 Ambush Chapter 185 Heavy Casualties Chapter 186 Desperation Chapter 187 Mission Failed Chapter 188 Promise Chapter 189 Surprise Chapter 190 Gui Jianchou Chapter 191 Save Dongfang Yu'er Chapter 192 A Fortunate Case of Avoiding Insult Chapter 193 An Unexpected Outcome Chapter 194 Entering Dragon Spirit Squad Chapter 195 The Man Who Saved His Life Chapter 196 Kick-Ass Dragon Spirit Squad Chapter 197 Are You Expecting Me? Chapter 198 The Pesky Fly Chapter 199 You Get Lousy Trousers Chapter 200 Bei Qingyun Died Chapter 201 Let Me Splurge for One Time Chapter 202 Commercial Blueprint Chapter 203 Convince Wu Jiayi Chapter 204 Overrule Chapter 205 Who are you talking about? Chapter 206 A Waste of Space Chapter 207 Battle Chapter 208 Being Drugged Chapter 209 He Was Screwed Chapter 210 The Silver Lining Chapter 211 A Crap Killer Chapter 212 What I Want Is the Result Chapter 213 Another One Came to Die Chapter 214 Be Sleepless All the Night Chapter 215 I Command You to Sleep Chapter 216 Tang Guoguang's Concern Chapter 217: Can I Touch Your Chest? Chapter 218: Spring (Love) Scenery Chapter 219 World Value Collapsed Again Chapter 220 Gave You a Thumb Up Chapter 221 I Actually Think So Chapter 222 Little Effect Chapter 223 A Mod Chapter 224 The Death of Hua Long Chapter 225 Gu Keru Chapter 226 Beauty Should Dress Up from Childhood Chapter 227 Wanna Blackmail Me for Money? Chapter 228 It's to Set You Up Chapter 229 Deterrence Chapter 230 Be Utterly Discredited Chapter 231 Zisha's Parents Chapter 232 A Real Tyrant Chapter 233 What A Lucky Dog Chapter 234 The Accident in Zhu Hai City Chapter 235 Be Pushed Out Chapter 236 Here Came the Rescue Chapter 237 Get Tired of Being Alive? Chapter 238 Tang Airou Also Used Ill-Intention Tactics Chapter 239 Two Supernatural Abilities Were Integrated Chapter 240 Defeat Those Green Hands Easily Chapter 241 Something Unbelievable Chapter 242 Dongfang Yu'er's Sister Chapter 243 A Good Gain Chapter 244 Earn A Golden Mountain with Nothing Chapter 245 Blackmail Chapter 246 Horrible Woman Who Can Do Nothing Chapter 247 Jealous Women Chapter 248 Acquire Hua Group Chapter 249 Just Do It Boldly and Resolutely Chapter 250 An Urgent Task Chapter 251 Take the Risk of Life to Save the Person Chapter 252 A Weirdo Chapter 253 Where Was the Strength from? Chapter 254 Beauty in the Kitchen Chapter 255 A Group of Shameless People Chapter 256 Take the Action When You Need to Act Chapter 257 Zisha Was Pregnant Chapter 258 Bei Yunxue's Wish Chapter 259 The Starspark School Chapter 260 Fall into a Trap Chapter 261 Fight Back with Another Trap Chapter 262 Kill Two Birds with One Stone Chapter 263 A Wife \"Scrambled\" by the Master Chapter 264 A Miserable Woman Chapter 265 Are You Crazy? Chapter 266 The Contest Stared Chapter 267 So Cruel Chapter 268 One Problematic Pill Chapter 269 Abstaining Chapter 270 Disclose His Tricks Chapter 271 The Collapse of The Starspark School Chapter 272 Saving People Chapter 273 Overdrawing His Power Chapter 274 The Past of Guijianchou Chapter 275 The Long Lifespan of Cultivators Chapter 276 His Women Were Going to Cultivate Chapter 277 Zi Ling Was So Angry That She Ran Away Chapter 278 You Were for Money, Weren't You? Chapter 279 All the Family Began to Practice Chapter 280 Don't Want a Small Amount of Money Chapter 281 I Must Shoot Him to Death Chapter 282 Be Put in Prison Chapter 283 Just Give Him a Little Lesson Chapter 284 Be Put in Prison Forever Chapter 285 Several Rare Comfortable Days Chapter 286 The Reason Why Tang Airou Couldn't Cultivate Chapter 287 Treatment Chapter 288 All the Women Learned How to Cultivate Chapter 289 Enjoy Your Slap? Chapter 290 You're the Person Whom I'm Going to Slap Chapter 291 Deal with a Man as He Deals with You Chapter 292 Yao Cheng Would Get Married Chapter 293 Send Shares as Congratulations Chapter 294 A Big Business Chapter 295 Seek Help from President Chapter 296 Art of Healing Never Ends Chapter 297 Xia Xiaomei Was in Danger Chapter 298 No