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The Divine Martial Stars

The Divine Martial Stars

Author: Luan Shi Kuang Dao, Genre: Fantasy

In the summer of 2017, outside the solar system, some super martial arts clans located in Ziwei constellation wanted to build an unprecedented large-scale tactical transmission route to facilitate their development of the southern galaxy.

However, that route coincidentally passed through the earth, which, therefore, would be demolished. Unfortunately, earthlings had no idea at all except an old faker.

In order to protect the earth and save the whole mankind, the old faker chose a 14-year-old boy, Li Mu, who had no parents, to learn his lifelong martial art skills, and then, he sent him to a low-level martial arts planet in Ziwei constellation and let him use another man’s identity of Taibai county magistrate in the Western Qin Empire. Then the youngest county magistrate Li Mu began his practice alone. Could the 14-year-old boy shoulder such a great responsibility? Could he ultimately protect the earth and save all mankind? What did he experience during that adventure?

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Chapter List
Prologue Volume I On the Alien Planet - Chapter1 The Wrong Person Chapter2 It's Really So Powerful Chapter3 Act as a Fraudulent Substitute for the County Magis Chapter 4 Li Mu Is a Master Chapter 5 A Coward? Chapter 6 Unjust Treatment Leading to a Lawsuit Chapter 7 Rule with an Iron Fist Chapter 8 Third-Rated Master Chapter 9 A Great Shock Chapter 10 Pig-killing Knife Chapter 11 A Scary Pig-killing Knife Chapter 12 Li Mu was Mad Chapter 13 A Complete Victory in Shennong Faction Chapter 14 All People Came Chapter 15 Almost Forgot an Important Matter Chapter 16 Betrayal Chapter 17 Ripping Open the Face Chapter 18 To See You Off Chapter 19 Li Qingtian Chapter 20 The Second Style of Zhenwu Boxing Chapter 21 Internal Qi Chapter 22 Qi Door Chapter 23 The Archery Chapter 24 A Big Man? How Big? Chapter 25 I May Not Control Myself Chapter 26 Someone was Looking for trouble Chapter 27 A Small Ant-Like Reptile Chapter 28 Grip Steel and Turn It into Powder Chapter 29 The True Meaning of Hanging People up and Beating Chapter 30 Wind-Cloud Six Moves Chapter 31 The Way of Changing Looks by Transforming Muscles Chapter 32 The Wind Rose and the Clouds Began to Gather Chapter 33 All Heroes Coming Chapter 34 Mr. Li Escapes? Chapter 35 The Meaning of Implication Chapter 36 Brother Duan Shuiliu Chapter 37 Better Do It Than Wish It Done Chapter 38 All of You Here Are Rubbish Chapter 39 The Dreaming Fascinating Knife Glittering Chapter 40 I would never tell you Chapter 41 Starting with his Dao Chapter 42 Childe Qing Feng · the Clan Which Li Mu Was From Chapter 43 Dao-Drawing Chopping Chapter 44 One Chop that Sent Wu Biao to Death Chapter 45 Sniping Chapter 46 The Power of the Magic Archery Chapter 47 Close Battle Chapter 48 How Sharp the Knife Was Chapter 49 Punch You into Pieces Chapter 50 Netherworld Dao-using Methods Chapter 51 A Huge Monster Chapter 52 A Beautiful Palm Chapter 53 Black Ravens · Barefoot Chapter 54 The History of the Holy Clan Chapter 55 The Fight between the Two Factions Started Chapter 56 The Old Beggar Chapter 57 It Was High Time to Show up Chapter 58 Let Me Make a Brief Introduction Chapter 59 Too Weak Chapter 60 Such a Coincidence Chapter 61 You, Come Here Chapter 62 The Smell of a Big Monster Chapter 63 The Heroic Dream Chapter 64 