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Reboot: Immortality Cultivation Era

Reboot: Immortality Cultivation Era

Author: Bu Lv Wu Sheng Genre: Magical

When Gao Ge is awake, he finds that he has returned to the earth before the aura reappeared. The world will usher into an era of practitioners soon. Various schools of cultivation and families of ancient martial arts will spring up. As a man who is living a second life, Gao Ge will never let go of the chance to grasp the resources, cultivation methods and treasure places first.

In this era, there are many geniuses and I, Gao Ge, shall be the king of them.

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Chapter List
Chapter 1 Before the Aura Recovery Chapter 2 Come over and Kneel down Chapter 3 Purple Air comes from the East Chapter 4 Thunder Fist Chapter 5 Flee Right After Fronting Chapter 6 Give Me A Kowtow Chapter 7 Wrong Flattery Chapter 8 Mount Duanlong Chapter 9 Sleeping with You? Chapter 10 Tianling Flower and Linghe River Chapter 11 Starting to Seek Death Chapter 12 Too Wonderful for Words Chapter 13 Find A Chance and Kill Him! Chapter 14 You Think It is Human? Chapter 16 Planning on Revenge? Chapter 15 Here Comes the Chance! Chapter 17 Does Karma Travel That Fast? Chapter 18 His Narrow Escape Chapter 19 Ghost Light Snake Chapter 20 Gone with the Wind! Chapter 21 The Giant Galaxy Chapter 22 Quit Being A Namedropper! Chapter 23 A Tree Inside His Body Chapter 24 Hard to Choose! Chapter 25 A-punch Superman Chapter 26 How Did He Die? Chapter 27 The Cultivation Academy in Nancheng City City Chapter 28 The Test About Martial Meridian Chapter 29 Persuading Yue Xincheng Chapter 30 Is His Head Kicked by a Donkey? Chapter 31 Only Fools do not Profit for Themselves Chapter 32 You Cannot Leave! Chapter 33 Ning Shi Chapter 34 Thank God You Are Alright Chapter 35 Each Takes a Step Back! Chapter 36 Go And Find Xia Lu! Chapter 37 The Master Is a Bastard Chapter 38 A Reasonable Man Chapter 39 My Territory Chapter 40 Tough Xia Lu Chapter 41 Three Ancient Martial Arts Families Chapter 42 Why Not Bring Us Something Chapter 43 The Go Game Chapter 44 The Star Field, the Star Map Chapter 45 A Prodigies, A Genius! Chapter 46 Making A Deal Chapter 47 A Fight Begins in A Yard Chapter 48 You Are Here, Buddy! Chapter 49 If You Lie, Your Father Will Die Chapter 50 Throwing Mud Chapter 51 The Marvelous Troop of the Yue Family Chapter 52 Where Are We Going? Chapter 53 Neither Gods nor Ghosts! Chapter 54 Spiritual Body Chapter 55 They Will Come Chapter 56 The Zhao Family Intervenes Chapter 57 They Look Down Upon You Chapter 58 No One Can Stop It Chapter 59 My Man Will Not Lose! Chapter 60 Do What You Want to Do Chapter 61 Stupid Son Chapter 62 As Long as They Come, I Will Kill Them! Chapter 63 The Dragon Court Chapter 64 It Is You Who Are Ridiculous Chapter 65 Tang Jiusi Chapter 66 You Can’t Kick as Well as I Can Chapter 67 A Sensible Man Chapter 68 You Conceal a Lot of Strength Chapter 69 Ning Chuan Shoots Chapter 70 Do You Think He Has Strength? Chapter 71 The Nowadays Young People Chapter 72 Only Friends? Chapter 73 Extermination of the Whole Family Chapter 74 Sell the Yard Chapter 75 The Upper or the Lower Chapter 76 A Quiet Desk Chapter 77 The Power of Life and Death Chapter 78 No One Wants Me? Chapter 79 The Teacher in the Previous Life Chapter 80 