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Author: Shen Jian Genre: Eastern

The strong are lonesome. Overcoming the loneliness pushes you to stand invincible at the top.Pro-disciple of the Shaolin Temple on earth, Huang Xiaolong was reborn into a Martial Spirit world, carrying Hua Xia’s secret knowledge, the Body Metamorphose Scripture.In a Martial Spirit world, only those with Martial Spirit are able to train in battle qi and become a warrior. Huang Xiaolong born with a heaven-defying rare Martial Spirit was mistakenly taken for common variant Martial Spirit during the awakening ceremony conducted by the tribe and thus sidelined.However, Huang Xiaolong with his common “variant” Martial Spirit again, and again displayed unnatural talent, defeating geniuses, shocking the clan and the entire Martial Spirit World

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Chapter List
Chapter 01: Snow Wind Continent Chapter 02: Grade Seven Martial Spirits? Chapter 03: Only Xiaolong is Excluded Chapter 04: The Annual Clan Assembly Chapter 05: Wants To Cripple Both Of My Arms? Chapter 06: It Is Useless to Beg Me! Chapter 07: An Odd Valley Chapter 08: Fortuitous Adventure at the Bottom of the Lake Chapter 09: Sabers of Asura Chapter 10: Thousand Year Old Leirion Heart Grass Chapter 11: How Did You Advanced To First Order? Chapter 12: The Annual Clan Assembly Begins Chapter 13: Hit Until Your Dad Can’t Recognize You! Chapter 14: Second Order Warrior! Chapter 15: A Slipped Of Hand Chapter 16: Breakthrough Fourth Order Chapter 17: Only Huang Wei Is Going In Chapter 18: Battle Skill Training Chapter 19: Body Metamorphose Scripture – Fourth Stage Chapter 20: Li Mu’s Celebration Chapter 21: Asura’s Gate Disciple Chapter 22 : Just a Lowly Slave, What Qualifications? Chapter 23: Making an Exhibition of Oneself Chapter 24: Protecting Loved Ones Chapter 25: The Annual Clan Assembly is Here Again! Chapter 26: Fear? Chapter 27: This is Truly Fair Chapter 28: The Peak of Late-Tenth Order! Chapter 29: Asura Sword Skill – Second Style Chapter 30: Leaving Huang Clan Manor Chapter 31: Silvermoon Forest Chapter 32: Fei Hou’s Martial Spirit Chapter 33: Asura Demon Claw Chapter 34: Framed Chapter 35: Martial Spirit Strengthening Chapter 36: Luo Tong Royal City Chapter 37: Notify The Duke’s Mansion Chapter 38: At The Delicious Restaurant! Chapter 39: Marshal’s Not In? Chapter 40: Junior Brother’s in Trouble! Chapter 41: Who Dares to Hurt My Junior Brother! Chapter 42: Xiantian Warrior Chapter 43: Duanren Empire Chapter 44: Stolen From Our Auction House Chapter 45: Meeting Li Lu Again Chapter 46: Imperial City Battle Chapter 47: Sovereign Invincible Throughout! Chapter 48: Revoked Qualifications Chapter 49: Ought to be beheaded! Chapter 50: Dare to Hurt Young Master! Chapter 51: Something Big Happened! Chapter 52: Invincible Throughout? Chapter 53: Bet Chapter 54: New Students' Assessment Chapter 55: Challenge All New Students! Chapter 56: Four Breaths? Chapter 57: What Kind of Heaven-defying Talent is this? Chapter 58: You Didn’t Understand My Meaning? Chapter 59: Receive Huang Xiaolong as a Disciple? Chapter 60: Isn’t he your Illegitimate Son? Chapter 61: Eradicate the Marshal’s Mansion? Chapter 62: Poison Blood Palm Chapter 63: Underground Giant Tree Chapter 64: Just One Sword Strike Chapter 65: Return to the Royal City Chapter 66: Should Be A Tie Chapter 67: The Academy’s Annual Competition Begins Chapter 68: King Lu Zhe Chapter 69: Not Necessarily Chapter 70: Unwilling to Throw in the Towel Without A Fight Chapter 71: Call Out Your Martial Spirit Chapter 72: Huang Xiaolong’s Martial Spirit Chapter 73: The Academy Competition Comes to An End Chapter 74: Cultivating In The Dragon Flame Valley Chapter 75: Pagoda Chapter 76: Asura’s Gate Headquarters Chapter 77: Heavenly Treasure Chapter 78: Heavenly Treasure List Number One Chapter 79: Huang Xiaolong Goes Home Chapter 80: Mishap in the Eastern Courtyard Chapter 81: Dad Was Wounded! Chapter 82: Roll Out Here! Chapter 83: What Thingy is Big Sword Sect! Chapter 84: Eldest Uncle is Wrong Chapter 85: Gifted to Me Chapter 86: Huang Ming and Sons, Killed Chapter 87: Let Them Eat at the Floor Below Chapter 88: Are There So Many Coincidences? Chapter 89: Back to Tianxuan Mansion Chapter 90: Wrath of the Nether King Chapter 91: Breakthrough to the Seventh Order Chapter 92: Opening the First Layer of Linglong Treasure Pag Chapter 93: Class Advancement Test Chapter 94: Strange Little Town Chapter 95: The Martial Ning Family Chapter 96: Arrest Him Chapter 97: Four Years Passed Chapter 98: Wings of Demon Chapter 99: This Freak of a Man! Chapter 100: Yu Ming Missing Chapter 101: Breakthrough ? the Ninth Order Chapter 102: The Yuwai Kingdom Chapter 103: Running into Bandits Chapter 104: Slander and Trust Chapter 105: Running Into Each Other Again Chapter 106: "I’m His Old Man!" Chapter 107: Really Is the Patriarch’s Old Man? Chapter 108: What, Do You Dare to Do Something To Me? Chapter 109: Yang An is Here! Chapter 110: Kaiser Lion Transformation Chapter 111: Of Course We Won’t Let It End Like This! Chapter 112: The Yang Family’s Arrival! Chapter 113: Leaving In Embarrassment Chapter 114: The Vision Manifestation of Heavenly Treasure A Chapter 115: A Heavenly Treasure is About to Appear! Chapter 116: Duanren Empire Intervention Chapter 117: Duan Wuhen Chapter 118: Crawl from Here Chapter 119: Kill Them All! Chapter 120: Spirit Beast! Chapter 121: Hunt! Chapter 122: Heavenly Treasure Found! Chapter 123: Heavenly Treasure: God Binding Ring Chapter 124: Li Residence Obliterated Chapter 125: Attacking the Tenth Order Chapter 126: Huang Min and Li Lu Missing Chapter 127: Li Lu Left Chapter 128: Meeting Jiang Teng Again Chapter 129: Hunting for Iron Crocodiles Chapter 130: Running into Big Sword Sect Disciples Chapter 131: Kill Southern Cliffs City Castellan Chapter 132: Clear Cloud Pavilion Troubles Chapter 133: Heading To Big Dawn County Chapter 134: Clear Cloud Pavilion’s People Chapter 135: Lock Up? Chapter 136: You Dare? Chapter 137: Clear Cloud Pavilion Moves in for the Kill Chapter 138: “You Go Kill Huang Xiaolong!” Chapter 139: Acme Killings Chapter 140: Eliminate from the Root Chapter 141: Million Treasures Auction Chapter 142: Going to the Auction Chapter 143: Meeting Yang An Again Chapter 144: Bidding War for Geocentric Esne! Chapter 145: News of Yu Ming Chapter 146: Taking the Class’s First Place? Chapter 147: No Mercy Chapter 148: Lin Han Landed a Punch! Chapter 149: This is Like Scratching an Itch for Me Chapter 150: Ice Silkworm Delusion Palm Chapter 151: Battle for the Academy’s Number One Chapter 152: Three Elders’ Ambush Chapter 153: Academy Number One Chapter 154: Internal Force Breaks Through Xiantian Level Chapter 155: An Engagement between Huang and Guo Family Chapter 156: Zhao Shu and Yu Ming’s Arrival Chapter 157: The God Binding Ring’s Previous Master Chapter 158: Journeying to Duanren Empire Chapter 159: Passing Through Southern Cliffs City Chapter 160: Heavily Surrounded from all Directions Chapter 161: No Escape for Huang Xiaolong Chapter 162: About to Break Through Xiantian Realm? Chapter 163: Battle Qi Breakthrough–Xiantian Realm Chapter 164: Second Layer of Linglong Treasure Pagoda Chapter 165: Promptly Arriving in Duanren Empire Chapter 166: Unable to Find Out? Chapter 167: The Imperial City Battle Begins! Chapter 168: Can I Sit Here? Chapter 169: Imperial City Battle (1) Chapter 170: Imperial City Battle (2) Chapter 171: Imperial City Battle (3) Chapter 172: Imperial City Battle (4) Chapter 173: Imperial City Battle (5) Chapter 174: Imperial City Battle (6) Chapter 175: Imperial City Battle (7) Chapter 176: Imperial City Battle (8) Chapter 177: Imperial City Battle (9) Chapter 178: Imperial City Battle (10) Chapter 179: Imperial City Battle (11) Chapter 180: Imperial City Battle (12) Chapter 181: Imperial City Battle (13) Chapter 182: Imperial City Battle (14) Chapter 183: Imperial City Battle (15) Chapter 184: Buying Southern Hill Estate Chapter 185: Refining a Xiantian Expert Chapter 186: Insolent! Chapter 187: So, the Little Monkey Has Grown Up Chapter 188: The Connection Between Zhao Shu and Duan Ren Chapter 189: Duanren Institute Term Begins! Chapter 190: New Students Signing In Chapter 191: I’ll Leave Your Doglife Chapter 192: Amusement District Chapter 193: Investigating the Absolute Soul Pearl’s Whereab Chapter 194: Body Dividing Technique Chapter 195: News of Deities Temple Chapter 196: Divine World Chapter 197: Li Lu Appears! Chapter 198: Ao Baixue Chapter 199: A Paltry Little Huang Family Pissant Chapter 200: Just Now Was A Misunderstanding Chapter 201: My, Chen Qingfeng’s Methods Chapter 202: What Exactly Happened? Chapter 203: This Matter Won’t Be Forgiven So Simply Chapter 204: Then My Surname’s Not Guo Chapter 205: Are You Alright? Chapter 206: Saint Pavilion Chapter 207: Eye of Reincarnation Chapter 208: Saint Pavilion Opens Chapter 209: Searching for Absolute Soul Pearl Chapter 210: Terrifying Valley Chapter 211: Permutations Chapter 212: Soul Mandate Chapter 213: Heartless Hall Chapter 214: All Of You Must Die Here! Chapter 215: Guo Family’s Ancestor Exits Chapter 216: Saint Realm Expert? Chapter 217: Duanren Emperor Rushes Over Chapter 218: Deities Templar Appearing Again Chapter 219: Crashing Yao Manor Chapter 220: Yao Manor’s Annihilation Chapter 221: Journeying to the Blessed Buddha Empire Chapter 222: Blessed Buddha Altar Chapter 223: Reaction from the Blessed Buddha Altar Chapter 224: Astonished! Chapter 225: Meeting Shi Fantian Chapter 226: Entering Buddha Cavern Chapter 227: Searching for Godly Mt. Xumi Chapter 228: Clues of Godly Mt. Xumi’s Location Chapter 229: Refining the Godly Mt. Xumi Chapter 230: Practising on Godly Mt. Xumi Chapter 231: Combining Four Treasures into One Chapter 232: Weren’t You a Xiantian Third Order?! Chapter 233: Back In Duanren Imperial City Chapter 234: Wounded My Xiao’er Chapter 235: Young Noble Huang! Chapter 236: Chen Tianqi’s Suspicion Chapter 237: Snow Wind Continent’s Number One Beauty Chapter 238: The Bedlam Lands Chapter 239: Ancient Puppetry Art Chapter 240: Something Really Happened! Chapter 241: Under Brutal Siege Chapter 242: Formless Poison Chapter 243: Promoted to Holy Maiden Chapter 244: Breakthrough Xiantian Sixth Order! Chapter 245: Entering the Bedlam Lands Chapter 246: Shall We Entertain this Kid? Chapter 247: Not Willing? Chapter 248: Black Demon City Chapter 249: Ghost Shadow Sect Chapter 250: Controlling the Giant Puppets Chapter 251: An Impetuous, Death Seeking Slave! Chapter 252: Eye Of Hell Chapter 253: Geng Ken’s Doubt Chapter 254: Who Allowed You to Leave? Chapter 255: No Medicine for Regret Chapter 256: Chen Xiaotian’s Suspicion Chapter 257: Greeting the Young Lord! Chapter 258: Battling Chen Xiaotian Chapter 259: Taking Control of Sky Magi Sect Chapter 260: Death God’s Chain Chapter 261: Begin Swallowing the Blood Swallow School