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I, the Immortal

I, the Immortal

Author: Ye Guang Genre: Eastern

There is a battered temple called Xuan Yuan Guan that sits in the mountains. For as long as Yi can remember, he has been living here with his master. The master tells him that Xuan Yuan Guan was founded by an immortal. The immortal had thousands of apprentices back then. This story has slowly become a legend. But is any of it true? After the death of his master, Yi now wonders if it is possible to cultivate himself and become an immortal as well.

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Chapter List
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Often but Not Clearly Chapter 313 The Sword Is on the Left Chapter 314 Survive Chapter 315 Things Have Essences Chapter 316 Things Have Always Been Chapter 317 Ruoshui Chapter 318 Be In A Trance Chapter 319 There's Love In It Chapter 320 Not Daring to Fight to the Death Chapter 321 Inevitable Result Chapter 322 There Is No Dispute Between Good and Good Chapter 323 Nurturing Opportunity Chapter 324 Go Get This Chapter 325 Have Bad Sex Chapter 326 Friends Have A Hometown Chapter 327 No Confusion to Those Who Meet Chapter 328 Line Cannot Be Decorated Chapter 329 Entering Zhengyang Sect Chapter 330 One Can Hope to Know Chapter 331 Forging Hall Chapter 332 Snowstorm Outside Mountain Chapter 333 Calamity Of He Clan Chapter 334 Indeterminate Storm Wave Chapter 335 Kowloon Cynthitis Chapter 336 The Golden Dragon Is Acting Strange Chapter 337 Cause A Calamity Chapter 338 Dispute Chapter 339 False Alarm Chapter 340 There Are Differences in Words Chapter 341 Know Where To Stop Chapter 342 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