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Hidden Blade

Hidden Blade

Author: Ta Ceng Shi Shao Nia Genre: Fantasy

Twelve years ago, an old beggar found an abandoned baby and took him as his own son, naming him Xu Han. But when his foster father dies, Xu Han finds himself in a training camp with dozens of other kids, though what they’re training for remains a mystery. It’s here that he meets his best friend, Liu Sheng, and life is good for a while — regular hot meals and a safe place to stay. But kids keep being taken and not coming back, and eventually, Xu Han and Liu Sheng find themselves left in the woods at night, where they discover what’s happened to the kids who disappeared before them — they’ve been turned into zombies! Can the pair destroy the zombies and survive the night, or will they be the newest victims of this twisted conspiracy?

Chapter 655 Be What You Want to Be 2021-01-19 01:04:38
Chapter List
Volume 1 Canghai Fudongliu Chapter 1 Beggar Asked For His Li Chapter 2 Fat Sheep Are Slaughtered, But Men Die When They P Chapter 3 In Order to Live a Better Life Chapter 4 Azure-clothed Purple-robed Jusen Chapter 5 Young Master 1 Nuo Qian Jin Weight Chapter 6 What a Head Chapter 7 Life And Death 2 Half Chapter 8 Xu Han Said Respectfully Chapter 9 A Priceless Life Is Easy to Obtain, But a Priceles Chapter 10 See You Beloved under the Moon Chapter 11 Defection! Chapter 12 I'll Take You Home Chapter 13 The Old Man And the Black Cat Chapter 14 Ocean Current Chapter 15 The Living Method of Salted Fish Chapter 16 It's a Demon, Not a Cat Chapter 17 Interdependence of Fortune And Misfortune Chapter 18 A Dormant Jackal Chapter 19 Really? Chapter 20 Yue Fuyao in Heavenly Battle City, Li Mountain Se Chapter 21 Alarming Change Chapter 22 Long Night Division Chapter 23 Stand By And Move Chapter 24 Ghost Subhuti Chapter 25 Do You Want to Learn the Sword? Chapter 26 Great Evolution Sword Seed Chapter 27 Che Anhao Chapter 28 Snow Wind Old Man Come Chapter 29 Tiance Prefecture Chapter 30 There Must Be a Duty For the Heavens to Descend U Chapter 31 Dajun, Do You Dare to Make a Bet Chapter 32 Canghai Fudongliu Chapter 33 My Husband Chapter 34 Accomplish Chapter 35 The Snowstorm Man Doesn't Return Chapter 36 The Game of Chess That Was Lost Chapter 37 Yangchun in the Snow Chapter 38 Chapter 39 Late-night Visitor Chapter 40 Ning Zhumang 's Chip Chapter 41 Yellow Sand Flooded the Valley, And Rain And Rain Chapter 42 Tong Tiexin 's Calculations Chapter 43 Rules of Jianghu Chapter 44 I Gave You Your Life! Chapter 45 The Rules of the Exquisite Pavilion Chapter 46 As a Gentleman, He Was a Lowly Person Chapter 47 Which Is More Important Chapter 48 Intent Is Like Iron Chapter 49 An Enormous Opportunity Chapter 50 Women Are the Scariest Thing in the World Chapter 51 The Pill Is Divided Into Three Grades, Which Is t Chapter 52 Yanlai City Chapter 53 Thousand Gold Platform Chapter 54 There Is No Cure For Some Illnesses Chapter 55 A Bigger Bet Chapter 56 All the Dragon Qi in the World Entered My Body Chapter 57 Repay a Debt Chapter 58 Life Money Chapter 59 Evil Dragon Chapter 28 Bandit Saint Sect