Chapter 262: Ally with Sky Magi Sect? Chapter 263: Chen Xiaotian’s Too Presumptuous Chapter 264: Jiang Tianhua Paying A Visit Chapter 265: You Think This Is A Joke? Chapter 266: Eye of the Yellow Spring Chapter 267: Undying Devil Physique Chapter 268: Taking Over Blood Swallow School Chapter 269: Nosy Chapter 270: Young Lord! Chapter 271: Where’s the Young Sovereign? Chapter 272: Annihilate the Sky Magi Sect! Chapter 273: Empty Chapter 274: Killing Hu Han Chapter 275: Unifying Black Demon City Chapter 276: City of Myriad Gods Chapter 277: Savage Sanguine Wasteland Chapter 278: Don’t Dodge If You’ve Got Guts Chapter 279: Remains From An Ancient God Tribe Master Chapter 280: Ghost Shadow Sect Patriarch Chapter 281: What Kind of Palm Power Is This? Chapter 282: Four Seas Mountain Chapter 283: Saber Imperial City Chapter 284: Poison Saint Sect Chapter 285: Great Demonic Yin Sound Chapter 286: Summoning the Giant Puppets Chapter 287: Godly Xumi Art Resurfaced! Chapter 288: Arriving in the City of Myriad Gods Chapter 289: The Ancient Herculean King Chapter 290: Meeting Yao Fei Again Chapter 291: Life Soul Grass Chapter 292: Our Young Lord Wants to See You! Chapter 293: So, It Was Like This Chapter 294: Back to Explore Broken Tiger Rift Chapter 295: Beneath the Rift Chapter 296: Fish of Natural Spiritual Energy Chapter 297: Tree of the Divine World Chapter 298: Refining the Spiritual Energy Fish Chapter 299: At the Bottom of the Cold Spring Chapter 300: Divine Grade Spirit Pellet Chapter 301: Eminent Holiness Halberd Sutra Chapter 302: Have You Heard of Heavenly Treasures? Chapter 303: Let Me Experience the Strength of a Half-Saint Chapter 304: Back to City of Myriad Gods Chapter 305: Why Should I Run ? Chapter 306: Battling Saint Realm Chapter 307: Ghost City Appeared Chapter 308: Earth Dragon Egg Chapter 309: Refining the Earth Dragon Egg Chapter 310: Stepping into Ghost City Chapter 311: Ghost King Palace Chapter 312: What If I Intervene? Chapter 313: Ghost King Sutra Chapter 314: Saint King’s Junior Brother? Chapter 315: I Hope You Can Think It Over Clearly Chapter 316: White Phoenix Chapter 317: Underground Palace Chapter 318: Giant Ghost That Reached Saint Realm Cultivatio Chapter 319: Blood Pact Mandate Chapter 320: Ghost King’s Cultivation Cave Chapter 321: Battling Zhao Chen Again Chapter 322: Giant Ghost Feng Yang’s Might Chapter 323: Entering the Ghost King’s Cultivation Cave Chapter 324: The Third Floor Chapter 325: The Fourth Floor Chapter 326: Ghost King Dan and Ghost King Sutra Chapter 327: Return to Duanren Empire Chapter 328: Back in Luo Tong Kingdom Chapter 329: Unable To Rescue? Chapter 330: God Killing Fist! Chapter 331: Deities Templar Appears Again Chapter 332: Even If Given Wings… Won’t Be Able To Escape Chapter 333: Able To Contend With Me? Chapter 334: This Monster! Chapter 335: The Holy Maiden of Deities Templar Chapter 336: Senior Huang Chapter 337: Back To Duanren Imperial City Chapter 338: Begin, Refining the Ghost King Ring Chapter 339: Absorbing the Ghost King Dan Chapter 340: Refining the Supreme Ghost Flag Chapter 341: Teach Them How To Behave? Chapter 342: Cripple Your Own Two Legs Chapter 343: Come At Me, Anytime Chapter 344: Fabled Scimitar Sect Chapter 345: The Origin Forest Chapter 346: Tearing Into Saint Realm Chapter 347: You Broke Through Half-Saint? Chapter 348: Beast God Scepter Chapter 349: Ruins of the Ancient Dragon Clan Chapter 350: I’ll Take Them All Chapter 351: Guarantee That You Can’t Stop Heaping Praises Chapter 352: Huang Xiaolong! Chapter 353: Not One of Them Leaves Chapter 354: Heavenly Treasure Resurface In the World Chapter 355: Poison Corpse Scarabs Chapter 356: Subduing the Poison Corpse Scarabs Chapter 357: The Ancient Dragon Clan Ruins, Found! Chapter 358: Dragon Blood Crystal Chapter 359: Dragon Palace Chapter 360: Great Dragon Saber Chapter 361: Dragon Tomb Chapter 362: Entering the Dragon Tomb Chapter 363: Dragon Pearl Chapter 364: All Sides Snatching Chapter 365: Refining the Dragon Pearl Chapter 366: Three Years Later Chapter 367: Asura Order Chapter 368: Peace Emperor World Chapter 369: Cancel Your Tryout Eligibility! Chapter 370: Swear Allegiance to Deities Templar? Chapter 371: Poison Corpse Scarabs’ Battle Might Chapter 372: Yao Shan’s Death Chapter 373: Deities Templar Temple Preceptor, Ying Tian Chapter 374: Passing Through the Blessed Buddha Empire Chapter 375: Soft Tofu Chapter 376: Still Soft Tofu? Chapter 377: Blessed Buddha Temple Chapter 378: To the Blessed Buddha Temple Chapter 379: Looks Impressive But Has No Substance Chapter 380: I Know Who He Is! Chapter 381: He Is Young Noble Divine Dragon Chapter 382: Junior Brother! Chapter 383: Deities Templar’s Forces Chapter 384: Twelve Forms of the Dragon God Chapter 385: Small Child Chapter 386: Kill To Silence Chapter 387: Blood River War Chariot Chapter 388: Poison Corpse Scarabs’ Evolution Chapter 389: Cosmos God Cult Chapter 390: Asura Sword Skill, the Eighth Move Chapter 391: Arriving at Starcloud Continent Chapter 392: Aowu Shop Chapter 393: The Age Definitely Can’t Be Wrong Chapter 394: It’s the Fairest Chapter 395: Why, Why So Fragile to Beating? Chapter 396: Big Event Chapter 397: Archaic Peak Appraisal Firm Chapter 398: Having Something Appraised Chapter 399: Whatever Request? Chapter 400: Hurry, Notify the Castellan Chapter 401: Mister Luo Yun! Chapter 402: Arriving At the Center Oblast Chapter 403: None of You Can Escape! Chapter 404: You’re Finally Here! Chapter 405: We Have Been Waiting A Long Time for You Chapter 406: Can Evolve? Chapter 407: Sovereign’s Divine Might! Chapter 408: Definitely has Given Birth Before Chapter 409: Sovereign Chen Won! Chapter 410: Such A Nice Fragrance! Chapter 411: Taking Control of Asura’s Gate Chapter 412: Grand Martial Exchange Chapter 413: Won’t Dare to Make a Move on Our Qi Family Chapter 414: An Asura from Hell? Chapter 415: Refining the Asura Bloodline Chapter 416: A Hero Wants to Save the Beautiful Damsel in Di Chapter 417: Why Are You Here Only Now?! Chapter 418: Breaching Entry Into the Castellan Manor Chapter 419: Surrender the Murderer Chapter 420: What Are You Considered As? Chapter 421: Still Considered Tactful Chapter 422: I Will Take Revenge! Chapter 423: Arriving in Treasure City Chapter 424: Qin Family Chapter 425: Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce Chapter 426: Shi Xiaofei’s Whereabouts Chapter 427: Congratulations, Young Lord Chapter 428: Not Even Qualified to Carry His Shoes? Chapter 429: Frontal Assault Chapter 430: Notify The Young Lord Chapter 431: It’s The Young Lord! Chapter 432: Death God’s Sinister Technique Chapter 433: Godly Xumi Art! Chapter 434: Death God’s Sword Chapter 435: Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce Headquarter Chapter 436: Our President Is Not In Chapter 437: Our President Invites Thee Chapter 438: Thank You For Your Hospitality Chapter 439: Back To The Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce Chapter 440: Where’s Shao Dongjian? Chapter 441: Look at the Stars Chapter 442: Refining A Primordial Divine Dragon Chapter 443: Back to Blessed Buddha Empire Chapter 444: Poison Dragon Valley Chapter 445: Refining Another Primordial Divine Dragon Chapter 446: My Big Uncle Is Young Noble Divine Dragon! Chapter 447: The Elf Forest Chapter 448: Magus Chapter 449: Dwarf Race Chapter 450: Stellar Thunder Canyon Chapter 451: This Roast Meat Is Not Bad Chapter 452: And If I Don’t? Chapter 453: Beast God Sacrificial Rite Chapter 454: Lowly Human Chapter 455: Liege Lord Beast God Chapter 456: Unqualified Chapter 457: Rebellion & Usurpation Chapter 458: I Object! Chapter 459: I Support Leibert! Chapter 460: Beastmen Tribes Congregation Chapter 461: Entering the Poison Dragon Valley Chapter 462: Running Into the Lion Tribe Chapter 463: Scram For Me Now! Chapter 464: New Beast God? Chapter 465: I Don’t Kill A Nameless Face Chapter 466: Protect the Liege Lord Beast God Chapter 467: Have All of Them Remain Here Forever! Chapter 468: Huang Xiaolong Is the Beast God Chapter 469: If You Can Defeat Me Chapter 470: Nine Dragons Temple Chapter 471: Entering the Dwarven City Again Chapter 472: You Stay Here Chapter 473: Elf Grand Elder’s Welcome Chapter 474: ‘Little Worm’ Chapter 475: Let Me Try Chapter 476: Entering the Beast God Shrine Chapter 477: Beast God Heritage Chapter 478: I Will Make You Regret This Chapter 479: Don’t Accidentally Kill Him Chapter 480: Submit Chapter 481: You Used Ten Moves Chapter 482: Second Hall Master’s Deific Prowess Chapter 483: Will Annihilate All Beastmen Tribes Chapter 484: Just Huang Xiaolong Alone? Chapter 485: Captured For Temple Master’s Pleasure Chapter 486: Give You Double Reward Chapter 487: Seeing the Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey Again Chapter 488: Ape Deity Herculean Strength Scripture Chapter 489: Assembling in Nine Dragons City Chapter 490: Running Into Old Acquaintances Chapter 491: Let You Live A Few More Days Chapter 492: He’s Lord Beast God?!! Chapter 493: The Tribes and Clans Join Hands Chapter 494: A Wastrel Like You Chapter 495: Green Devil Nefarious Poison Liquefying Techniq Chapter 496: Deities Templar’s Li Lu Appears Chapter 497: Kill Huang Xiaolong! Chapter 498: Unifying The Ten Directions Continent Chapter 499: Return to Asuras Gate! Chapter 500: Firstly, Annihilate Asura’s Gate Chapter 501: This Way Is Much Better Chapter 502: Who Dares to Act Recklessly, Seeking Death! Chapter 503: Half A Step God Realm Chapter 504: Terrorized By the Killings Chapter 505: Unifying Starcloud Continent Chapter 506: Changes in the Dragon Pearl Chapter 507: Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi Chapter 508: Destination: Dead Sea Gorge Chapter 509: Half-Step God Realm Demonic Beasts Chapter 510: Young Noble Absolute Kill Chapter 511: Soul Binding Needle! Chapter 512: Star Sword Sect Chapter 513: Firmament Jade Emperor Heavenly Physique? Chapter 514: Ying Tian's Death Chapter 515: Black Tortoise Galaxy Chapter 516: Someone the Likes of You Is Capable of Killing Chapter 517: One Gentle Palm Strike Chapter 518: Demon Sword Hall Chapter 519: Unifying the Martial Spirit World Chapter 520: Black Warrior Institute Chapter 521: Black Warrior Institutes Top Ten Chapter 522: Leaving the Martial Spirit World Chapter 523: Central Starfield Chapter 524: Three Thousand Unique Physiques Chapter 525: Innate Spiritual Embryo Chapter 526: Arriving In the Central Starfield Chapter 527: Exchanging Currency Chapter 528: Black Warrior City Chapter 529: Tortoise Boundarys Apparition Chapter 530: Test Result Chapter 531: Are You Sure Youre Not Auctioning? Chapter 532: Divine Artifact Chapter 533: Day of Assessment Approaching Chapter 534: First Encounter With Gudu Leng Chapter 535: Hunting God Realm Demonic Beasts Chapter 536: Changes To The Top Ten Ranking Chapter 537: Second Day of Assessment Chapter 538: Third Day of Assessment Chapter 539: Fourth Place Already! Chapter 