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My campus belle wife

My campus belle wife

Author: Liang Shao Genre: Romance

Luo Feng, the strongest soldier in the Army, now returns to the city. He becomes a transfer student of Zijing Junior High. What are his intentions? No one knows.

Chapter 468 Last Lesson 2021-02-27 11:37:49
Chapter List
Chapter 1 Robbed by a beauty Chapter 2 They were all very unprofessional! Chapter 3 It's not good to be a hero to save a beauty Chapter 4 Boss, I'm sorry Chapter 5 This jumper is kind of cool Chapter 6 Well, there's no need Chapter 7 Eat yours or mine Chapter 8 Don't kneel in front of a man Chapter 9 Kick flying Chapter 10 Beautiful Teacher Jun Lianmeng Chapter 11 It's Just English Chapter 12 Reject A Beauty Chapter 13 Bullshit Chapter 14 Where Is the Cesspool Chapter 15 Bullshit! Chapter 16 I'm Really Blind Chapter 17 I'm A Soldier Chapter 18 Lawless Chapter 19 Spit It Out and I'll Pay for It Chapter 20 Incomparably Tyrannical Chapter 21 What Are You Looking For Chapter 22 Cousin Chapter 23 Invitation Chapter 24 Brother Has Seen Through Everything Chapter 25 Thank You for Your Impunity, Director Huang Chapter 26 Saber Player Chapter 27 I Really, Really Can't Drink It Anymore Chapter 28 Military Body Fist Chapter 29 Do You Want to Break into the Zhang Clan Again Chapter 30 Grandpa And Grandson Chapter 31 Accompany Me on a Night Trip to the Pearl River Chapter 32 What a Mess Your Circle Is Chapter 33 A Sudden Killing Intent Chapter 34 Methods Chapter 35 Offend The Leader Chapter 36 End Of Exam Chapter 37 Men's Battle Chapter 38 Grandpa Wants to See You Chapter 39 Meet An Old Friend Chapter 40 There Was a Sword in My Heart Chapter 41 King of Tremors All Over the World Chapter 42 Cen Jingshu Chapter 43 I Am Also Unreasonable Chapter 44 Come Up Here and Cripple Me Chapter 45 Mysterious Black Fox Chapter 46 Big Swindle Chapter 47 Happy Birthday, Soybean Milk Fried Dough Sticks Chapter 48 No Chapter 49 Are You Kidding Me Chapter 50 Eight Essences Of Yangcheng Chapter 51 World Killer Star Rankings Chapter 52 Traveling with the United States Chapter 53 A Bunch Of Bumpkins Chapter 54 Please Go Out Chapter 55 Who Touched My Piano Chapter 56 A Beautiful Misunderstanding Chapter 57 A Vow Of Love Chapter 58 I Want to Hear You Play the Piano Chapter 59 There Are Tombstones in the North Sea Chapter 60 Bloodbath Knife Chapter 61 The King of Hell Wants You Dead at Midnight Chapter 62 Renewed Conflict Chapter 63 Play the Jackal to the Tiger Chapter 64 Her Smile Was Brilliant Chapter 65 Her Smile Was Very Sad Chapter 66 Whether a Donkey Or a Horse Is Known by Slipping Chapter 67 Tyrannical Hegemon Is Not Convinced Chapter 68 School Flower Chase Chapter 69 Young Miss' Campus Bodyguard Chapter 70 The Male God Also Knows Medicine Chapter 71 Debt Collection Chapter 72 Sounds Like You're Famous Chapter 73 Wasn't This Guy Scared Silly? Chapter 74 Love Letter Chapter 75 Fifth Young Master of Bauhinia Chapter 76 They're Gonna Hit Me Chapter 77 Touch His Brother, Cut off His Future, Steal His Chapter 78 Unpardonable Evil Chapter 79 A Piece Of Advice Chapter 80 Good Job Chapter 81 Dad Chapter 82 Don't Tell Brother Feng Chapter 83 Seventeen People Chapter 84 Dogs Look Down on People Chapter 