Need to Talk Chapter 299 Take Her Home Chapter 300 No Punishment? Chapter 301 Fang Cheng’s School Was Destroyed Chapter 302 The Peeking Eyes Chapter 303 Arriving at the Destination Chapter 304 Deceptive Trick Chapter 305 Falling into a Trap Chapter 306 Delivering Message Chapter 307 The Ex-leader of the Dragon Spirit Squad Chapter 308 Mission's Level Chapter 309 Tomb of Evilness Chapter 310 The Tomb of God Chapter 311 The Opening of the Tomb Chapter 312 The Love Confession of Dongfang Yu'er Chapter 313 Being Forced to Have A Relationship Chapter 314 Tang Airou's Torment Chapter 315 Am I Merciful? Chapter 316 Building the Castle Chapter 317 Mom's Advanced Thinking Chapter 318 Going Back Home Chapter 319 The Old Liar Chapter 320 Gratitude Chapter 321 Going Back Home Chapter 322 An Eye for an Eye Chapter 323 Money for Marriage Chapter 324 Ancestral Bracelets Chapter 325 Tang Airou Was Angry Chapter 326 The Most Important Thing in My Life Chapter 327 Confession from Tang Airou Chapter 328 Donation Chapter 329 Even a Cook Chapter 330 Dongfang Yunxin's Call for Help Chapter 331 Treatment of Cancer Chapter 332 You Have to Pay for Seeing a Doctor Chapter 333 Countless Patients Chapter 334 Drag Racing Chapter 335 Out of Control Chapter 336 The Veteran's Sorrow Chapter 337 The Accident Chapter 338 Self-mutilation Chapter 339 Salvation Chapter 340 Rectification Chapter 341 The Sigh of Guijianchou Chapter 342 The Dark Spirit Organization Chapter 343 Cramming for English Chapter 344 Bei Qingtian's Visit Chapter 345 Full Cooperation with Bei Enterprise Chapter 346 Sympathize with Workers Chapter 347 The Coming Departure Chapter 348 A Halfway Strike Chapter 349 Falling Down to the Sea Chapter 350 There Were Only Three People Survived Chapter 351 The Strongest Player in the League Chapter 352 Excruciating Training Chapter 353 The Late of Internal Strength Chapter 354 Strength Testing Chapter 355 Tormenting Training Chapter 356 Ending Training and Going Back Chapter 357 Wang Feng's Daughter Chapter 358 Wang Youran Chapter 359 Defense Ward of the Castle Chapter 360 Injured Guijianchou Chapter 361 The Gap of the Great Void Chapter 362 Always the Best One Chapter 363 Auto Racing Chapter 364 Do Not Make a Repudiation Chapter 365 Intercepting to Kill Chapter 366 An Expert Blackmail Chapter 367 New Training Chapter 368 Killing in the Battlefield Chapter 369 Three Tough Days Chapter 370 Get Deserted Chapter 371 God's Design Shall Not Be Revealed Chapter 372 See the Bloody Stone Again Chapter 373 Be Kind Chapter 374 Fight Against the Dark Spirit Organization Chapter 375 The Battle with the Great Void Chapter 376 A Desperate Fight Chapter 377 Immoral Formula Chapter 378 Back Home Again Chapter 379 Go home Chapter 380 Premature Delivery Chapter 381 The Inner Core Chapter 382 A Way Out Chapter 383 Tang Airou Was in Danger Chapter 384 City Public Security Bureau Was Furious Chapter 385 Revenge Chapter 386 Gather Together Chapter 387 Throw Him Out Chapter 388 Mission Was Completed Easily Chapter 389 A Dog in the Way Chapter 390 Be Proven Wrong Chapter 391 The Duel between People of the Great Void Chapter 392 God-Spirit Death Touch Chapter 393 Save the Master Chapter 394 Do It Desperately Chapter 395 Breaking into the Great Void Chapter 396 The Old Man's Sorrow Chapter 397 Helping to Build Roads Chapter 398 To Learn God-Spirit Death Touch Chapter 399 Accident at Home Chapter 400 Arriving in Beidu Chapter 401 A Fight Between Master and His Apprentice Chapter 402 Deterioration of the Situation Chapter 403 A Trap Chapter 404 Attack by Force Chapter 405 True Features of the Dragon Spirit Squad Leader Chapter 406 Exterminate the Person of the Great Void Chapter 407 Siege Chapter 408 Kill the Former Dragon Spirit Squad Leader Chapter 409 End of Fate Chapter 410 The Merit Monument Chapter 411 Admit the Mistake Chapter 412 Bei Qingtian's Urge Chapter 413 See the Mysterious Strong Person Chapter 414 It Was a Woman Chapter 415 Be Slapped Chapter 416 