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Infernal Hero

Infernal Hero

Author: Zou Guo Qing Chun Su Genre: Magical

Born to a mother on death row and subsequently raised in the prison, Gu Tianyou did not have what most people would consider a ‘normal’ childhood. Instead of the usual math and history one might learn at a public school, he had criminals for tutors. He received regular lessons from notorious serial killer, Dr. Miao, and earned protection from the respected Master Long.

With such a unique background, Gu Tianyou graduated from the Police Academy with little difficulty, and was assigned as an undercover cop. But will the skills he learned from a lifetime of being cared for by criminals be enough to help him take criminals down?

Chapter 905 Grand Finale 2021-05-11 09:33:04
Chapter List
Chapter 1 Get Off to a Good Start Chapter 2 Sons of Hell Chapter 3 Miao Shifan Chapter 4 The First Saber Swung Towards the Pretentious Chapter 5 Slash Inferior Roots Chapter 6 Expose Viciousness Chapter 7 Undying Old Man Chapter 8 Businessmanship Chapter 9 Network of Relationships Chapter 10 Get Out of the Cage Chapter 11 If Love Chapter 12 Liang Bida Chapter 13 Phantom Snake Chapter 14 Father and Son Chapter 15 Stay Behind Chapter 16 Zhan Wolong Chapter 17 Beauty Resentment Chapter 18 Sinful Genius Chapter 19 Speaker Chapter 20 The Path of the Strong Chapter 21 Hibiscus Blood Chapter 22 Pa Pa Pa Pa Chapter 23 Love Seed Chapter 24 Islanders Chapter 25 Salvation Chapter 26 Decompression Chapter 27 Lifting the Saber Into the Sea Continent Chapter 28 You Talk Business, I Talk Love Chapter 29 The World Is As Cold As a Knife Chapter 30 Liver And Gallbladder 2 Kunlun Chapter 31 Ruthless Person Chapter 32 True Stories And False Stories Chapter 33 Elegy, Old Songs, Love Songs Chapter 34 Ever Since Ancient Times, Heroes Have Produced Te Chapter 35 Young Man's Ambition Is Not Worrying Chapter 36 First Meeting Zou Haibin Chapter 37 Conquer Chapter 38 Flourish Day By Day Chapter 39 A Capable General Chapter 40 To Make Seamless Whirl Chapter 41 Sunset Memory Master Wine Thousand Origins Chapter 42 Scholars As Bosom Friends Chapter 43 Guns And Roses Chapter 44 High-speed Soul-stirring Chapter 45 Ambition And Baggage Chapter 46 A Man of Rules Chapter 47 Chronicles Chapter 48 Fire Incident Chapter 49 Little Brother, If You Need Anything, Let's Go Fi Chapter 50 Golden Dream Garden Chapter 51 Remembrance of Bamboo Horse Green Plum Chapter 52 Volunteer Oneself Chapter 53 Strangle Your Tenderness Chapter 54 Case Analysis Committee Chapter 55 Three Shots of Surprise Chapter 56 This Kid Is Crazy Chapter 57 The Capitalist Is the Man Who Grasps the Water Fr Chapter 58 Partner Chapter 59 They Were All Ruthless People Chapter 60 Choice Chapter 61 Hostage Chapter 62 Dragon Palace Chapter 63 Snot Squeezing Girl Chapter 64 Artemis Hell Chapter 65 Paintcake Maniac Chapter 66 Excuse Me, I'm an Undercover Agent Chapter 67 A Gentleman Loses His Wealth And Has a Way of Usi Chapter 68 True Knowledge And Strength, Benevolent Heart And Chapter 69 Rise to Prominence Chapter 70 Lu Ziqi Chapter 71 This Sister Is a Little Wild Chapter 72 Support Chapter 73 Light Chapter 74 Dark Chapter 75 King Ming Chapter 76 Fierce Hero Saves Beauty And Makes New Achievemen Chapter 77 Sharp Chapter 78 Greed Chapter 79 Pink Girl Chapter 80 Love Is Like a Gust of Wind Chapter 81 Sister Chapter 82 Master of Criminal Investigation Chapter 83 A Kiss of Pure Friendship Chapter 84 Contingency Chapter 85 Misty Clouds Covered the Sky Chapter 86 Black Fist Chapter 87 Beautiful Best Friends Feel Self-injurious Handso Chapter 88 Idle Red Sleeve, Young Master Luo Luo Chapter 89 Xi Zhiming Chapter 90 Even Though She Was Gorgeous And Unvulgar Chapter 91 Take All the Peach Blossom Color, Even More Ask N Chapter 92 Quota For Special Investigation Section Chapter 93 Tianci Immortal Style, Snow Petals to Protect the Chapter 94 Bitch. Bitch of All Kinds Chapter 95 Bitch! Chapter 96 Playing With Heartbeats Chapter 97 Heavy Mountains And Heavy Waters Chapter 98 Liu Anhua Is Hard to See Chapter 99 Great Country Hand And Winner-loser Hand Chapter 100 Combination Fist Chapter 101 Nian Ruosui And Ling Yunzhi Chapter 102 Chapter 103-no Idlers In The Task Force Chapter 104 Old Liang Run Chapter 105 Chapter 106 Corrupt Path Chapter 107 