85 The Thunderous Rumbles of the Classroom Chapter 86 The Rage of the Abyss Devil Chapter 87 Tiao Fan Wushu Club Chapter 88 That Guy Looks Like Luo Feng Chapter 89 The Serious Violence in the History of Bauhinia Chapter 90 Must Be Fired Chapter 91 Help Chapter 92 The Cost Of Growth Chapter 93 I Like You Chapter 94 Unexpected Call Chapter 95 As Heaven's Movement Is Ever Vigorous, So Must a Chapter 96 Call Check Fee Chapter 97 Where the Hell Are You Chapter 98 Tracking Chapter 99 Lifeseizer Chapter 100 He Actually Wanted to Act Tough Chapter 101 Devastate Chapter 102 The Heroine's Words Are Irrevocable Chapter 103 Be So Melancholy That You Want to Cry Chapter 104 Your Face Is Too Ugly Chapter 105 Life Is Like the First Sight Chapter 106 I'm Your Little Bag Chapter 107 Martial Artist Level Chapter 108 Power Of Nine Cauldrons Chapter 109 It's A Big Deal Chapter 110 I Heard It's Called Luo Feng Chapter 111 The Layman Speaks Nothing but Layman's Tongue Chapter 112 Write A Scroll Chapter 113 Beauty Care Chapter 114 Hua Tuo Jiuwei Xian Tang Chapter 115 Luo Feng's Goddess Bodyguard Chapter 116 Miracle Chapter 117 Tell A Joke Chapter 118 You're Going to Be Rich Chapter 119 Go for Wool and Come Back Shorn Chapter 120 Legend of the Tilted Neck Tree Chapter 121 Nine Flavors Immortal Decoction Chapter 122 A Car Accident Chapter 123 A Bunch Of Lunatics Chapter 124 Final Battlefield Chapter 125 Hunters And Prey Chapter 126 It Was Early Chapter 127 Have You Ever Tried a Fist That Weighs Five Hund Chapter 128 To Actually Touch Porcelain Chapter 129 Get Fired Chapter 130 Genius Rankings, Xuanyuan Rankings Chapter 131 Don't Throw Rubbish Around Chapter 132 Drunkenness Chapter 133 Inferior To Birds Chapter 134 Teacher Jun Wants to Kill People and Silence The Chapter 135 Reminder Chapter 136 Forcibly Discharged From Hospital Chapter 137 Villainous Behavior Chapter 138 Life-threatening Peach Blossom Chapter 139 Black Earth Group Chapter 140 Little Zhengtai in the Car Chapter 141 Play Cards Chapter 142 Your Father Is Ying Zheng? Chapter 143 Zheng Taihao and His Future Cousin Brother-In-La Chapter 144 Jiang Tianya Chapter 145 A Sect Master Fell from the Sky Chapter 146 Three Sects, Five Sects, Nine Sects Chapter 147 He Suddenly Felt So Pitiful Chapter 148 Return Journey Chapter 149 Collect Debts At Home Chapter 150 Guarding You Once Chapter 151 Correct Use of Plate Bricks Chapter 152 Take The Back Door Chapter 153 Make A Bet Chapter 154 End Of The Road Chapter 155 Deskmate Chapter 156 Brother Touche, Who Was About to Go Berserk Chapter 157 Danger Chapter 158 Please Chapter 159 Emergency Rescue Chapter 160 Humiliate Chapter 161 A Bolt Of Lightning Chapter 162 Five Minutes of Life and Death Chapter 163 Textbook Bomb Disposal Chapter 164 Clean Up The Aftermath Chapter 165 Sister Also Saw Through It Chapter 166 Black Owl Chapter 167 Boss's Boss Chapter 168 Clear The Field Chapter 169 I'm Going to Go Wild Chapter 170 Barge In Forcefully Chapter 171 Benefactor Chapter 172 Tyrannical President Chapter 173 Fight Me Chapter 174 You Really Can't See Chapter 175 Finally Waiting For You Chapter 176 Pain Can Be Contagious Chapter 177 I Told The Teacher Chapter 178 Hongmen Feast Chapter 179 Fire Flames Chapter 180 Telephone Chapter 181 Play A Game