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Supreme Martial Spirit

Supreme Martial Spirit

Author: Luo Cheng Dong Genre: Fantasy

Chen Feng, a man born with no martial talent, stumbles into some supreme dragon blood. From then on, his life changes. Cute Demon Fox Lady, Aloof Queen, Princess of the Divine Tribe, who doesn’t love him?

Chapter 468 A Powerful Woman in Red 2021-02-27 17:30:53
Chapter List
Chapter 1 Five Years of Gravekeeping Chapter 2 Breakthrough After Breakthrough! Chapter 3 Bullying Chapter 4 Who Is Trash? Chapter 5 Select a Martial Skill Chapter 6 The Great Light Palm! Chapter 7 Crazy Breakthrough Chapter 8 A Thousand Kilograms of Strength! Chapter 9 Counter-kill! Chapter 10 Breakthrough! Two Thousand Kilograms of Strength! Chapter 11 Demonic Beasts Fought! Chapter 12 Stealing Spirit Medicines! Chapter 13 Break Through Again! Three Thousand Kilograms of Chapter 14 Kill the Demonic Wolf! Chapter 15 Killing and Seizing Treasures Chapter 16 Chase! Chapter 17 Heavenly Seventh Layer After Death Chapter 18 The Second Level of the Great Light Palm! Chapter 19 Immovable King Ming Seal! Chapter 20 Break Through to the Sixth Level! Chapter 21 Beat Up Painfully Chapter 22 Snake Slash Chapter 23 Snake Blood Bath Chapter 24 Nine Thousand Jin of Strength! Chapter 25 Return to the Sect Chapter 26 Set Up a Stall Chapter 27 Forced Robbery, Huh? Chapter 28 Kill Decisively Chapter 29 Compensation Chapter 30 Outer Sect Market Chapter 31 Medicine Master Pavilion Chapter 32 Senior Sister Han Yuer Chapter 33 Let Her Go Chapter 34 Elder Zhao Chapter 35 Cripple Your Cultivation! Chapter 36 News of the Outer Sect Competition Chapter 37 Yellow Rank 3, Rain Falling and Flying Flowers Chapter 38 Snake Gall Chapter 39 Peak Sixth Layer! Chapter 40 Extremely Dangerous Chapter 41 Fallen Flower Chapter 42 Against Cui Zhenshan Chapter 43 A Punch Exploded! Chapter 44 Flood Dragon Meat Chapter 45 Second Battle! Chapter 46 White Bone Cage Chapter 47 Make a Name for Oneself Chapter 48 White Stone City Chapter 49 Have A Background Chapter 50 Xie Clan Auction House Chapter 51 Sell at a High Price Chapter 52 Mysterious Scrap Metal Chapter 53 Black Golden Vine Chapter 54 Robbery? Chapter 55 BOOM! Chapter 56 10,000 Jin Of Strength! Chapter 57 A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Chapter 58 It's Not Fair! Chapter 59 The Fourth Round! Chapter 60 Ran Yuxue's Nephew! Chapter 61 Crisis Chapter 62 Who Is Trash? Chapter 63 The Sect Master Was Shocked Chapter 64 Qin Mo Ling Chapter 65 Bamboo Mountain Fortune Land Chapter 66 Receive A Task Chapter 67 A Tough Opponent Chapter 68 Rushing Thunder Sword Chapter 69 Instantly Kill Chapter 70 Contempt Chapter 71 It Is Not Too Late for a Gentleman to Avenge Hims Chapter 72 Assassination Chapter 73 An Incomparably Tyrannical Divine Gate Realm Expe Chapter 74 Break Through to the Eighth Level! Chapter 75 The Sinister Chen Feng Chapter 76 Kiwi And Bamboo Fighting Chapter 77 Martial Spirit! Chapter 78 Accidental Encounter Chapter 79 Disdain Chapter 80 Watch Carefully, Who Is the Trash! Chapter 81 Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa! Chapter 82 Shameless Sneak Attack Chapter 83 I'll Wait! Chapter 84 Does Your Face Hurt? Chapter 85 Mirror Breaking Pill! Chapter 86 Exotic Beast Blood Wind Chapter 87 Roadblock Tiger Chapter 