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Super Urban Master

Super Urban Master

Author: Peng Cheng Wan Li Genre: Magical

A good-for-nothing man married a beautiful girl but was kicked off the bed on the wedding night. Furiously, he wrote a bill of divorce and ran away.

He was schemed a car accident in which he nearly lost his life. However, it turned out to be a blessing. He swallowed the soul that passed through the outer world, thus obtained superb medical skills and martial arts.

Later on, with the silver needles and invincible martial arts, he embarked on the road of counterattacks and was committed to his great dreams.

Chapter 331 Ice the God of Kill 2019-12-12 10:10:13
Chapter List
Chapter 1 Divorce and Leave Chapter 2 Devouring Soul Chapter 3 Return to College Chapter 4 Counterattack of the Trash Chapter 5 Strange Event Chapter 6 Love Letter Chapter 7 Business Talent Chapter 8 First Time Using Needles Chapter 9-Su Xue's Helplessness Chapter 10 Treatment of Anomaly Disease Chapter 11 The School Beauty Got Kidnapped! Chapter 12 Martial Arts Expert Chapter 13-Rescue the School Beauty Chapter 14-Meet Ye Siyu Again Chapter 15-Meet by Chance Chapter 16-Young Master Zuo Chapter 17-Beat Young Master Zuo Chapter 18-Goddess of Inspiration Chapter 19-Being Watched Chapter 20-Teach bludgers a Lesson Chapter 21-Encountering Bandits (part 1) Chapter 22 Encountering Bandits (part 2) Chapter 23-The Fury of the Zuo Family Chapter 24-The Cause of Disease Chapter 25-Test of Strength Chapter 26-The Zuo Family was looking for you Chapter 27-Surveillance Video Chapter 28 The Intuition of Detective Chapter 29-Condition Chapter 30-Escape Chapter 31-Cold Beauty Chapter 32-Zuo Family Was Making Trouble Chapter 33 Su Xue’s Father Chapter 34 Arrival in Beiwei City Chapter 35 The Ghost Valley Chapter 36 Success Chapter 37 The Ghost Sect Chapter 38 Find a Place to Cure Chapter 39 Snatch Evil Yin Pearl Chapter 40 Saving the Beauty Chapter 41: A fight with the rats Chapter 42 – The Evil Yin Pearl Chapter 43 The Powerful Energy Chapter 44 The Seven Evil Machete Chapter 45 Breakthrough to the Second Stage of Martial Culti Chapter 46 Fighting Between Two Sects Chapter 47 Ye Siyu’s Conspiracy Chapter 48 Plunder Chapter 49 Crisis of The Talented Business Woman Chapter 50 Forced Landing on Halfway Chapter 51 Tourist Trap Chapter 52: You Need To Pay For What You Did Chapter 53: His Shocking Method Chapter 54: Barge Into The Zuo Family Chapter 55: What A Powerful Man Chapter 56: Four Great Families Chapter 57 A Disaster caused by a Martial Cultivator Chapter 58 You're Wasting My Time Chapter 59 Li Zhanwu's Intention Chapter 60 Dragon Group Chapter 61 Ma De's Scheming Chapter 62 Can Lang Chapter 63 Killing Can Lang Chapter 64 Running away late at night Chapter 65 Seizing the Cultivation Resources Chapter 66: The Weird Town Chapter 67 Real Manhood Chapter 68 Plunder for the Blood Core Grass Chapter 69 Prince Charming Chapter 70 People from the Divine Doctor's Sect Chapter 71 The Madman Pub Chapter 72: The Pirate Ayte Chapter 73: The Plot against Su Xue Chapter 74. The Fierce Kong Kim Chapter 75 Fighting with King Kong Chapter 76 Killer Du Lang Chapter 77 Unexpected Breakthrough Chapter 78 The Cowardly Pirate Chapter 79 Ye Siyu's Father Chapter 80 Even experts were afraid of a dirty trick Chapter 81 The Differences in Ancient Martial Cultivators Chapter 