Don’t Worry About Him Chapter 81 All Rubbish Chapter 82 I Was and I Am Too! Chapter 83 Be My Boss Chapter 84 The Only One Buddy! Chapter 85 I’ll Do the Bottom! Chapter 86 Wang Zhe is Scared to Tears Chapter 87 You Big Liar Chapter 88 What Did I do? Chapter 89 Horrible New Roommate Chapter 90 The Duel at the Training Field Chapter 91 No Dodging! Chapter 92 I Like the Sun, Moon and Stars! Chapter 93 Basic Operation Chapter 94 You Are Better Than Me! Chapter 95 Mysterious Room Chapter 96 The Old Scholar Refuses to Be Reasonable Chapter 97 Nebulae Surging Chapter 98 I Trust Myself Too Chapter 99 Please Step on the Stage Chapter 100 Sword Wind Chapter 101 You Come Over Here! Chapter 102 Principal’s Ambition Chapter 103 Practice Calligraphy before Practicing Sword Chapter 104 Find a Chance to Kill Him Chapter 105 Catch a Guy Chapter 106 Gao Ge Must Die Chapter 107 Searching All the Time Chapter 108 I’ll Take Half of It! Chapter 109 A Well-educated Man Chapter 110 The Rich Liu Family Chapter 111 Be the Bodyguards Chapter 112 Everything Is a Mystery Chapter 113 Homesick Chapter 114 Until They Are Dead Chapter 115 The Doorbell Rings Chapter 116 The Competition is Too Fierce Chapter 117 Hiding Flowers in the Sleeve Chapter 118 Where is My Sword? Chapter 119 How Do I Know? Chapter 120 Not Dare to Close Eyes in Shower Chapter 121 What Are You Talking About? Chapter 122 Some People Chapter 123 Leave for Suzhou Chapter 124 Do You Believe in Ghost? Chapter 125 Live Broadcasting? Chapter 126 Master Wen Chapter 127 You Are So Good! Chapter 128 Iron Head Kid Chapter 129 Why to Enhance the Capability? Chapter 130 Ablaze with Lights Chapter 131 Soldiers, Armor Chapter 132 Three or Four Hundred Years? Chapter 133 Scheming for a Long Time Chapter 134 A Bedtime Story Chapter 135 Impregnable! Chapter 136 Waiting for Them to Come Back Chapter 137 The Ghost Sect Chapter 138 Five Little Ghosts Chapter 139 The Ghost Worm Chapter 140 Casting Beans That Become Soldiers Chapter 141 Anomaly of the Compass Chapter 142 Master Wen’s Master Chapter 143 Flying Star Sword Chapter 144 Seek for Harmony in Diversity Chapter 145 You Are Too Childish Chapter 146 The Contest Is Around the Corner Chapter 147 I Am Right Here! Chapter 148 Rise of the Planet of the Apes? Chapter 149 Xiao Linran Is Injured Chapter 150 The Sword Wound Is Hard to Heal Chapter 151 Defend and Contend Chapter 152 80 Yuan for One Heavy Hammer Chapter 153 Strength Exposure? Chapter 154 Give the Opponent a Big Blow Chapter 155 Push Him into an Abyss of Disgrace! Chapter 156 A Spent Bullet Chapter 157 I Will Continue Defending! Chapter 158 Pierce Through with the Sword Chapter 159 Gao Ge’s Guess Chapter 160 The Lord Heaven Dragon Chapter 161 Being Expelled Chapter 162 Back in Hometown Chapter 163 To Be Your Father? Chapter 164 Have a Ride! Chapter 165 Treading Heaven Martial Arts Club Chapter 166 Challenge the Martial Arts Club? Chapter 167 The Martial Arts Club’s Owner Appears Chapter 168 Guo An Admits Defeat Chapter 169 Driven to Jiangnan City? Chapter 170 Extermination of the Fierce Tiger School Chapter 171 A Mysterious Girl Chapter 172 Assassinating Yan Xiaomei Chapter 173 To Coordinate with Him? Chapter 174 Throw Away Your Phone! Chapter 175 Go to Dongzhou? Chapter 176 Mount Que and the Heaven School! Chapter 177 The Black Sheep of Killer School? Chapter 178 Have a Clear