540: The Battle For First Place Chapter 541: Query Chapter 542: Anyone Else Wants to Come Up? Chapter 543: About Thirty Years? Chapter 544: Apprenticeship Chapter 545: You Already Refined All of Them?! Chapter 546: Reckless Act Chapter 547: The Grand Apprenticeship Ceremony Chapter 548: Ancestor Gudu Chapter 549: New Disciple Task Chapter 550: Refining Innate Spiritual Embryo Chapter 551: Breakthrough to God Realm Chapter 552: Summoning The Gates of Hell Chapter 553: Stepping Into Hell Chapter 554: Advancing to Second Order God Realm Chapter 555: A Spot Within the Top Five Is Already Not Bad Chapter 556: Challenging Huang Xiaolong Chapter 557: A Sigh Chapter 558: Allow Me to Make the First Move? Chapter 559: Wang Biaoyuan's True Strength! Chapter 560: Still, Only One Move! Chapter 561: You Said Your Junior- Apprentice Brother Took F Chapter 562: Occupied By Another Chapter 563: This Kid's Going To Be Crippled Chapter 564: Youre Definitely Going To Regret This! Chapter 565: Buying A Manor Chapter 566: Leader of the Inner Disciples' Great Ten Chapter 567: Returning To The Martial Spirit World Chapter 568: Masters From the Ying Family Chapter 569: Annihilate The Huang Clan Manor From Top To Bot Chapter 570: We're Fifth Order God Realm Masters Chapter 571: Talked For An Entire Night? Chapter 572: Servants Are Not Allowed In Here Chapter 573: Divine Fort Residence Chapter 574: Sacred Grade Immortal Spirit Stone Chapter 575: Ten Billion! Chapter 576: Azure Dragon Institute Chapter 577: Only Break Your Arms Chapter 578: Controlling Sword With Qi Chapter 579: Treasure Chapter 580: Hailstone Mainland Chapter 581: Dare To Kill? Chapter 582: No Hurry Chapter 583: Darksprite Poison Owl Chapter 584: In the Depths of Hailstone Forest Chapter 585: Highgod Advancement Tournament Chapter 586: Getting Closer To The Treasure Chapter 587: Venturing In To The Hailstone Treasure Chapter 588: He Won't Get Away Chapter 589: Opening the Hailstone Treasure Chapter 590: Problem Arises! Chapter 591: Hate Being Threatened The Most Chapter 592: I Shall Kill You First Chapter 593: A Life For A Life Chapter 594: Offer You A Cup of Tea Chapter 595: Hard to Swallow This Indignity! Chapter 596: True Dragon King's Beast Cores Chapter 597: Earth-Shaking Exorbitant Price Chapter 598: Are You An Idiot? Chapter 599: Fourth Order God Realm Chapter 600: Slave Chapter 601: Well Leave As We Please Chapter 602: To Capture God Realm Demonic Beasts Chapter 603: Blazing Stonedragon Beast Chapter 604: Savager Than A Primordial Fierce Beast Chapter 605: Our Zhu Familys Possession Chapter 606: Refining a Highgod Realm Divine Dragons Beast C Chapter 607: Fifth Order God Realm Chapter 608: A Super Huge Bet Chapter 609: Must Have Grown Restless From Waiting Chapter 610: Need You Lording Over? Chapter 611: All Nine Of You Attack Together Chapter 612: I Want Your Hailstone Treasure Chapter 613: Get Out of the Rising Dragon Arena Chapter 614: The Arena Boils Over! Astounded! Chapter 615: Burst It With One Kick! Chapter 616: 'Soft Eggs' Can Never Be More Than Soft Eggs Chapter 617: Opening A Cultivation Cave Chapter 618: All Dragons League Chapter 619: Will Not Let It Slide At That Chapter 620: Beauty Dengs Brilliant Plan Chapter 621: You Should Give Us Some Compensation Chapter 622: I Want Them All Chapter 623: Bagua Trigrams Formation-Palace of Nine Halls Chapter 624: Collecting Gambling Wins Chapter 625: Forged Gambling Receipt Chapter 626: Three Hundred And Forty Billion Seem A Bit Litt Chapter 627: Rising Sea Ascending Moon Divine Pellet Chapter 628: Sneak Attack Chapter 629: Send Him A Big Gift Chapter 630: The People Coming Over Are Very Powerful Chapter 631: Godhead Strata Chapter 632: Not Going To Scram? Chapter 633: Reuniting With Shi Xiaofei Chapter 634: Meeting Ascending Moon Old Man Chapter 635: I Finally Found It! Chapter 636: This Is Your Great Blessing! Chapter 637: Huang Xiaolong's Headaches Chapter 638: How Should I Address You? Chapter 639: Baldy Zhang Chapter 640: Jiang Yus Breakthrough Chapter 641: Attacking the Golden Dragon Peak Chapter 642: Hes Nothing But A Dog of A God Chapter 643: Huang Xiaolong's Return Chapter 644: Turned Into An Idiot Chapter 645: Who Dares To Harm My Disciple? Chapter 646: Fallen In Love With This Old Man? Chapter 647: So Full Chapter 648: Greeting Senior Ascending Moon Chapter 649: Have You Heard? Chapter 650: Rank Five Godhead Chapter 651: Alchemist Grandmaster Competition? Chapter 652: Refining the Godhead Chapter 653: A Meeting Chapter 654: Can't Afford Chapter 655: Sister Chapter 656: Throw Them Out! Chapter 657: One Kick, As Hard As You Can Chapter 658: Ascending Moon Old Man Leaving Chapter 659: Xiang Mingzhi Is Also Participating Chapter 660: I Thought It Would Be A Trillion Chapter 661: Why Are Both of You So Afraid Of Him?! Chapter 662: Consecutive Breakthroughs to God Realm Chapter 663: Contribution Chapter 664: Penalize Huang Xiaolong Chapter 665: Promotion To Elder Position Chapter 666: Begging For a Spanking Chapter 667: You Wont Have That Chance Chapter 668: Seal Off the Wintry North World Chapter 669: Trouble? Chapter 670: God Ranking List Battle Chapter 671: The Ascending Moon Old Mans Return Chapter 672: Departing to Royal Pill City Chapter 673: Destroyed Chapter 674: My Father Is Lin Pinghai Chapter 675: No Need To Kneel Chapter 676: Azure Dragon Divine Fire Chapter 677: The Alchemist Assessment? Chapter 678: Refining Without A Furnace Chapter 679: Who Said He Passed the Assessment? Chapter 680: You All Better Leave Quickly Chapter 681: Master! Chapter 682: Senior Brother Huang Chapter 683: Ancestor Mountaingoat Chapter 684: Begin The Refinement Chapter 685: And If You Lose? Chapter 686: Xuanji Treasure Chapter 687: Xiang Mingzhis Successful Refinement! Chapter 688: Pill Tribulation! Chapter 689: Give Me Some Face Chapter 690: Are You Certain? Chapter 691: The Terror of Azure Dragon Divine Fire Chapter 692: Clues About The Black Tortoise Divine Fires Whe Chapter 693: Returning to Martial Spirit World Chapter 694: Changes In The Martial Spirit World Chapter 695: Fussing Over A Trivial Matter Chapter 696: Definitely Capture Them Alive! Chapter 697: Big Trouble Chapter 698: Senior, Do You Know of The Li Family? Chapter 699: Obliterate Them! Chapter 700: Returning To The Huang Clan Manor Chapter 701: He... Seems To Be That Huang Xiaolong? Chapter 702: To Peace Emperor World Chapter 703: You Bunch of Idiots! Chapter 704: Arriving In Peace Emperor World Chapter 705: Could It Be, These Two Know Each Other? Chapter 706: Searching For The Black Tortoise Divine Fire Chapter 707: How Many People Does The Other Side Have? Chapter 708: How Is That Persons Strength? Chapter 709: The Black Tortoise Divine Fire Is Not At The Bo Chapter 710: Chaos Space Chapter 711: Integrating With the Black Tortoise Divine Fire Chapter 712: Annihilating the Nether Ice Palace Chapter 713: Mastering the Black Tortoise Divine Fire Chapter 714: Heavenly Mountain Chapter 715: Heavenly Gods Blood Pool Chapter 716: Broken Sword Sect Chapter 717: Black Dungeon Tarragon Chapter 718: Locating the Heavenly Gods Blood Pool Chapter 719: Ninth Order God Realm Chapter 720: Highgod Realm Master Chapter 721: You Might As Well Stay Chapter 722: Who Dares To Bully My Disciple? Chapter 723: Refining the Black Lotus Chapter 724: Searching for the Vermilion Bird Divine Fire Chapter 725: Arriving at the Vermilion Bird Galaxy Chapter 726: Entering the Vermilion Bird Institute Chapter 727: Qi Qianqian Chapter 728: Youre Telling Me To Scram? Chapter 729: Entering the Vermilion Bird Institute Library Chapter 730: Tenth Order God Realm Chapter 731: Demonic Beast Clans' Attacks Chapter 732: Golden Mountain World Chapter 733: You're not Cheng Huai'an! Chapter 734: Hundred Spirits Beast King Chapter 735: A Space Filled With Demonic Qi Chapter 736: A Hundred Zhang Tall Demonic Beast Body Chapter 737: Refining the Hundred Spirit Beast Kings Giant A Chapter 738: He Feifan Breaks Through to Highgod Realm Chapter 739: Celebration Ceremony Chapter 740: Not Worthy To Be My Opponent Chapter 741: Fire World's Phoenix Volcano Chapter 742: Entering The Fire World Chapter 743: Highgod Advancement List Chapter 744: First Exchange With The Highgod Advancement Lis Chapter 745: Firecloud Mountain Chapter 746: Taming A Tenth Order God Realm Demonic Beast Chapter 747: Capturing the Fire Scaled Beast Chapter 748: Could something have happened to Master? Chapter 749: The Phoenix Clan Alerted! Chapter 750: If You Can Withstand One Palm Strike From Me Chapter 751: Entering the Phoenix Volcano Chapter 752: Vermilion Bird Divine Fire! Chapter 753: Integrating With The Vermilion Bird Divine Fire Chapter 754: Dragon Emperor Regains His Freedom Chapter 755: Using A Single Palm Chapter 756: You Dare Hit My Face! Chapter 757: The Phoenix Clan Submits! Chapter 758: Six Hundred Billion! Chapter 759: Subjugating Three Great Highgod Realm Masters Chapter 760: More Than Ten Thousand God Realm Demonic Beasts Chapter 761: The Wan Family Chapter 762: So Many Wan Family's Masters! Chapter 763: Nothing But A Fool! Chapter 764: Finally Back! Chapter 765: Dumbfounded Ascending Moon Old Man! Chapter 766: Everyone Has A Share Chapter 767: The Ascending Moon Old Mans Real Strength? Chapter 768: He Plans To Take On My Palm Strike? Chapter 769: Jia Xiangtian Sent Flying Chapter 770: The Mysterious Great Lord Chapter 771: Feng Yang Exits Seclusion Chapter 772: Could It Be, Youve Already Broken Through to Ni Chapter 773: Saint Mother Yao Chis Birthday Banquet Chapter 774: A Horrified Wang Na Chapter 775: Encountering the Jiang Family Patriarch Chapter 776: Jiang Hanzhi Chapter 777: Lu Cong Chapter 778: The Banquet Begins Chapter 779: Saint Mother Yao Chi Arrives Chapter 780: Stage Battle Chapter 781: Are You Stronger Than He Feifan? Chapter 782: Late-Tenth Order God Realm?! Chapter 783: Legacy Inheritor Chapter 784: What Are You Thinking? Chapter 785: Ascending to the Divine World Chapter 786: Searching For The Hundred Spirits Beast Kings S Chapter 787: The Hundred Spirits Beast Kings Sealed Torso Chapter 788: Perfection Stage Late-Tenth Order God Realm Chapter 789: Was Just Killed By Someone Chapter 790: He Looks Like Zhu Chenyi? Chapter 791: Kill Huang Xiaolong Chapter 792: Merely Qualified To Carry His Shoes Chapter 793: Zhu Chu Actually Lost Chapter 794: Mirage King Chapter 795: Recruiting Highgod Realm Masters Chapter 796: Astonishing Countless Highgod Realm Masters Chapter 797: Evil Ghost Ancestor Chapter 798: Three People Joining Forces Chapter 799: Evil Ghost Ancestor Dead! Chapter 800: Twenty-Three Highgod Realm Masters Chapter 801: Xiang Mingzhi Advances To Highgod Realm Chapter 802: Death God Lake Chapter 803: Actually Not Dead? Chapter 804: Dominate the Boundless Galaxies Chapter 805: Suppressing the Condensation of a Godhead Chapter 806: Tangible Soul Attack Chapter 807: Could It Be That Mysterious Lord? Chapter 808: Wintry North World