Fox Hunt Chapter 108-a Man Says With His Fist Chapter 109 I Am Young Like You Chapter 110-one Person And One Team Chapter 111 Chapter 112 Chapter 113-huqin Chapter 114-eating Goods, Long-cherished Wish Chapter 115-old Demon With Three Whips Chapter 116 Chapter 117 Rain And Rain In The South Chapter 118-the Age Of Sin Chapter 119 Appetite Before The Final Battle Chapter 120 Short Blade Leng Yue, Blood Pressure Chrysanthem Chapter 121 Life And Death Only In Millimeters Chapter 122-the Essence Of Greed Chapter 123: 1 Glory, 2 Sleeves Golden Wind (1) Chapter 124 1 Glory, 2 Sleeves Golden Wind (2) Chapter 125 It's Sticking To His Hand Chapter 126 Heroes Don't Ask Where They Came From Chapter 127 Evil Comes From The Heart, And Evil Comes From T Chapter 128 Dig Your Brains Out, Heavenly Deities Descend To Chapter 129 Praise Be To My Lord, And Smoke With Wickedness Chapter 130 This Hatred Is Endless, This Heart Is Hard To Ca Chapter 131 Killing Intent Chapter 132 A Priceless Secret Chapter 133 Wine, Beauty, Adulterer Chapter 134 If The Intestines Are Broken Year After Year Chapter 135 The Wind And The Clouds Are Ruined, Willful And Chapter 136 Through Your Black Hair, My Hand Chapter 137 As Motionless As A Mountain Chapter 138 An Expert, A Coward, A Bad Person Chapter 139 Whatever Is Supposed To Come Must Come Chapter 140 I Only Love Qin Huai For 10 Li Chapter 141 Carry A Coffin Into The Capital Chapter 142 The Youngsters In The Selection Chapter 143 A Ferocious Man Chapter 144 Whoever Messed Up His Mood Chapter 145 Trip Down Chapter 146 Driving into the Distance Chapter 147 Old Dandy, Big White Crane! Chapter 148 The Line Has Shame, Can Be Said To Be A Scholar? Chapter 149 Drunken Elegant, Welcome Guests Chapter 150 Haggle Over Every Ounce Chapter 151 Playing The Great Sword As A Great Official Chapter 152 Goodbye, Master Long Chapter 153 Initial Heart Chapter 154 Monstrous Monkey, Where Did You Escape From! Chapter 155 Jin Yi Enters Jinling Chapter 156 Clap One's Hands On A Mosquito Chapter 157 The Rain Started To Fall In Early Spring Chapter 158 Parting Ways Chapter 159 West Sea Empire Chapter 160 Big Secret! Chapter 161 Qing Ben's Beauty, What Can She Do For A Prostit Chapter 162 Qimen Qishu Chapter 163 None Of Them Are Good Birds Chapter 164 Evil Qi Was Awe-inspiring Chapter 165 Mulan Banquet Chapter 166 Gu Sect Insect Master Chapter 167 Send You Beauty Like Poison Chapter 168 Get Out Of A Wolf's Den Into A Tiger's Den Chapter 169 Waves Sweep Away Romantic Figures Chapter 170 To Be On The Same Boat But Not On The Same Boat Chapter 171 The Sun Was Blazing In The Sky, And People's Hea Chapter 172 Head South Chapter 173 Qiang Wen Xing Chapter 174 Smart Tiger Mosquito Killer Chapter 175 Dangerous Mileage Chapter 176 The Jungle Is Ferocious Chapter 177 Phoenix Winged Phoenix Head, Long Xing Chapter 178 Night Hunt Python Leader Chapter 179 Abyss Chapter 180 Isn't It Also Fast! Chapter 181 Meng! Chapter 182 Hanging Chapter 183 Yuanzhi Tinglan Has No Flavor Chapter 184 Hear Thunder In Silence Chapter 185 Death Battle Chapter 186 Liver And Gallbladder But As Dust Powder Chapter 187 Whoever Wielded A Sword At The Peak Was Still St Chapter 188 Reinforcements Chapter 189 I'll Give You A Knife Chapter 190 A Toad Becomes An Immortal, And His Voice Is Tra Chapter 191 Evil Bugs Cannibalism Chapter 192 Golden Palace, Evil Bugs In Charge Chapter 193 Jedi Household Abandonment Scheme Chapter 194 Put One's Life On The Line Chapter 195 This Woman Is Unreliable Chapter 196 8-sided Pagoda Chapter 197 The Truth Chapter 198 Wind Belief Insect, The Land Of God's Residence Chapter 199 Only The Great Hero's True Colors Chapter 200 An Infatuated Man, A Heartless Lackey Chapter 201 Trees Have Many Roots And People Have Many Old W Chapter 202 Yu Shuai Or Bandits Shuai? Chapter 203 Call For Face Brother Tianyou Chapter 204 The Feeling Of Home Chapter 205 Long Jianmei's Anger Chapter 206 Big Bad Guy, Old Jianghu, They're Not Simple Chapter 207 Phoenix Soldier Dragon Girl Chapter 208 Gu Tianyou Crushing Chapter 209 Talk And Laugh And Seize Power Chapter 210 Bingfa Mountain Army Chapter 211 A Man Known As A Demigod Chapter 212 It Was Awkward For Lovers To Meet Chapter 213 Big Sister Stupid Vs. Smart Sister Chapter 214 Kill! Chapter 215 Game In Game Chapter 216 Too Bold, Too Wild Chapter 217 On