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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby

Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby

Author: Tang Bulin Genre: Historical

(Special pet Shuangjie + violent little crying bag heroine) The Song family in Fengcheng has a pair of sisters, and the former is fortunate and beautiful. The latter is so beautiful, he is a mourner w...

Chapter 1192: Extraordinary·Life After Marriage (End) 2021-02-07 11:33:18
Chapter List
Chapter 1: This book can be BE Chapter 2: I'm such a poor boy Chapter 3: I cried and how about you Chapter 4: Don't mess with me, I'm fierce Chapter 5: Brother, my name is Song Yaoyao Chapter 6: I want to be your aunt Chapter 7: I'm crazy Chapter 8: I don't like kids Chapter 9: Trash that won't please girls! Chapter 10: Do you know first aid? Chapter 11: If you believe it, I will save Chapter 12: Shit you Chapter 13: I suggest you re-study the three views Chapter 14: Brother, my legs are numb Chapter 15: Ask a helicopter to take her to the hospital Chapter 16: The ghost that killed you Chapter 17: I just left and missed you again Chapter 18: Back to Song's house Chapter 19: Differential treatment Chapter 20: Are you a dummy Chapter 21: Dead star Chapter 22: Be your little transparent obediently Chapter 23: You are not my brother Chapter 24: Sorry i have another husband Chapter 25: What about millions of retouchers? Chapter 26: Maybe not your own Chapter 27: The three views cultivated by the junior three a Chapter 28: Classmate, you are so fierce Chapter 29: Ugly but beautiful as you think Chapter 30: What is Pipa Xing Chapter 31: Small waist Chapter 32: Pinch your little fat face Chapter 33: Sweet Chapter 34: Brother is super nice Chapter 35: You call me uncle? Chapter 36: Brother, can I hit someone Chapter 37: Song Yaoya kidnapped my uncle Chapter 38: Brother doesn't care for others Chapter 39: Ten minutes of the cold war Chapter 40: Meet the parents Chapter 41: Aircraft war Chapter 42: what do you think Chapter 43: You have a dog secretly Chapter 44: Then please be gentle, I am afraid of pain~ Chapter 45: Why don't you let go of your hand Chapter 46: You are not one world Chapter 47: Adults don't lie Chapter 48: I'm so sour Chapter 49: Which savage man did you fool with? Chapter 50: Not this Miss Song Chapter 51: Eat well to grow taller Chapter 52: fool around Chapter 53: Garbage picker Chapter 54: Ideals on earth Chapter 55: Classmate, you are very squeamish Chapter 56: Make an appointment for a fight Chapter 57: Be my girlfriend Chapter 58: I like the way you look down on me Chapter 59: Is my favorite brother Chapter 60: I am particularly resistant Chapter 61: Don't mind joining Chapter 62: You are my little follower Chapter 63: Are you wronged? Chapter 64: Violent enough, I like it Chapter 65: Koi Carp Chapter 66: I advise you... forget it Chapter 67: If i was crow's mouth Chapter 68: Had a concussion Chapter 69: I want to rush into your arms Chapter 70: the reason Chapter 71: Brother holding me Chapter 72: Give it up, I won't like you Chapter 73: he bullies me Chapter 74: Not a discussion but an order Chapter 75: Timid Chapter 76: Quite tolerable Chapter 77: do not eat breakfast Chapter 78: Is it for me? Chapter 79: Bring her back to me safely Chapter 80: Want me to invite you down? Chapter 81: I'm not so good to buy Chapter 82: Money is hot Chapter 83: Song Yaoqiang is crazy Chapter 84: I have money Chapter 85: Receive 300,000 Chapter 86: Problem with the skull Chapter 87: Born to be likable Chapter 88: Kids want to do bad things Chapter 89: Brother carry me Chapter 90: I'm brother's kid Chapter 91: Brother, are you afraid of thunder? Chapter 92: Can you accompany me duck Chapter 93: I suspect that someone will pour my uncle Chapter 94: Miss Song is cute and lovely Chapter 95: I think you owe a bit Chapter 96: Do you like this gift Chapter 97: Want to be an actor Chapter 98: It's better to be an actor Chapter 99: Is it difficult to take the first grade exam? Chapter 100: Into a class Chapter 101: Potential Chapter 102: Almost feel Chapter 103: Is Song Yaoya suitable for her? Chapter 104: Self-recommended Chapter 105: Run away from home to report safety Chapter 106: Rain I have no melons Chapter 107: Young Mr. Huo Chapter 108: Mr. has a cleanliness? Pure nonsense! Chapter 109: Good mother Chapter 110: The kids are very good Chapter 111: I can protect a kid! Chapter 112: very scary Chapter 113: Braised "rabbit" meat Chapter 114: Like you, so you are right Chapter 115: Weird weird without a head Chapter 116: Hope you think about it Chapter 117: A cup of ten pounds fatter? Make me fat! Chapter 118: Unwilling to believe Chapter 119: Don't make it hard for me Chapter 120: Don't mess with me, understand? Chapter 121: You don't deserve to make my hands hurt Chapter 122: The boys in Class 3 will follow me Chapter 123: Go while standing Chapter 124: I hit people, I hit the head Chapter 125: Brother, who do you want to hit? Chapter 126: You and me Chapter 127: Principal, it's me Chapter 128: Principal, it's me Chapter 129: Sorry you called the wrong number Chapter 130: Meeting postponed Chapter 131: unity is strength Chapter 132: Three classes are all waste! Chapter 133: Do you dare to bet with me? Chapter 