Chapter 29 There Is Honour Among Thieves Chapter 30 Stunned Youth Chapter 31 Zhou Zhang Chapter 32 The Mu Clan's Past Chapter 33 My Husband Chapter 34 Accomplish Chapter 35 The Snowstorm Man Doesn't Return Chapter 36 The Game of Chess That Was Lost Chapter 37 Yangchun in the Snow Chapter 38 Chapter 39 Late-night Visitor Chapter 40 Ning Zhumang 's Chip Chapter 41 Yellow Sand Flooded the Valley, And Rain And Rain Chapter 42 Tong Tiexin 's Calculations Chapter 43 Rules of Jianghu Chapter 44 I Gave You Your Life! Chapter 45 The Rules of the Exquisite Pavilion Chapter 46 As a Gentleman, He Was a Lowly Person Chapter 47 Which Is More Important Chapter 48 Intent Is Like Iron Chapter 49 An Enormous Opportunity Chapter 50 Women Are the Scariest Thing in the World Chapter 51 The Pill Is Divided Into Three Grades, Which Is t Chapter 52 Yanlai City Chapter 53 Thousand Gold Platform Chapter 54 There Is No Cure For Some Illnesses Chapter 55 A Bigger Bet Chapter 56 All the Dragon Qi in the World Entered My Body Chapter 57 Repay a Debt Chapter 58 Life Money Chapter 59 Evil Dragon Chapter 60 An Idiot Surnamed Chen Chapter 61 Flood Dragon? Demonic Dragon? Chapter 62 Xu Han's Right Arm Chapter 63 Dragon Qi! Chapter 64 Idiot Chapter 65 Chen Xuanji Chapter 66 A Grand Performance Chapter 67 Guang Lingui Chapter 68 Get Up And Sleep Chapter 69 From Today Onwards, You'll Sleep Here! Chapter 70 Tiger Leopard? Wolves? Chapter 71 Spring Rain Chapter 72 Half Demon Chapter 73 Chapter 74 A Graveyard In The Southern Wilderness Chapter 75 Pie? Trap? Chapter 76 The Great Defying Sword Scripture Chapter 77 Chapter 78 Who Disagrees? Chapter 79 Chapter 80 Questions And Answers Chapter 81 Chapter 82 Fang Ziyu Eats Fish Chapter 83: Black Dragon Bell Chapter 84 My Name Is Guang Lingui Chapter 85 Chapter 86 I Want To Subdue Demons Chapter 87 Chapter 120 Black Lotus Chapter 121: Mount Li's Highest Apprentice Chapter 122 The Best Choice Chapter 123 The Best Choice Chapter 124 There Are Trees In The Mountains And Branches In Chapter 125 A Good Man Deserves A Good Reward Chapter 126 Love Each Other Chapter 127 Determined! Chapter 128 Righteousness Chapter 129 Go Home Chapter 130 That Chen Country Chapter 131 About Sweet Potatoes Chapter 132 Angry Ye Hongjian Chapter 133 Eat Both Its Flesh And Blood Chapter 134 Emotion Character Chapter 135 Worry Is The Hardest Thing In The World Chapter 136 Who Is It Chapter 137 Defying Fate To Become An Immortal! Chapter 138 Final Path Chapter 139 Female Big Buzhong Stays Chapter 140 Changing Heavens Chapter 141 Reason (1) Chapter 142 Reason (2) Chapter 143 This Is Not Good Chapter 144 Prefecture Master's Order Chapter 145 Starlight Chapter 146 Methods Chapter 147 Song Yueming's Method Chapter 150 Dialogue Chapter 148 Heavenly Secrets Can't Be Leaked Chapter 149 Tian Yin Chapter 151 Compromise Chapter 152 This Day Chapter 153 Soft Rib Chapter 154 Soft Finger Chapter 155 Trouble Chapter 156 Break And Stand Chapter 157 Sunset And Night Rain Chapter 158 Daughter's Mind Is Always Full Of Poems Chapter 159 Beginning Chapter 160 You Lost Chapter 161 People Are Blessed With Misfortune Chapter 162 