Blackmail Chapter 65 New Image Chapter 66 The Incrimination Chapter 67 The Taoist Who Could Play Witchcraft Chapter 68 Demon of a Man Chapter 69 Coming here by Riding a Dog Chapter 70 I Missed It Chapter 71 A Big Trouble Chapter 72 The Windy Night Chapter 73 The Hunting of the Flood Dragon Chapter 74 The Magic Arts Chapter 75 Fight-Heaven-shaking Chapter 76 On Impulse Chapter 77 Again on Impulse Chapter 78 Speak in Human Words Chapter 79 Plotting Chapter 80 Who Are You? Chapter 81 This is My Flood Dragon Chapter 82 Flood Dragon Entering the Sea Chapter 83 Is the Demon Spirit Kind? Chapter 84 Chasing and Fleeing Chapter 85 Recover Chapter 86 Cracking Sky Chapter 87 Elder Brother Guo Chapter 88 Heart Heavenly Shoot Chapter 89 Making Trouble Deliberately Chapter 90 The Heartless Scholar Chapter 91 What Kind of Man Li Mu Is? Chapter 92 Chopping off An Arm Chapter 93 I Am at Fault Chapter 94 Vowing to the Stone and the Water Chapter 95 Returning to the County Government Chapter 96 Forcing the Way to the Prison Chapter 97 Regretting Being Too Kind in the Past Chapter 98 Confessing on Your Knees Chapter 99 Giving the Wretched a Taste of His Own Medicine Chapter 100 Cutting the Wrist Chapter 101 An Interesting Game Chapter 102 An Unforgivable Sin Chapter 103 Paying an Accusatory Visit to the County Governm Chapter 104 The Deal of Two Sword Strikes Chapter 105 What Goes Around Comes Around Chapter 106 A Question Everyone Dreading to Think About Chapter 107 A New Maid Chapter 108 Unconventional Ransom Chapter 109 Li Mu's Origin Chapter 110 The Brute Husband Chapter 111 Laying the Groundwork Chapter 112 The Wound On the Heart Chapter 113 The [Magic Sword] Zhao Yu Chapter 114 The Thunder Traction Chapter 115 Ten Times More of Spiritual Qi Chapter 116 Launching a Farming Project Chapter 117 Sticking up for the Weak Chapter 118 Making up the Buddhist Name Chapter 119 Feeling Grief for The Hardship in People's Lives Chapter 120 The Little Monk Killed Someone Chapter 121 Impart Techniques Chapter 122 A Mistery Swordsman Chapter 123 A Superior Master Chapter 124 Patroness, Please Wait for a while Chapter 125 Startling Secret Chapter 126 A Figure More Awe-Inspiring Than the Heartless S Chapter 127 The City of Chang'an Chapter 128 Stunning Female Slaves Chapter 129 Another Mr. Zheng? Chapter 130 A Special Ball Chapter 131 Talking Big Chapter 132 Your Time Is Out Chapter 133 One Used to Say to Me Like This Chapter 134 Why So Fast Chapter 135 Deliberate Chapter 136 Li Mansion Chapter 137 Killing to Enhance Sword Nerve Chapter 138 Searching for Someone Chapter 139 The Rescue Mission Chapter 140 A Great Master Chapter 141 Taoist Magic Arts · Searching Incantation Chapter 142 Taoist Magic Arts · Spirit-Trapping Spell Chapter 143 Smashed with One Fist Chapter 144 I Ask for One Thing Chapter 145 Country Villa Chapter 146 Chang'an City in Shock Chapter 147 A Bold Idea Chapter 148 Timid Chapter 149 The Shack Chapter 150 Throwing Down the Gauntlet Chapter 151 The Epigraph of My Shack Chapter 152 The Musical House Chapter 153 The Opening Day Chapter 154 Poem-Composing Competition (Part One) Chapter 155 Beauty Poem Chapter 156 Prove? Chapter 157 Self-Awareness Chapter 158 Accidental Change Chapter 159 Third Eye Chapter 160 Natural Taoist Figure Chapter 161 Fraud Being Exposed? Chapter 162 Getting out of Line on an Impulse? Chapter 163 Everyone Stupified Chapter 164 Who Was This Amazing Man? Chapter 165 A Startling Realization Chapter 166 