134: It’s okay if you don’t bet Chapter 135: I want to take her away Chapter 136: Just don't kill Chapter 137: Brother, they beat me! Chapter 138: I just bullied you, what's wrong? Chapter 139: Huo Yunque may be your little uncle Chapter 140: She is super Chapter 141: Fairy fight Chapter 142: Wife, listen to me Chapter 143: Kiss Chapter 144: Like meat Chapter 145: You can't call grandpa Chapter 146: Huo Ye: I am wronged Chapter 147: Mark Chapter 148: Time to take medicine Chapter 149: Can this disease be cured? Chapter 150: In case it is not cured Chapter 151: 80% sure Chapter 152: Want to do bad things Chapter 153: Brother thinking about having a girlfriend? Chapter 154: Wait for you to grow up Chapter 155: Believe it or not~ Chapter 156: Huo Ye becomes a father Chapter 157: Brother hug Chapter 158: Brother hug me home Chapter 159: Yeah i'm so scared Chapter 160: Brother is a big liar Chapter 161: Kiss Chapter 162: Huo Qi Chapter 163: Shy dream Chapter 164: God and Ant Chapter 165: We are different Chapter 166: Don't worry about me Chapter 167: Change classes Chapter 168: It's like falling in love Chapter 169: I covered this little brother! Chapter 170: Thank you and sorry Chapter 171: How much will you lose if you hit it Chapter 172: Set up a lifetime package Chapter 173: I don't think so Chapter 174: Why are you scaring me Chapter 175: How cool to be a director Chapter 176: Change the script Chapter 177: Riding the Wind Girl 2 Chapter 178: Brother please eat Chapter 179: Blow your head Chapter 180: Song Yao, do you want to be so greedy? Chapter 181: Small smash Chapter 182: Kind of you fight back Chapter 183: Hands-on Chapter 184: Knowing that it is a lie and still being partia Chapter 185: Lower grade pupils Chapter 186: report! Caught a cute Chapter 187: These sisters are terrible Chapter 188: sudden illness? Chapter 189: Can you pretend Chapter 190: Horror picture Chapter 191: I'll love you Chapter 192: Brother is taking a shower? Chapter 193: Is it so exciting? Chapter 194: It's not good Chapter 195: Evil thinking Chapter 196: She doesn't like you anymore, you should be hap Chapter 197: You just greet his body Chapter 198: With thoughts Chapter 199: Struggle for family property Chapter 200: Who is the doctor Chapter 201: I'm a bit angry Chapter 202: Chrysanthemum tea fights fire Chapter 203: Hit my friend after I agreed? Chapter 204: Huo Ye Duo Jia Hua Chapter 205: lesson? Chapter 206: What's the origin Chapter 207: Buy a mall for her to play Chapter 208: Friend husband is untouchable Chapter 209: Give me your hand Chapter 210: Brother, I want to eat a burger Chapter 211: Swipe, black card? Chapter 212: Song Yao, are you fat? Chapter 213: Come on, son! Chapter 214: Get out of here, I will get out of here! Chapter 215: A serious show Chapter 216: The position of the first attendant is not guar Chapter 217: Urgency? Solve it then Chapter 218: Casting changes Chapter 219: Song Yaoya, you are the devil Chapter 220: Little cannonball or violence? Chapter 221: The protagonist can also be eunuchs and fools, Chapter 222: I have no morals, don't kidnap me with morals! Chapter 223: Save me brilliantly Chapter 224: Don't love me, to no avail Chapter 225: I like Songyao, regardless of men and women Chapter 226: Please beat me Chapter 227: Vent Song Jingwan Chapter 228: We are crowded, we are not afraid! Chapter 229: Kind of positive Chapter 230: Not clean anymore Chapter 231: Brother vent your anger Chapter 232: Mental illness Chapter 233: Car accident Chapter 234: I think you are my brother Chapter 235: Who will cry when no one hurts? Chapter 236: Things must be reversed Chapter 237: Grandpa's everything Chapter 238: With me, don't be afraid Chapter 239: Believe it or not, I killed you? Chapter 240: Rescued Chapter 241: She may not be your daughter Chapter 242: I'm going to see her Chapter 243: Thoughts and dreams Chapter 244: I said don't mess with me Chapter 245: I call you brother, wake up Chapter 246: The patient responds Chapter 247: Run Chapter 248: I dare to fart and kill you Chapter 249: I'm so sad Chapter 250: Sign fifty Chapter 251: In distress Chapter 252: Are these people enough for you to fight? Chapter 253: no next time Chapter 254: Brother, i like you so much Chapter 255: You have to kiss Chapter 256: The relationship must be very close Chapter 257: Irregular dreams Chapter 258: Who do you dream of? Chapter 259: scale Chapter 260: Who did you sleep with last night? Chapter 261: Want a signed photo? Chapter 262: Voice message from idol Chapter 263: Request for transfer Chapter 264: I will help you Chapter 265: I don’t sell myself! Chapter 266: Xiao Tang Xiao Tang is the strongest in the wor Chapter 267: Plagiarizing you is giving you face Chapter 268: relationship Chapter 269: I'm not interested in you Chapter 270: Little milk cat who likes to bite Chapter 271: I'm brother's kid Chapter 272: How to dress Chapter 273: I missed you when I was separated Chapter 274: Got it Dad! Chapter 275: I broke Mr.'s secret Chapter 276: We are civilized Chapter 277: My students don't need you Chapter 278: You are mine! Chapter 279: Face base Chapter 280: Refuse to sell copyright Chapter 281: It's nice to have money Chapter 282: Acupuncture Chapter 283: Find a genius Chapter 284: Request a genius