88 Kill! Chapter 89 Blood Dropping Human Head! Chapter 90 Rooftop Peak Chapter 91 Three Great Sects Chapter 92 Strong Tyranny Zhao Sanshan Chapter 93 Entering the Bamboo Mountain Blessed Land Chapter 94 Scaleless Snake Chapter 95 Divine Accumulation Fruit Chapter 96 Cyanwood Sect's Siege Chapter 97 Coincidentally Meeting Wang Yun Chapter 98 Betrayal And Betrayal Chapter 99 Forcefully Shaking Zhao Sanshan Chapter 100 Seriously Injured! Chapter 101 Run For One's Life Chapter 102 Be No Match at All Chapter 103 Burn All of Your Blood Essence! Give It Your All Chapter 104 To Live and Die with a Monarch Chapter 105 Fall Into The Abyss! Chapter 106 Dragon Blood Body Tempering! Chapter 107 So Affectionate! Chapter 108 Dragon Blood Transformation! Chapter 109 Dragon Elephant Heaven Battle Art! Chapter 110 Blood-red True Qi! Chapter 111 Kill! The Horned Crocodile King! Chapter 112 Out Of The Valley Chapter 113 Qin Mo Ling Broke Through to the Divine Gate Rea Chapter 114 The King Returned! Chapter 115 Burning Bloodline! Chapter 116 Finished Chapter 117 Devour Chapter 118 Shameless Chapter 119 Giant Silverback Ape Chapter 120 Black Jade Ice Lotus Chapter 121 Ran Yuxue's Conspiracy Chapter 122 Scarlet Dragon! Chapter 123 Extremely Tyrannical Chapter 124 Attack The Divine Gate Chapter 125 Divine Gate Realm, Break Through! Chapter 126 Discarded Martial Spirit? Chapter 127 Dragon Blood Forging Martial Spirit Chapter 128 Shock! Yellow Rank Sixth Stage Secret Realm! Chapter 129 Crisis Hidden Chapter 130 Martial Spirit Divine Effect! Chapter 131 Success! Chapter 132 Zhan Chijiao! Chapter 133 Kill The Scarlet Dragon! Chapter 134 Do You Dare to Kill Me? Chapter 135 Focus Chapter 136 Do You Really Think I Don't Dare to Kill You? Chapter 137 How Could He Be Convinced of Such Injustice? Chapter 138 Chen Feng Deserved It Chapter 139 Three Days Chapter 140 Newly Entered the Inner Sect Chapter 141 You Bunch Of Trash Chapter 142 Lu Chengyun's Provocation Chapter 143 Talent Test! Chapter 144 First Test: Qi and Blood Chapter 145 Deliberately Making Things Difficult Chapter 146 Kneel Down and Beg Me! Chapter 147 I'm Sorry I Hit You in the Face Again! Chapter 148 Golden Meridians! Chapter 149 Great Asura Phantom Chapter 150 Divine Level Talent Chapter 151 Cruel Inner Sect Chapter 152 If He Dared to Say More, He Would Directly Kill Chapter 153 Divine Gate Realm! Chapter 154 Arrogant Su Yi Chapter 155 Ten Seeds Chapter 156 Resisting Three Moves Is Your Victory! Chapter 157 The Power of the Three Dragons! Chapter 158 Look Down Chapter 159 The Second Floor of the Martial Skill Pavilion! Chapter 160 Ling Gangmeng Was Fierce and Invincible! Chapter 161 I Look So Bullied Chapter 162 See You on the Life and Death Arena! Chapter 163 Get Out Of Here! Chapter 164 Tongqiao Acupoint Chapter 165 Are You Looking Down on Me? Chapter 166 Qi Increasing Technique Chapter 167 Kill a Path of Blood! Chapter 168 Under the Martial Spirit, Double the Speed! Chapter 169 Tyrannical Girl Chapter 170 Arrow Martial Spirit Chapter 171 I Will Definitely Avenge You! Chapter 172 Man In Black Chapter 173 Scrap Knife Chapter 174 Bite the Hand That Feeds One! Chapter 175 Strong Gold Body Technique Chapter 176 Heaven Forging Pavilion Chapter 177 50,000 Medium Grade Spirit Stones Chapter 178 Prevention of Demon Refining Cauldron Chapter 179 