Before the Duel Chapter 167 Stronger than Great Master (1) Chapter 168 Stronger than Great Master (2) Chapter 169 Heaven-Sword Celestial Being Chapter 170 Battle on the Fighting Ring Chapter 171 Battle on the Fighting Ring (2) Chapter 172 Fight Ended Too Suddenly Chapter 173 The Mighty Blood Elixir Chapter 174 The Natural Qi Chapter 175 Peeking into the Natural Expert Chapter 176 An Outrageous Request Chapter 177 The Deadly Punch Chapter 178 After the Duel Chapter 179 Got the Cheats Chapter 180 Disaster? Chapter 181 The Head of the Bloody-Moon Faction Chapter 182 The Most Difficult Thing Is to Accept a Beauty's Chapter 183 The Crescent Moon Shining on Jiuzhou Chapter 184 Sudden Change in the Moonlight Chapter 185 An Ingenious Use of the Third Eye Chapter 186 Detoxifying by Feeding Blood Chapter 187 An Unexpected Flirting Chapter 188 Running into Aquaintances Chapter 189 Who Is the Lawmaker? Chapter 190 Giving the Opponent a Chance Card Chapter 191 It Seemed That You Understood Chapter 192 The Opportunity Was Coming Chapter 193 Is It Not a Good Thing to Live? Chapter 194 The Dead Warriors Chapter 195 Geomancy of Earthveins Chapter 196 Getting Prepared Against a Rainy Day Chapter 197 Passing on a Cultivation Method Chapter 198 The Changes of Taibai County Chapter 199 Returning to the City of Chang'an Chapter 200 Internal Qi Chapter 201 Undercurrents (1) Chapter 202 Undercurrents (2) Chapter 203 The Same Fate Chapter 204 Teach Martial Arts · Interesting Scene Chapter 205 The Second Prince Chapter 206 Li Mu Turning into a Natural Expert Chapter 207 Grasping the Bird's Tail Chapter 208 A Powerful Warlock? Chapter 209 Shaking off an Unqualified Opponent Chapter 210 The Top Beauty Competition (Part I) Chapter 211 Invite Li Mu Three Times Chapter 212 Money-burning Game Chapter 213 Exceedingly Beautiful With One Dance Chapter 214 The Unsurpassed Glamor Chapter 215 Not Following the Common Template Chapter 216 A Martial Arts Fanatic Chapter 217 Having the Wrong Idea of Li Mu? Chapter 218 The Top Beauty Competition (Part II) Chapter 219 A Millennium Poem (1) Chapter 220 A Millennium Poem (2) Chapter 221 Won the Title of Top Beauty Chapter 222 Pavilion for Top VIPs Chapter 223 Seven Beautiful Girls Chapter 224 A Girl Called Lu Shengnan Chapter 225 The Fight over a Little Girl Chapter 226 Crush Him by the Way Chapter 227 Going onto the Stage Chapter 228 Receipt of Loan & Provocation Chapter 229 Goddess of Martial Arts Chapter 230 Stamp · Formal Entrance Chapter 231 Great Change · Massacre Night Chapter 232 Rob the Rich to Help the Poor Chapter 233 Murder at Night Chapter 234 The Consequence of Being Wordy Chapter 235 The Spider Shrine Chapter 236 The Arrival of a Turning Point Chapter 237 The Real Marvelous Archery Chapter 238 A Fabulous Nephew Chapter 239 Passing on the Archery Art Chapter 240 The Prophecy Chapter 241 Five Elements Sky-Flipping Seal Chapter 242 Failing to Escape? Chapter 243 A Rising Storm Chapter 244 The Sky-Cracking Punch Chapter 245 Visitors with Ill Intent? Chapter 246 You Can Do It, Too? Chapter 247 A Fox Lady? Chapter 248 Came Chapter 249 Candied Fruit Chapter 250 Go Away Chapter 251 Are You Li Mu? Chapter 252 Samsara Knife Chapter 253 Fate Chapter 254 Su Daji Chapter 255 Celestial Being Realm Chapter 256 His Lordship Chapter 257 The King Under the Moon Chapter 258 Breakthrough Chapter 259 Strangled Celestial Being Chapter 260 So Violent Chapter 261 Golden Fingerprint Chapter 262 Sensation Chapter 263 