Cognition Chapter 179 Yan Chao Is Bullied Chapter 180 What a Scumbag Shanzha Is! Chapter 181 Unreasonable! Chapter 182 A Fatal Thrust Across the Neck Chapter 183 The Penalty Hall of Heaven School Chapter 184 Clap Hands for You Chapter 185 Have Faith in the Future Chapter 186 Goodbye! (3) Chapter 187 Crack the Array (4) Chapter 188 Feel Pain (5) Chapter 189 More Hopeful, More Disappointed (6) Chapter 190 An Idiot Indeed (7) Chapter 191 Time Waits for No Man (8) Chapter 192 Taoist Eyes (9) Chapter 193 He Is Your Nephew (10) Chapter 194 Those People? (1) Chapter 195 Are You a Demon? (2) Chapter 196 I Can’t Take This Grievance (3) Chapter 197 My Direct Apprentice! (4) Chapter 198 It Is Not That We Don’t Want to But That We Can’ Chapter 199 The Heaven School’s Helplessness (6) Chapter 200 My Name Is Gao Ge (7) Chapter 201 Is the Heaven School Guilty? (8) Chapter 202 The Security Camera Is Broken Chapter 203 This Is the Lucky Chance (2) Chapter 204 Heaven Devouring Shell! (3) Chapter 205 You Kidnapped Him? (4) Chapter 206 The General’s Residence Chapter 207 None of You Will Be Spared Chapter 208 Dog Stuff Chapter 209 Are You Still Angry Chapter 210 How Dare You? Chapter 211 The Other Spy? Chapter 212 A Big Fan Chapter 213 For Himself Chapter 214 Enemy at the Gate! Chapter 215 I Don’t Know Him and You Can Kill Him Chapter 216 They Are All Dead Chapter 217 He Must Die Chapter 218 Branch of the Dragon Court Chapter 219 Supplement What You Lack with What You Eat Chapter 220 The Second Opening of the Secret Realm Chapter 221 Spring Has Arrived Chapter 222 Show Special Preference for It Chapter 223 There Are Too Many Idiots in the World Chapter 224 The Dragon Court’s Arena Chapter 225 Sort of a Swordsman Chapter 226 A Reward for You! Chapter 227 A Confident Woman Chapter 228 It Feeds on Kids Chapter 229 The Lost Kids Chapter 230 A Magic Array Is Here Chapter 231 Have You Seen My Child Chapter 232 Step Aside! Leave Her to Me! Chapter 233 Remember to Hold It to Sleep Chapter 234 The Early Bird Catches the Worm Chapter 235 The Female Ghost Has Escaped Chapter 236 The 18 Ghost Arhats Chapter 237 Sense of Responsibility Chapter 238 The Unusual Little Girl Chapter 239 You, Go to Hell! Chapter 240 How Is This Possible? Chapter 241 Rakshasa! Chapter 242 A Sealed Book? Chapter 243 A Drag! Chapter 244 Go to the Cultivation Academy Chapter 245 Fetch the Long Sword Chapter 246 Awe-inspiring Sword Spirit Chapter 247 Go to Lijiang Chapter 248 An Old Man and a Young Man Chapter 249 To Steal Others’ Lives? Chapter 250 Remember to Close the Door Chapter 251 What Do They Want to Do? Chapter 252 You Will Become a Fatty Chapter 253 It’s Time to Set off Chapter 254 The Rakshasa Appears Again Chapter 255 There is a Fight Chapter 256 Come with the Sword and Return with the Heads Chapter 257 It’s Freaking Cold! Chapter 258 Snow Terrain & Snow Lotus Chapter 259 Run! Chapter 260 Is He Having a Sunstroke? Chapter 261 Mountain Hare & Snow Snake Chapter 262 Not Wasting at All Chapter 263 We Can’t Go There Chapter 264 Please Fight Against the Enemies Yourself! Chapter 265 Ke Xia Has to Die Chapter 266 Xiaoshan Sword Sect? Chapter 267 Sword Spirit Surges Chapter 268 I Want to Join the Dragon Court Chapter 269 The Heat Is Too Strong Chapter 270 Here Come the Bears Chapter 271 The Spendthrift Girl Chapter 272 Gao Ge’s Guess Chapter 273 Statue of