The First Level of the Golden Body Technique! Chapter 180 Black Iron Body, Xiao Cheng! Chapter 181 A Peerless Treasured Saber! Chapter 182 This Was Also Worthy of Being Called an Expert? Chapter 183 Who Are You? Chapter 184 Black-White Impermanence Chapter 185 One Saber Slash! Chapter 186 Berserk Lightning Slash! Chapter 187 Arrogant City Lord Manor Guard Chapter 188 Grandmaster Ge Dan Chapter 189 Mirror Breaking Pill! Chapter 190 Snobbish Chapter 191 Provocation Chapter 192 Tracking Chapter 193 He Was Actually a Divine Gate Realm Expert! Chapter 194 Despicable And Shameless Chapter 195 Sturdy Woman Chapter 196 Finished Speaking, then You Go to Hell! Chapter 197 Bite the Hand That Feeds One? Chapter 198 On the Life and Death Arena! Chapter 199 Senior Sister Was Seriously Injured Chapter 200 With Just One Move Chapter 201 Great War with Su Yi Chapter 202 Shattered Mountain Fist! Chapter 203 Berserk Lightning Slash, Kill! Chapter 204 Zhao Hu, Come and Fight Me! Chapter 205 Kill Him with One Saber! Chapter 206 Han Cong Is Missing Chapter 207 Earthfire Tempering Chapter 208 A Thousand Degrees! Chapter 209 Golden Body Technique's First Major Success Chapter 210 Soul Breaking Pill Chapter 211 I'll Kill This Piece of Trash for You Chapter 212 Leave The Sect Chapter 213 I'm Going to Kill Chen Feng! Chapter 214 Strange Black Rock Mountain Range Chapter 215 I'm Here to Kill You! Chapter 216 The Tyrannical Zhang De! Chapter 217 Heaven-shaking Saber! Chapter 218 Ying Ziyue Chapter 219 Martial Spirit Upgrade! Chapter 220 Advancement, Two-Headed Willow Chapter 221 Martial Spirit Divine Ability! Chapter 222 Behemoth Battle Chapter 223 Double Serious Injuries Chapter 224 It's a Blessing in Disguise! Chapter 225 Nine Apertures! Chapter 226 So It Was Him! Chapter 227 Kill Chapter 228 Ran Yuxue Appeared Again! Chapter 229 Two Conditions! Chapter 230 Seven Flowers Grass Chapter 231 Noble Pharmacist Chapter 232 Reporting Realm Chapter 233 Who Did You Say Crippled? Chapter 234 On the Life and Death Arena, There Was No End to Chapter 235 Divine Eye Pill! Chapter 236 Dogs Look Down on People Chapter 237 A Palm Strike! Chapter 238 Shocked Chapter 239 Ghost-Faced Blood Ginseng! Chapter 240 Looking for Something, Huh? Please Accompany Me Chapter 241 Tracking Chapter 242 Sneak Attack! Chapter 243 Sparrow In The Back Chapter 244 We've Got Luck Chapter 245 Get Out Of Here! Chapter 246 I Must Be Number One! Chapter 247 Open All Nine Orifices Chapter 248 Everything Was Indestructible! Chapter 249 Senior Sister, Wake Up Chapter 250 Seed Martial Spirit Chapter 251 Deep Affection Chapter 252 Begin the Rookie Ranking Competition! Chapter 253 You're Poisonous, I'm Ruthless! Chapter 254 Wang Jingang Vs. Zhao Kun Chapter 255 Despicable And Shameless Chapter 256 Chen Feng's First Battle! Chapter 257 Kill With One Move! Chapter 258 Another Move Chapter 259 Who Deserves My Second Move? Chapter 260 Fatty With Heaven-Defying Luck! Chapter 261 Within Ten Moves, Yuan Chao Would Definitely Win Chapter 262 Or A Move Chapter 263 Terrifying Shen Yanbing Chapter 264 Hell's Hell Sword! Chapter 265 Who Dared to Save Her? Chapter 266 I Dare! Chapter 267 Mute Uncle Chapter 268 Qualifications for the Family Competition Chapter 269 Tyrannical Lightning Strike, Initial Success! Chapter 270 Admit Defeat Voluntarily Chapter 271 