Chapter 809: Firmament Divinity Mainland Chapter 810: This Is For You Chapter 811: Amazing Leg Skill Chapter 812: I Want To Eat You Up Chapter 813: Zhu Family Ancestor Chapter 814: Beitang Zi Chapter 815: A Fragment of the Heavenly Gods Godhead Chapter 816: "It's Pill King Huang Xiaolong!" Chapter 817: Devil Domain Mainland Chapter 818: Crimson Devil City Chapter 819: Gaunt Devil Chapter 820: The Devil Cave Chapter 821: Entering The Devil Cave Chapter 822: Searching For the Demonic Devil Bead Chapter 823: Alarming The Old Devils Chapter 824: Flee Chapter 825: The White Tiger Divine Fire's Whereabouts Chapter 826: The Peak of the Heavenly Mountain Chapter 827: Trapped Chapter 828: White Tiger Divine Fire Chapter 829: Transformation Of The Soul Chapter 830: The Heavenly Gods Dwelling Chapter 831: The Central Formation Chapter 832: Refining the Central Formation Chapter 833: The Heavenly Mountain Taken Away Chapter 834: Conquering The Neighboring World Surfaces Chapter 835: An Edict From the Divine World Chapter 836: Astounding Prizes Chapter 837: Yelu Tianfeng Chapter 838: Seven Years Later Chapter 839: Rushing to the Eternal Galaxy Chapter 840: Give Me Your Spot Chapter 841: Testing Bone-age Chapter 842: Pretending To Be Rich? Chapter 843: Here's 500 Billion Chapter 844: Coincidentally Running Into Xiang Mingzhi Chapter 845: The Tournament Begins Chapter 846: The Overflowing Lightning World Chapter 847: Better Used As Cannon Fodder Chapter 848 Chapter 849: A Megapolis Chapter 850: Touching The Top Three Thousand Chapter 851: You Must Have Seen Wrongly Chapter 852: Truly Good News Chapter 853: Not A Hallucination Chapter 854: Another One Chapter 855: Did Not Let Him Down Chapter 856: Finding Xiang Mingzhi Chapter 857: A Terrified Xiang Mingzhi Chapter 858: Slowly Dimmed Chapter 859: Condensing A Godhead Chapter 860: The Emergence Of An Extraordinary Treasure? Chapter 861: Breakthrough to Highgod Realm Chapter 862: Three Supreme Rank Godheads Chapter 863: The First Place Belongs To None Other Than Wang Chapter 864: Ancient Lightning Gods Cultivation Dwelling Chapter 865: Too Weak Chapter 866: Finding the Lightning Gods Cultivation Dwelling Chapter 867: Cheering Out Loud Chapter 868: The Center of Attention Chapter 869: Entering The Top Ten Chapter 870: The Highest He Could Reach Is The 8th Place Chapter 871: You Wuye Chapter 872: Encountering Wangu Yanhui Chapter 873: Hand Over The Key Chapter 874: Activating the Central Formation Chapter 875: Which Of You Wants To Die First? Chapter 876: The Mysterious Great Lord Chapter 877: Is It Because of the Azure Dragon Divine Fire? Chapter 878: Divide Equally? Chapter 879: The First Place Chapter 880: Instalment Ceremony Chapter 881: Huang Xiaolong Must Die! Chapter 882: Divine World Messenger Chapter 883: Peerless Genius Chapter 884: The Fortune Gate Elder Chapter 885: Returning To The Black Tortoise Galaxy Chapter 886: You Dare Disrespect Institute Principal Wang Na Chapter 887: Wang Na’s Death Chapter 888: All Dead Chapter 889: Could His Son Really Protect Himself? Chapter 890: Doesn’t Your Face Turn Red Telling Lies Like Th Chapter 891: Really Won The First Place! Chapter 892: Huang Xiaolong’s Grand Wedding Chapter 893: Alchemist Grandmaster Union Grand Competition Chapter 894: The Dan River and Sacred Dan Temple Chapter 895: Terminating the Blood Contrac Chapter 896: Descending On The Martial Spirit World Chapter 897: They Are Finally Here Chapter 898: Qin Yi Arrives Chapter 899: Hounding Yelu Chufei Chapter 900: You Are Huang Xiaolong! Chapter 901: The Beitang Family’s Group Doesn't Believe Chapter 902: Is Huang Xiaolong Already Dead? Chapter 903: Join Up, Not Going Chapter 904: To The City of Devils Chapter 905: The Hellion Tower and Path to Hell Chapter 906: The Wedding Nigh Chapter 907: Three Days and Three Nights Chapter 908: Devil Bead Chapter 909: Devil Son Mo Su Chapter 910: The True Number One Genius In Tens of Thousands Chapter 911: Zhou Yao’s Talent Is Actually This Amazing! Chapter 912: Mo Su’s Godhead Chapter 913: Alarming The Devil Clan Patriarch Chapter 914: Breakthrough to Fifth Order Highgod Realm Chapter 915: Kingdom of Devils Chapter 916: Clearing the Tenth Floor Chapter 917: On The Seventh Floor Is Jiang Xiaosu? Chapter 918: Up To the Twelfth Floor Chapter 919: Mo Su’s Failure Chapter 920: Died On The Twelfth Floor? Chapter 921: Convening at the Divine Dan World Chapter 922: Meeting Wangu Yanhui Again Chapter 923: Increase the Assessment Difficulty By Ten Times Chapter 924: Can't Refine It? Chapter 925: Actually Succeeded! Chapter 926: Sun Yi’s Shock Chapter 927: Cultivating the Heaven Splitting Tene Chapter 928: Running Into Mo Su Chapter 929: Are You Afraid? Chapter 930: Alchemy Refining Failed? Chapter 931: Kowtow In Apology Chapter 932: Mo Su Wounded Chapter 933: Huang Xiaolong Injured Chapter 934: A Five-Year Covenan Chapter 935: Li Lu, Is It You? Chapter 936: Ten Thousand Divine Beast Diagram Chapter 937: Rank Nine Tribulation Grade Pellet! Chapter 938: Challenging Sun Yi Chapter 939: That Person Is Me Chapter 940: To The Dan River Chapter 941: Half A Year Chapter 942: Entering the Sacred Dan Temple Chapter 943: The Fifth Section of the Sacred Dan Temple Chapter 944: Union Chief Chapter 945: You Must Die Today! Chapter 946: Sent Mo Dingtian Flying Chapter 947: Taking Control Of the Ancient Devil Clan Chapter 948: “You Don’t Know?” Chapter 949: I’ve Held Her Hand Chapter 950: His Name Is Huang Xiaolong Chapter 951: The Path to Hell Chapter 952: Pan Zhen Chapter 953: The Ghost Refining Sect Master Chapter 954: The Spiriting Demon Gates Chapter 955: An Art That Can Devour Yin Souls Chapter 956: The Sea of Hell Chapter 957: The Infernal Ghost Messenger Chapter 958: Into the Ghost Refining Sec Chapter 959: The Ghost Refining Sect’s Treasury Chapter 960: The Ghost Refining Sect Master’s Return! Chapter 961: Striking Off The Ghost Refining Sect Young Lord Chapter 962: Cleaning Out The Ghost Refining Sect’s Treasury Chapter 963: Fleeing From the Ghost Refining Sec Chapter 964: The Ghost King Chapter 965: Huang Xiaolong Suffering Grave Injuries Chapter 966: Li Lu Injured Chapter 967: Li Lu In Despair Chapter 968: Into The Sea of Hell Chapter 969: Mo Yishi and the Bodhisattva Faction Lord Chapter 970: You Are Just The Person I Wanted To Kill Chapter 971: Opening the Devil King's Palace Chapter 972: God Killing Heavenly Lightning Array Chapter 973: Spirit Realm Chapter 973: The End of The Road for The Ghost Refining Sect Chapter 974: Returning to the Ghost Refining City Chapter 975: Reigning Over the Path to Hell Chapter 976: Returning to the Divine Dan City Chapter 977: Ascending to the Divine World Chapter 978: Arriving In The Divine World Chapter 979: Strength Suppressed Chapter 980: Regaining Strength Chapter 981: Green Cloud Island Chapter 982: The Tie Family For Chapter 983: The Divine World’s Fortune Gate Chapter 984: Leaving the Tie Family For Chapter 985: Stealing Cultivation Technique Chapter 986: The Tie Family Fort’s Invitation Chapter 987: Don't Kill The Brat Just Ye Chapter 988: Orkhis Fruits Chapter 989: Snatching the Orkhis Fruits Chapter 990: Lin Chaoqun Flees Chapter 991: The Zhu Family’s Young Master Chapter 992: Sending Off A Beggar? Chapter 993: Registering For The Assessmen Chapter 994: The Prairie of Death Chapter 995: The Assessment Results Chapter 996: The Room Arrangemen Chapter 997: Volcano Isle Chapter 998: Crimson Flame Heart-fire Palm Chapter 999: Equal Distribution Chapter 1000: Breakthrough to the Heavenly God Realm Chapter 1001: The Heavenly God Realm! Chapter 1002: Returning to the Barbarian God Sec Chapter 1003: The Elephant Genesis Sect’s Law Enforcement Di Chapter 1004: The Ranking Battle Begins Chapter 1005: The Battle of Giants Chapter 1006: It Really Took Just One Strike! Chapter 1007: Low Grade King Rank Godhead Chapter 1008: Huang Xiaolong Refused?! Chapter 1009: Soaring Sky Peak Chapter 1010: The 'Sanctity of Order' Mansion Chapter 1011: “We’ll Help You Teach That Punk A Lesson!” Chapter 1012: Chen Hao Chapter 1013: Chen Hao Rushing Back Chapter 1014: Kneel Chapter 1015: Zhao Chenyuan’s Suspicion Chapter 1016: A Cow? Chapter 1017: Chen Wenyuan’s Pursuit Chapter 1018: There’s An Expert Protecting Him? Chapter 1019: Haven’t Eaten Beef In A Long Time Chapter 1020: Treasure Map In Hand Chapter 1021: The Lin Family Fort Under Attack Chapter 1022: Cut Huang Xiaolong’s Flesh? Chapter 1023: The Patriarchs Are Back! Chapter 1024: Passing By The Tie Family Fort Chapter 1025: His Name Is He Cheng Chapter 1026: Elder Brother Huang Is So Bad! Chapter 1027: The Jadeite Kingdom Chapter 1028: Unknown Tree Chapter 1029: The Zhenyu Sect Treasure Chapter 1030: Finding The Treasure Chapter 1031: Forty-Million-Years-Old Medicinal Herbs Chapter 1032: The Little Cow’s Real Identity Chapter 1033: Wang Dafeng Chapter 1034: You’re The One Feeling A Itch Chapter 1035: Slaughter That Animal For Me! Chapter 1036: Cao Bishi Chapter 1037: We Need Not Do Anything Chapter 1038: Second Encounter With Wang Dafeng Chapter 1039: Be Wary of Zhao Wuya and Fan Yuan Chapter 1040: Into the Ice Hail Ruins Chapter 1041: Battle Power Comparable To A Mid-Fourth Order? Chapter 1042: Meeting At The Frost City Chapter 1043: Cut Into A Million Pieces! Chapter 1044: A Large Frost Coffin Chapter 1045: An Ancient God Realm Green Ice Hail Devil Chapter 1046: Breakthrough to Fourth Order Heavenly God Real Chapter 1047: Training Ends Chapter 1048: Tabulating The Results Chapter 1049: You’re The One Who Killed Them, Right? Chapter 1050: What Did You Say? Chapter 1051: Leave That Cow Behind Chapter 1052: Wetting the Floor Chapter 1053: Turns Out It A Was Top King Rank Godhead Chapter 1054: Rules Cannot Be Broken Chapter 1055: Heading To The Primordial Celestial Shrine Chapter 1056: Comprehending The Heritage Tablets Chapter 1057: Grade Four Spiritual Vein Chapter 1058: Gamble! Chapter 1059: Devil Restraining Sect Chapter 1060: How Many Tablets Have You Comprehended? Chapter 1061: Cao Family Young Lord’s Grand Wedding Chapter 1062: Chased By The Two Sects’ Experts Chapter 1063: Zhao Chenyuan Falling Into Despair Chapter 1064: Grandmist Puppetry Technique Chapter 1065: Bloody Looking For Death! Chapter 1066: Xiaolong, Quickly Run! Chapter 1067: From Now On, No Once Can Hit You Chapter 1068: Heart Devil Blood Curse Chapter 1069: Shaking The Green Cloud Island Chapter 1070: Late-Fourth Order Heavenly God Realm Chapter 1071: Dispose Of Huang Xiaolong Chapter 1072: Dralion Island Chapter 1073: South Huai City Chapter 1074: Berserk Lion Sect Chapter 1075: Too Scared To Come Out Chapter 1076: Could This Be A Supreme Divine Beast? Chapter 1077: Not First Order Ancient God Realm Chapter 1078: Ancestral Dragon Fruit Chapter 1079: Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast Chapter 1080: Capturing the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast Chapter 1081: The Golden Twin Dragons Chapter 1082: Tian Juaner Chapter 1083: Making A Mountain Out Of A Molehill Chapter 1084: Your Alchemy Skill Is Only This Much? Chapter 1085: Scared Silly? Chapter 1086: Great News Chapter 1087: The Golden Dragon Pearl Chapter 1088: The Golden Dragon Gate Chief Chapter 1089: Snatching the Nine Petals Spiritual Lightning Chapter 1090: When Are We Making Our Move? Chapter 1091: The Nefarious Devil Tribe Chapter 1092: Slipping Into The Ancestral Burial Ground Chapter 1093: Ancient God Realm Nefarious Devil Puppet Chapter 1094: Not Allowed To Pick Other Tasks Chapter 1095: Entering the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple Chapter 1096: The 20 Million Years Old Legend Chapter 1097: Nine Dragons In Place Chapter 1098: Has Tang Hong Come Out? Chapter 1099: The Berserk Lion Sect Chief Chapter 1100: You Think You’re Qualified To Speak To Me? Chapter 1101: The Giant Tribe Chapter 1102: Abrogate Huang Xiaolong’s Position? Chapter 1103: Killed Chapter 1104: He’ll Kill You With His Own Hands Chapter 1105: The Zhenyu Sect Treasury’s Inner Hall Chapter 1106: Ancient God Realm Godheads Chapter 1107: Sea Beasts Chapter 1108: Reuniting With Yao Chi Chapter 1109: The Grandmist Parasitic Medium Chapter 1110: Killing Through The Sea Beast Tide Chapter 1111: Do Not Let That Person Into The City Chapter 1112: Where’s Elder Li Qingyang? Chapter 1113: A New Wave of Beast Tide Attack Chapter 1114: Metal Carapace Searhino Chapter 1115: The Sea Tribe City Chapter 1116: The Four Seas Trading House Chapter 1117: The Blue Scales Fish Tribe Chapter 1118: Which Family Are You From? Chapter 1119: Soul Tribe Chapter 1120: Cloud Devouring Divine Beast Chapter 1121: The Treasury Key Chapter 1122: Discovered! Chapter 1123: The Soul Tribe’s Treasury Chapter 1124: You Know Li Lu? Chapter 1125: Li Lu’s Situation Chapter 1126: Fifth Order Ancient God Realm Cloud Devouring Chapter 1127: Four Pieces of Ancestral Dragon Tree Bark Chapter 1128: Chen Hao’s Return! Chapter 1129: The Devilish Heavenly Snake Sword Chapter 1130: Better Set Up A Martial Competition Stage Chapter 1131: Huang Xiaolong’s Prompt Arrival Chapter 1132: I Want You To Be My Godson Chapter 1133: We’re Willing To Double It! Chapter 1134: Trespassing Into The Great Whale Sect Chapter 1135: Subjugating The Giant Tribe Chapter 1136: Must Find The Grandmist Aura Chapter 1137: The Devil World Chapter 1138: Chaos Spiritual Beast, Black Baboon Chapter 1139: The Great Abyss of Ghosts, Gods, and Devils Fo Chapter 1140: Galaxy River Chapter 1141: The Divine World’s Impending Calamity Chapter 1142: Pill Blending Tower Chapter 1143:Everything Is Ours! Chapter 1144: Nine-Color Divine Phoenix Chapter 1145: Phoenix Fire Crystal Chapter 1146: Chaos Lightning Lagoon Chapter 1147: Bladeless Gate Young Lord Chapter 1148: Golden Gorb Insects Chapter 1149: Purple Grandmist Aura Chapter 1150: Late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm Chapter 1151: Ouyang Clan Chapter 1152: Ouyang Yunfei Chapter 1153: Be Careful of Ouyang Yunfei Chapter 1154: Finding the Ancestral Dragon Fruit Chapter 1155: Dragon Origin Sect Chapter 1156: Ancestor God Realm Master! Chapter 1157: First Encounter With Ouyang Yunfei Chapter 1158: Fortune Gate Young Lord Chapter 1159: Will He Participate? Chapter 1160: He Has Yet To Ascend To The Divine World? Chapter 1161: The Preliminary Round Chapter 1162: I Can Protect You Chapter 1163: The Preliminary Ranking Chapter 1164: Don’t Be In A Hurry To Leave Ah Chapter 1165: Brat, Are You Sure? Chapter 1166: Hell Asura Kings Chapter 1167: The Ghost Buddha Depository Chapter 1168: You’ve Come At The Right Time Chapter 1169: Stronger than Zhou Xu! Chapter 1170: Did You Just Say Chen Weiping? Chapter 1171: Ghost Buddha Sect Chief Chapter 1172: Li Lu’s Discovery Chapter 1173: Is It You? Chapter 1174: A Fool Overestimating Himself! Chapter 1175: Allow Me To Do It On Senior’s Behalf Chapter 1176: Sect Chief, Please Rest Assured Chapter 1177: Wants To Stop Him From Entering The Top One Hu Chapter 1178: Earth Dragon Divine Art Chapter 1179: Dragon Origin Sect’s Ancient Technique Chapter 1180: Still A Show-Off Chapter 1181: Pity ah, Pity Chapter 1182: Three Emperor Rank Godhead Geniuses Chapter 1183: Huang Xiaolong Is Too Ruthless Chapter 1184: Battle Tan Lin Chapter 1185: Nearly Pissed Myself Laughing Chapter 1186: 100% Strength Chapter 1187: Huang Xiaolong Is Second Place For Sure? Chapter 1188: Absolutely A Cold Element Emperor Rank Godhead Chapter 1189: Why Haven't You Admitted Defeat? Chapter 1190: I, Zhou Xu, Am Number One! Chapter 1191: Godhead Inspection Chapter 1192: Actually A High Grade Emperor Rank Godhead! Chapter 1193: There Is No Threat Chapter 1194: Entering The Fortune Divine Kingdom Chapter 1195: Wangu Ziyi Chapter 1196: Senior Sister Li Lu Chapter 1197: Enter Seclusion To Break Through Chapter 1198: Spiritual Blood Pool Chapter 1199: Movement A Little Too Big Chapter 1200: Terrifying Tribulation Lightning Chapter 1201: Breakthrough Success Chapter 1202: Battle of the Heavenly Court Chapter 1203: Refining The Sans Devil Stele Chapter 1204: Returning to Green Cloud Island Chapter 1205: Hu Dan? Chapter 1206: Infinite Circles Commerce Hall Chapter 1207: Wangu Dongchen Chapter 1208: Duel Field Chapter 1209: How Could He Be So Strong! Chapter 1210: Ouyang Family's Expansion Chapter 1211: Heading To The Nefarious Devil Tribe Again Chapter 1212: It's Just Huang Xiaolong Chapter 1213: Defeat Him In Three Strikes! Chapter 1214: Conquering The Nefarious Devil Tribe Chapter 1215: How Come All These Ancestors Are Resurrected?! Chapter 1216: Great Patriarch Xie Li! Chapter 1217: Do You Really Think We Dare Not Kill You?! Chapter 1218: Rushing Back To Dralion Island! Chapter 1219: Need Not Fear Huang Xiaolong Chapter 1220: Destroying Ouyang Family To The Ground Chapter 1221: Moon Jade Heavenly Spiral Shell? Chapter 1222: Bought Away By Force Chapter 1223: Get Rid Of Huang Xiaolong Once And For All Chapter 1224: You Dare To Attack Us? Chapter 1225: Don't Come Looking For Li Lu Anymore Chapter 1226: I'll Give That Old Hag A Few Stabs! Chapter 1227: Devil Abyss Chapter 1228: The Greatest Divine Artifact: The Ancient Heav Chapter 1229: What Regret Tastes Like? Chapter 1230: Who Is The Big Scoundrel Chapter 1231: A Petrified Divine Elephant Chapter 1232: The Ten Thousand Elephant King Chapter 1233: Five Strikes Chapter 1234: Blood Sea Chapter 1235: This Roast Black Dog Meat Is F*cking Fragrant! Chapter 1236: Sea Tribe, Guo Gang Chapter 1237: Golden Beads Raining Down Chapter 1238: Looking For Golden Beads Chapter 1239: About Twenty Beads? Chapter 1240: It Was First Discovered By My Family Chapter 1241: Kneel And Apologize Chapter 1242: Grandmist Parasitic Medium Cultivation Success Chapter 1243: The Day Of the New Disciples Battle Chapter 1244: No.1 Vs No.1 Chapter 1245: Battle With You Wuxin Chapter 1246: What Kind of Fist Technique Is That? Chapter 1247: Luo Yunjie Gets Injured Chapter 1248: Wangu Ziyi Reneging Chapter 1249: So Ferocious! Chapter 1250: Do You Think You Can Win Against Me?! Chapter 1251: The Aftermath Chapter 1252: Darling Disciple Chapter 1253: Precious Little Darling Long Long Chapter 1254: The Devil World’s Strongest Person Chapter 1255: Refining the Phoenix Fire Crystal Chapter 1256: Wangu Ziyi’s Recovery Chapter 1257: The God of the Sea Grand Ceremony Chapter 1258: Wan Xiang’s Descendent Chapter 1259: The Enigmatic Yang Thistle Chapter 1260: The Golden Phoenix Pavilion Chapter 1261: The Void Sky World Chapter 1262: Running Into Wang Yu Chapter 1263: Wang Yu’s Betrothment Chapter 1264: Take A Strike From My Palm Too! Chapter 1265: Go Ahead, Do Your Best Chapter 1266: Devil Prison Mountain Chapter 1267: The Seven-Colored Metal Fiend Fruit Chapter 1268: Eidolon Crystalline Rocks Chapter 1269: We Discovered This Place First! Chapter 1270: Ancestor God Realm Master Arriving! Chapter 1271: The Relentless Pursuit Chapter 1272: Am I Dying? Chapter 1273: Void Devil Beast Chapter 1274: You Know My Great-Grandfather? Chapter 1275: Yellow Springs Magic Robe Chapter 1276: Seventh Order Ancient God Realm Chapter 1277: Are You Sure You Want To Do This? Chapter 1278: The Ghost Manor Chapter 1279: Meeting Above the Ghost Sea Chapter 1280: Hundred Tribulations Faction Chapter 1281: Kneel Down Chapter 1282: Ghost Manor Lord Chapter 1283: It’s Useless Even If You Try Chapter 1284: Already Said You’re An Idiot, But You Don’t Be Chapter 1285: Inheriting the Ghost Manor Lord Position Chapter 1286: Stone Buddha City Chapter 1287: Ancestor God’s Buddha Bones Chapter 1288: Xiao Teng Accepting A Disciple Chapter 1289: Get Rid of This Punk Chapter 1290: Xiao Family’s Ancestor Chapter 1291: Repairing the Pill Blending Tower Chapter 1292: Returning To The Vientiane World Chapter 1293: The Yellow Springs Treasure Chapter 1294: Chaos Yin Spirit Fruit Chapter 1295: The Yellow Springs Road Chapter 1296: Obtaining The Yellow Springs Archdevil's Treas Chapter 1297: Opening the Yellow Springs Archdevil’s Treasur Chapter 1298: Blood Imperial Sect Chapter 1299: Sea Tribes’ Guo Family Chapter 1300: Astounding Golden Brow and Blood Knife Chapter 1301: Not A Match Against Guo Jun? Chapter 1302: Setting Off To The God of the Sea Grand Ceremo Chapter 1303: A Rundown Courtyard Chapter 1304: Encountering Wang Yu Once Again Chapter 1305: A Follower? A Slave? Chapter 1306: To Be Suppressed Under the Sea God Tower Chapter 1307: Guidance? Chapter 1308: Should We Punish Huang Xiaolong? Chapter 1309: Seating Arrangements Chapter 1310: Feng Yingying Chapter 1311: The Sea God Enthronement Ceremony Chapter 1312: Competition Chapter 1313: Disgrace Chapter 1314: This Punch Is Quite Relaxing Chapter 1315: Huang Xiaolong Actually Said It’s Relaxing Chapter 1316: Guo Jun’s Talent Chapter 1317: Turtle Genius Chapter 1318: Doesn’t Matter Chapter 1319: The Sealed Devil Entrance Chapter 1320: What Is Li Lu’s Last Known Location? Chapter 1321: The Sea God Bloodline’s Power Chapter 1322: Eighth Order Ancient God Realm Chapter 1323: Li Lu’s Not Here Chapter 1324: Could You Be That Huang Xiaolong? Chapter 1325: You Don’t Believe That My Father Is Nearby? Chapter 1326: Strangely Disappeared Chapter 1327: The Universe’s Nine Great Chaos Lightning Pool Chapter 1328: The Embodiment of All Living Beings?! Chapter 1329: Taking Away The Chaos Lightning Pool Chapter 1330: God King Realm Chapter 1331: Soulless Frigid Wind Chapter 1332: The Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe Chapter 1333: Liang Luwen Is Dumbstruck Chapter 1334: The Tianwu Treasure Chapter 1335: If They Don't Know What's Good For Them Chapter 1336: Water Magic Fruit Chapter 1337: Blue Spectre Spring Chapter 1338: More People Doesn’t Mean More Power Chapter 1339: The Blue Spirit Gate’s Backing Chapter 1340: God King Realm Devil Chapter 1341: Grandmist Aura Chapter 1342: Second Stage of Grandmist Parasitic Medium Chapter 1343: Heading to the Reverence World Chapter 1344: The Sea God’s Bloodline Has