Hero Chapter 218 Handle Affairs Chapter 219 Master Chapter 220 Treacherous Chapter 221 Military Counselor, Disguise Chapter 222 Bugs In Man Chapter 223 Celebrity Romance Chapter 224 Bragging, One Night In The Capital Chapter 225 Beauty Trick, Immortal Jump Chapter 226 What The Hell Are You Doing Chapter 227 Female Phoenix Heavenly Son Chapter 228 Dou Technique Chapter 229 Wang Banxian's Heavenly Vision Chapter 230 Fierce End, Changing With Each Passing Day Chapter 231 Eight Extremes In The Painting, Immortal Bugs In Chapter 232 Immortal Demonic State Chapter 233 Tempting And Thunderous, With Plans And Truths Chapter 234 Gold! Gold! Chapter 235 Noble Son Of Sun Clan Chapter 236 To Haggle Over A Price Chapter 237 Perform A New Job Chapter 238 Rope In Chapter 239 When, Students In The Flower Of Our Age Chapter 240 The Banquet Was Fierce Chapter 241 Go For Wool And Come Home Shorn Chapter 242 Bosom Friend Chapter 243 Governor's Trip Chapter 244 The Opportunity Of The New Era Chapter 245 Infinite Scenery On Dangerous Peaks Chapter 246 Beautiful As A Dream, Magnificent And Magnificen Chapter 247 Wind And Lightning Rose At First Sight Chapter 248 Expert Sees Door Way Chapter 249 Mao Jiao's Son-in-law Chapter 250 Tea Tasting Said, Chapter 251 Shengzao Grade 7 Pagoda Chapter 252 Great Country Hand Chapter 253 Gu Qingxin Borrowed The Money From Lord Chapter 254 The Heart Of Spring Ripples, The Flowers Bloom Chapter 255 Challenger Chapter 256 Knowing Mountain And Tiger Chapter 257 Biased Towards Tiger Mountain Steps Chapter 258 A Man Of Many Schemes Does Not Like To Speak Bra Chapter 259 Deceive Chapter 260 Take Advantage Of The Situation To Beat The Dog Chapter 261 Fireworks March Lower Qinzhou Chapter 262 Wind And Thunder Stirred, Killing Intent Rising! Chapter 263 Back To The Flying Tiger Ridge Chapter 264 Cut Unceasingly, Do Not Be Messed Up Chapter 265 Return Home In Luxury Chapter 266 Keep The Root Chapter 267 Step On A Toad Chapter 268 Roasted Cow Butt Chapter 269 Murderous Baton Chapter 270 Silk Stripping Chapter 271 Minority Report Chapter 272 Monk Holds Umbrella Chapter 273 Nun Wipes Her Lipstick Chapter 274 Shocking Chapter 275 Master Chapter 276 Divine Donkey Worship Temple Chapter 277 Accidental Collision Chapter 278 Assassinate Chapter 279 Got A Big Fish Chapter 280 Soft Bone Chapter 281 A Wise Man Chapter 282 Bodhisattva Painting Technique Chapter 283 Seizing Fortune And Borrowing Luck, Changing Fat Chapter 284 A Good Show Chapter 285 Scorpion Tail Needle Chapter 286 Be Victimized By An Adulterer Chapter 287 The Night Breeze Dissipated Chapter 288 High-skill Jianghu Chapter 289 When Stubbornness Comes, All The Courage Comes W Chapter 290 Snow Ridge Secret Scripture Chapter 291 Step By Step Chapter 292 A Major Event Chapter 293 See Truth Chapter 294 Phoenix Cry Dragon Roar Chapter 295 The Spirit Of Big Hand Chapter 296 Here Comes An Expert, An Expert, An Expert Chapter 297 Witnesses, Beatings, Plots Chapter 298 My Son Is Li Tianyi Chapter 299 Uninhibited Chapter 300 Beggar Sect Secret Technique Chapter 301 Meddle In One's Affairs Chapter 302 Talking About Dao And Observing Human Nature Chapter 303 When A Saber Comes Out Of A Human's Head, Evil K Chapter 304 Heart Demon Graveyard Said, Chapter 305 Floating Illusion Chapter 306 Blazing Sun Destiny Palace Chapter 307 Human Slaughter Chapter 308 Keep One Hand Chapter 309 Mountain-dwelling Divine Land Chapter 310 High-skill Jianghu Chapter 311 Raising Dragons With Living Water Chapter 312 Empress E-empress Ying, Shark Gauze Xuan Chapter 313 Vicious Battle Old Turtle Chapter 314 Stepping On The Dipper Steps, Stepping Into The Chapter 315 The Technique Is Not Far Away, The Truth Is Like Chapter 316 Tiger Pu Eyes, Great Solar Tyrant Fist Chapter 317 Jianghu Aristocratic Families Were Nothing More Chapter 318 The Dragon Girl Subdued The Devil And Headed Tow Chapter 319 Be Thrown Back In Jail, Scolding And Laughing Chapter 320 19 Dungeons Chapter 321 An Expert, A Fool, A Wise Man Chapter 322 Yu Shaofen's Past Chapter 323 Samsara Of Life Chapter 324 Wu Yi Proves The Dao With Strength, And The Soul Chapter 325 Borrowing Head 1 Chapter 326 Ten Billion Clothes Chapter 327 It Is Not Expensive To Add Flowers To The Brocad Chapter 328 Single-handedly, A Herd Of Demons Chapter 329 Turn One's Face, Hands, Sky Chapter 330 