doctor Chapter 285: My Huo’s child Chapter 286: Little doctor Chapter 287: Where are you going Chapter 288: Couple head Chapter 289: No more sister Chapter 290: Heart disease Chapter 291: Injured Chapter 292: Will not dislike Chapter 293: Ah ah ah Chapter 294: Return a gift Chapter 295: Song Jingwan changed Chapter 296: I really hate you Chapter 297: you are fired Chapter 298: Acting as a lover Chapter 299: Duplicity Chapter 300: The brain is not clean Chapter 301: Call dad Chapter 302: The little wife of the domineering president Chapter 303: Did you do something wrong Chapter 304: Missed appointment Chapter 305: Tie him up if he doesn't come Chapter 306: Not her boyfriend, but her boyfriend’s men Chapter 307: Mr. Huo's wide Chapter 308: Tell you a secret Chapter 309: Personal matters Chapter 310: It's boring if you don't go to this scene Chapter 311: Magnolia culture Chapter 312: Who ordered the guarantee? Chapter 313: Complain Chapter 314: Chief Wei is looking for Chapter 315: Confrontation Chapter 316: The three of you got fired Chapter 317: Angry Salted Fish Chapter 318: Don't be too Ruolan Chapter 319: Buddha said: Let me save the world Chapter 320: Will you come on your birthday Chapter 321: You are not welcome here Chapter 322: Two cute things Chapter 323: Time to make a wish Chapter 324: It's her birthday party, not mine Chapter 325: Did not lie Chapter 326: A chocolate as a birthday gift Chapter 327: I'm right, never apologize! Chapter 328: Little **** and big bastard Chapter 329: We, Miss Song, are not something you can trampl Chapter 330: Everyone in the family has disappeared Chapter 331: Happy birthday to you Chapter 332: What should I do if my wish cannot be realized? Chapter 333: Mysterious gift Chapter 334: I suspect the phone is poisoned Chapter 335: My phone is like you, trust me! Chapter 336: Who can shake your hand and make peace Chapter 337: Go find brother Chapter 338: You don't make trouble Chapter 339: I am a treasure girl Chapter 340: Did you kiss me secretly Chapter 341: I did not see anything! Chapter 342: Harmony is perfect Chapter 343: Xu Yue's whereabouts Chapter 344: Little angel Chapter 345: Scared into a fool Chapter 346: Come here, I have something to tell you Chapter 347: The magical strawberry cake Chapter 348: Let's spend Christmas Eve together Chapter 349: The young woman hiding under the desk Chapter 350: Don't pinch a man's ear casually Chapter 351: Divide your peace Chapter 352: Brother Sarah Chapter 353: Skip class Chapter 354: Xu Yue changed? There is a fraud! Chapter 355: Want to confess tonight? Chapter 356: I want this skirt! Chapter 357: I am bound to win Chapter 358: I've never been afraid of spending money Chapter 359: Can't afford your price? Chapter 360: The shop is yours Chapter 361: A gift for everyone Chapter 362: What are you blushing Chapter 363: I want to be pretty Chapter 364: Reject this bowl of dog food! Chapter 365: Change a dress, eh? Chapter 366: Can be pure and demon Chapter 367: Mr. Huo bullied the children Chapter 368: The iron tree is blooming Chapter 369: No in case Chapter 370: Been to our Christmas Chapter 371: Can i hold your hand Chapter 372: Confession Chapter 373: You kiss me Chapter 374: This is my house Chapter 375: Brother lied to me too Chapter 376: I lied to you just now, now I am serious Chapter 377: Whatever you think you want Chapter 378: Second Element Wizard Chapter 379: Specially waiting Chapter 380: Baby, eat well Chapter 381: About to wake up, the bodyguards evacuated Chapter 382: Miss Song needs your help Chapter 383: Teach you how to please your girlfriend Chapter 384: Song Yaoyao classmate Chapter 385: Now i am yours Chapter 386: I have you in my eyes Chapter 387: Talent show: beating Chapter 388: Ask Chuan to wake up Chapter 389: My sister is not you Chapter 390: Amnesia? Chapter 391: Song Wenchuan is missing Chapter 392: Why are you here too Chapter 393: The real Song Wenchuan Chapter 394: Can not remember Chapter 395: Dual personality Chapter 396: Please from now on Chapter 397: Hot search Chapter 398: gift Chapter 399: Because we have Song Yaoyao Chapter 400: Do you believe me? Chapter 401: Welcome Chapter 402: Did something strange happen to you Chapter 403: Repair network Chapter 404: To Song Chapter 405: Dancing is so hard Chapter 406: Huo Ye: Do you want to watch me dance? Chapter 407: I'm not young Chapter 408: Come to a kiss refill strip Chapter 409: You are from our third class Chapter 410: Delicate and weak Chapter 411: Not the only Chapter 412: Picture him old, picture him cold Chapter 413: Engaged? Chapter 414: Sorry, can't help it Chapter 415: vampire Chapter 416: Mr. Second Personality Chapter 417: Prepare to perform (1) Chapter 418: Prepare to perform (2) Chapter 419: The skirt is broken Chapter 420: I come Chapter 421: I will show you a song of loyalty to the countr Chapter 422: Kneel? Chapter 423: Little fairy descends Chapter 424: Don't laugh like that Chapter 425: ‘Reciprocity’ Chapter 426: You kiss me Chapter 427: Prototype Vampire Chapter 428: My sister is the cutest in the world! Chapter 429: Sister has worked hard Chapter 430: Withdraw hot search Chapter 431: Hot search was liked Chapter 432: Make her hot, the hotter the better Chapter 433: Tooth lost Chapter 434: Lucky