Uninvited Guest Chapter 163 Yes (1st Change) Chapter 164 Young Manor Master (2nd Shift) Chapter 165 Come, Slaughter The Dog (3rd Watch) Chapter 166 Why? (4th Shift) Chapter 167 Everyone Dies Chapter 168 Zi Xiao Chapter 169 Again Chapter 170 Re-germination Chapter 171 Be Reluctant To Part With Chapter 172 That Night Starlight Chapter 173 Sword Punishment Heaven Chapter 174 An Amazing Name Chapter 175 Not Negative At The Beginning Of One's Heart Chapter 176 Affidavit Chapter 177 Message Chapter 178 Refugees Chapter 179 Thorn Chapter 180 Say Hello Chapter 181 Face Saint Chapter 182 Destroying Talisman? Chapter 183 Good People Chapter 184 Treasure Chapter 185 Jinxiuhe Mountain Chapter 186 The Grand Dao Steals Life Chapter 187 Heavenly Fate Chapter 188 A Great War Was Imminent Chapter 189 Yang Mou Chapter 190 Offer Ideas Chapter 191 Scheming Mind Chapter 192 Underestimate Chapter 193 Legacy Chapter 194 Ambush And Kill Chapter 195 It's Been Hard Chapter 196 Answer Chapter 197 Chengtou Night Talk Chapter 198 The Opening Of A Big Play Chapter 199 Collapse Chapter 200 The Opening Of The Main Play Chapter 201 Huang Liang 1 Dream Chapter 202 News Of Death Chapter 203 Life And Death Are Different Chapter 204 Steal One's Life Chapter 205 Jiang Shan, Our Generation Is Guarding Chapter 206 Repelling Tigers And Devouring Wolves Chapter 207 Escape Chapter 208 Ci Bu Zhou Bing Chapter 209 Legacy Calculatio Chapter 210 Shepherd Soul Undying Chapter 211 Spring Breeze Cui Guozhu Chapter 212 You're Alive! Chapter 213 1 Dream Chapter 214 Break A Plan Chapter 215 One Person Can Block A Million Divisions Chapter 216 Borrow A Knife Chapter 217 Heavenly Transformation Chapter 218 My Life Chapter 219 Dragon Qi Chapter 220 The Night Was Alluring Chapter 221 Morning Was Also Alluring Chapter 222 Chang'an Is Uneasy Chapter 223 Dispute Chapter 224 Sleepless Chapter 225 The Evil Of All Lives Chapter 226 Demon Seeking Chapter 227 Wake Up Chapter 228 1 Mu 3 Points Of Land Chapter 229 Yuwen Cheng Chapter 230 Dragon Python And Dragon Chapter 231 Su Clan Saber Technique Chapter 232 Carry On The Will Of Others And Go To Their Deat Chapter 233 Don't Ask Where You Came From Chapter 234 Change Chapter 235 Drawing Knife Chapter 236 Qiu Ji Dong Lai Ye Did Not Wither, The Credit Bl Chapter 237 Unsheathing Of Saber Chapter 238 Credit Bladesman Chapter 239 Ancient Road Left Chapter 240 Chang'an Chapter 241 Heavenly Cold Chapter 242 Heart Execution Chapter 243 Tribulation Of Fortune To Me Chapter 244 Wronged Snow Chapter 245 Huang Quan Road Chapter 246 Help Chapter 247 The Imperial Historian Chapter 248 Saber And Sword Solution Chapter 249 Azure And Scarlet, Dragon Has Become A Dragon Chapter 250 Be Careful Of Evil Chapter 251 Zhui Yu Chapter 252 Snow Wind, Bladesman, Man Chapter 253 Big Fish Chapter 254 Conspiracy Chapter 255 New Dynasty Chapter 256 Troublesome Chapter 257 Hoarse Chapter 258 It's Just Death Chapter 259 Respect Chapter 260 Venomous Snake Chapter 261 Gate Chapter 262 Blood Pays Chapter 263 A Heaven-defying Affair Chapter 264 Lord Manor Head Chapter 265 Like A Rising Wind And Scudding Clouds Chapter 266 Seek Redress Of