The Story of the Little Fox Chapter 264 Another Postman Chapter 265 Finally Having a Meeting with Li Gang! Chapter 266 Enlistment of the Rebel Chapter 267 Northwestern Routing Supervisor Chapter 268 The Flying Knife Chapter 269 Intention to Kill Enemies Chapter 270 Give Me the Candied Fruit Chapter 271 Killing with One Move Chapter 272 Four Great Legends Chapter 273 The Magical Secular Sword Chapter 274 The Rival Energy against Star River Chapter 275 Sword Intent Chapter 276 The Last Ace Card Chapter 277 Passing On Cultivation Methods & Zhao Yu Chapter 278 One Style for One Man Chapter 279 Extraterrestrial Devil Chapter 280 Is He Li Mu? Chapter 281 Is The Game Set? Chapter 282 Why So Strong? Chapter 283 You're Welcome Chapter 284 A Supplementary Road Chapter 285 Chain Reaction Chapter 286 Second Encounter with the Old Blind Guy Chapter 287 Beggar Gang in the Northern Song Chapter 288 Just Become a Full-sense Natural Expert Chapter 289 A Few Little Mice Chapter 290 Pass My Words Chapter 291 The Man Named Huang Wenyuan Chapter 292 The Third Letter Chapter 293 The Gale Is Raging and the Storm Is About to Bur Chapter 294 Granny Grey & A Murder Chapter 295 They Are All Frauds Chapter 296 The Last One Chapter 297 I Am Invincible Chapter 298 A Demonstration Chapter 299 Is It Him? Chapter 300 Star Stones Chapter 301 Primordial Stones Chapter 302 Coming for Him Chapter 303 Get Out Chapter 304 You Finally Come Chapter 305 Confused Chapter 306 Being Careless of Wealth but Careful of Virtue Chapter 307 Trying Out the Broadsword Chapter 308 You Lied to Me Chapter 309 Natural Qi of the Five Elements Chapter 310 Cater to His Pleasure Chapter 311 Be Titled as Lord Chapter 312 An Old Acquaintance? Chapter 313 Surprises in a Row Chapter 314 Being Up to No Good Chapter 315 Two Soul Mates Chapter 316 Eagle Beak Cliff Chapter 317 Jiang Qiubai Chapter 318 The One Being Taken Away Chapter 319 Feel Free to Visit Me Again! Chapter 320 Running into An Old Friend Chapter 321 An Ambassador from Spider Shrine Chapter 322 A Blazing Fire Chapter 323 Rebellion Night Chapter 324 Blue Knife Light Chapter 325 The Creature In Universe Chapter 326 Flying Knives Chapter 327 Who in the World Dared to Contend with a Sage? Chapter 328 White Wolves Chapter 329 King of White Wolves Chapter 330 The Taoist Master Chapter 331 A Taoist's Departure From the Mountains Chapter 332 Maelstrom in the Moon-Shooting Tribe Chapter 333 Uncle Chapter 334 The Legendary Man Was Back Chapter 335 Are You Looking for Me? Chapter 336 Two of the Top Sages Chapter 337 A Funny Smell Chapter 338 You Can Talk? Chapter 339 At the Gate of the Everlasting Heaven Chapter 340 The Opening of the Front Gate Chapter 341 Jiang Qiubai's Secret Chapter 342 Leaving the Rest to Me Chapter 343 Invincible Chapter 344 The Clothes Are Gone Chapter 345 Crescent and Three Stars Cave Chapter 346 Master Bodhi's Taoist Field Chapter 347 Somersault Cloud Chapter 348 Ultimate Yin and Yang Cultivation Method Chapter 349 Offering Fuel in Snowy Weather Chapter 350 A Shocking Change Chapter 351 Taoist True Fire Chapter 352 Going Back Chapter 353 Daddy, Hug Chapter 354 Xiaowu Chapter 355 Shuizha Chapter 356 Li Mu's Outlook on the World Falling Apart Chapter 357 Folk Tales Chapter 358 Back to Taibai County Again Chapter 359 Surrounded by Women Chapter 360 Li Mu Rushing to the Rescue Chapter 361 Turning the Tide With the Utmost Effort Chapter 362 A Royal Going on an Expedition Himself Chapter 363 Emperor's