Star Chapter 435: The evil taste of the second personality Chapter 436: big surprise' Chapter 437: No entry into the entertainment industry Chapter 438: What if it was Song Yao? Chapter 439: I really didn't treat you as my sister Chapter 440: love letter Chapter 441: Class 3 viewing area Chapter 442: Show you something Chapter 443: Wardrobe monitoring Chapter 444: Line up one by one Chapter 445: If you want to see the monitor, you have to add Chapter 446: Why talk to thieves about human rights Chapter 447: True love Chapter 448: The cost is extra oh dear Chapter 449: Sooner or later you will understand Chapter 450: It's great to have a boyfriend Chapter 451: Having a boyfriend is great Chapter 452: Build a brother Chapter 453: Don't you even want to hit me? Chapter 454: Poke a knife in the heart Chapter 455: I will not be affectionate Chapter 456: Brother Sarah Chapter 457: Earn rewards Chapter 458: You have to kiss Chapter 459: Uncle, count me **** please Chapter 460: I just have what she wants Chapter 461: Mr. must be sincere Chapter 462: Song Yaoya wants me to die Chapter 463: I don't know what bet Chapter 464: Song Jingwan first in grade? Chapter 465: Congratulations, you hit a ghost! Chapter 466: First in the year Chapter 467: I really want to go to class 3 Chapter 468: Strongest class Chapter 469: Game black hole classmate Song Chapter 470: It is impossible to catch my luck! Chapter 471: Do you have that here Chapter 472: Little brother with abs Chapter 473: Women are all tigresses Chapter 474: Soft and deceptive Chapter 475: Classmate Lu Chi Song Chapter 476: Song Jingwan, what are you playing? Chapter 477: Who dare to touch brother? Chapter 478: Drunk Chapter 479: Little brother's abs Chapter 480: I come to watch the dance Chapter 481: You are not allowed to watch! Chapter 482: Do you see the abs? Dear Chapter 483: I will wash your eyes Chapter 484: Dear queen Chapter 485: Choice Phobia Disorder Chapter 486: At your disposal Chapter 487: Slap to death Chapter 488: I am Sansheng lucky Chapter 489: My brother is so good! Chapter 490: Who hooked up Chapter 491: Do you want to follow me Chapter 492: I have become a super rich woman? Chapter 493: I choose to go with you! Chapter 494: Pangaozhier Chapter 495: Miss Song is a good person Chapter 496: He called me Weiwei? Chapter 497: I am not a virgin Chapter 498: How can a woman be useless! Chapter 499: It doesn't matter, i like you Chapter 500: I'm a little rubbish Chapter 501: Give the Song family a big gift Chapter 502: Admit mistake again Chapter 503: Admit mistake again Chapter 504: Crew pick-up Chapter 505: I don't want to talk to naive ghosts Chapter 506: Come to the crew Chapter 507: Apprentice Chapter 508: This my student Chapter 509: I show you a baby Chapter 510: Don't walk around Chapter 511: People with backstage Chapter 512: Clean up with that family Chapter 513: Door-to-door debt collection Chapter 514: Feng Shui turns Chapter 515: Money and photos Chapter 516: Super cute little director Chapter 517: Did the young director drink together? Chapter 518: I love you Chapter 519: Brother i was wrong Chapter 520: Lost girlfriend Chapter 521: These big bosses lie to you little girls Chapter 522: He just gave away a mall Chapter 523: Eat the most expensive Chapter 524: Slender, i'm sleepy Chapter 525: Brother will act like a baby Chapter 526: You're a little bit off Chapter 527: Wash together? Chapter 528: Mr. birthday Chapter 529: Can't come back Chapter 530: Don't you come back Chapter 531: Elves Chapter 532: Angry? Chapter 533: Brother, happy birthday Chapter 534: will you marry me Chapter 535: Do you want to change a wife? Chapter 536: Grandpa, please help me Chapter 537: Kiss one Chapter 538: Head of the family Chapter 539: Tang Xinrou's wrong idea Chapter 540: Would he really like wearing this Chapter 541: Early cover Chapter 542: Song Yaoyao, what do you want to do? Chapter 543: I will give you everything I want and my life Chapter 544: You are my gift Chapter 545: I didn't get up today Chapter 546: Slap your mouth when you drink Chapter 547: Tang Xinrou blames herself Chapter 548: Possessive Chapter 549: In the same room Chapter 550: I said let you play Chapter 551: Heroine face Chapter 552: Transfer money Chapter 553: Stalker woman Chapter 554: Disagree Chapter 555: It's not your turn to put your beak Chapter 556: Continuous face slap Chapter 557: I think it's pretty Chapter 558: Is it useful to apologize for something wrong? Chapter 559: Auntie's reward Chapter 560: I only favor you Chapter 561: Brother is coming Chapter 562: Play majiang Chapter 563: Genius is so lonely Chapter 564: It won’t be too good to make my sister sad Chapter 565: Miss Song's brother Chapter 566: Eat dog food every day Chapter 567: Red envelopes for children Song Chapter 568: I'll show you enough tonight Chapter 569: Heartbeat man Chapter 570: I want to marry him Chapter 571: Late sister control Chapter 572: I wish our little princess peace and happiness Chapter 573: I see how charming you are Chapter 574: Who is in the photo Chapter 575: quarrel Chapter 576: Investigate a person Chapter 577: I'm using you Chapter 578: Love you Chapter 579: Think carefully Chapter 580: Beaten Chapter 581: The sword is not old? Chapter 582: Reason for firing you: I