Fully Awakened Chapter 1345: Ignorant Junior Chapter 1346: Be Buried With My Disciple Chapter 1347: Firmament Bear’s Soul Crystal Chapter 1348: Refining the Firmament Bear’s Soul Crystal Chapter 1349: Breaking Through to Ancestor God Realm Chapter 1350: Successful Breakthrough Chapter 1351: Late-First Order Ancestor God Realm Chapter 1352: To the Ten Thousand Elephant Kingdom Chapter 1353: The Sea Tribe’s Seven Great God King Realm Mas Chapter 1354: This Bit of An Improvement? Chapter 1355: Guo Jun Is Dead! Chapter 1356: Feng Yingying Is Dumbfounded Chapter 1357: What Is Your Relation to Huang Xiaolong? Chapter 1358: What Is His Intention? Chapter 1359: Kill Regardless! Chapter 1360: Resurrected! Chapter 1361: Gratitude to Master Chapter 1362: God King Realm's Elephant Elixir Chapter 1363: He Definitely Went Sightseeing Chapter 1364: Let Him Roll In Here To See Us! Chapter 1365: Where Did You Buy It From? Chapter 1366: Rebelling? Chapter 1367: Capture and Punish Chapter 1368: Surrender Chapter 1369: Could It Be Fake? Chapter 1370: God King Realm Master’s Buddha Pellet Chapter 1371: The Sea Tribe’s Group Is Back! Chapter 1372: Hand Out Huang Xiaolong Chapter 1373: No One Can Save You Today! Chapter 1374: The Boundless Great Sea Chapter 1375: Why Is It Like This? Chapter 1376: The Sea God Descends to The World Chapter 1377: Nine Dragons Emperor Palace’s Special Envoy Chapter 1378: Divine Elephant Xiang Xun’s Timely Arrival Chapter 1379: Nine Dragons Overturning the Sea Chapter 1380: The Headquarters Is Recruiting Emperor Rank Go Chapter 1381: The Fortune Gate's Emperor's Disciple Chapter 1382: The Guo Family’s Sonorous Laughter Chapter 1383: Sea God’s Spirits Chapter 1384: Refining the Sea God Tower Chapter 1385: Li Lu’s Awake Chapter 1386: Refining the Blood Eye Devil Stele Chapter 1387: Late-Second Order Ancestor God Realm Chapter 1388: Rushing to the High Martial World Chapter 1389: Under Attack? Chapter 1390: Blood Wolf Gang Chapter 1391: Gudu Clan Chapter 1392: The Longwu Clan Chapter 1393: He’s Coming To Hit On Us? Chapter 1394: Space Velocity Stone Chapter 1395: Ungracious Chapter 1396: The Flaming White Phoenix Divine Fruits Chapter 1397: We Meet Again Chapter 1398: No Need To Worry Chapter 1399: Face Slap! Chapter 1400: Not Domineering Enough! Chapter 1401: Forty Million Chapter 1402: Young Lady Fang Xuanxuan Chapter 1403: Refining the Flaming White Phoenix Divine Frui Chapter 1404: Must Not Let Him Escape Chapter 1405: Fourth Order Ancestor God Realm Chapter 1406: It’s Disciple of My Clan Chapter 1407: Greetings to the Lord Envoy Chapter 1408: The Void Devil Beast Clan Was Wiped Out Chapter 1409: The Void Devil Beast Clan’s Debt of Blood Chapter 1410: Fifth Order Ancestor God Realm Chapter 1411: Could Become The Lord of Hell? Chapter 1412: The Heavenly Beast Clan Chapter 1413: Buddha Mountain Chapter 1414: Want This Punk On His Knees Chapter 1415: This Is Very Fair, Right? Chapter 1416: The Auction’s Ultimate Treasures Chapter 1417: Wang Wei’s Master, Blue Empyrean Chapter 1418: Bei Xiaomei Chapter 1419: Senior Little Cowie? Chapter 1420: Who Dares To Bid? Chapter 1421: Cauldron Dragon Flying Ship Chapter 1422: An Item of the Grandmist Era Chapter 1423: An Item of Hell Chapter 1424: You’re This Kid’s Maid, Right? Chapter 1425: The Netherworld King’s Jade Chapter 1426: The Lord of Hell’s Heritage Chapter 1427: Refining The Buddha Paste Chapter 1428: Accidentally Injured Chapter 1429: He Would Chapter 1430: What is The Meaning Of This? Chapter 1431: Greetings Master Chapter 1432: Welcome Master! Chapter 1433: Yao Chi and Li Lu Chapter 1434: Seventh Order Ancestor God Realm! Chapter 1435: Refining the Netherworld King’s Jade Chapter 1436: Let’s Spar Chapter 1437: Huang Xiaolong’s Strength Chapter 1438: The Great Desolate Formation Chapter 1439: Treasures Left Behind By Emperors Chapter 1440: Encountering Fang Xuanxuan Again Chapter 1441: Which One Is The Cheapest? Chapter 1442: Arriving At the Fortune Emperor Palace Chapter 1443: The Supreme Rank Godhead Chapter 1444: Below 1000 Years Chapter 1445: Such A Pity Chapter 1446: Peng Xiao Chapter 1447: The Rankings Competition Is Finally Here Chapter 1448: Liu Qin, Fu Feiyu Chapter 1449: Is Something the Matter? Chapter 1450: Competition Rankings Chapter 1451: This Kid’s A Little Rash Chapter 1452: Has He Gone Crazy? Chapter 1453: Rankings List Chapter 1454: We’ve Found You At Last Chapter 1455: You Can Attack At Any Time Chapter 1456: Liu Qin’s A Lucky Kid Chapter 1457: Let’s Take A Look At The Examination Hall Chapter 1458: Fifty Moves? Chapter 1459: How Many Spirit Stones Do You Want? Chapter 1460: Severely Underestimated The Enemy Chapter 1461: The Rankings Competition Ends Chapter 1462: Zhu Feng’s Worries Chapter 1463: What Can You Do Now? Chapter 1464: Not Merely Surpassed Chapter 1465: Above God King Realm Chapter 1466: First Encounter With Sun Shihai Chapter 1467: Accepting A Disciple, Worshiping A Master Chapter 1468: Half A Year Later Chapter 1469: Accommodation Arrangements Chapter 1470: A Perfect Pair Chapter 1471: Mid-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm Chapter 1472: The Myriad Treasure Palace Chapter 1473: Grandmist Velocity Stones Chapter 1474: The Apprenticeship Ceremony Chapter 1475: Meeting Bei Xiaomei Again Chapter 1476: My Memory Is Not Very Good Chapter 1477: Azure Dragon Emperor Chapter 1478: Sparring Challenge Chapter 1479: Sun Shihai Standing Above All Chapter 1480: Fiend God Emperor Palace Chapter 1481: Thoroughly Defeated Chapter 1482: Crimson Flames Emperor Palace Chapter 1483: Fang Gan’s Plea Chapter 1484: You’re Being A Disgrace Chapter 1485: You Can Still Repent Chapter 1486: Uncle, You’re So Great! Chapter 1487: Supreme Godforce? Chapter 1488: Could It Be, King of Supreme Godhead? Chapter 1489: Wang Yongsen’s True Strength Chapter 1490: You Can Take Half As Reward Chapter 1491: Fang Xuanxuan’s Thanks Chapter 1492: Entering Seclusion Chapter 1493: Exit Chapter 1494: Preparing to Depart for the Extraterritorial D Chapter 1495: Great Lord Chapter 1496: Resolving the Petrification Seals Chapter 1497: Heaven World’s Heavens Avenue Chapter 1498: Brightness Emperor Palace Chapter 1499: A Counterfeit Token Chapter 1500: Kiddo Yang Chapter 1501: Father-in-Law? Chapter 1502: Repairing the Dragon Shark Flying Ship Chapter 1503: Entering the Tianwu Treasure Chapter 1504: At The End of the Maze Chapter 1505: The Tianwu Treasure’s Core Formation Chapter 1506: Breakthrough to the God King Realm Chapter 1507: True Immortal Body? Chapter 1508: The Netherworld King’s Jade Third Restriction Chapter 1509: The Lord of Hell’s Heritage Chapter 1510: The Heavenly Court’s Lightning Pool Chapter 1511: Won’t Be Able to Pass the Selection Competitio Chapter 1512: Archdevil Master? Chapter 1513: Arriving At the Floating Twilight Land Chapter 1514: ‘Devilmen’ of the Devil Land Chapter 1515: Cities Built by Humans Chapter 1516: Demonic Python City Chapter 1517: Fat Meat Delivered to The Door Chapter 1518: You Won’t Be Able to Escape Chapter 1519: The Grandmist Emperor Chapter 1520: Are You Senior Azure Cow?!! Chapter 1521: If You Want To Die, I’ll Fulfill You Chapter 1522: You’ve Got One Hell of A Guts! Chapter 1523: Half-Half Chapter 1524: Uncertain Chapter 1525: The Martial Demon Emperor Palace’s Wrath Chapter 1526: Capture Huang Xiaolong Chapter 1527: What The Heck Is Going On? Chapter 1528: I’ll Make A Trip Personally Chapter 1529: Pissed His Pants in Fright Chapter 1530: One For Each of Us Chapter 1531: It’s You?! Chapter 1532: How Could This Be? Chapter 1533: Number 1 Chapter 1534: Top Secret Chapter 1535: Chaos Demonic Beasts Chapter 1536: Second Half of the Blood Eye Devil Stele Chapter 1537: Refining the Blood Eye Devil Stele Chapter 1538: Repeated Breakthroughs Chapter 1539: Super Bodyguard Chapter 1540: Which Sect Are You Guys From? Chapter 1541: Who Let You Leave? Chapter 1542: We’ll Leave When We Want To Chapter 1543: Barbarians Chapter 1544: Land of Lightning Penalty Chapter 1545: Dragon Mizzle Wine Chapter 1546: Got Lucky Chapter 1547: Arriving At the Dragon Rain Mountains Chapter 1548: Crushing Bit By Bit Chapter 1549: Grandmist Divine Lightning Chapter 1550: No Mercy Chapter 1551: Afraid He’s a Tenth Order Emperor Realm Master Chapter 1552: Finding the Purple Grandmist Aura Chapter 1553: Master Has Succeeded? Chapter 1554: Stage Three of Grandmist Parasitic Medium Chapter 1555: Entering the Land of Lightning Penalty Chapter 1556: The Barbarians Crying In Joy Chapter 1557: The Great King! Chapter 1558: Finally Out! Chapter 1559: This Time They Absolutely Can’t Escape! Chapter 1560: Can’t Fly Even If They Grow Wings Chapter 1561: You Want To Roll Again? Chapter 1562: Roll Out The City Gates Chapter 1563: One Sided Chapter 1564: He’s Finally Back Chapter 1565: Returning to the Fortune Emperor Palace Chapter 1566: Defying An Ancestor’s Order Chapter 1567: Who Knows if It’s Real? Chapter 1568: Setting up Chaos Barriers Chapter 1569: Sun Shihai Signs Up Chapter 1570: When The Time Comes, Don’t Show Any Mercy Chapter 1571: Shouldn’t Lose Too Badly, Right? Chapter 1572: Ancestor Zhou Chen Arrives Chapter 1573: Too Disgraceful Chapter 1574: Second Round Chapter 1575: The Power of the Archdevil’s Bloodline Chapter 1576: Why Don’t You Make the First Move? Chapter 1577: Huang Xiaolong’s Victory Chapter 1578: Archdevil Powerhouse from the Grandmist Era Chapter 1579: Saint Artifact? Chapter 1580: How to Deal With Huang Xiaolong Chapter 1581: Demon God Ancestor, Wang Qi Chapter 1582: Killing Fang Gan? Chapter 1583: Advancing Towards the Grandmist Emperor Palace Chapter 1584: The Galaxial Beast Chapter 1585: No One Dares to Interfere! Chapter 1586: Are We Still Going to the Grandmist Emperor Pa Chapter 1587: Arriving at the Grandmist Emperor Palace Chapter 1588: What Are You Doing at the Grandmist Emperor Pa Chapter 1589: What’s Going On? Chapter 1590: Who Do You Think You Are? Chapter 1591: Coming To Greet Chapter 1592: Junior Brother Chapter 1593: Banish From the Grandmist Emperor Palace Chapter 1594: It Is My Order Chapter 1595: Departing to the Grandmist Lands Chapter 1596: The Desolate Era’s Black Dragon Clan Chapter 1597: Grandmist Galaxy Chapter 1598: The Heavenly Son Would Be Participating Chapter 1599: Arriving At The Grandmist Lands Chapter 1600: Spent Ten Thousand Years? Chapter 1601: Good Disciple Chapter 1602: Treasure Falling Golden Pig Chapter 1603: Grandmist Fruits Chapter 1604: Three Kinds of Archdevils’ Bloodlines? Chapter 1605: Planning To Go Alone Chapter 1606: Leaving the Grandmist Lands Chapter 1607: Ninth Order God King Realm Chapter 1608: The First Treasure of the Desolate Era’s Black Chapter 1609: Too Quick Chapter 1610: Entering Hell Chapter 1611: Hell Asura Gate Chapter 1612: Netherworld King’s Organization Chapter 1613: Keshen Mountain Range Chapter 1614: Netherworld King's Recruitment Chapter 1615: New Master Chapter 1616: Jiang Hong’s Illegitimate Son? Chapter 