Broadsword Chapter 364 Battling the Emperor's Broadsword Chapter 365 The Miracle Creator Chapter 366 A Poem Chapter 367 Alive Chapter 368 The Weakness Chapter 369 Beloved Home Country Chapter 370 Emperors' Fire Chapter 371 You Are Dead Meat! Chapter 372 Going Mad Chapter 373 Vanquishing Chapter 374 Getting Invincible Chapter 375 A Startling Change Chapter 376 Emperor Qin Ming Chapter 377 The World Simmering With Thrill Chapter 378 The Most Stressed Man in the World Chapter 379 Long'er and Her \"Uncle\" Chapter 380 The Request From the Northern Song Chapter 381 Northern Song's Green Hornet Gorge Chapter 382 Reasoning with the Unreasonable Chapter 383 I Do Want to Protect This Fool Chapter 384 The Psychologist Chapter 385 Broadsword Intent Chapter 386 Who Is He? Chapter 387 Hero of the Age Chapter 388 He Is Here Chapter 389 My Name Is Li Mu Chapter 390 He Is Annoying Chapter 391 The Campus Belle Was Worth Less Than a Dog? Chapter 392 You Have Gained Some Weight Chapter 393 Natural Invisible Broken Sword Intent Chapter 394 Natural Way Chapter 395 Registered Disciple Chapter 396 Beggar Gang Conference Chapter 397 The Hero and the Mole Chapter 398 A Seeming Old Acquaintance Is Coming Back Chapter 399 I Am Here to Be Grand Master Chapter 400 The Outfit Made of Human Skin Chapter 401 Li Mu's Strike Chapter 402 The Invincible Broadsword Chapter 403 A Big Surprise Chapter 404 Revealing His Power Chapter 405 Get Back Chapter 406 Purple-thunder Pupil Chapter 407 The Blood Sea Is Coming Chapter 408 Odd Events Chapter 409 Deadly Pursuit Chapter 410 Broadsword Pellet Chapter 411 Tomb of The God of Sin Chapter 412 Having Waited for One Thousand Years Chapter 413 The Number One Expert Chapter 414 Ode to the Gallant Chapter 415 Fighting against the Emperor of the Qin Dynasty Chapter 416 Fighting against the Emperor of the Qin Dynasty Chapter 417 Go to Hell Chapter 418 Invincible Fist Chapter 419 The Top One in the World Chapter 420 Committing Murder Through the Hands of Another Chapter 421 The Devil Inside Chapter 422 Igniting the Powder Keg Chapter 423 (Part I) Breaking the Devil Inside & Early Ascen Chapter 424 (Part II) An Eye For an Eye Chapter 425 Argue Irrationally Chapter 426 Control the Life Chapter 427 Can't Withstand a Single Blow Chapter 428 Sweeping Away and Destroying Chapter 429 The God of Broadswords Chapter 430 Overwhelming the World Chapter 431 I'm a Reasonable Man Chapter 432 Love Confession Chapter 433 Inside the Tomb of the God of Sin Chapter 434 Southern Sky Gate Chapter 435 Why Didn't You Tell Me Sooner? Chapter 436 He Is a Master Chapter 437 Servant Chapter 438 A Robbery Chapter 439 Taking Off the Golden Hoop Chapter 440 Counterattack Chapter 441 Five Villages Temple Chapter 442 Ginseng Fruits Chapter 443 Wrath from Heaven Chapter 444 Trouble Is Brewing Chapter 445 Li Mu Arrives Chapter 446 You Think You've Killed Me? Chapter 447 Getting Rich Chapter 448 Two Options Chapter 449 Bet All on a Single Venture Chapter 450 Secret Land of Magical Power Chapter 451 If You Are Not Afraid of Death, Come and Chase M Chapter 452 Suffer a Lot Chapter 453 Bright Saint Being Chapter 454 Unprecedented and Great Medicine Chapter 455 Light Butcher? Chapter 456 Formation Inheritance Chapter 457 Falling Out Chapter 458 Sinners Chapter 459 Who Is the Next? Chapter 460 Who Answers, Who Dies Chapter 461 A Spent Arrow Chapter 462 Am I Competent? Chapter 463 Immortals' Battle Chapter 464 A Forceful Turn of Events Chapter 465 Annihilation