Turn The Tables, The Wall, The Face Chapter 331 A Fierce Man's Skin Is Thick and His Heart Is Bl Chapter 332 People Are Always Cheating, Horses Are Always Sl Chapter 333 A Fierce and Evil Person Chapter 334 Rat Country's Strange Tales, Assassins Like Pant Chapter 335 The Group of Beasts Had Dao and Fist Dao Pictogr Chapter 336 Bitch Vs. Bad Man Big Brother Chapter 337 Ice Heart Jade Pot, Prodigal Son Talking Chapter 338 You Want to Know Your Trusted Aides, but Listen Chapter 339 Snake and Rat Slaughtering Camp Chapter 340 Killing Heart Is Inhumane, God's Blessed City Chapter 341 1 Bend 3 Transformations, Tongue Group Demons Chapter 342 The Wind and Clouds Surged, and They Were Attack Chapter 343 Tearing Ghosts with His Hands, King Dari Ming Chapter 344 Great Dao Sees God, Heart Unfathomable Chapter 345 There Is No Need for Etiquette in the Wilderness Chapter 346 A Man Named Li Yangkun Chapter 375 All Warlocks Under Heaven Surpass Us Chapter 347 You're Finally Standing in Front of Me Chapter 348 In Today's Jianghu, the Heroes of the World, Onl Chapter 349 The Wolf Has a Winning Game When the Shepherds Q Chapter 350 Night Of Slaughter Chapter 351 Phoenix Girl Heavenly Pride, Maneuver Chapter 352 What He Practiced in the Deep Water Was All Old Chapter 353 Dragon Girl Heavenly Dance, Buddhist Hero Chapter 354 Dragon Girl Heavenly Dance, Buddhist Hero (2) Chapter 355 Desperate, Rat Wine Chapter 356 The Saber Comes Out in the Wind, Not Once in a L Chapter 357 Kill! Kill! Kill! Chapter 358 Borrowing Heaven Gate Chapter 359 Shine One's Trump Card Chapter 360 1 Tablespoon Stew Chapter 361 Kill A Dawn Chapter 362 Weigh the Weight of the Two Words Clearly Chapter 363 Aftertone Chapter 364 An Owl Has No Way, but a Man Has Virtue Chapter 365 Be a Hero with Feelings Chapter 366 A Poem Called Loneliness Chapter 367 Old Jianghu, Grand Immortal Chapter 368 Animal Genius, Boundless Karmic Fire Chapter 369 Chujiang Bow, Kong Yu Arrow Chapter 370 Emotionless Guest Chapter 371 Fierce Battle Chapter 372 Life and Death Are Broad, So How Can We Distingu Chapter 373 3-Inch Unbreakable Saber, Killing Without Seeing Chapter 374 Why Are There Four Chu Singing Voices Chapter 375 All Warlocks Under Heaven Surpass Us Chapter 376 He Will Be Outside, and His Life Will Be Unbeara Chapter 377 Remembering Childhood Without Tribulation Chapter 378 Bitter Struggle Chapter 379 Wisdom Dou Chapter 380 Wisdom Dou Chapter 381 A New Era Chapter 382 The Weather Is Myriad Chapter 383 Taotie Dao Xiang Chapter 384 Thorn Chapter 385 3 Transformational Dao Chapter 386 Jianghu Avenue Chapter 387 Be Unreasonable Chapter 388 Insert A Bar Horizontally Chapter 389 Heavens Bless Night Run Chapter 390 South Asian Storm Chapter 391 Heroes May Be Crazy Chapter 392 Animal Tracing? Chapter 393 Sacred Master of Spirit Mountain Chapter 394 Purple-breasted Buddhist Monk Chapter 395 Madman World Chapter 396 Monster Army Chapter 397 Genesis Yuan Chapter 398 Legend Of Civilization Chapter 399 Last 1 Dang Chapter 400 The Water Is So Deep Chapter 401 Battle in the Deep Sea Chapter 402 The Sea Was Overflowing, and He Drew His Sword a Chapter 403 Get into Bed and Be Silent, Heavenly Armament Le Chapter 404 Man Is Harder to Do Than a Dog, and Affection Is Chapter 405 Bright Sword! Bright Sword! Chapter 406 Drawing the Sword Without Regret, Stained with B Chapter 407 Develop the Might of Our Country and Strengthen Volume II: Sink Chapter 408 Where does the sword go when the Chapter 409 Even Though Mingyue Didn't Kill Any Business, Sh Chapter 410 Shadow Attendant Accompanied, Running Around Chapter 411 When the Floating Light Entered the Cave, the Ic Chapter 412 Fall from a Well and Throw Stones at a Rock Chapter 413 He Hurriedly Asked If the Peach Blossom Was Stil Chapter 414 Love Is Like a Bamboo Horse, Mo Dao Is Not Fasci Chapter 415 Zongma Qinzhou, Life Is Like Morning Dew Chapter 416 She Hated Him for Being Heartbroken and Burning Chapter 417 Brave Heart Chapter 418 Teacher Dao Has No Value Chapter 419 Big Thorn Head Chapter 420 In Front of the Stage and Behind the Scenes, Mas Chapter 421 Visit by an Old Friend Chapter 422 Evil Guest in the Dead of Night Chapter 423 Ren Xie Had No Dao and No Dog in His Eyes Chapter 424 The Tiger Doesn't Care About the Fox's Anger Chapter 425 Gale and Rain Are About to Rush the City Chapter 