I Will Win Against Chen Feng! Chapter 272 Chen Feng Vs. Yang Jingtian! Chapter 273 Snowflake Martial Spirit! Chapter 274 You're the Only One with a Martial Spirit? Chapter 275 I'll Die With You Chapter 276 Die! Chapter 277 Humiliate My Senior Sister? Leave Your Life Behi Chapter 278 Kill with a Single Saber! Chapter 279 Reward! Chapter 280 Kowtow In Apology Chapter 281 Great Perfection of the First Floor Chapter 282 Poplar Town Chapter 283 I'm A Fat Sheep? Chapter 284 Kill with a Single Saber! Chapter 285 Everyone Was Shocked! Chapter 286 How Dare You Provoke Me? Kill with One Punch! Chapter 287 So What If I Did? Chapter 288 Kill The Bai Clan! Chapter 289 Spy Chapter 290 Ambush! Chapter 291 Heavenly Eye Divine Aperture! Open It! Chapter 292 Breakthrough! Second Floor! Chapter 293 Kill! Kill! Kill! Chapter 294 Tyrannical Lightning Strike! Chapter 295 Kill With One Punch! Chapter 296 Who's Trash? Chapter 297 Kneel Down and Beg for Mercy Chapter 298 Young Master Xie Chapter 299 I Promise You Chapter 300 Sneak In Chapter 301 Kill Them One After Another! Chapter 302 Medicine In Hand Chapter 303 Spiritual Body Condensation Chapter 304 Overlord Axe, Ghost Slaying Sword Chapter 305 300,000 Jin! Chapter 306 Get Out Of Here! Chapter 307 Who Is Blind? Chapter 308 Kill Them One After Another! Chapter 309 Challenge! Chapter 310 Seize A Cave Chapter 311 Move In Chapter 312 Beauty's Worries Chapter 313 Layout Chapter 314 Silence Chapter 315 Yan Clan's Upper Echelons Chapter 316 Acquisition Of Qualifications Chapter 317 Tyrant Lightning Strike, Xiao Cheng! Chapter 318 I'm A Bitch? Chapter 319 Jealousy Chapter 320 Provocation! Chapter 321 Extremely Shocked! Chapter 322 Chen Feng Was Also the Murderer! Chapter 323 Resentment Soared to the Sky Chapter 324 Poison Trap Chapter 325 Saber Intent Chapter 326 Poison Chapter 327 Kill Them All! Chapter 328 Disdain Chapter 329 Yan Qinglan Chapter 330 True Colors Chapter 331 Contempt, Ridicule Chapter 332 Little Bastard, Get Out! Chapter 333 The Entire World Is Enemies, Kill the Bleeding P Chapter 334 Tablet Chapter 335 Breakthrough Again Chapter 336 Get Lost! Chapter 337 Your Master Is Trash, So Are You! Chapter 338 Admit Defeat Immediately! Chapter 339 Does Your Face Still Hurt? Chapter 340 Everyone Was Shocked! Chapter 341 You Are No Match for Me! Chapter 342 Martial Spirit: Iron-clawed Eagle! Chapter 343 Berserk Slash, Die! Chapter 344 Chen Feng, Victory! Chapter 345 Grand Ning City Chapter 346 Chase After Chapter 347 Flee Chapter 348 Surrounding, Desperate! Chapter 349 I'll Kill You First! Chapter 350 Young Master, See You in the Next Life! Chapter 351 Kill! Kill! Kill! Chapter 352 Then Die Together Chapter 353 Behemoth Killing Chapter 354 The Black Iron Physique Had Reached Completion! Chapter 355 Ten Thousand Year Blood Stalactite! Chapter 356 Mighty Elephant Nest Chapter 357 Crazy Breakthrough! Chapter 358 Coiling Dragon Seal Chapter 359 Blood Dragon Claw Chapter 360 Small Completion of Bronze Body Chapter 361 Hand Over All Your Secrets! Chapter 362 Death Battle! Chapter 363 Kill! Chapter 364 You're Not Dead? Chapter 365 The Second Floor, the Seven Orifices! Chapter 366 Comprehension, Hidden Lightning Strike! Chapter 367 I Promised You! Chapter 368 Who Is It? Get Out! Chapter 369 I'm Gonna Do Whatever I Want to You Chapter 370 Insult Chapter 