1617: The Netherking Flying Ship Chapter 1618: Hurry Up and Gather the Netherguard Troops! Chapter 1619: Lord Jia Yuan! Chapter 1620: The Only Other Choice is Death Chapter 1621: How Dare You Lie to Us! Chapter 1622: How Dare You Ignore My Transmission Symbol! Chapter 1623: Demon God Blood Pool Chapter 1624: Wang Sinan’s Arrival Chapter 1625: Drag Him Away! Chapter 1626: Lord Sun Chang Is Here? Chapter 1627: The Power of Darkness of the Netherworld King’ Chapter 1628: Two Supreme Godheads? Chapter 1629: Was It Because of My Test Results? Chapter 1630: Greetings, Master Chapter 1631: Mohe Plane Chapter 1632: Rejecting the Alliance Chapter 1633: Entering the Inheritance Land Chapter 1634: Chaos Black Tortoise Lightning Pool Chapter 1635: Accepting the Inheritance Chapter 1636: Black Light Chapter 1637: Absolutely The First One Since Time Immemorial Chapter 1638: The Heart of Hell Chapter 1639: News of Master Ren Wokuang Chapter 1640: Slaughter The Entire Devil Scorpion Tribe Chapter 1641: Looks Like They Still Got Some Smarts Chapter 1642: What the F*ck Is the Massacring Gods Gate? Chapter 1643: I’m the New Lord of Hell Chapter 1644: Undeads Chapter 1645: Kill To the Heart’s Content Chapter 1646: Suppressed Under the City of Eternity Chapter 1647: All Killed Chapter 1648: Heading To the Asura Gate Headquarters Chapter 1649: The Massacring Gods Gate’s Old Ancestor’s Stre Chapter 1650: Who Dares To Come Rescue You? Chapter 1651: Arriving at the Asura Gate’s Headquarters Chapter 1652: Attending the Wedding Chapter 1653: First Meeting With Master Ren Wokuang Chapter 1654: Should be Sentenced to Death Immediately Chapter 1655: Senior, You Are? Chapter 1656: Expelled From the Asura Gate Chapter 1657: Four Peak Late-Tenth Order Emperors Chapter 1658: Absolutely Able to Suppress Them Chapter 1659: The Peerless Battle Chapter 1660: Awakening the Divine Tree of Darkness Chapter 1661: They’re Not Running?! Chapter 1662 Capture Him Chapter 1663: Ten Late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm Experts Chapter 1664: Shaking the Entire Hell Asura World Chapter 1665: Nirvana Plane Chapter 1666: Howling Moon Wolf Race Chapter 1667: Misty Palace Chapter 1668: Unable to Withstand One Blow Chapter 1669: Send Them On Their Way Chapter 1670: Various Parties Gathering in Nirvana City Chapter 1671: Scarlet Flame Dark Qilin Chapter 1672: Rejection Chapter 1673: Let Them Form Their Alliance Chapter 1674: Shi Yinyu? Never Heard of You Chapter 1675: Alliance of Three Sides Chapter 1676: All Swords Drawn Chapter 1677: Subduing the Scarlet Flame Dark Qilin Chapter 1678: Shi Yinyu’s Plot Chapter 1679: Refining the Nine Yin Magic Mirror Chapter 1680: Advancing Towards the Nethersea Chapter 1681: Holy Fruit Chapter 1682: The Holy Mountain Appears Chapter 1683: Entering the Holy Mountain Chapter 1684: Third Order Heavenly Monarch Realm Chapter 1685: Who Is It? Chapter 1686: Never Before In History Chapter 1687: Win Over This Person Chapter 1688: Isn’t That Too High? Chapter 1689: Precisely Ten Days Chapter 1690: May Not Be Able To Pass Chapter 1691: The Tenth Floor Chapter 1692: Fourth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm Chapter 1693: The Twelfth Floor Chapter 1694: ‘Heaven’ Appeared Chapter 1695: It Turns Out To Be Him! Chapter 1696: Sit Back, Waiting For A Good Show Chapter 1697: Sixteen Wings Chapter 1698: A Battle’s About to Breakout Chapter 1699: Fourteen-Winged Angel Chapter 1700: So Scared That He Has No Guts To Come Out? Chapter 1701: He Braced Himself And Came Out Chapter 1702: Dead Too Fast? Chapter 1703: Their New Master? Chapter 1704: Assassinate Again Chapter 1705: Shi Wushuang Is Injured Chapter 1706: Why Did The Heavenly Hall Come Out Again? Chapter 1707: My Tao’er! Chapter 1708: Shi Yinyu’s Crisis Chapter 1709: Escaped Chapter 1710: It’s You! Chapter 1711: Onwards, to the Black Ant Clan Headquarters Chapter 1712: Seed of Enlightenment Chapter 1713: You’re Here to Kill Our Patriarch? Chapter 1714: Wait For Me Chapter 1715: Heading Over Directly Chapter 1716: Heaven Resentment Emperor Chapter 1717: In Danger of Dying Chapter 1718: No Would Be Able To Kill Him in the Future Chapter 1719: Holy Fruits Chapter 1720: News of the Fortune Emperor Palace’s Disciple Chapter 1721: Entering the Spirits World Chapter 1722: Piece of Sh*t Nether King Chapter 1723: Death Volcano Chapter 1724: Who Cares About His Identity Chapter 1725: Who’s Your Master? Chapter 1726: He's Likely...! Chapter 1727: Night Sea Chapter 1728: Piercing Moon Cult Chapter 1729: Shi Yinyu Recovered Chapter 1730: Entering the Nine Yin Mountain Range Chapter 1731: Yang Jing Chapter 1732: The Gate of Nine Yin Chapter 1733: How Did He Bully You? Chapter 1734: Opening the Gate of Nine Yin Chapter 1735: Three Lives Flower Chapter 1736: Quickly Notify the Old Ancestor! Chapter 1737: Controlling Shi Yinyu Chapter 1738: Alerting the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe Chapter 1739: Traitor Chapter 1740: Three Kinds of Archdevil Bloodlines Awakened Chapter 1741: Returning to the Divine World Chapter 1742: Fang Gan, Trapped Chapter 1743: King of Darkness Chapter 1744: Fang Gan is Missing Chapter 1745: I Have Been Looking for You! Chapter 1746: Are You Really Huang Xiaolong?! Chapter 1747: Huang Xiaolong is Back Chapter 1748: Don’t Say That I Didn’t Give You a Chance Chapter 1749: Big Talk! Chapter 1750: Zhou Chen Laughs Out Loud Chapter 1751: Late-Tenth Order Emperor? Chapter 1752: Great Lord? Chapter 1753: Devouring Sun Shihai Chapter 1754: Subordinates?! Chapter 1755: To the Heavenly Court Chapter 1756: What Rank Will He Achieve Chapter 1757: Young Master of the Fiend God Emperor Palace Chapter 1758: Extremely High-Grade Archdevil Bloodline Chapter 1759: Arriving at the Heaven Square Chapter 1760: The Nine Dragons Emperor Palace Finds Trouble Chapter 1761: Get Them Out Chapter 1762: Stepping on Him Chapter 1763: How Do You Know Mo Xiao?! Chapter 1764: Mo Xiao Pays His Respects Chapter 1765: Who’s Your Senior Brother? Chapter 1766: King of Idiots Chapter 1767: Too Far! Chapter 1768: Are You Sure? Chapter 1769: Entering the Heavenly Court Secret Region Chapter 1770: Reputation Hitting Rock Bottom Chapter 1771: Run Into Dog-shit Luck? Chapter 1772: It’s Time to Get Serious Chapter 1773: Our Heavenly Prince Is The Real Undisputed Gre Chapter 1774: Very Good Chapter 1775: Gudu Canyang—Dead! Chapter 1776: The Heavenly Prince Di Jing Gave Up? Chapter 1777: So What? Chapter 1778: Did You Kill My Disciple? Chapter 1779: You Won’t Have The Chance Chapter 1780: Semi-Finals Chapter 1781: This Is An Order Chapter 1782: Why Aren’t You On Your Knees? Chapter 1783: Kill That Peng Xiao Chapter 1784: Battling the Brightness Emperor’s Disciple Lan Chapter 1785: Lan Tailong’s Real Strength Chapter 1786: Defeated So Fast? Chapter 1787: Is the Brightness Emperor’s Disciple Lan Tailo Chapter 1788: Rest Assured, Imperial Father Chapter 1789: Massacre Emperor Bead Chapter 1790: Is Huang Xiaolong Dead? Chapter 1791: Questioning Di Jun Chapter 1792: It’s Them! Chapter 1793: Heavenly Prince Di Jing’s True Strength Chapter 1794: Bound to Lose? Chapter 1795: Three King of Supreme Godheads Chapter 1796: That Was Just Warmup Chapter 1797: Two Archdevil Bloodlines? Chapter 1798: Impossible to Kill Chapter 1799: The Heaven Defying Power of the Heavenly Dao G Chapter 1800: The Appearance of 16 Wings Chapter 1801: Grandmist Treasure Chapter 1802: Why Can’t I Break Through? Chapter 1803: Esteemed Senior, King of Grandmist, Has Left S Chapter 1804: Master, You’re Here Chapter 1805: Senior Azure Cow Chapter 1806: The Spy From The Fiend God Emperor Palace Chapter 1807: Barging into the Heavenly Court Lightning Pool Chapter 1808: Devil Army Chapter 1809: Fang Gan’s Whereabouts Chapter 1810: Joining Hands with the Fiend God Emperor Palac Chapter 1811: Fiend King Star Chapter 1812: Fiend God Emperor Feng Chu Chapter 1813: Feng Chu Trying To Solicit The Odd Beasts? Chapter 1814: Blasting A Hole Through a Planet Chapter 1815: Everyone’s Here, Very Good Chapter 1816: You’re the New Lord of Hell! Chapter 1817: Everyone, Don’t Panic! Chapter 1818: Die Together Chapter 1819: Brightness Emperor Lan Zhi Has Fled Chapter 1820: Blocking Feng Chan Chapter 1821: Devouring Feng Chan Chapter 1822: A Grandmist Treasure Artifact Indeed Chapter 1823: Repaying Kindness With Enmity Chapter 1824: What Do You Mean? Chapter 1825: Taking Away the Fiend God Emperor Palace Treas Chapter 1826: Huang Xiaolong Is The Lord Of Hell! Chapter 1827: Devouring The Ancient Thunder Maggots Chapter 1828: Eternal Devil Lands Chapter 1829: Setting Off to the Devil World Chapter 1830: Devil World’s Frigid North Region Chapter 1831: Throw Him Away Chapter 1832: Final Decision Chapter 1833: Where is Wu Jingnan Now? Chapter 1834: Apologize in Public?! Chapter 1835: Better Reply Obediently Chapter 1836: Audacious! Chapter 1837: Stolen Chapter 1838: Eternal Devil Lands Chapter 1839: Bring Your Men and Get Out of My Sight Chapter 1840: Entering Eternal Devil City Chapter 1841: Twelve Archdevil Ancestors Chapter 1842: Let’s Go In Chapter 1843: Tushita Flying Ship Chapter 1844: Devil Holy Water Chapter 1845: One Hundred and Twenty Million Chapter 1846: Eternal Devil City Trembles Chapter 1847: Snatch the Treasure! Chapter 1848: Devil Gourd Chapter 1849: Rejection Chapter 1850: The Devil Tower Opens Chapter 1851: Entering the Devil Tower Chapter 1852: Surpassed Chapter 1853: Surpassing the Heavenless Archdevil Lord Chapter 1854: The Second Floor Chapter 1855: Roll Down From Here Chapter 1856: As You Wish Chapter 1857: Arriving At The Top Chapter 1858: Leaving the Devil Tower Chapter 1859: It Must Be Huang Xiaolong! Chapter 1860: What, He’s Huang Xiaolong?! Chapter 1861: Spurring the Heavenless Devil Legion Chapter 1862: Leaving the Eternal Devil City Chapter 1863: Besiege Huang Xiaolong Chapter 1864: Shi Ming Makes His Move! Chapter 1865: Huang Xiaolong Is Severely Injured Chapter 1866: “You’re the real traitor to the Devil World!” Chapter 1867: News of the Myriad Curses Devil Stele’s Wherea Chapter 1868: Spare Your Dog Life Chapter 1869: Blue Soul’s Curse Chapter 1870: The Cursed Forest Chapter 1871: Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire’s Capital Chapter 1872: Hu Qianmei Chapter 1873: Huo Liuyun’s Killing Intent Chapter 1874: Poor Miser Chapter 1875: Hillbilly Chapter 1876: Help Him Loosen Some Muscles Chapter 1877: It Turned Out To Be Him! Chapter 1878: Dragon Bear Valley Chapter 1879: Ghostly Creatures Chapter 1880: Help To Suppress Chapter 1881: Attacking Dragon Bear Valley Chapter 1882: Hand Over Huang Xiaolong! Chapter 1883: Exterminating Your Dragon Bear Race! Chapter 1884: It’s Cang Mutian! Retreat! Chapter 1885: Is Cang Mutian Really Strong? Chapter 1886: Arriving at Last Chapter 1887: Located the Myriad Curses Devil Stele Chapter 1888: Breakthrough! Chapter 1889: There’s A Lake of Ice Chapter 1890: The Glaze Devil Stele Appears