426 Blade Out Like a Dream Bubble Chapter 427 Infinite Scenery on Dangerous Peaks Chapter 428 A Boat of Pure Friendship Rolls Over As Soon As Chapter 429 One's Virtues Are Boundless Chapter 430 The Hardest Thing to Bear Is the Kindness of a B Chapter 431 Above The Clouds Chapter 432 Big Shot Chapter 433 Great Demonic Woman Chapter 434 Great Detective Chapter 435 A Big Case Chapter 436 A Great Hero Chapter 437 Great Beauty Chapter 438 Great Era Chapter 439 A Big Deal Chapter 440 Great Leader Chapter 441 Great Country Scholar Chapter 442 A Trivial Matter Chapter 443 Small Health Care Chapter 444 Small Reunion Chapter 445 Small Tricks Chapter 446 A Little Trick Chapter 447 Little Parting Chapter 448 The Waveman Withered Like a Cherry Blossom Chapter 449 Infatuated Person Chapter 450 Warlock 5 Squares Chapter 451 Kneading Qi Makes You Soft Like a Baby Chapter 452 Those Who Have Potential Are Suitable for Life a Chapter 453 Dao Can Be Said, Very Dao Chapter 454 Evil Does Not Grow, but Avoids Its Edge Chapter 455 City Can Be Destroyed but Heart Cannot Be Broken Chapter 456 A Smile Is Better Than a Million Soldiers Chapter 457 Beauty Is Like Poison Chapter 458 Adulterer Chapter 459 It's Not a Raptor, but Jiang Chapter 460 Comrade-in-law Chapter 461 Master Ye Men Chapter 462 I Am Not a Sage Chapter 463 A Beauty's Fist, a Villain's Mouth Chapter 464 Laugh and Turn the World Upside Down Chapter 465 The False God Ghost Established Its Might Chapter 466 Malice in the Practice of Benevolence Chapter 467 Counterfeit Empyrean God Chapter 468 1 Leaf Chapter 469 Blind Chapter 470 Go to the Meeting One-On-One Chapter 471 Go to the Meeting One-On-One Chapter 472 Dao Fei Dao Chapter 473 To Deal with Somebody Courteously but Without Si Chapter 474 Love Is Like a Demon Wind Chapter 475 Talk, Raptors Crossing the River Chapter 476 Legend Of Illegitimate Children Chapter 477 Pretend to Be a Ghost Chapter 478 When False Is Taken for True, True Becomes False Chapter 479 Thunder-shocking Initial Movement Chapter 480 To Become a Devil on the Spot Chapter 481 A Man of the Dao Is a Man of No Dao Chapter 482 Lonely Southeasterners Chapter 483 The Wind Came from the Sea Chapter 484 Knife From The Back Chapter 485 Walkers Are Boundless, Daoists Are Unreasonable Chapter 486 Flip A Card Chapter 487 Killing Intent Step by Step Chapter 488 A World-Shaking Plot Chapter 489 Be Captive And Indulgent Chapter 49 Take The Upper Hand Chapter 491 Fake Idiot Is Not Epileptic Chapter 492 Fish In Troubled Waters Chapter 493 Bitter Meat Trick Chapter 494 To Throw Out a Minnow to Catch a Whale Chapter 495 Surround Wei and Save Zhao Chapter 496 Secretly Deceive Chapter 497 Capture the Thief and Capture the King First Chapter 498 Hide a Dagger in a Smile Chapter 499 Borrow the Corpse to Revive the Soul Chapter 500 Counter-object Oriented Chapter 501 Deceive Chapter 502 Golden Cicada Shell Chapter 503 Fish-eyed Mixed Pearl Chapter 504 Catch a Thief Behind Closed Doors Chapter 505 Sightseeing From The Shore Chapter 506 Hide a Dagger in a Smile Chapter 507 Attack The Heart Chapter 508 Laughing, Not Waiting to Be Hugged Chapter 509 Fate Chapter 510 Deep Inside the Inner Island Chapter 511 The Floating Light Was Like a Dream Bubble Chapter 512 The Mystery Of Civilization Chapter 513 The Truth Chapter 514 Revolver Chapter 515 Secret Tips Chapter 516 Counterattack (1) Chapter 517 Counterattack (2) Chapter 518 Attack Chapter 519 To Be Struck Chapter 520 Attack Chapter 521 Assault Chapter 522 Joint Attack Chapter 523 Battle, Battle, Attack! Chapter 524 Critical Strike! Chapter 525 Add More Tiger Generals Chapter 526 Blood Is Burning Chapter 527 Who Offered Their Heads in Front of the Formatio Chapter 528 White Dragon Lake Chapter 529 Tian Jiao Chapter 530 Primary Lightning Chapter 531 Seeking Secrets and Exploring Saints Chapter 532 A Kui Chapter 533 Death Battle For Benevolence Chapter 534 Fierce Battle Chapter 535 Shuntian Renegade King Chapter 536 Shocking Chapter 537 Long Zhan Yu Ye Chapter 538 Kuangye Tianjiao Chapter 539 Mantis, Cicada, Yellow Bird Chapter 540 Knowing That There Are Tigers in the Mountains a Chapter 541 Kung Fu in the Mouth Chapter 542 You Sing and I Come on Stage Chapter 543 Home Chapter 544 Dream Chapter 545 In the Name of the Father Chapter 546 Holy Father, Holy Son, Holy Spirit Chapter 547 