To Strike Back Chapter 417 Be Beaten Heavily Chapter 418 The Devil Woman's Gift Chapter 419 A Disabled Member of the Dragon Spirit Squad Chapter 420 A Team of Powerful Bodyguards Chapter 421 Have a Try and Run into Me? Chapter 422 End the Earthly Destiny Chapter 423 Cheat Someone Chapter 424 Fall into a Fight Chapter 425 Have a Great Fight Chapter 426 A Class Reunion Chapter 427 Qin Chuanye Chapter 428 Entrap the Fool Chapter 429 A Reunion of Brothers Chapter 430 The Unexpectedness Chapter 431 Return Good for Evil Chapter 432 Weird Tic Chapter 433 Cao Ze in Former Days Chapter 434 Strange Pulse Condition Chapter 435 The Great Opportunity Chapter 436 The God Spirit Sect Met Strong Enemies Chapter 437 A Fierce Battle Chapter 438 Get the Inner Core Chapter 439 Fail to Enter a Higher Stage Chapter 440 Bring His Parents Here Chapter 441 Obscene Master Xuan Yue Chapter 442 Wang Feng's Master Was a Bachelor Chapter 443 Devotedly Cultivate the Breaking Star Fist Chapter 444 Pig Out Chapter 445 Send His Parents Away Chapter 446 The World Company Chapter 447 The Crisis of the Company Chapter 448 Bitterly Disappointing Chapter 449 An Undercurrent Surged Up Chapter 450 Be Suppressed Chapter 451 Yun Meng Came to Visit Chapter 452 The Rich Woman, Yun Meng Chapter 453 Got the Answer Chapter 454 A Major Move Chapter 455 Being Rejected Chapter 456 Fight or Help? Chapter 457 The Strength of Master Xuan Yue Chapter 458 Giving a Hand Chapter 459 The Crisis of Louis Group Chapter 460 Confrontation Chapter 461 Shen Bo Flared up Chapter 462 Being Poisoned Chapter 463 Strong Kill Chapter 464 Strike It Rich Chapter 465 Manifestation of the Effect of Poison Chapter 466 Breaking Soul Chapter 467 Detoxification Chapter 468 Drastic Changes in the Body Chapter 469 Reversal of Cultivation Method Chapter 470 Dangerous Situations Were Constantly Emerging Chapter 471 A Pioneer Chapter 472 Daniel Called For Help Chapter 473 Salvation Chapter 474 Meet Trick with Trick Chapter 475 Subduing the Monster Chapter 476 The Fighting Puppet Chapter 477 Overwhelming Totally Chapter 478 Not Allowed to Die Chapter 479 Extorting Information Chapter 480 Killer Ranking List Chapter 481 A Tough Battle Chapter 482 Bitch Slaps for Bitches Only Chapter 483 Severe Injury Chapter 484 The Tyrant Female Devil Chapter 485 Angry Master Xuan Yue Chapter 486 A Complete Victory Chapter 487 The Past of Female Devil Chapter 488 A Bold Conjecture Chapter 489 Signing Robert Chapter 490 The Visit of Zhi Zhu Chapter 491 Silver Medal Mission Chapter 492 Broken Heart Chapter 493 The Counter Killing in Desperation Chapter 494 The Guess Came True Chapter 495 Great Losses Chapter 496 Strange Spear Chapter 497 Being Demonized Chapter 498 Unstoppable Chapter 499 Let him go Chapter 500 Be Moved Chapter 501 The Blessed Water Appeared Chapter 502 The Horrible Beast Chapter 503 Entrapped Chapter 504 Plunder Chapter 505 Strange Conversation Chapter 506 A Powerful Combination Chapter 507 The Legend of Zhongnay Mountain Chapter 508 Assault the Police Chapter 509 Expelling the Chief Chapter 510 The Distribution of the Blessed Water Chapter 511 Children's Changes Chapter 512 On Zhongnay Mountain Chapter 513 A Fight to Defend the Challenge Chapter 514 The Strong Youth Chapter 515 Challenge Everyone Chapter 516 Easy game Chapter 517 The Yunshen Hammer Chapter 518 Maltreating an Injured Person Chapter 519 A Mistake Chapter 520 Reiki Stone Chapter 521 Demon Qiu Chapter 522 The Top-Grade Reiki Stone Chapter 523 Being Imprisoned Chapter 524 Evanescence Array Chapter 525 Linking the Power of Heaven and Earth Chapter 526 Climbing the Skeleton Mountain Chapter 527 Visited Demon Qiu Chapter 528 Got the Inheritance Chapter 529 A Leapfrogging Challenge Chapter 530 Fighting! Chapter 531 Look! What is this? Chapter 532 Top Master Chapter 533 On The Verge of Death Chapter 534 Reasons for Being Rescued Chapter 535 Reluctant to Show Weakness Chapter 536 The Nine Swords Chapter 537 Fighting Demons with the Sword