Grievances Chapter 267 My Brother's Name Is Liu Sheng Chapter 268 Absolutely Not! Chapter 269 Huangquan Road Chapter 270 Massacre Chapter 271 Take Care Of Them Chapter 272 1 Blade Chapter 273 Where Is The Sword Chapter 274 Be Courteous First And Then Armored Chapter 275 My World, The World Of Monarchs Chapter 276 Roll Up The Azure Heavens Chapter 277 Empress Chen Chapter 278 Crown Prince Li Chapter 279 Go To Chen Country Chapter 280 The So-called Gentleman Was Nothing More Than Th Chapter 281 He Only Hated The Fact That He Had No Other Choi Chapter 282 Internal And External Troubles Chapter 283 Take The Bait Chapter 284 Chips Chapter 285 Courtesy Calls For Reciprocity Chapter 286 Plan Chapter 287 Ten Thousand Pythons Dormant, Scaled Sect Chapter 288 Surprise Attack Chapter 289 Yan Yanyan Chapter 290 Letter Chapter 291 Come And Get It If You Have The Guts Chapter 292 Nah, The Heavenly Punishment Sword You Asked For Chapter 293 Young Master Meng Chapter 294 Break Out Of The Encirclement Chapter 295 Harvest Chapter 296 Strange True Spirit Chapter 297 Sword Devouring Chapter 298 Wait For A Sword Chapter 299 Mo Wenchun Feng Asked The Youth Chapter 300 Say Hello Chapter 301 Risk One's Life Chapter 302 Curious Chapter 303 Contribution Chapter 304 Walk Alone Chapter 305 Buy Out of Hand, No Regrets Chapter 306 Look at One's Homeland in Green Chapter 307 He's Still Alive Chapter 308 Assassination Chapter 309 Inch Sword Chapter 310 Tear Open the False Light Chapter 311 In This Round, I Bet You Win Chapter 312 What Is Love in the World? Chapter 313 On the Day of the Snake Sting, the True Dragon W Chapter 314 Bingjie Chapter 315 The World and the Wasteland and Her Chapter 316 Dragon Swallowing Chapter 317 Counter-drinking Chapter 318 Don't Bother Chapter 319 Betrayal Chapter 320 Long Yu's Distinguished Guest Chapter 321 Dragon And Snake Twins Chapter 322 Win Or Lose Chapter 323 Sweet Dream Chapter 324 Send Your Majesty Respectfully Chapter 325 Lord Manor Head, Please Die! Chapter 326 See You Beloved Under the Moon Chapter 327 Resign Oneself To Fate Chapter 328 Starlight Chapter 329 See You Later Chapter 330 Monitor Chapter 331 Rules Chapter 332 Myriad Domains of the Universe Chapter 333 Don't Ask The Heavens Chapter 334 You Ask Me When I Am Coming. I Do Not Know Chapter 335 Exit Seclusion Chapter 336 Big Mistake, That Kind of Mistake Chapter 337 Kobold Chapter 338 Big Shot Chapter 339 Suddenly, It Was the Same As Before Chapter 340 Huma's Love Introduction Chapter 341 Meet Chapter 342 Meow! Chapter 343 Young Man, Do You Want to Suck on Cats? Chapter 344 Bandits Chapter 345 Survival Path Chapter 346 Take Him Away Chapter 347 Mutation Chapter 348 Charge (1) Chapter 349 Charge (2) Chapter 350 Charge (3) Chapter 351 Xuan'er Chapter 352 The Only Thing Chapter 353 Choose Between Life and Death Chapter 354 Blood Eyes Chapter 355 Awoo! Chapter 356 DogMeat with Wine, Immortal God Lowers His Head Chapter 357 Silk Drama Chapter 358 A Man Without Money Is No Man at All Chapter 359 The Bag Is Not Big Chapter 360 A Blessing In Disguise Chapter 361 Loyalty Chapter 362 Cats and Dogs Cover Their Faces Chapter 363 