Have a Long Way to Go Chapter 548 Brother Chapter 549 Master And Disciple Chapter 550 Punch To The World Chapter 551 A Man Who Doe Not Know Much Chapter 552 Game Of Thrones Chapter 553 Harm Each Other Chapter 554 The Mystery of the Axis Chapter 555 Bohemia Headlights Chapter 556 Confront a Person with the Danger of Death and H Chapter 557 Confront a Person with the Danger of Death and H Chapter 558 Heavenly Descent of Divine Weapons Chapter 559 Battle Of Light Chapter 560 Break Through The Air Chapter 561 The Big World Chapter 562 Buddhist Domain Chapter 563 Sun Mingshen's World War II Chapter 564 Sea Of Bitterness Chapter 565 Qiuniu Is Not a Cow Chapter 566 Boundless Sea of Bitterness. See You Later, Drag Chapter 567 Legend Of Dragon Slaying Chapter 568 Jing Long Chapter 569 Subduing Dragon Chapter 570 Calamity Chapter 571 To Be Utterly Infatuated Chapter 572 Hundred Ghost Dragon Lake Chapter 573 Wen Gui Chapter 574 Chaos Chapter 575 Origin Realm Chapter 576 The Beginning of All Things Chapter 577 Mirror Demon Palace (1) Chapter 578 Mirror Demon Palace (2) Chapter 579 Mirror Demon Palace (3) Chapter 580 Spring In Zhiyuan Chapter 581 Seamless Hell Chapter 582 Wood Spirit Foundation Chapter 583 Water Spirit Dragon Form Chapter 584 Fu Long Chapter 585 Reverse Scale Drainage Chapter 586 Spirit Mountain Chapter 587 The Golden Sound Filled the Air with Splendor Chapter 588 White Fox and Golden Light Chapter 589 Seamless Chaos Chapter 590 Hao Ran Survived for a Long Time Chapter 591 Spirit Mountain Is Only in Your Heart Chapter 592 Morning Bliss Chapter 593 Turtle Dragon Turtle Island Chapter 594 Dao-less And Fearless Chapter 595 The Black Technology of the Mythical World Chapter 596 Thunder Chapter 597 One Thing Drops One Thing Chapter 598 The Boundless Universe Chapter 599 The Profiteers in the City Illuminated Their Dre Chapter 600 Merchandise Seller Chapter 601 Fierce Wolf Gu Yingshi Chapter 602 Jianghu Is Everywhere Chapter 603 There Are Shadows in the Sun Chapter 604 Anger Chapter 605 Golden Scaled King Python, Void Form Venerable Chapter 606 Look Down on Life and Death, Do What You Say! Chapter 607 Men Must Be Tough Enough to Stand Up Chapter 608 Ignorance and Fearlessness Make No Difference to Chapter 609 Wang 8 Mung Bean, Fierce and Fierce Chapter 610 Commit Suicide For Money Chapter 611 Multiple Friends, Multiple Paths Chapter 612 It's Easy to Walk with More Friends Chapter 613 Ah, Good-Bye, Friend Chapter 614 The Ghost Never Dissipates Chapter 615 Thoroughly Remould Oneself Chapter 616 There Are Traitors Everywhere Chapter 617 Golden Lake Dao Comprehension Chapter 618 Unforgettable Chapter 619 Jianghu Jianghu Chapter 620 Take Advantage of the Fire to Rob Chapter 621 Woman, Family, Murder Chapter 622 All the Murderers in the Sea Chapter 623 The Horizon Is Fragrant Chapter 624 Starlight In The Sludge Chapter 625 Life and Death Request 1 Quick Chapter 626 Golden Light Dance in the Sky, One Night Fish Dr Chapter 627 Miraculous Medicine Chapter 628 Wanxiang Renaissance Chapter 629 World Of The Strong Chapter 630 Plunderer Chapter 631 Bloody Battle to the End Chapter 632 Heaven-shaking, Devil's Way, Guild Chapter 633 Just Rob Him If You Like Chapter 634 Extreme Evil Is Not True Chapter 635 The New Sheriff of Sacred Leaf Chapter 636 Opportunities Chapter 637 The Great Demon King Hid Thunder Under His Sleev Chapter 638 Condom Chapter 639 This Dish in Jianghu Is Delicious with Some Bloo Chapter 640 The Villain Stepped on the Flying Sword and Came Chapter 641 Jiao'e Rode Away in the Moonlight Chapter 642 Fourth Disciple Chapter 643 Mountain Rain Is Coming Chapter 644 Black Clouds Crushing the City Chapter 645 Skyfire Slaughter City Chapter 646 Blood Color Chapter 647 Truth Is Like a Drizzle Chapter 648 Ask For Medicine Chapter 649 Fleeing Demon Chapter 650 Kneel Down For Me Chapter 651 Force a Dog into a Poor Alley Chapter 652 Battle Clouds Covered the Sky Chapter 653 On The Road Chapter 654 Fierce and Heroic, Die Without Saying Defeat Chapter 655 Witch Chapter 656 Spring Has Come Chapter 657 Progenitor of the Shaman Race, the Secret Script Chapter 658 Chaotic Cloud Flying, Double Pass Stack Chapter 659 The Flames of War Rose, and Xiao Yi Chirped Chapter 660 Fu Shen Chapter 661 Brainless Powder Chapter 662 Seize A Treasure Chapter 663 Good Fortune Jade Brush