Chapter 1891: Thousand Constellation Mountain Range Chapter 1892: I’ll Send You Off First Chapter 1893: Opening of the Thousand Constellation Mountain Chapter 1894: There’s A Good Show to Watch Now Chapter 1895: Have You Brought All Your Men? Chapter 1896: We’ll Leave Now Chapter 1897: Refusing Zhao Rou Chapter 1898: Opening of the Thousand Constellations Mountai Chapter 1899: Pull Them Out Chapter 1900: Tan Zhihui Appears Chapter 1901: The Glaze Devil Stele Was Robbed! Chapter 1902: Famish Devil Ancient Battlefield Chapter 1903: Your Are His Majesty, the Nether King? Chapter 1904: Refining the Glaze Devil Stele Chapter 1905: Evolution Begins Chapter 1906: True Awakening Chapter 1907: Becoming ‘Emperor’ Chapter 1908: Who Killed Them? Chapter 1909: Settle Old Scores Chapter 1910: Annoying Persistence Chapter 1911: The Three Devil Steles’ Power Chapter 1912: Bloody Battle Chapter 1913: Controlling Inner Demons Chapter 1914: Can Return to the Lower Realm? Chapter 1915: You’re Referring to Shi Ming? Chapter 1916: Seating Arrangements Chapter 1917: Peaceful Sea Emperor Chapter 1918: Fang Chu’s True Identity Chapter 1919: Going Back to The Lower Realm Chapter 1920: Wangu Wudi Chapter 1921: Betraying the Huang Family Chapter 1922: Are You Sure You Would Dare to Kill Me? Chapter 1923: To the Death! Chapter 1924: Gate Master, You’re Back! Chapter 1925: A Thousand Experts are Here?! Chapter 1926: What is Your Relationship With the Huang Famil Chapter 1927: Wangu Wudi, You’re a Scoundrel! Chapter 1928: The Ascending Moon Old Man on the Verge of Dea Chapter 1929: Bring the Ginseng King Out! Chapter 1930: Alchemist Grandmaster Union Competition Chapter 1931: Not Allowed to Enter the Thousand Meter Radius Chapter 1932: The Huang Family Revolts? Chapter 1933: The Strongest Expert? Chapter 1934: President Huang, You’re Back! Chapter 1935: So What if I Have to Go Against the World? Chapter 1936: Our You Family Belongs to the Divine World! Chapter 1937: Bring Me Wangu Wudi’s Head! Chapter 1938: Returning to the Divine World Chapter 1939: The You Family’s Pursuit? Chapter 1940: The You Family is Finished! Chapter 1941: The Number One Person in the Divine World’s Yo Chapter 1942: The Whereabouts of the Huang Family Members Chapter 1943: Are You Messing With Us?! Chapter 1944: Lies Chapter 1945: Hand Over Another Fold! Chapter 1946: Earth Shattering Gang, How Dare You?! Chapter 1947: Xiaolong! Big Brother! Chapter 1948: Saving Huang Peng Chapter 1949: News on Shi Xiaofei Chapter 1950: Shi Xiaofei Worships A Master Chapter 1951: Huang Shiyi’s Proposal Chapter 1952: My Husband is Huang Xiaolong! Chapter 1953: Your Husband is Really Huang Xiaolong?! Chapter 1954: The Other Half of the Radiance Ancestor’s Inhe Chapter 1955: Dun Ei Looks for the Other Half of the Inherit Chapter 1956: Arriving at the Grandmist Lands Chapter 1957: King of Shadows Chapter 1958: Destroyed?! Chapter 1959: Dun Ei Rages Chapter 1960: Ten Winged Pegasus Chapter 1961: If I Don’t? Get Lost? Chapter 1962: Bounty Chapter 1963: Siege and Kill Huang Xiaolong? Chapter 1964: The City of All-Heavens Chapter 1965: Myriad Spirits City Chapter 1966: Tired of Living? Chapter 1967: Abra Killed Chapter 1968: Greetings to Your Majesty, Radiance World Lord Chapter 1969: Seek Allegiance from Dun Ei Chapter 1970: Reverence Moon Old Man Chapter 1971: Only An Idiot Would Believe Chapter 1972: Empty Promises Chapter 1973: Reverence Moon Divine City Chapter 1974: Offer to the Son of Light for Free? Chapter 1975: No Need For Us To Act Chapter 1976: Reverence Moon Academy Chapter 1977: Defeat Dun Hao Within Ten Moves Chapter 1978: Don’t Kill Or Cripple Him Chapter 1979: 18-Section Staff Chapter 1980: Who Were Making Bets Just Now? Chapter 1981: The Way Into the Boundary Ancestral Mountain Chapter 1982: Bad Impression Chapter 1983: Comprehending the ‘Reverence Moon Academy’ Chapter 1984: Fully Comprehending Chapter 1985: Making Excuses Chapter 1986: No Reaction Whatsoever Chapter 1987: 14-Winged Angel Resurrected Chapter 1988: Buddhist Soil Chapter 1989: Hand Over The Radiance Ancestor’s Treasures Chapter 1990: Teeth Knocked Off Chapter 1991: Rotting World Chapter 1992: 10 Moves Are Enough! Chapter 1993: The First Move! Chapter 1994: Two ?! Chapter 1995: Five Colored Divine Pill Chapter 1996: I am Huang Xiaolong! Chapter 1997: Dun Hao’s Death! Chapter 1998: Toothless? Chapter 1999: Entering the Radiance Flame Volcano Chapter 2000: The Radiance Divine City’s Ambition Chapter 2001: Number One Individual Under the Heavens Chapter 2002: War Erupts Chapter 2003: Overlord Chapter 2004: Old Monster Lun Zhuan Chapter 2005: Kill Huang Xiaolong! Chapter 2006: Battle over a World Chapter 2007: Crushing the Brightness Emperor Chapter 2008: The Revival of the Radiance Ancestor?! Chapter 2009: Shi Ming’s Appearance Chapter 2010: The Strongest Expert in the Ghost World! Chapter 2011: The Buddhist Ancestor’s Assistance Chapter 2012: The Prestige of Godly Mt. Xumi Chapter 2013: Where Is This Mooing Coming From?! Chapter 2014: Deadlock Chapter 2015: 6 Lightning Pools! Chapter 2016: Another Probe Chapter 2017: Heart of Darkness Chapter 2018: The Lotus of Darkness Chapter 2019: Consecutive Breakthrough! Chapter 2020: King of Darkness’ Revival Chapter 2021: Darkness Gold Fruit Chapter 2022: Xumi Old Man Chapter 2023: Looking for the Ancient Heavenly Court Chapter 2024: Meeting the Experts of the Kingdom of Devil Be Chapter 2025: Reappearance of the Devil Stele Chapter 2026: At Least Two Sovereigns Chapter 2027: Lan Chong in Despair Chapter 2028: Locating the Imperial Beast Devil Stele Chapter 2029: Heaven Devouring Emperor Surrenders Chapter 2030: Sixth Order Emperor Chapter 2031: Six Winged Green Mosquito Chapter 2032: Barging Into the Territory of the Six Winged G Chapter 2033: Du Hai’s Condition Chapter 2034: The Whereabouts of the Divine Artifact Devil S Chapter 2035: Entering the Ravine Chapter 2036: Bottom of the Ravine Chapter 2037: Du Hai’s Shock Chapter 2038: Du Hai’s Assistance Chapter 2039: Core Region of the Devil Abyss Chapter 2040: Barren Desert Chapter 2041: Whereabouts of the Ancient Heavenly Court Chapter 2042: News Leaks Chapter 2043: Will the All Encompassing City Make a Move? Chapter 2044: Refining the Ancient Heavenly Court Chapter 2045: The Reason Behind the Ancient Heavenly Emperor Chapter 2046: Rushing Back to the Radiance World Chapter 2047: All-Heavens Envoy Chapter 2048: Basically Running to his Death! Chapter 2049: Reappearance of the Ancient Heavenly Court! Chapter 2050: Massacre! Chapter 2051: The Heavenly Hall Vs. Godly Mt. Xumi Chapter 2052: Killing World Lords Consecutively Chapter 2053: Dun Ei’s Death! Chapter 2054: Consecutively Killing 3 Sovereigns Chapter 2055: Wiping Out the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe Hea Chapter 2056: Implore Lord Wan Shi To Take Action Chapter 2057: Pursuing to the Fire World Chapter 2058: The Fire World’s Inheritance Chapter 2059: Enlightenment at the Ksana Divine Temple Chapter 2060: The Heavenly World Chapter 2061: The Real ‘End’ of the Myriad Worlds Chapter 2062: Fiend Shrine Chapter 2063: Unifying the Fiend World Chapter 2064: Opening the Ancient Heavenly Court’s Treasury Chapter 2065: Jiang Hong Severely Injured Chapter 2066: Huang Xiaolong Entering Seclusion Chapter 2067: Great Killing Formation Chapter 2068: Wanshi’s Grandson Chapter 2069: Tian Yu of the Heavenly World Chapter 2070: ‘Penalize’ On The Spot Chapter 2071: Huang Xiaolong’s Breakthrough Chapter 2072: Looking Forward With Anticipation Chapter 2073: Huang Xiaolong Exits Seclusion Chapter 2074: The Divine Tree of Darkness Chapter 2075: Unable to Withstand One Blow? Chapter 2076: Three Saint Bloodlines’ Vigor Chapter 2077: This Will Be Your Burial Spot! Chapter 2078: Shi Ming’s Dead! Chapter 2079: Fleeing With Tails Between Their Legs Chapter 2080: The Heavenly World’s Master Chapter 2081: Devil World’s Holy Ground Chapter 2082: Thousand Despair Devil Sect Chapter 2083: Devil Extermination Gate Chapter 2084: Are You Qualified to Call Me Your Brother? Chapter 2085: Hurry Up and Investigate! Chapter 2086: The Skull Devil Sect is his Backer! Chapter 2087: Arrival of the Devil Extermination Archdevil A Chapter 2088: Appearance of the Origin Treasure Chapter 2089: Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus Chapter 2090: Four Spirit Jade Zoysia Chapter 2091: Lord Archdevil Ancestor, Please Make Your Move Chapter 2092: Onwards! Chapter 2093: All Swords Drawn Chapter 2094: Together! Chapter 2095: Worth! Chapter 2096: Send Zhao Yuan Flying Chapter 2097: Refining the Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus Chapter 2098: Wan Shi on the Verge of leaving Seclusion Chapter 2099: Break Through! Chapter 2100: Kneel to Receive Your Order! Chapter 2101: Location of the Concealed Scripture Devil Stel Chapter 2102: Found it! Chapter 2103: Look For Me. I’m Called Huang Xiaolong Chapter 2104: Wan Shi Leaves Seclusion! Chapter 2105: In Trouble Chapter 2106: 1 Dead, 3 Injured Chapter 2107: Senior Brother is Dead?! Chapter 2108: Are You Still Waiting For Huang Xiaolong?! Chapter 2109: Trash Collector Chapter 2110: Who Gives A Sh*t About Huang Xiaolong? Chapter 2111: The Method to Save Jiang Hong Chapter 2112: Chaos Fifth Earth Lightning Pool Chapter 2113: Capturing Wan Zhuoyuan! Chapter 2114: The 33 Heavens Chapter 2115: Do You Really Think They Can Get Away? Chapter 2116: World Leaders Conference Chapter 2117: Wan Shi, You’re Going to Die Today! Chapter 2118: Killing Old Monster Lun Zhuan Chapter 2119: Wan Shi’s First Strike! Chapter 2120: Power of the Saint Bloodline! Chapter 2121: Great Purity Secret Art Chapter 2122: Wan Shi’s Defeat Chapter 2123: All-Heavens Treasury Chapter 2124: Heavenly Master’s Appointment for Battle Chapter 2125: Huang Xiaolong Accepts the Battle Challenge! Chapter 2126: Snatching the Bride? Chapter 2127: Meeting Di Jing Again Chapter 2128: Divine Burial Grand Art Chapter 2129: Discovering a Chaos Lightning Pool! Chapter 2130: Tian Chen’s Treasury Chapter 2131: Tian Chen’s Blade Chapter 2132: Do You Really Think That The Heavenly World Ca Chapter 2133: Take My Blade! Chapter 2134: Heavenly Master Chapter 2135: I Will Take Care of You Now! Chapter 2136: God Burying Coffin Chapter 2137: Heavenly Terror Country Chapter 2138: Golden Pig Treasure Whereabouts Chapter 2139: A World Outside the 33 Heavens?! Chapter 2140: Exterminate All Living Things Chapter 2141: His Majesty Arriving In Person Chapter 2142: And If I Don’t? Chapter 2143: You Dare Taunt Me? Chapter 2144: A Desperate Battle Chapter 2145: One Person Shakes One Country Chapter 2146: Taking the Heavenly Saint Country Chapter 2147: Heaven Beyond Heavens Chapter 2148: The Whereabouts of the Chaos Spatial Domain Li Chapter 2149: Heaven Valley City Chapter 2150: The Mighty God Prince’s Threat Chapter 2151: Mocking the Mighty God Heavenly Country? Chapter 2152: Came To Make Trouble? Chapter 2153: The Most Expensive Message