Receive Worship Chapter 364 If You Starve to Death, Don't Eat the Food That Chapter 365 Kun Bu Yu Chapter 366 The Breeze Is Gentle, It Will Come Eventually Chapter 367 To Be Worshipped Again Chapter 368 Carry the World of Heaven and Earth on One's Bac Chapter 369 Snow Covers Three Feet to Cover the Corpse Chapter 370 Only I, Golden Crow Zhengyan Chapter 371 Twelve Chapter 372 One More Round Chapter 373 Three Days Chapter 374 There Was a Stream of Water in His Eyes Chapter 375 On The Way Chapter 376 He Bet on Me Winning Chapter 377 A Promise That Will Be Kept Chapter 378 Gaze Into The Void Chapter 379 Quadripartite Covenant Chapter 380 Who Am I Chapter 381 Visitor Chapter 382 Meet Chapter 383 Bloodline Chapter 384 Bye Again? Chapter 385 Secret Chapter 386 Good People, Bad People Chapter 387 Qin Keqing and Yuwen Nanjing Chapter 388 Lifesaving Grace Chapter 389 Grievance Chapter 390 Chill Chapter 391 Nice Place Chapter 392 Wake Up Chapter 393 Sigh Deeply Chapter 394 The Road Is Still Open Chapter 395 The Time Has Not Come Chapter 396 Face Of Ancestors Chapter 397 Who Dared to Use Force in the Royal City? Chapter 398 People in the Dream Back then Chapter 399 Gift Chapter 400 Repelling Tigers and Devouring Wolves Chapter 401 I'd Like to Give It a Try Chapter 402 Rogue Ghost Is Domineering, Lackeys Are Pervasiv Chapter 403 Dragon-Tiger Battle Chapter 404 Nature Of Sword Qi Chapter 405 Rules Chapter 406 Smelly Tanner Battle Chapter 407 Asura Chapter 408 Demon Transformation! Chapter 409 Demon Suppressing Tower Chapter 410 Secret Chapter 411 Chicken Cooked by His Highness Chapter 412 Invert Black And White Chapter 413 Top Of The List Chapter 414 Trick Chapter 415 All Is Fair in War Chapter 416 The Great Zhou Kingdom Was Bound Together Chapter 417 Alone Chapter 418 Act According To Circumstances Chapter 419 Light In The Darkness Chapter 420 Something About A Person Chapter 421 Leave The City Chapter 422 Let's Go and Take a Look Together Chapter 423 I'm Chapter 424 Sword-wielding Order Chapter 425 Wooden Chest Chapter 426 The Battle Of Immortals Chapter 427 Light Pursuer Chapter 428 Shen Wushuang Chapter 429 Vitality Frontline Chapter 430 Lose Chapter 431 Immortal Slaughter Chapter 432 Death Realm Chapter 433 Be Your Starlight Chapter 434 Method Of Overcoming Tribulation Chapter 435 Leave Chapter 436 Karma Chapter 437 Demon Core Chapter 438 Stride Forward Chapter 439 Live Well Chapter 440 A Strange Trial Chapter 441 He's Here Chapter 442 Golden Execution Back Chapter 443 Long Time No See, Three of You Chapter 444 Lies Chapter 445 Misstep Chapter 446 Goodbye Fang Ziyu (1st Shift) Chapter 447 Rule Chapter 448 Xu Han's Scheme Chapter 449 Dingdang Chapter 450 Long And Intimate Friendship Chapter 451 Victory In Hand Chapter 452 A Wise Man Can Be Ruined by His Own Wisdom Chapter 453 I Can't Hear You Chapter 454 The Best Me Chapter 455 Exposure Chapter 456 Help Me Memorize It Chapter 457 Third Bow Chapter 458 Demon Suppressing Tower Chapter 459 Wild Beast Chapter 460 The Evil of the World Chapter 461 Xing Tian Sword Chapter 462 Okay Chapter 463 Gravedigger Chapter 464 Enter The Tower Chapter 465 Sure