am the boss Chapter 583: Brother likes to be active Chapter 584: Brother and I Chapter 585: Heart is higher than the sky Chapter 586: Go find Mu Wei personally Chapter 587: The face looks like Chapter 588: I give you money and you leave Chapter 589: Can't make Mu Wei debut Chapter 590: Familiar note Chapter 591: Rebellious second personality Chapter 592: Super villain Chapter 593: Brother delivered food Chapter 594: Not squeamish Chapter 595: Injured Chapter 596: Fortunately, I came early, otherwise the wound Chapter 597: Miss you, this is a question Chapter 598: Brother is hungry Chapter 599: Mr. Huo is ready to eat Chapter 600: Little director's two-person world Chapter 601: Madam Shu Chapter 602: Not serious Chapter 603: Let's take a photo! Chapter 604: block Chapter 605: I insist Chapter 606: Xia Lao: I also want to act in a slender play Chapter 607: Replaced by Chapter 608: The most annoying person is born Chapter 609: Don't insult the dog Chapter 610: You are not as good as a dog Chapter 611: Block her! I want to be unique Chapter 612: Admitted wrong daughter Chapter 613: Weaker and more caring than her Chapter 614: That is my daughter, who is this person? Chapter 615: I want to be the daughter of the Song family! Chapter 616: Which sister? Song Yaoyao? Chapter 617: Jingwan, this is your biological sister Chapter 618: Song Yaoyao dove occupy the magpie's nest Chapter 619: One more sister Chapter 620: Is the monitor of Class 3 fierce? Chapter 621: So beautiful Chapter 622: Officially renamed Song Weiwei Chapter 623: Childhood sweetheart Chapter 624: Is the Song family fun? Chapter 625: Enemy skills are well received Chapter 626: Juner, I think you are pretty Chapter 627: strong ability Chapter 628: I like your short legs too Chapter 629: Unconditional obedience to girlfriend's request Chapter 630: Slam Chapter 631: Pearl gown Chapter 632: Brother didn't come Chapter 633: According to your request: I do nothing Chapter 634: You are mine, all are Chapter 635: Reward you for "working hard" Chapter 636: You can't afford the Huo family Chapter 637: A lot of money Chapter 638: Obviously you are even more excessive Chapter 639: Little Lucky Star Chapter 640: Serving the little ancestor Chapter 641: Miss Alice Chapter 642: Mark you Chapter 643: Affectionate male partner has the hardest life Chapter 644: Hello, my name is Alice Chapter 645: She is a dangerous girl Chapter 646: I only know that you are dying Chapter 647: Is it cute or piranha Chapter 648: Mark you! Chapter 649: Does a genius doctor really exist? Chapter 650: Fake daughter sweeps the floor Chapter 651: Framed Song Jingwan Chapter 652: out of control Chapter 653: Scheming Chapter 654: Cheap likes Chapter 655: Don't like me Chapter 656: It's my first kiss Chapter 657: My big brother is awesome Chapter 658: See lover Chapter 659: The loser wants Chapter 660: Ridiculous guess Chapter 661: An Feiran is not a poor boy? Chapter 662: Swollen mouth? allergy! Chapter 663: Self-cultivation of actors Chapter 664: Mouth bitten Chapter 665: Let's socialize Chapter 666: I'm sorry, I dropped the order Chapter 667: Bedtime games Chapter 668: Pearl gown Chapter 669: truce Chapter 670: Goodbye alice Chapter 671: What is sympathy? Chapter 672: Family Chapter 673: We Chinese are very friendly Chapter 674: In essence we are still good people Chapter 675: In distress Chapter 676: Miss Song, be careful! Chapter 677: Lose your mind Chapter 678: Brother sorry Chapter 679: He is angry Chapter 680: The last life in the dream Chapter 681: Am i mentally ill Chapter 682: Admit it or not? recognize! Chapter 683: Want to get married Chapter 684: Routine inspection Chapter 685: Set up a table for Doctor Liu Chapter 686: cost Chapter 687: Tie the doctor here Chapter 688: House arrest or protection? Chapter 689: Fiancee, my Chapter 690: Good or bad Chapter 691: Chapter 692: Very exciting Chapter 693: Marry a chicken with a chicken, marry a brother Chapter 694: I want to give you something Chapter 695: Take it for charity Chapter 696: Where can she go Chapter 697: Mother of the ancient family Chapter 698: The rose is about to wither Chapter 699: There is light in her eyes Chapter 700: Flower yellow big girl Chapter 701: This **** sour smell Chapter 702: seasick Chapter 703: Road crazy attributes Chapter 704: Take a car Chapter 705: Silly girl Chapter 706: Why are you picking up a stick Chapter 707: Girl you are the devil Chapter 708: Riding my happy little three-wheeler Chapter 709: I found the cat! Chapter 710: Does this sister really exist? Chapter 711: you are Chapter 712: Sorry, we are live Chapter 713: Small tricycle Chapter 714: You and I have no chance, I rely on my money Chapter 715: Two nasty batches Chapter 716: Back again Chapter 717: You guys Chapter 718: I'm sorry I lie down and win Chapter 719: Let go Chapter 720: Revisiting Chapter 721: Miss sister has scary eyes Chapter 722: I am really a fan Chapter 723: Big problem Chapter 724: Squad leader is a group pet Chapter 725: Xueba’s tablemate is a star Chapter 726: I have a sentence mmp Chapter 727: Where's my key? Trolley car! Chapter 728: Just say it, I lose if you hear it Chapter 729: Become an emoji Chapter 730: Can you ride in your car Chapter 731: Whose car? not mine! Chapter 732: In the game Chapter 