Chapter 182 Get Lost Chapter 183 Make Things Difficult Chapter 184 King of Hell's Heavenly Might Chapter 185 Descended Like A God Chapter 186 Better Die Chapter 187 I Was Kidnapped Chapter 188 Suspending the Black Fox Gang Chapter 189 Sovereign Under Heaven Chapter 190 I Was Really, Really Kidnapped Chapter 191 Agree To Meet Chapter 192 A Rustling Iron Face Chapter 193 Jiang Di Clan Chapter 194 Invite Chapter 195 None Chapter 196 What Qualifications Do You Have to Stand Here Chapter 197 Third Young Master Jiang's Distinguished Guest Chapter 198 Do You Mean to Fight for Wealth Chapter 199 Orphanage Chapter 200 This Is Our Home Chapter 201 Whose Slap Chapter 202 A Pa Pa Pa Pa Sound Chapter 203 Don't Be Afraid Chapter 204 Luo Feng's Neighbors Chapter 205 Battle Of Geniuses Chapter 206 Good News, Bad News Chapter 207 5-Star Hotel Chapter 208 The Last Single Seedling Chapter 209 Plunder the Rich to Help the Poor Chapter 210 May You Have Mercy on My Dreams Chapter 211 Testify Chapter 212 Skeletal Abyss Chapter 213 Fourth Young Master of Bauhinia Chapter 214 Fuck Him Chapter 215 Cousin, Someone Hit Me Chapter 216 Take the Initiative to Attack Chapter 217 Charitable Auction Chapter 218 Auction Of Steamed Bun Chapter 219 Slap One's Face Chapter 220 Someone Who Shouldn't Have Come Chapter 221 Strong Dragon Crushes Earth Snake Chapter 222 This Is Your Misfortune Chapter 223 Perfect Chapter 224 Swagger Away Chapter 225 If I Don't Go, I'll Be Wasted As a Son of Man Chapter 226 You're Touching My Bottom Line Chapter 227 The Beginning Of Revenge Chapter 228 Defend One's Homeland Chapter 229 Strike Chapter 230 Rescue Operation Chapter 231 Kick Away Chapter 232 Coexistence Chapter 233 Skeletal Killer Chapter 234 When the Killer Meets the King of Hell Chapter 235 Black Fox Appeared Chapter 236 Black Fox True Body Chapter 237 The Collapse of a Building Chapter 238 It's Steamed Chapter 239 Seven Abyss Corrupt Sect Chapter 240 Who on Earth Are You Chapter 241 I'm Here to Deliver a Gift Chapter 242 Tutorial Chapter 243 Mr. Jun Chapter 244 When I Get Back and Kill Him Chapter 245 Fusion Form Leopard Fist Chapter 246 Eldest Senior Brother Hou Sai Lei Chapter 247 Come on, a Thief Who Leaves As Soon As He Says Chapter 248 The Tournament Began Chapter 249 Purple Gift Chapter 250 And Make It Unpleasant to Watch Chapter 251 A Freak Chapter 252 Jianghu Has My Legends from Now on Chapter 253 Four Generations in the Same Hall Chapter 254 Everything Is of Inferior Quality Chapter 255 Run Away From Home Chapter 256 Protection Tasks Chapter 257 General Assembly Chapter 258 Make a Fool of Oneself in Public Chapter 259 Work Together Chapter 260 Bad Luck, Huh Chapter 261 Give Me Face Chapter 262 Three-day Battle Pact Chapter 263 Investigate Luo Feng Chapter 264 See If He Chooses Chapter 265 Latent Crisis Chapter 266 Jiang Tianya Arrived Chapter 267 Let's Wait And See Chapter 268 Men Volunteer, Horses Trample on the World Chapter 269 Ying Is Coming Chapter 270 Answer Chapter 271 It Came So Fast Chapter 272 A Teaching War Chapter 273 Here We Go. Here We Go Chapter 274 You Can Give Face, but You Have to Fight for It Chapter 275 Break A Hundred Meetings Chapter 276 What Is A Genius Chapter 277 Am I Getting This Face Chapter 278 Eavesdropping And