Chapter 466 Squaring Accounts One by One Chapter 467 The True Meaning of Knife-Using Methods Chapter 468 God of War Chapter 469 The Arrival of the Dragon Beast Chapter 470 The End of the Tomb of the God of Sin Chapter 471 Punishment Chapter 472 The Void-breaking Realm Chapter 473 Is He Scared? Chapter 474 The Servant in the Knife Hut Chapter 475 Two Heads Chapter 476 Three More Chapter 477 Visitors from the Mountain Chapter 478 Heavenly Medical Faerie Chapter 479 Asking One What is Love Supposed to Be? Chapter 480 Thirty-Nine Light Years Chapter 481 The Way Back to Home Chapter 482 The One She Had Been Waiting for Chapter 483 A Quiet Departure after the Work Is Done Chapter 484 The Shock of All Parties on Earth Chapter 485 Taking up the Broadsword to Protect Those in Nee Chapter 486 You Wait and See If You Have the Nerve Chapter 487 Qinling Heaven Chapter 488 The Measure of Immortals Chapter 489 Digging up the Coal Chapter 490 Waves of Change Surging Chapter 491 Bays of Being Parents Chapter 492 The World Has Changed Chapter 493 Three Questions Chapter 494 Killing With No Privilege Chapter 495 Holy Speech Sect Chapter 496 The Cooperation Chapter 497 The Engagement Chapter 498 What's Going On? Chapter 499 Master Also Dropping to His Knees Chapter 500 How High Was His Cultivation? Chapter 501 Evil Being Rewarded with Evil Chapter 502 The Situation and the Change Chapter 503 Sentry Post Chapter 504 See Me Slay Demons Chapter 505 True God? Chapter 506 Killing a Thousand in One Day Chapter 507 The Great Man Chapter 508 Divine God Sect Chapter 509 Opening Before the Schedule Chapter 510 You Are Unworthy of This Chapter 511 Taking His Full Swing Chapter 512 The Primordial World Chapter 513 Unexpected Discovery Chapter 514 The Closing of the Heaven Chapter 515 The Four Pictures Chapter 516 Joining Forces Chapter 517 Leak of Inside Information Chapter 518 Revolutionary Means Chapter 519 Angel Sting Chapter 520 Crushing Dry Weeds and Smashing Rotten Wood Chapter 521 Killing the Vicious Dragon Chapter 522 Treasure Houses Chapter 523 An Unrivaled Man Chapter 524 The End—Departure Chapter 525 Bitter Star Chapter 526 The Chaotic Natural Qi Chapter 527 The Moon Dao Sect Chapter 528 The God of Green Lotus Swordsman Chapter 529 Young Master of Guqin and Sword Chapter 530 Desktop Peak Chapter 531 A Silver Figure Chapter 532 A Fair and Square Battle? Chapter 533 An Unexpected Change Chapter 534 100 Meters Chapter 535 Precious Qi of Cyan Lotus Chapter 536 The Situation Is Taking an Upturn Chapter 537 Future Leader of the Fate-defying Sect (1) Chapter 538 Future Leader of the Fate-defying Sect (2) Chapter 539 Face to Face Chapter 540: Who On Earth Are You? Chapter 541 Massacre in Bloom Chapter 542 A Hack in the Face Chapter 543 Engagement Chapter 544 Lending Me Your Broadsword Chapter 545 Actually It's Not That Hard Chapter 546 Arrogant Man and His More Arrogant Broadsword Chapter 547 Becoming a Scapegoat Chapter 548 Sect Master? Chapter 549 Gallant Sword Deployment Chapter 550 The First Match Chapter 551 The Knife Hut Servant Called Wu Ming Chapter 552 Broadsword's Downfall Chapter 553 The Fifth Match Chapter 554 Finally Entering the Void-breaking Realm Chapter 555 Li Mu's Arrival Chapter 556 Wiping out a Sect Chapter 557 Divine Consciousness Chapter 558 The Next One Chapter 559 A Complete Annihilation Chapter 560 Splitting in Half Chapter 561 Divine Bridge Chapter 562 Ghost Cultivation Method Chapter 563 Punitive Expedition