733: The big guys are dispatched Chapter 734: I want Mr. Song's papers Chapter 735: Let's keep drinking tea Chapter 736: Not sister, fiancee Chapter 737: Huo Si Huo Jiu Penalized Chapter 738: Come and hug me Chapter 739: The benefits are not enough Chapter 740: Let's go to Yuelao Temple Chapter 741: I'll feel bad when I'm hungry Chapter 742: Who looks good? You better look good Chapter 743: When do you send a girlfriend Chapter 744: Little white rabbit headband Chapter 745: The first brain fan was born Chapter 746: Women's clothing is cool Chapter 747: What can you ask for? you Chapter 748: My marriage is by my side Chapter 749: Little fairy is super sassy Chapter 750: Do you think I can't compare to Song Yao? Chapter 751: I'm still young Chapter 752: The little white rabbit eats the big bad wolf Chapter 753: Unusual man Chapter 754: yys , reason Chapter 755: I love you and me too Chapter 756: Show you my gold master Chapter 757: Can be salted or sweet Chapter 758: Are you the devil Chapter 759: The squad leader is awesome! Chapter 760: Okay, don't act like a baby Chapter 761: Have the ability to kiss Chapter 762: Study with students from all over the country Chapter 763: Speak Chapter 764: Learn to Meow Chapter 765: Don't move Chapter 766: Next is private time Chapter 767: There is nothing that strawberry cake can't sol Chapter 768: Maybe miss Chapter 769: 771 I'm Sorry Chapter 770: Husband Chapter 771: Huo Ningxi: invite me to dinner Chapter 772: do not fight Chapter 773: Opinion on Chapter 774: Song Jingwan Chapter 775: If yes if Chapter 776: Mr. Huo lectures? Chapter 777: I like violence Chapter 778: Rubik's Cube Chapter 779: Fake daughter Chapter 780: forgive you? Why Chapter 781: Not like brother Chapter 782: How to relieve worries? Only milk tea Chapter 783: Liu Yu? Storytelling! Chapter 784: I'll go on for you Chapter 785: Small vinegar bag Chapter 786: Do you want to see her bite me? Chapter 787: Account cancellation Chapter 788: Half a month sweets Chapter 789: 791 Sonnet Chapter 790: Letter from my brother Chapter 791: Friends of Mr. Second Personality Chapter 792: Want to be friends with me Chapter 793: He is a bad guy Chapter 794: Make up with Song Yaoyao Chapter 795: Song Jingwan is stupid Chapter 796: Little star Chapter 797: Divide your mind into your girlfriend Chapter 798: An ordinary day Chapter 799: Whitewash successfully Chapter 800: Investigation Chapter 801: Withdraw hot search Chapter 802: Amway Little Apprentice Chapter 803: The little guy is too inviting Chapter 804: Loan shooting Chapter 805: Princess Zuan Chapter 806: Classmates, let's date tonight Chapter 807: Huo·Toolman·Nine Chapter 808: Mrs. Yi Chapter 809: Pretty sister Chapter 810: Vixen Chapter 811: Alzheimer's disease Chapter 812: Little villain and big villain Chapter 813: Huo who is disliked Chapter 814: Huo, who bullied children Chapter 815: Brother is a repeat offender Chapter 816: blindness Chapter 817: What are you talking about? Talk about you Chapter 818: See the parents~ Chapter 819: Brother, let me feed you Chapter 820: Smash your little face Chapter 821: Xiao Ye has no breath Chapter 822: I am responsible for the accident Chapter 823: Need a miracle Chapter 824: The genius doctor appeared Chapter 825: So for the waste Chapter 826: Suspicious found Chapter 827: Good, okay Chapter 828: Please start your performance Chapter 829: insanity Chapter 830: More and more interesting Chapter 831: doubt Chapter 832: Father Nolan Chapter 833: just like you Chapter 834: May the world be beautiful with you Chapter 835: Nourishment Chapter 836: Should not be eccentric Chapter 837: Song family collapsed Chapter 838: Don't act like a baby Chapter 839: Donate all Chapter 840: Got it real Chapter 841: Doctor Song Chapter 842: Are you short of investment? Chapter 843: Really want to take you away Chapter 844: ‘Advance in advance’ Chapter 845: Grown up Chapter 846: Bang, you are gone~ Chapter 847: sorry for disturbance Chapter 848: Wanying seized Chapter 849: Sincerity: Give money Chapter 850: What do i miss you Chapter 851: I miss you a lot Chapter 852: College entrance examination champion Chapter 853: Slender Chapter 854: Meet Xue Shen Chapter 855: Rob with her, are you worthy Chapter 856: Pay back Chapter 857: Extraordinary-bodyguard Chapter 858: You are not on the audition list Chapter 859: Gangster temperament Chapter 860: Show Song Yaoyao Chapter 861: Passable Chapter 862: Become Mr. Huo's Woman Chapter 863: The heroine is gone Chapter 864: Social sister reduced to nanny Chapter 865: I want a little brother Chapter 866: May sisters spend tonight safely Chapter 867: Public execution video Chapter 868: Song Yaoyao classmate drunk record Chapter 869: Rich little song director Chapter 870: Here i am the rules Chapter 871: Don't covet Song Mentor Chapter 872: Male 误 人 Chapter 873: Adult world Chapter 874: Straight man Chapter 875: Show affection to the crew Chapter 876: Song Director Niubi Chapter 877: You blink when you're threatened Chapter 878: Don't mess with Song Yaoyao Chapter 879: Mr. Nuhuo Chapter 880: Freshman Report Chapter 881: New roommate Chapter 882: Is the new roommate a fan? Chapter 883: Meet old friends Chapter 884: Reluctant Chapter 885: Drink secretly Chapter 886: Military training Chapter 