Surveillance Chapter 279 Suspects Chapter 280 Next Monday Chapter 281 Dry Up Chapter 282 Classroom Borrowing Dad Chapter 283 Be Beaten Up Chapter 284 There Are Some Things That I Can't Bear Chapter 285 Martial Scoundrel Luo Feng Chapter 286 Come And See Me Chapter 287 A Sensational Display of Bauhinia Chapter 288 Boss Chapter 289 Peerless Jade Rakshasa Chapter 290 Old Tang Cried Out in Fright Chapter 291 One Day Chapter 292 Rumors Of Son-in-law Selection Chapter 293 Unexpected Help Chapter 294 Big Bad Chapter 295 A Runaway Princess Chapter 296 A Repeat of the Plot Chapter 297 Uneasy Chapter 298 Explosive News Chapter 299 Stir Up a Thousand Waves with One Stone Chapter 300 Anti-Peak Alliance Chapter 301 Warm Heart Chapter 302 Please Forgive Me for Not Being Able to Do It Chapter 303 I Can't Say Goodbye Chapter 304 I Won't Let You Go Chapter 305 Three Days Chapter 306 The Autumn Wind Has Passed Chapter 307 I Just Want to Say One Thing Chapter 308 No One Dared to Stop Him Chapter 309 Prepare A Counterattack Chapter 310 It's Time To End Chapter 311 The Finals Came on Stage Chapter 312 Plead For The People Chapter 313 To My Teacher, Jun Lianmeng Chapter 314 An Iron Fact Chapter 315 Say Sorry Chapter 316 I Don't Dare Chapter 317 Can't Leave Chapter 318 Give Me a Hug That's Not Afraid of Being Snapped Chapter 319 A Stingy Man Chapter 320 Don't Covet Three Seconds of Happiness Chapter 321 Tang Da'er's Tough Life Chapter 322 He Is Ye Xingchen Chapter 323 To Hold One's Head High Chapter 324 A Man Can Ascend to the Heavens with a Chicken a Chapter 325 Ning Sha Would Rather Kill the Wrong Person Than Chapter 326 He Said No Chapter 327 The Heroine Is About to Cry Chapter 328 You're Actually the Sect Leader of the Ancient M Chapter 329 Tracking Luo Feng Chapter 330 Reschedule Chapter 331 Same Recipe, Familiar Taste Chapter 332 Xing Yi Seven Fist Chapter 333 Who Is This Girl Chapter 334 National Finals Chapter 335 If You Don't Show off, You'll Treat Me Like a Si Chapter 336 On Pa Pa Pa Chapter 337 Gather And Set Out Chapter 338 Happy Village Chapter 339 Zhou Clan Chapter 340 Local Tyrants Chapter 341 Brotherhood Chapter 342 Immortal Dance Chapter 343 Meaning Meaning Chapter 344 The Most Beautiful and Happy Village Chapter 345 Unfairness Chapter 346 Coiling Dragon Spitting Out Pearls, Wonderful Chapter 347 Auntie Dad Is Here Chapter 348 Bead Insertion Chapter 349 Caught A Mermaid Chapter 350 White Bone Regeneration Chapter 351 May \"Lucky Air\" Come to Your House from the Ea Chapter 352 Never Walk Alone Chapter 353 Strange Tenant Chapter 354 Midnight Field Chapter 355 I'm Song Jiuyun Chapter 356 Let Her Go Chapter 357 How Could There Be Such a Freak in the World Chapter 358 That Faint Blue Chapter 359 Monthly Test Scores Chapter 360 You Press Me, I Press You Chapter 361 Don't Get Me Wrong Chapter 362 I Don't Believe You Get Full Marks Chapter 363 Full Score Chapter 364 Business Genius Chapter 365 Meddle in One's Own Affairs Chapter 366 Too Shameless Chapter 367 A Short Man with a Bad Temper Chapter 368 Wood Chapter 369 Second Princess Chapter 370 Three Great Dark Strength Experts Chapter 371 The Aura of a Soldier King Chapter 372 Hundred Nation Battle Weapon Rankings Tail Crane Chapter 373 Do You Think You're the King of Hell