Chapter 664 The Holy City of the Unruly Chapter 665 Zhanyun Yacheng Chapter 666 War Behemoths Chapter 667 Fair Pulling Frame Chapter 668 Crash! Chapter 669 Reverse Battle! Chapter 670 Crush Chapter 671 At the Gates of the City Chapter 672 Struggle Chapter 673 The Gaze Of Death Chapter 674 Bad Idea Chapter 675 An Old Friend Came Under the Guise of a Bowl Chapter 676 Rumors Chapter 677 Same World Chapter 678 Thunder Visitor Chapter 679 Shaman Chapter 680 Mountain Does Not Turn Water Chapter 681 Humanoid Immortal Pill Chapter 682 Here Comes The Wolf Chapter 683 Temptation Chapter 684 No One Stays, No Wine, No Guests Chapter 685 The Age in That Pot Is Long Chapter 686 Neighbors Chapter 687 Pleasant And Evil Chapter 688 Saber Light in the City Chapter 689 Entering and Exiting the Clouds Was Filled with Chapter 690 Survival Chase Chapter 691 Dragon Hunting Chapter 692 Dragon Hunt 2 Chapter 693 Dragon Hunting 3 Chapter 694 Dragon Subduing Phoenix Chapter 695 It's Sort Of Fun Chapter 696 Excuse Me Chapter 697 Not Interesting Enough Chapter 698 What Do You Mean Chapter 699 That's What I Meant Chapter 700 Almost Mean Chapter 701 Meaning Meaning Chapter 702 A Personalized Stumbling Block Chapter 703 Lift Your Pants and Don't Admit It Chapter 704 To Wither One's Cultivation into Tens of Thousan Chapter 705 Breaking Fame and Fortune, You Taixu Chapter 706 To Haggle Over a Price Chapter 707 9 Mysterious Transformation Technique Chapter 708 Are You All Right in Another Country? Chapter 709 Long Zaiyuan Chapter 710 Sly As a Fox, Fierce As a Dragon Chapter 711 Heavenly Dao Is Like an Oven. True Gold Is Not A Chapter 712 Stripping Yin and Killing Form, Returning Yang a Chapter 713 Weakness Chapter 714 Focus Chapter 715 Get Drunk Chapter 716 Focus Chapter 717 Nine Heavens Close, Shang Tong Eight Extremes Chapter 718 Limitless Heavenly Ship, King of the Deep Sea Chapter 719 Saber 30000 Li, Difficult to Cut Smiling Face Pe Chapter 720 The Immortal's Cave Was Endless, and the Heavens Chapter 721 Zi Mo's Spring Scenery Was Good, but It Was Futi Chapter 722 Sizhu Sihua Year, Life Ability Geometry Chapter 723 4 Hai Xiaoyao Guest, Heavenly Boundless Jade Chapter 724 His Eyes Were Shallow, but His Heart Was Full of Chapter 725 Remember the Past Vengeance, Who Read Today's Lo Chapter 726 Bi Hai Yeye's Heart Shook the Prison Chi Chi's H Chapter 727 Kun Peng Chou's Cage, Heroic Words Kill the Hear Chapter 728 Rolling 90,000 Li, Absolute Cloud Negative Heave Chapter 729 Eternal Like a Dream, the Heart Ape Does Not Bow Chapter 730 There Is No Justice in Heaven and Earth, and Men Chapter 731 Under Heaven Chapter 732 I'll Take the Stage and You Sing Chapter 733 Try to See the Heavens and Earth Turn Upside Dow Chapter 734 With a Bitch, a Noble Chapter 735 Name May Or May Not Be Chapter 736 Heavenly Spirit-Human Spirit Chapter 737 Initial Movement of Wind and Clouds Chapter 738 Old Friends Don't Know Each Other Chapter 739 It Is Better Not to Know Each Other Than to Know Chapter 740 Believe It Or Not, Believe It Or Not Chapter 741 Capital Figure Chapter 742 Heart Ape Spiritual Land Chapter 743 Pretend to Be a Grandson and Be a Grandson for t Chapter 744 Inflow Not Inflow Chapter 745 Undying Body? Chapter 746 Empyrean God's Kingdom Chapter 747 Who Is She? Who Was He? Chapter 748 There Is a Reason, So There Is a Result Chapter 749 10,000 Years Isn't Long, but We'll Fight for It Chapter 750 Dig a Foot in a Wall Chapter 751 He Was an Expert, but the Building Was a Bit Sha Chapter 752 Where Does Love Go Chapter 753 Go Upstairs to See Chrysanthemum Chapter 754 The Art of Beating Dogs Chapter 755 Heavenly Secrets Chapter 756 Xuanji Chapter 757 Fighter Jet Chapter 758 Fist Machine Chapter 759 Murderous Intent Chapter 760 Motivation Chapter 761 Divine Secrets Chapter 762 Explosive Machine Chapter 763 A Golden Opportunity Chapter 764 Opportunity Chapter 765 First Chance Chapter 766 Turn Around Chapter 767 Timing Chapter 768 There Was Wine in the Cup and a Knife in His Han Chapter 769 People Don't Say Much Ruthlessly Chapter 770 Netherworld Yellow Springs Chapter 771 Talking About Conditions Chapter 772 Demon Chapter 773 God Chapter 774 Demon Chapter 775 Strange Chapter 776 Chapter 777 Moonshine Eternal Cold Chapter 778 Dancing Mountain Silver Snake Chapter 779 Mingyue Is Here, Old Friend 1 Will Not Return