Shennong Chapter 274 Apprentices of the Shadow School Chapter 275 I Don’t Exchange It Chapter 276 The Snow Eagle Swoops Chapter 277 A Massive Avalanche Chapter 278 Changcao Hall Chapter 279 I Will Go Into the River First Chapter 280 They Fight With the Beast in the Water Chapter 281 There Is More Than One Beast Here Chapter 282 A Magic Array Chapter 283 Start Digging Chapter 284 The Verve of the Changcao Hall Chapter 285 Gao Ge Enters the Changcao Hall Chapter 286 No Way Back? Chapter 287 Above the Ice and Under the Ice Chapter 288 Take a Trip in the Palace of Hell Chapter 289 Reproduction of the Chopped-off Arm Chapter 290 About Those People? Chapter 291 Dragon Killers Chapter 292 I’m Not Your Brother! Chapter 293 You Don’t Know Me Chapter 294 False Display of Affection Chapter 295 He Feels So Annoyed Chapter 296 She Should Save Face for Her Man Chapters 297 They Look For Yue Xincheng Chapter 298 It Has A Heavy Murderous Look Chapter 299 God Bless Our Xiaoshan Sword Sect Chapter 300 You Are Just a Firebrand Chapter 301 Does Song Rong Want to Show His Respect by His D Chapter 302 I Am Stronger Chapter 303 He Has My Style Chapter 304 I Have a Bold Idea Chapter 305 Wood Dragon Is Wounded Chapter 306 Half-Step Grand Master Chapter 307 We Are Colleagues Now Chapter 308 Qingrou Is Gone Chapter 309 So into Fantasizing? Chapter 310 Go at the White Dragon Sect Chapter 311 Jinx of the Field of Immortal Cultivation Chapter 312 Leader of Team Four Chapter 313 2,000 Merits Chapter 314 Gongshu Jie Chapter 315 New Team Four Chapter 316 They Are the People That the Dragon Court Can Tr Chapter 317 They Reach the Haicheng City Chapter 318 I Want to Beat Him Chapter 319 I Have to Leave Chapter 320 Giving up Qingrou to Protect the School Chapter 321 The Army Against the Willow Sect Chapter 322 I Am Her Man Chapter 323 You Are Shameless Chapter 324 How Do You Know That I Am Suitable Chapter 325 Those Who Stop Me Will Be Killed by Me Here Chapter 326 Then Close Your Eyes! Chapter 327 Are You Okay or Not Chapter 328 Not Feel at Ease Chapter 329 Storm Pear Flower Needle Box Chapter 330 Bite Me? Chapter 331 They Are So Funny Chapter 332 Isn’t It Nice to Live Indolently Chapter 333 Destination Chapter 334 The Sightseeing Tour Chapter 335 Cannot Be More Careful Chapter 336 I Don’t Forgive Her Chapter 337 This Is Huaxia! Chapter 338 I’m Willing Chapter 339 Then They Will Die Chapter 340 A Rare Beast That Can Come with a Vision Chapter 341 The Rare Beasts in the Black Fog Chapter 342 I’m Going to Save My Teacher Chapter 343 It Is Not Invincible Chapter 344 What Are You? Chapter 345 I Have Tried But I Can’t Beat It Chapter 346 Rise to the Sky Chapter 347 Love Is a Light Chapter 348 Can’t Stand It Anymore Chapter 349 Resolve to Beat You Up! Chapter 350 This Jackass! Chapter 351 Falling Fast Chapter 352 Armor Hero! Chapter 353 Thunderbolt, Come! Chapter 354 Share It Together Chapter 355 Possessed by Ghost Chapter 356 I’ll Go with You Chapter 357 A Copper Mirror Chapter 358 What the Hell Chapter 359 I’m Risking My Life Chapter 360 The People Who Raise Dragon Chapter 361 Cough the Lung Out Chapter 362 You’ll Be Disappointed Chapter 363 People May Die Chapter 364 Treating All Fairly Chapter 365 Sovereign of the Xiaoshan Sword Sect Chapter 366 I’d Be Disappointed Chapter 367 Nirvana in Fire Chapter 368 Get Ready Chapter 369 I’ll Take