371 Fuck Off! Chapter 372 Then I'll Have to Kill You Chapter 373 The Road Is Uneven Chapter 374 Believe It Or Not? Chapter 375 Then Pull Out Your Saber! Chapter 376 Resentment Chapter 377 Zhang De, Get Out! Chapter 378 Who Are You? Chapter 379 Kill with a Single Saber! Chapter 380 Continue To Challenge! Chapter 381 Zhu Yucheng, Do You Dare to Fight? Chapter 382 Astonishment Chapter 383 Kill! Kill Again! Chapter 384 One Month Chapter 385 Heaven Slaying Divine Dragon Claw Chapter 386 Beast Tide Attacks Chapter 387 Gloomy And Cold Chapter 388 Frame Up Chapter 389 I'll Cripple You! Chapter 390 Despicable Sneak Attack Chapter 391 You Have to Defend Chen Feng! Chapter 392 Within The Black Mist Chapter 393 Soul Devouring Beast Chapter 394 Such A Delicious Soul Chapter 395 You Also Have Today! Chapter 396 Reverse Devour! Chapter 397 Martial Spirit, Advance Again! Chapter 398 Crazy Breakthrough Chapter 399 Submersible Lightning Strike, Xiao Cheng Chapter 400 Giant Python Chapter 401 Fierce Battle Chapter 402 Demonic Snake Trap Chapter 403 Weak Wins Over Strong! Chapter 404 Leaving Qianyuan Sect Chapter 405 If I Don't Kill You, I Swear I Won't Be Human! Chapter 406 You Deserve to Come In? Chapter 407 Do You Dare to Bet Chapter 408 I'm Going to Slap You in the Face! Chapter 409 Undying! Chapter 410 Martial Spirit Amplifier Chapter 411 Secret Vault Chapter 412 Auction House Chapter 413 Bully Chapter 414 Put Them Down! Chapter 415 Kill Him Directly! Chapter 416 Found Him! Chapter 417 Four-legged Flood Dragon Cauldron Chapter 418 Goodbye, Xie Zhuxin Chapter 419 Heavenly Ear Pill! Chapter 420 Communication Jade Talisman Chapter 421 Trap Chapter 422 So Cruel! Chapter 423 So It's You! Chapter 424 Who Exactly Is Courting Death! Chapter 425 All of You Are Going to Die! Chapter 426 Cry Bitterly Chapter 427 Recruitment! Chapter 428 Provocation Chapter 429 Don't Move? Then I'll Slap Him to Death with One Chapter 430 Su Shaoyou, Get Out! Chapter 431 Anger! Chapter 432 Today, I Will Kill You! Chapter 433 How Shameless! Chapter 434 Kill As You Please! Chapter 435 Death Battle Against Su Zhaodong! Chapter 436 Judgment Chapter 437 Slap One's Face Chapter 438 Uninvited Guest Chapter 439 Recruitment Chapter 440 Teach Carefully Chapter 441 Extremely Talented! Chapter 442 Another Female Disciple! Chapter 443 New Year Chapter 444 Breakthrough! Chapter 445 Hidden Lightning Strike, Da Cheng! Chapter 446 All of Them Were at the Great Perfection Realm! Chapter 447 Re-alchemy Body Technique Chapter 448 Flood Dragon Soul Chapter 449 Be No Match at All Chapter 450 Extremely Powerful! Chapter 451 The Fourth Level of the Golden Body Technique, D Chapter 452 Malpractice For Personal Gain Chapter 453 Concealment Breathing Technique Chapter 454 The Great Descending Dragon Divine Fist! Chapter 455 Gravedigging! Chapter 456 The Hatred in His Heart Could Not Be Resolved Wi Chapter 457 Kill! Kill! Kill! Chapter 458 I Don't Dare to Kill You? Chapter 459 I'll Make Your Life Worse Than Death! Chapter 460 Kill Elder Sun Chapter 461 I'm Going to Find Him! Chapter 462 Go to Demon Suppressing Valley Chapter 463 Killing Blade! Comprehension! Chapter 464 Long Zhan Yu Ye! First Glance at the Door! Chapter 465 Dead Silence Chapter 466 Demon Weapon Monster! Chapter 467 Crisis Lurks Everywhere Chapter 468 A Powerful Woman in Red