887: massage Chapter 888: Who gave the gift? Chapter 889: Solved the case Chapter 890: Gift goes into the trash can Chapter 891: Stay in the trash can Chapter 892: Make a good relationship Chapter 893: My world Chapter 894: Let's get engaged Chapter 895: Hug and hug Chapter 896: Do you think I have a good temper? Chapter 897: Change dormitory Chapter 898: She is Lu Chi, how can you Chapter 899: Memories Chapter 900: Leave it alone Chapter 901: Slide down the hill Chapter 902: They also hurt Chapter 903: You know, I will feel bad too Chapter 904: Disfigured Chapter 905: See Song Wenchuan Chapter 906: I hope hello Chapter 907: Await your return Chapter 908: Brave and strong Chapter 909: I kill you Chapter 910: Fall from heaven to hell Chapter 911: After the replay Chapter 912: Official face slap is the most deadly Chapter 913: Who is lying? Chapter 914: Fell into the hands of the little girl Chapter 915: Don't eat, it will kill you Chapter 916: Sleep for a month in the study Chapter 917: It won't hurt if you kiss Chapter 918: Like baby boys or girls Chapter 919: I like you the most Chapter 920: Why not try Chapter 921: Only i am your family Chapter 922: Skin care products Chapter 923: Can you cure her? Chapter 924: I am a genius doctor, I can Chapter 925: Start broadcast Chapter 926: Baby you are so bad Chapter 927: Donate Chapter 928: Mysterious donor Chapter 929: I want to be on variety show Chapter 930: Learn to cook? For Mr.? Chapter 931: Kitchen killer Chapter 932: Cook for other men? Chapter 933: Do bad things Chapter 934: do nothing Chapter 935: I am the head of the family Chapter 936: Join the variety show Chapter 937: Harvest a little fan Chapter 938: On variety show for dessert Chapter 939: Is it a specialty? Chapter 940: Not like a girl Chapter 941: What do you want Chapter 942: I am a weak girl Chapter 943: Song Yaoya's Specialty Chapter 944: Cute Chapter 945: Unlock new skills Chapter 946: Native products Chapter 947: Don't you hate Chapter 948: hate? Is she worthy? Chapter 949: Yu Sitian: Trade it Chapter 950: What if I am mentally upset Chapter 951: eccentric Chapter 952: study well Chapter 953: Pre-school children Chapter 954: Hold up Chapter 955: I have a family Chapter 956: Private message to Pan Shiyu Chapter 957: She is a little genius Chapter 958: seen Chapter 959: Where there is Song Yao, there is learning Chapter 960: Teaser Chapter 961: remuneration Chapter 962: Explanation Chapter 963: 9 ***** Chapter 964: Little Chicken Cub Chapter 965: Father and daughter cp Chapter 966: Song Weiwei visit Chapter 967: Cheating? Chapter 968: Dinner Chapter 969: An Ferran worked hard Chapter 970: Make money take me Chapter 971: One of the twelve guards Chapter 972: My medicine is you Chapter 973: I don’t want to take medicine, I just want Chapter 974: I do my best Chapter 975: Notice Chapter 976: She's so tugging Chapter 977: Surprise or fright Chapter 978: thank you Chapter 979: Forever sir Chapter 980: Plastic surgery Chapter 981: Hype Chapter 982: I am sleepwalking? Chapter 983: Upcoming… Chapter 984: My sister marry me! Chapter 985: Birthday surprise Chapter 986: Engagement ceremony Chapter 987: Dangerous element Chapter 988: Be compared again Chapter 989: Nolan's Message Chapter 990: Endorsement was robbed? Don't panic Chapter 991: disappear Chapter 992: Tang Tang, get engaged Chapter 993: The newly signed artist is Chapter 994: Tang Xinrou Engaged Chapter 995: Give Song Jingwan the contact information Chapter 996: Face Slap Z&G Chapter 997: Make money for my baby Chapter 998: Sleep in the study tonight Chapter 999: Yaoyao: Are you surprised? Chapter 1000: Long-lost warmth Chapter 1001: Stupid and poisonous Chapter 1002: Song Wenchuan's apology Chapter 1003: Concubine Yan is on the air Chapter 1004: Big production! Chapter 1005: Song Daochu Chapter 1006: Fairy anti routine! Chapter 1007: Brother taught well Chapter 1008: Xia Lao is pregnant Chapter 1009: Have a problem with the child? Chapter 1010: I only trust you Chapter 1011: Take off the vest Chapter 1012: Huo Jiu: Miss Xu is afraid of me? Chapter 1013: Compete for awards Chapter 1014: Win the prize, Grand Slam! Chapter 1015: Thanks to Pan Shiyu Chapter 1016: I knelt down and beg you to give me the cure Chapter 1017: Derailed Chapter 1018: Please believe me Chapter 1019: Is the money enough? I can earn more if it is Chapter 1020: New drama official announcement Chapter 1021: Conceal forever Chapter 1022: Chance encounter Chapter 1023: Did you save my life? Chapter 1024: Tell you something exciting Chapter 1025: The cost of saying the wrong "word" Chapter 1026: Top Chapter 1027: Little old lady Chapter 1028: Bastard meal? Chapter 1029: Do you want to sign Chapter 1030: Sulfuric acid Chapter 1031: Disfigured girl Chapter 1032: Not worthy of sympathy Chapter 1033: You should be responsible for doing something Chapter 1034: Brother: I have a bad temper Chapter 1035: The world sympathizes with the weak Chapter 1036: The Song of the Song Chapter 1037: There are others who do good things Chapter 1038: Song Jingwan is completely cold Chapter 1039: Breaking news Chapter 1040: Ask auntie to let you in Chapter 1041: Talent shows? Chapter 1042: The default candidate is Chapter 1043: Director Song is about to debut Chapter 1044: Will