Chapter 780 A Piece of Ice Core in the Jade Pot Chapter 781 This Daddy Wants to Open His Mouth to Foreign Me Chapter 782 Contend For Dao Chapter 783 Cannibalism Chapter 784 Wake Up Chapter 785 Netherworld Yellow Springs Chapter 786 Take Care of Yourself Tonight Chapter 787 Looking Back, It Was Like a Dream Chapter 788 My Heart Is Still Chapter 789 Clouds Cover the Way Home Chapter 790 Tonight There Will Be No Old Dreams to Part with Chapter 791 It Felt Like a Sharp Blade Chapter 792 It Feels Sorrowful to Drink Alone Chapter 793 Innate Heaven Nourishes Heaven Chapter 794 Human Divinity Chapter 795 Sword Light Sword Heart Swordsman Chapter 796 Gale! Gale! Gale! Gale! Gale! Chapter 797 Spread the Bait and Catch Nine Cobras Chapter 798 Dragon Turtle Formation, Nine Dragons Carrying C Chapter 799 Infatuated with My Mortal World Chapter 800 Don't Mention The Past Chapter 801 How Many Storms Does Long Sheng Have Chapter 802 A Fierce Man Eats a Treacherous Man Chapter 803 Long Guihai Chapter 804 Long Zhitao Became Capricious Chapter 805 A Great War Was Imminent Chapter 806 Arrow Finger Sky Chapter 807 Good Shot! Chapter 808 A Plot to Gain Time in Order to Complete Defense Chapter 809 Compete For Dominance Chapter 810 Kiwi And Bamboo Fighting Chapter 811 Buddha Fighting Chapter 812 Fuck You Chapter 813 Descended Chapter 814 Previous Dust Chapter 815 Rigui City Chapter 816 Floating City Chapter 818 Turn Of The Road Chapter 817 Blissful Land Chapter 819 Trust Chapter 820 Sneak In Chapter 821 Flames Of War Chapter 822 Killing Array Chapter 823 Ecstasy Formation Chapter 824 Break A Formation Chapter 825 Take The Back Door Chapter 826 Pill Swallowing! Chapter 827 Paradise Chapter 828 Battle! Chapter 829 Heaven-shaking Secret News Chapter 830 Return Of Heaven's Will Chapter 831 4 Holy Night Talk Chapter 832 Ever Since Ancient Times, Heroes Have Been Force Chapter 833 Diversion Chapter 834 Change! Chapter 835 Like a Rising Wind and Scudding Clouds Chapter 836 Evolutionary Crisis Chapter 837 Life and Death, Withered Glory Chapter 838 A Savage Battle Chapter 839 Year 200000 Chapter 840 Alliance Of Avengers Chapter 841 Kill One! Chapter 842 Pursue the Soul and Enter the Devil Chapter 843 Berserk Bull, White Ape, Demon Devouring Soul Chapter 844 Annihilation Chapter 845 Brother, Brother Chapter 846 Peerless Demonic Concubine Chapter 847 Fooling Around Chapter 848 Ride One's Way Through Chapter 849 Exchange Chapter 850 Land Of The Sage Chapter 851 Heavenly Slaughter Has a Dao Chapter 852 Artifact (1) Chapter 853 Artifact (2) Chapter 854 Artifact (3) Chapter 855 Fufeng Tower Chapter 856 Lang Huan Dharma Realm Chapter 857 A Maverick Dog Chapter 858 If You Lose Face, You Can't Be Merciful Chapter 859 Evil Is Not Forgiven Chapter 860 Outside of the Realm of Heaven Chapter 861 Ten Evils Are True When Facing the Gates of the Chapter 862 An Artificial Army Chapter 863 End Of The Road Chapter 864 Demon God Killing Wheel Chapter 865 Cracking Shell Chapter 866 Heaven Watching Chapter 867 Debate Between Man and God Chapter 868 Blood Washing Mountains and Rivers Chapter 869 Heavenly Deities Descended Chapter 870 Miraculous Sign Chapter 871 Grand Head Chapter 872 Military Rations Chapter 873 Time 1 Never Comes Back Chapter 874 10 Billion Tons of Flesh and Blood Chapter 875 Battle Of The Stars! Chapter 876 Grabbed Her Little Tail Chapter 877 Blood Scaled Dragon Armor Chapter 878 We'll Talk About It Later Chapter 879 Battle Clouds Covered the Sky Chapter 880 Mao Mao Chapter 881 I'll Let You Hehe If You Catch Up Chapter 882 Battle Between Ice and Fire Chapter 883 Hyper-brain Program Chapter 884 Watch from a Distance a Fight Between Two Tigers Chapter 885 Cold-blooded Demons Chapter 886 Galaxy Lone Bandit Chapter 887 The Strongest Battle Race Chapter 888 A Ruthless, Strong, Unreasonable Person Chapter 889 The Center of the Universe Chapter 890 End Chapter 891 Alien Battlefield Chapter 892 Demon Extermination Battle 1 Chapter 893 Earth Scorpion King Bug Chapter 894 Cat's Grease Chapter 895 Thick Accumulation and Thin Hair Chapter 896 A Fierce Battle Chapter 897 Fierce Battle Chapter 898 Tongue-to-tongue Battle Chapter 899 Heart Warfare Chapter 900 Bloody Battle! Chapter 901 Shiver Chapter 902 Demon Battle! Chapter 903 Evolutionary Crisis Chapter 904 Reverse Spacetime Chapter 905 Grand Finale