Chapter 466 Stand Up Chapter 467 Morality And Justice Chapter 468 Goodwill Chapter 469 Finger Demon Needle Chapter 470 The Return of the Heart Chapter 471 Forged Body Chapter 472 Everyone, Please Return Chapter 473 Change Chapter 474 One Is Not Enough Chapter 475 No Outlet Chapter 476 The Angrier You Get, the More Scared You Get Chapter 477 Both Chapter 478 Palace Master Chapter 479 Kunlun Tribulation Chapter 480 See the Sun Through the Clouds Chapter 481 Houqing Chapter 482 I Don't Know Him... Can You Believe It Chapter 483 The Cold Dissipates the Warmth of the Sun, and t Chapter 484 Beg For Death Chapter 485 I Succeed My Ancestors, and All of You Succeed M Chapter 486 I Taught the World Magic, and the World Listened Chapter 487 Although the Journey Is Dangerous, We Are Not Al Chapter 488 Tibetan Heaven Box Chapter 489 There's Nothing There Chapter 490 Demonic Blood Forges My Ascending Road Chapter 491 Road Chapter 492 Give Him A Star Chapter 493 The Bright Moon Illuminates the World Chapter 494 Asura Field? Chapter 495 Me Too Chapter 496 Heaven Loading Book Chapter 497 Half A Month Chapter 498 Grant A Robe Chapter 499 What Can You Do to Me Chapter 500 Stay Chapter 501 How Could He Let His Dog Bark in Embarrassment Chapter 502 Three Things Chapter 503 Beggar Chapter 504 Nine Difficulties Chapter 505 Demon Disaster Chapter 506 What Do You Say Chapter 507 I Don't Know Chapter 508 Wait Until When Chapter 509 Enemies And Friends Chapter 510 Monster Chapter 511 Vicious Creature Chapter 512 Your Tribulation, on the Way Chapter 513 There Are Many Chapter 514 This Child Is a Lesson Chapter 515 Chi'er! Chapter 516 Puzzlement Chapter 517 Buddha Subdues Demons Chapter 518 Emotion Chapter 519 Reason Chapter 520 You Convinced Me Chapter 521 This Is Good Chapter 522 Brother Xu, Take Care! Chapter 523 Young Master, What a Blessing! Chapter 524 People Returning From Hell Chapter 525 No. 1 in the World Chapter 526 Buying And Selling Chapter 527 Du Pingce Chapter 528 A Bewilderment of the Locals Chapter 529 Crescent Moon Chapter 530 Dog Man And Woman Chapter 531 There Is Always One Thing to Overcome Another Chapter 532 Resurrection From The Dead Chapter 533 Sunset Cloud Valley Chapter 534 An Odd Encounter Chapter 535 19 Chapter 536 You Have to Start Over Chapter 537 Two Children Arguing Martial Arts Chapter 538 Descended Chapter 539 Ink Dyeing Chapter 540 Abandon One's Wife and Son Chapter 541 The Grass-Dwellers Were Unconvinced Chapter 542 Don't Forget What Happened Back then Chapter 543 As I Tell Thee, the Descendants of the End of th Chapter 544 A Man in a Book Chapter 545 De Zi Is Like This Chapter 546 The Destiny of the World Chapter 547 I Am The Inheritance! Chapter 548 First Come, First Served Chapter 549 I'll Teach You Chapter 550 Dogs Chapter 551 Decent Chapter 552 Peerless Singing Chapter 553 Su Mu'an Was Elegant and Elegant Chapter 554 Eighteen Chapter 555 There Was No Good Fortune in the Emperor's Famil Chapter 556 Book Of Unspeediness Chapter 557 Evidence Chapter 558 Flowing Shadow Pigeon Chapter 559 There Was a Companion on the Road to Huang Quan Chapter 560 Gifts Chapter 561 Be A Man