82 Super Beauties Came to the Little Town Chapter 83 Han Ba's Conspiracy Chapter 84 I Will Turn Those Who Threaten Me into Dead Bodie Chapter 85 Saving the Four Women Chapter 86 Perfection Stage Expert Chapter 87 Injury Chapter 88 Surprises Chapter 89 A Malicious Woman Chapter 90 Cross the Border at Night Chapter 91 Underdeveloped Town Chapter 92 The Baldy's Real Strength Chapter 93 Captain Hawa Chapter 94 The Woman's Thought Chapter 95: Persuading Beauty Ye Chapter 96 - The Girl Who Can't Hide Her Beauty Chapter 97 Sailed Out Chapter 98 The Involvement of An Ru Chapter 99 The Vampire Eagles Chapter 100. Trapped in The Crevice Chapter 101 Ye Siyu Got Injured Chapter 102 Betrayal Chapter 103 Bloody Demon King Chapter 104 Acknowledging the Master Chapter 105 Cultivating the Scarlet Blood Machete Art Chapter 106 The Goddess on the Ship Chapter 107 Hunting the Two Girls Chapter 108 The Six Major Sects Chapter 109 Separation Chapter 110 The Girl Is Indeed Shi Bingying Chapter 111 - Bloody Curtain Came Down Chapter 112 Killing Brother Ali Chapter 113 Killing Hawa (The Fate) Chapter 114 - Six Sects Set foot on the Island Chapter 115 Death Is Coming Chapter 116 Murder by An Insidious Trick Chapter 117 Ruination of Cang Hai Sect Experts (1) Chapter 118 Ruination of Cang Hai Sect Experts (2) Chapter 119 Ruination of CangHai Sect Experts (3) Chapter 120 Burn the Reeds Chapter 121 The Neurotic Woman Chapter 122 Defeat the Perfection Stage Expert Chapter 123 The Husband and Wife Chapter 124 Abducted Two Girls Chapter 125 The Six Sects Suffered Great Losses Chapter 126 Earth Spirit Beast Chapter 127 Crazy Promotion Chapter 128 Strange calmness Chapter 129 Bloody battle (1) Chapter 130 Bloody Battle (2) Chapter 131: Bloody Battle (3) Chapter 132 Remove His Name from the Most-wanted List Chapter 133 The Sky Group Instructor Chapter 134 Beauty's Tears Chapter 135 Selection of Warriors Chapter 136 Establishment of the Sky Group Chapter 137 Qin Hao's Selfish Intention Chapter 138 Tactics to Deal with Qin Hao Chapter 139 Breaking through to the third stage of Martial C Chapter 140 Who said that women were inferior to men? Chapter 141 He Swore to Surpass Instructor Qin Chapter 142 Return to Chang Hai City Chapter 143 Crazy Challenge Chapter 144 Liu Yan angrily struck out Chapter 145 Killed Two People Chapter 146 Rescuing An Ru Chapter 147 Qin Hao Saved the Beauties in Time Chapter 148 Killed the Dwarf Chapter 149 Her Heart with a desire on the bud Chapter 150 The Bullies Went Too Far Chapter 151 The Earth Spirit Beast Reached a Higher Stage Chapter 152 The Horror of Spirit Stage Experts Chapter 153 Little Monster Fought Mightily to Protect Its Ma Chapter 154 Killed the Expert of Spirit Stage Chapter 155 Shi Bingying and the Young Master of Jinwu Sect Chapter 156 Half of \"The Medicine King Scripture\" Chapter 157 Qin Hao's miscalculation Chapter 158 Liu Yan Getting in Trouble (1) Chapter 159 Liu Yan Getting in Trouble (2) Chapter 160 Boiling of the Blood Wave Chapter 161 Kill Qin Hao Chapter 162: Sweeping Across the Stronghold of Western Mount Chapter 163 An Intense War with the Four Ghosts Chapter 164 The Earthshaking Killing Moves Chapter 165 Smile and Savage Evils Chapter 166 Assassinate Qin Hao (1) Chapter 167 Assassinating Qin Hao (2) Chapter 168 Assassinating Qin Hao (3) Chapter 169 A Crazy Mission Chapter 170 Qin Hao Jumped off the Building