Director Song perform? Chapter 1045: I quit Chapter 1046: Congratulations, class A Chapter 1047: Student Song, please explain Chapter 1048: Fifteen million, worth it! Chapter 1049: Shocking picture Chapter 1050: Mediocre little genius Chapter 1051: Don't be so flirty Chapter 1052: My little girl is hard to coax Chapter 1053: Marriage? You also deserve Chapter 1054: I'll be a guest Chapter 1055: It's not your turn to bully Chapter 1056: She doesn't need to please anyone Chapter 1057: Whether you mean it Chapter 1058: Little rich woman Chapter 1059: The last hope Chapter 1060: Just can't die Chapter 1061: Brother blowing and blowing, flying in pain Chapter 1062: Catch up with three Chapter 1063: I am happy niece Chapter 1064: Doesn't Mr. Song like me? Chapter 1065: Don't let Mr. Huo misunderstand Chapter 1066: I want to be a girl Chapter 1067: Consider creating your own brand Chapter 1068: Encounter Zhongli Chapter 1069: Do you want to talk to me Chapter 1070: Just look at me! Chapter 1071: Want to be submerged Chapter 1072: He wants to be you Chapter 1073: Give up the debut position Chapter 1074: I also refuse Chapter 1075: Auntie loves you Chapter 1076: More deadly than acting like a baby Chapter 1077: This is Mr. Huo you envy Chapter 1078: Punishment of breaking a hand Chapter 1079: Only Song Yaoya in his eyes Chapter 1080: Make her hurt and kill you Chapter 1081: Lesson 1-Malice from netizens Chapter 1082: Just follow her? Chapter 1083: 'Pity' Chapter 1084: Can i live at home Chapter 1085: No treacherous no business Chapter 1086: Talk to your cousin Chapter 1087: Dare to harm the Huo family's interests Chapter 1088: Love playing with fire Chapter 1089: To call the boss Chapter 1090: party Chapter 1091: Who is she like? Chapter 1092: Give you a face? Kill you Chapter 1093: I am waiting for you to be slapped Chapter 1094: cancer Chapter 1095: Kneel request Chapter 1096: "Play" at home Chapter 1097: Asking Director Song to take a look Chapter 1098: script Chapter 1099: Cooperation? I don't hit people Chapter 1100: I believe you Chapter 1101: Huo Jiu's work efficiency Chapter 1102: Don't bully young people Chapter 1103: Oli, my niece! Chapter 1104: Meet Zhong Li again Chapter 1105: Watching you for my uncle Chapter 1106: Who do you like Chapter 1107: Fortunately, early Chapter 1108: So you have a crush on me Chapter 1109: Miss Tang's sponsor? Chapter 1110: Who dares to dive her Chapter 1111: An Feiran: It's a coincidence that our fiancee Chapter 1112: Bad uncle good deed Chapter 1113: Sorry for not feeding you Chapter 1114: Song Yaoya is going to support the women's tea Chapter 1115: Huo Ningxi, are you sick? Chapter 1116: She should be my fiancee Chapter 1117: Crazy desperate Chapter 1118: Love hate enmity? Sorry for no love Chapter 1119: Song Yaoyao was domestically abused Chapter 1120: Are you outrageous Chapter 1121: Let's go see Maple Leaf together Chapter 1122: Just like to bully you Chapter 1123: Into the painting Chapter 1124: Mr. Huo is not an old man Chapter 1125: Warn you to stop moving Chapter 1126: Illegitimate daughter Chapter 1127: Be hunted down Chapter 1128: I bet Chapter 1129: Strange priest Chapter 1130: Bloody cross Chapter 1131: Huo Yunque is dead? Chapter 1132: Life or death uncertain Chapter 1133: Cheer up Chapter 1134: I am willing to exchange Chapter 1135: Misconduct Chapter 1136: He is the next Patriarch Chapter 1137: Zhong Liwan Chapter 1138: I want to be seen by my brother Chapter 1139: In the count, be surrounded Chapter 1140: He is back Chapter 1141: Just wear it for you alone Chapter 1142: This is Huo's mother Chapter 1143: Expelled from the Huo family Chapter 1144: White Rose Chapter 1145: Admitted wrong husband Chapter 1146: Call husband Chapter 1147: get out of my world Chapter 1148: Severed finger Chapter 1149: Fanwai·Past Life Chapter 1150: With me, don't be afraid Chapter 1151: Quit Weibo indefinitely Chapter 1152: Come on Christmas date Chapter 1153: I have money, buy and buy! Chapter 1154: Did you slap you? Chapter 1155: Small umbrella Chapter 1156: I'm afraid you hurt Chapter 1157: What you wrote is Xu Yue! Chapter 1158: Indecent Chapter 1159: The world of academic masters Chapter 1160: Bugs in the dormitory Chapter 1161: Huo Ningxi gets engaged Chapter 1162: The daughter of a married lady Chapter 1163: Your luck Chapter 1164: Xu Yue has an accident Chapter 1165: I will make her pay Chapter 1166: Office woman Chapter 1167: Braised Vixen Chapter 1168: divorce Chapter 1169: Zhou Manli's Fear Chapter 1170: Fanwai·Previous Chapter 2 Chapter 1171: Song Jingwan in which world Chapter 1172: Spicy Crayfish Chapter 1173: Song Jingwan who had plastic surgery is back? Chapter 1174: Did you touch her? Chapter 1175: Engage in a career Chapter 1176: Song Yaoya, you have no conscience Chapter 1177: Fairy who are you Chapter 1178: Playing with fire Chapter 1179: Alice's funeral Chapter 1180: I remembered Chapter 1181: frank Chapter 1182: I have always been like this Chapter 1183: Xu Weiqing ran away Chapter 1184: idea Chapter 1185: Wrong direction Chapter 1186: Right direction Chapter 1187: Final game Chapter 1188: Endgame 2 Chapter 1189: season finale Chapter 1190: Extra / Song River Chapter 1191: Extra-marital life Chapter 1192: Extraordinary·Life After Marriage (End)