Again Chapter 562 Lotus Blossom When Extinguished Chapter 563 Visitor Chapter 564 Dragon Qi And Immortals Chapter 565 Dragon Phase Chapter 566 Who Am I? Chapter 567 Yuan Chapter 568 Reverse Phase! Chapter 569 The Appearance of a Dead Dragon Chapter 570 Life Is Sin, Life Is Death Chapter 571 Marotta Chapter 572 Trouble Chapter 573 Someone's Mouth, Buddha Opened It Chapter 574 Do You Want to See the Lotus? Chapter 575 I Am Xu's Life Chapter 576 The Lotus Flower Was Gorgeous, and Its Figure Wa Chapter 577 At the Time of the Tribulation, the Person Who R Chapter 578 Do You Dare to Fight Chapter 579 Change The World Chapter 580 Insider Chapter 581 An Old Story Chapter 582 My Name Is Xu Han, I'm on My Way! Chapter 583 Awaken Chapter 584 See You Later Chapter 585 Wangchengtou Chapter 586 Little Nineteen's Cute Introduction Chapter 587 Sacred Palace Chapter 588 Excuse Me, Madam. Take off Your Clothes Chapter 589 Deceive Chapter 590 Holy Weapon Chapter 591 Night Talk Chapter 592 Yanguang City Chapter 593 Copper Plate Chapter 594 Jiang Yue Chapter 595 Call For Help Chapter 596 Fish And Bear Paws Chapter 597 Baptism Of Holy Power Chapter 598 Unexpected Goodbye Chapter 599 Da Hantian Chapter 600 Raising Dragon And Snake Chapter 601 Eighteen Chapter 602 Strange Escape Routes Were Revealed Everywhere Chapter 603 Buying And Selling Chapter 604 Teaching Method Chapter 605 Trapping Dragon Powder Chapter 606 End the Root of Everything Chapter 607 Assassin Chapter 608 Accompanying Burial Chapter 609 Sir, What I Have Been Entrusted with Chapter 610 Look at Each Other and Smile Chapter 611 Last Time Chapter 612 Falling Stars in the Ten Directions Tribulation Chapter 613 Contract Chapter 614 This Saber Sacrifices to You Chapter 615 It's Your Turn Chapter 616 Although the Grand Dao Is Far Away, We Can Hope Chapter 617 The Autumn Winds of September Were Blowing, and Chapter 618 No One Knows My Mu Character Soul Chapter 619 Advice Chapter 620 A Secret Chapter 621 He Will Come Chapter 622 Never Come Back Chapter 623 Long Yu's Distinguished Guest Chapter 624 Please Die Chapter 625 Like For Like Chapter 626 Demonic Qi Tao Tao Chapter 627 Make an Empty Show of Strength Chapter 628 Climb To The Top Chapter 629 Udah And Mora Chapter 630 Xu Han's Whereabouts Chapter 631 You Saved Me Chapter 632 Da Hantian Versus Da Hantian Chapter 633 Conditions Chapter 634 Meng Liang's Troubles Chapter 635 Gravekeeper Chapter 636 Sword Spirit Chapter 637 A Dying World Chapter 638 A Glance at Ten Thousand Years Chapter 639 I Compose a New Song and Drink a Cup of Wine Chapter 640 Night Talk Chapter 641 A Dream of Floating Life Is Void Chapter 642 A Dialogue Between Good and Evil Chapter 643 Jade Fragment Chapter 644 Fellow Robe Chapter 645 Trade-offs Chapter 646 My Life Forges Your Sword, and Your Heart Inheri Chapter 647 A Hundred Thousand Golden Lights Cast My Body Chapter 648 Thousand Years of Dao Comprehension Chapter 649 I Don't Want To Chapter 650 Immortal Slaughter Chapter 651 Secretly Deceive Chapter 652 Ancient Devil Realm Chapter 653 May the Emperor Grant Me Death Chapter 654 Curtain Call Chapter 655 Be What You Want to Be