Chapter 374 Visiting Disease Chapter 375 Therapeutic Regimen Chapter 376 Second Flavor Immortal Decoction Chapter 377 Big Ear Apprentice Chapter 378 Pass On A Message Chapter 379 Horse Trot Chapter 380 Can't Afford To Offend Chapter 381 Don't Want to Go Back Chapter 382 Luo Feng, Get Out Chapter 383 Just Because You Don't Have the Qualifications t Chapter 384 Be Unhappy Chapter 385 I Have A Relative Chapter 386 Surveillance Chapter 387 Transfer Chapter 388 Do You Want to Fight with Me Again Chapter 389 The Olive Branch from the Abyss Chapter 390 Not With Skeletons Chapter 391 Heroes of the Three Great Britain War Chapter 392 Isn't He Just a Soft-Hearted Guy Chapter 393 I Only Have the Eldest Young Miss Chapter 394 Need A Big Clean-Up Chapter 395 Move! Law Enforcement Team Chapter 396 Two Umbrellas, Showers Chapter 397 Since You've Come Up, then Climb Down Chapter 398 My Lord Will Personally Come Chapter 399 Song Ban Wanted to Become a Teacher Chapter 400 Decision Chapter 401 Your Grandpa Or Your Grandpa Chapter 402 Teach Him How to Behave Chapter 403 Fly-hunting Warm-Up Chapter 404 Zheng Family Guests Chapter 405 Break Out in Cold Sweat Chapter 406 Freedom Sect, Eldest Princess Chapter 407 Choice Chapter 408 Escape Chapter 409 To a Place You've Never Been Chapter 410 Testing Chapter 411 Dongfang Yunxiao Chapter 412 He Came From Hell Chapter 413 A White Cloud Under the Morning Sun Chapter 414 Prison Fire Reignited Ten Thousand Feet Chapter 415 Not Qualified to Walk Up the Mountain Chapter 416 He Didn't Make a Move Chapter 417 Judge VS Strange Blade Chapter 418 Iron Pen Weird Suppressing Blade, Iron Fist Supp Chapter 419 Look Down on the Heroes Chapter 420 On the Hero Stage, Ask the Hero Chapter 421 Let Me See How You Fight Chapter 422 The Key to Turning the Tide Chapter 423 Do You Still Want to Lose Face Chapter 424 The Three Great Young Kings Chapter 425 Don't Hit My Crazy Brother Chapter 426 Anomalous Protrusion Chapter 427 Red Pink Thirteen Demons Chapter 428 The Heroes of the World Were Nothing More Than T Chapter 429 I'm Not A Hero Chapter 430 When Sha Xing Returned to His Throne, Yama Tianw Chapter 431 This Young King Was Called Luo Feng Chapter 432 Run Away Again Chapter 433 Drunken Immortal Powder Chapter 434 Kill a Little Loli Halfway Chapter 435 Congratulations Chapter 436 Ye Clan Killer Chapter 437 Utter Defeat Chapter 438 The Male God Arrived Chapter 439 Liu Yuemei Chapter 440 Meet Sisters Chapter 441 The Devil Came to the Door Chapter 442 Forever Recruitment Chapter 443 Never Go Home Chapter 444 Telephone Chapter 445 Devil Saber Zheng Tu Chapter 446 Kowtow And Leave Chapter 447 Never Report Chapter 448 Xing Yi Leopard Fist Chapter 449 Leave a Line in One's Ways Chapter 450 Never Stop Chapter 451 Have You Drunk Any Water Chapter 452 Play Dumb Chapter 453 Tracking Chapter 454 I'm Already One of His Men Chapter 455 Jun Clan's Fate Chapter 456 Do Your Best Chapter 457 Goodbye, Never See You Again Chapter 458 Heaven and Earth Dao Ground Chapter 459 There's No Way to Go Chapter 460 Take His Life Chapter 461 Money Makes the Mare Go Chapter 462 Confused Chapter 463 Extermination Plan Chapter 464 Code-named Xueba Chapter 465 Have A Fight Chapter 466 Be Wronged Chapter 467 A Fugitive Chapter 468 Last Lesson