Revenge for You Chapter 370 A Tale of Woe Chapter 371 No Need to Be That Big Chapter 372 Are They Cheating Chapter 373 Die in Humiliation Chapter 374 Can’t Die in Vain! Chapter 375 See Through the Gate of Vitality Chapter 376 Please Go to Hell Chapter 377 The Only One Chapter 378 Come With the Sword Chapter 379 The Sword Can’t Hold On Chapter 380 You Should Have Killed Me Chapter 381 Storm Pear Flower Needle Box! Chapter 382 Die with No Regret Chapter 383 Zhang Li’s Request Chapter 384 Not Afraid to Die Outside? Chapter 385 Teacher’s Order Shall Not Be Disobeyed Chapter 386 Reasonable People Chapter 387 Lord Dragon King Chapter 388 Go to See Pandas Chapter 389 Pandas Eat Human Beings? Chapter 390 What Is This? Chapter 391 Possessive of Your Food Chapter 392 His Incomparably Noble Ideological Awareness! Chapter 393 Become Well as Before Chapter 394 Break Into the Operating Room Chapter 395 Save My Son! Chapter 396 Stand Aside and Watch Others Die Chapter 397 Disadvantaged Groups? Chapter 398 Yang Zheng Feels Embarrassed Chapter 399 Take What I Should Gain Chapter 400 Give Play to the Remaining Energy Chapter 401 Are You Shocked? Chapter 402 The Explosive Sound Chapter 403 Three Ghost Kings Chapter 404 Frustrated Chapter 405 I Was Kidding Chapter 406 Go Somewhere Else Chapter 407 Jackass! Chapter 408 Because They Don’t Know Each Other Well Chapter 409 Here They Come! Chapter 410 So Many Bodyguards? Chapter 411 Trespass! Chapter 412 Beat the Mosquito with Archibald Chapter 413 The Capable One Appears Chapter 414 You Leave First Chapter 415 Go to Black Market! Chapter 416 You Are a Rogue Cultivator? Chapter 417 It’s So Funny Chapter 418 You Are So Unbelievable Chapter 419 Pursue Taoism through Painting Chapter 420 The Helicopter Takes off Chapter 421 You Have More? Chapter 422 Disappear into Thin Air? Chapter 423 Who Dares to Stop Me Chapter 424 Is She As Impulsive As Me? Chapter 425 Xuan Siyu Chapter 426 Here Come People of the Xiaoshan Sword Sect? Chapter 427 The Auction in the Black Market Chapter 428 So Damn Rich Chapter 429 Feel Free to Challenge Me! Chapter 430 Bronze Mirror Again Chapter 431 Another Bronze Mirror Chapter 432 Dragon Killer Again Chapter 433 The Damned Xiaoshan Sword Sect Chapter 434 Hypocrite Chapter 435 Swordlord Ming Xing Is Angry Chapter 436 I Have Proof! Chapter 437 Kill Them All! Chapter 438 Reap the Fruits Behind Chapter 439 Mental Conflict Chapter 440 The Grand Sight Chapter 441 Slightly Better Chapter 442 Not Us Chapter 443 A Delicate Touch Chapter 444 Death Struggle Chapter 445 Return It to Me Chapter 446 His Favorite Chapter 447 Complicated and Puzzling Chapter 448 The Dragon Court Compound Chapter 449 Stop Dissing Me Chapter 450 The Conjugal Love Chapter 451 The Greatest Pride Chapter 452 They Are Heroes Chapter 453 As Silent as the Grave Chapter 454 I’ll Leave Then Chapter 455 Water Dragon’s Solution Chapter 456 Golden Monkey Town Chapter 457 Can They Feel Okay to Spend It? Chapter 458 Is It Hilarious? Chapter 459 Make Any Call As You Wish Chapter 460 I’ll Challenge You! Chapter 461 Mere Trifle Chapter 462 The Best for Her Chapter 463 I Want to Be a Cultivator! Chapter 464 Meet Tang Jiusi Again Chapter 465 Hew the Mountain to Rescue Mother Chapter 466 Ancient Temple atop the Mound Chapter 467 The Pass in the Mound Chapter 468 Doudou’s Jitters Chapter 469 This Is Fantasy Land