Chapter 171 Advancing Again Chapter 172 The Earth Spirit Pearl's Advancement Chapter 173 The Fighting Capacity of Little Monster Chapter 174 Killing the Jinwu Sect's Experts Chapter 175 You are not worthy to die in my hands Chapter 176 - The Man in Shi Bingying's Heart Chapter 177 The Man Covered in Blood Chapter 178 Skin Refining Chapter 179 Killing Intent Aroused Chapter 180 Shi Bingying's Letter to Qin Hao Chapter 181 Looking for Shi Bingying Chapter 182 Escaping Late at Night Chapter 183 The First Man of Fake Ancient Martial Cultivator Chapter 184 The War of Life and Death Chapter 185 Because You're Too Ugly Chapter 186 Promotion to the Third Stage of the Late Period Chapter 187 A Fierce Battle with E Guantian Chapter 188 Death of E Guantian Chapter 189 Street Hunting Chapter 190 Tracking and chase Chapter 191 Bare Threats Chapter 192 Rescue Troop Suddenly Arrived Chapter 193 - Ye Jiang the Iron Chain Chapter 194 The Strange Resurgence of E Guantian Chapter 195 - Striking back of Shi Bingying Chapter 196 Qin Hao Showed Up And Attracted Many Girls' Atte Chapter 197: A Shocking and Devilish Youth Chapter 198 The Lowest Limit of Qin Hao, The Regret of Ye Si Chapter 199 Qin Hao was an Imposter? Chapter 200 The Second Assassination Chapter 201 A Helicopter Blown up in the Sky Chapter 202 A Void Stage Expert Chapter 203 Two Peerless Experts Chapter 204 Escape from Death Chapter 205 A Burning Shame Chapter 206 Secretly Returning to the Capital Chapter 207 News that Shock the Dragon Group Chapter 208 Qin Hao is My Shame Chapter 209 To Become Stronger and Stronger Chapter 210 The Glory of Martial Arts Chapter 211 A Food Fight Chapter 212 Qin Hao Must Die Tonight Chapter 213 A Strong Killing Intent Chapter 214 The Attack in the Toilet Chapter 215 Hit the Killer You Ying Chapter 216 You Idiot, Kneel to the Drillmaster Chapter 217 Qin Hao’s Strength is Beyond Human Chapter 218 Call our instructor scum again? Chapter 219 Kill a man named Qin Hao Chapter 220 A Fierce Battle with the One-eyed Man Chapter 221 Real Genius Chapter 222 The Venomous Man Chapter 223 A killer from a kilometer away Chapter 224 The Hatred in Qin Hao's Heart Chapter 225 Gunshot Pierced the Sky Chapter 226 Upheaval Chapter 227 The Challenge Battle Turning into A Life-or-Deat Chapter 228 To Attack the Mu Family Chapter 229 Kill him with just one shot Chapter 230 No one can stop me from killing you Chapter 231 Pitched battle with puppets Chapter 232 Angrily killing two Chapter 233 To Fight or Not to Fight Chapter 234 Upgrading the Little Monster Chapter 235 Embrace In The Dark Chapter 236 Dragon Group Mobilized Elites Chapter 237 Transition to the Peak of Third Stage Martial Cu Chapter 238 The Encounter with Su Xue Again Chapter 239 Horrible background Chapter 240 Sky Group vs. Dragon Group, the first round Chapter 241 Five Minutes to Life and Death Chapter 242 The Knife Is the World, Final Hit Chapter 243 A Fiercer Fight Chapter 244 Slaughter and Reverse Chapter 245 Bloody Counterattack Chapter 246 The Real Dead End Chapter 247 The Fight between Two Beautiful Women Chapter 248 Liu Yan Was in Danger Chapter 249 Grace of Blood Chapter 250 A Tangled Warfare and A Blood “Rain” Chapter 251 The Battle Was Going Fierce. The Killing Was Pro Chapter252 The Real Long Taibai And the Fake Chapter 253 Cursed Saber VS Scarlet Blood Saber: the Final B Chapter 254 Long Yubai Lost An Arm: The End of the Dragon Gr Chapter 255 Long Yubai Kidnapped Shadow Chapter 256 Su Xue Was Kidnapped. Qin Hao Flew into A Fury Chapter 257 Heavy Price: Die Without A Whole Body Chapter 258 Being Sieged Chapter 259 Kill Spirit Stage Master With One Move Chapter 260 Long Yubai's Death Chapter 261 Leng Feng Being Chased Like A Dog Chapter 260 The Death of Leng Feng, the Upgrading of Qin Hao Chapter 263 Shadow: Qin Hao, Tonight, You Belong to Me Chapter 264 Tonight I'm Your Woman. This Life You Are My Man Chapter 265 Su Xue Went to the Semi-Ancient Martial World Chapter 266 To Get the Medicine King Scripture II Chapter 267 I Want to Be A Giant Dragon Soaring in the Sky Chapter 268 The Ending of A Top Master Chapter 269 A Leap Improvement of Skin Refining Chapter 270 Challenge the Sky Group Headquarters Chapter 271 A Provocation Coming to the Door Chapter 272 Let Qin Hao Die in the Sea Chapter 273 The Shame of Being Called \"The Sick Man Of East Chapter 274 A Heart-Stirring Palm Chapter 275 Being Killed at A Single Palm Chapter 276 The Hero Rankings in the Semi-Ancient Martial Wo Chapter 277 Establishing Martial Cultivator League to Confro Chapter 278 Attack Shanxian Town Chapter 279 Traitor Chapter 280 The Scum of Huaxia Chapter 281 Only Dead People Keep Secrets Chapter 282 Aikawa Delegation Were Wiped Out Chapter 283 Invasion of Shaxian Town Chapter 284 A Life-or-Death Battle for Martial Cultivators Chapter 285 Qin Hao VS Monk Kuye; To Decide the Battle by On Chapter 286 Compromise of Monk Kuye Chapter 287 The Back-up of Shaxian Town Chapter 288 A Woman with A Good Figure Chapter 289 The Qin Hao You Want to Kill Is My Man Chapter 290 Shadow Was Captured Chapter 291 An Amazing Treasury Chapter 292 Upgrading for Three Levels Chapter 293 Shadow's Call for Help Chapter 294 Break Through to Void Stage; Become A Fifth Stag Chapter295 If You Can't Accept It, Come And Bite Me Chapter296 The Battle Between Two Masters of Void Stage Chapter 297 Two Void Stage Masters Had Died Chapter 298 Serenity House Chapter 299 The Weird Perishment of Famous Sword Sect Chapter 300 Li Zhanwu Acted Shamelessly to Keep Qin Hao Chapter 301 Going from Urban World to Semi-Ancient Martial W Chapter 302 A Mess on the Wedding of Jingwu Sect Chapter 303 Remove an Arm of Jin Yang Chapter 304 Three Void Stage Masters Sieged Qin Hao Chapter305 Young Man Who Made Everyone Trembled Chapter 306 The Extermination of Jinwu Sect Chapter 307 Gold Wild Lion Chapter 308 First Aid to Ye Tianping Chapter 309 Ye Siyu's Broiling with Envy Chapter 310 The Biggest Secret of the Medicine Sect Chapter 311 Shadow Appeared Chapter 312 Shadow and Ghost Chapter 313 The Strange Vanishing of Qin Hao Chapter 314 Young Geniuses from Three Top Sects Chapter315 Enter a Magic World Chapter 316 Battle Among Geniuses Chapter 317 Upgrading to Middle Period of Void Stage Chapter 318 Plotting Against A Dragon Chapter 319 Expert beyond Divine Stage Chapter 320 The Square Livid Dragon Cauldron of the Medicine Chapter 321 Bloody Demon King Broke Through Chapter 322 Arriving at Hero City Chapter 323 Tough Choices Chapter 324 Two Fierce Battles Chapter 325 A Literal Maniac to Fight against Three Chapter 326 A Breathtaking Finger Chapter 327 Kill Du He with One Finger Chapter 328 Power of the Giant Cauldron Chapter 329 Decision of Two Women Chapter 330 Extermination of Tian Han Sect Chapter 331 Ice the God of Kill