Chapter 470 It Is Not Dead Yet Chapter 471 Here Comes a Monster! Chapter 472 Stupid Thing Chapter 473 Instrument Spirit of the Bronze Mirror Chapter 474 Fox Spirit? Chapter 475 Only Me! Chapter 476 Good Fox, Come inside Yourself Chapter 477 In Your Dreams Chapter 478 Take away the Golden Monkey Chapter 479 Traitor of the Dragon Court Chapter 480 Make Smoke Rings Chapter 481 Tang Village Chapter 482 He Has Never Been Defeated! Chapter 483 It Can Speak? Chapter 484 The Shao Family and Tang Family Chapter 485 You Are Right! Chapter 486 Is She Pretty Chapter 487 To Be My Brother-in-law? Chapter 488 The Monster Essence Chapter 489 Bring the Fox Spirit Under Control Chapter 490 The Soul Is Hurt Chapter 491 It Doesn’t Make Sense Chapter 492 The Fox Spirit’s Killing Intent Chapter 493 I’m So Sorry Chapter 494 Meow Chapter 495 Meow Chapter 496 A Peculiar Perspective Chapter 497 I Finally Find You Chapter 498 Can I Trust You? Chapter 499 Catch fleas Chapter 500 Help Him Go to Hell Chapter 501 What Was Going on Between You and the Ghost Sect Chapter 502 Is He so Generous? Chapter 503 In This Hotel? Chapter 504 Someone Jumps into the Lake Chapter 505 Jump Down Chapter 506 Raising Ghosts in Water Chapter 507 Kill Me Chapter 508 There You Are? Chapter 509 Halt! Chapter 510 Why Did You Save Me? Chapter 511 He Doesn’t Even Know How to Carry the Can Chapter 512 Not Anymore After Today Chapter 513 Flying Boat Chapter 514 Apply for Resigning from the Dragon Court! Chapter 515 Heaven Dragon Is Here Chapter 516 Today I’ve Reached the Realm of Master! Chapter 517 Fight Against Heaven Dragon! Chapter 518 Here Comes the Illusion! Chapter 519 Wait for Me Chapter 520 You Are Too Young Chapter 521 So Reckless Chapter 522 Where Is He Chapter 523 Be Stuck with Me Chapter 524 Her Father Is Dead Chapter 525 The He Family in Shanxi Chapter 526 The Remains Are Scarcely Cold Yet Chapter 527 Turn to Your Teacher When Being Bullied Chapter 528 Are You Afraid Chapter 529 I Trust Him Chapter 530 Why Are You So Insensible? Chapter 531 In Case of Anything Unexpected Chapter 532 Stop Persuading Me! Chapter 533 You Are So Disappointing! Chapter 534 Who Are You Chapter 535 Get Blood out of a Stone Chapter 536 We Don’t Need Rubbish Chapter 537 His Words Are Reasonable Chapter 538 Rope Me in? Chapter 539 He Will Be Fine Chapter 540 Who Dares to Escape Chapter 541 Mock Him Chapter 542 Have Regard to the Father When He Is Alive Chapter 543 The Suspicious Position Chapter 544 Shame on Whom? Chapter 545 The Zhao Family Chapter 546 He Has Seen A Lot Chapter 547 The Young Nowadays Chapter 548 The Second Surprise Chapter 549 The Master in Poison Chapter 550 You Leave Chapter 551 The Dying Person Chapter 552 I Thought You Didn’t Fear Death Chapter 553 Kill Him! Chapter 554 Something Is Wrong in Jiangnan City Chapter 555 He Won’t Feel Glad to Hear That Chapter 556 It’s Not Your Right to Interfere Chapter 557 You Know About the Poison Sect? Chapter 558 Zhao Xing’s Big Heart Chapter 559 An Acquaintance Chapter 560 The Mandrill Becomes a Spirit Chapter 561 You Can’t Make an Omelet Without Breaking Eggs Chapter 562 I’ll Take Half of It Chapter 563 The Poison Sect and the Book of Poison Chapter 564 They Are All Braised Chapter 565 Take It Easy Chapter 566 Who Killed My Son? Chapter 567 A Massacre Chapter 568 The Red-eyed Hare Chapter 569 Deal with the Mandrill