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God on Campus

God on Campus

Author: Shuang Xi Pai Lao Ya Genre: Other

Su Ye falls off the cliff. As he falls, he sees his life flash before his eyes. He closes his eyes to accept his end, but his body suddenly disappears. When he wakes up, a golden dragon is staring at him. Before Su Ye can figure out what’s going on, a mysterious man walks out of the darkness. He looks at Su Ye and says, “Su Ye, I need you to protect the world for me.”

Chapter 140 You Don't Have to Walk 2021-05-14 15:00:57
Chapter List
Chapter 1 Fall Off A Cliff Chapter 2 Heterogeneous Phase Chapter 3 Life System Chapter 4 Responsibilities Chapter 5 One's Own People Chapter 6 Misunderstanding Chapter 7 A Cat-Hugging Girl Chapter 8 Admire Your Courage Chapter 9 Be Fearless in the Face of Danger Chapter 10 Promise Me One Thing Chapter 11 Fire Dragon Chapter 12 Double Dragon Battle Chapter 13 Potential Medicine Chapter 14 Rescue Arrived Chapter 15 Imperial Swordsmanship Chapter 16 God Can Get Hurt Chapter 17 Guilt Chapter 18 People Are Also Strange Chapter 19 Top Secret Chapter 20 Fatty's Sorrow Chapter 21 Fly Back to S City Chapter 22 A Vicious Superstar Chapter 23 It's Even Chapter 24 Boiling With Excitement Chapter 25 A Trailing Girl Chapter 26 Have No Intention of Saving Someone Chapter 27 Cunning Duo (1) Chapter 28 Traitorous Duo Group (2) Chapter 29 Cowardly Tang Wan Chapter 30 Orange Gas Chapter 31 I'm Not A Ghost Chapter 32 Self-detonating Black Material Chapter 33 Not Enough To Show Chapter 34 The Divine Artifact of the Rotten Avenue Chapter 35 It's All An Illusion Chapter 36 Speechless Chapter 37 The Dao of the Present World Chapter 38 Capable Person Chapter 39 God's Favored One Chapter 40 Little Kid Chapter 41 Point And Point Chapter 42 Go Home Chapter 43 It's Not the First Time I've Been Here Chapter 44 Don't Even Think About Leaving Without a Brush Chapter 45 Still Soft-Hearted Chapter 46 Doctor's Advice Chapter 47 Seek Advice Chapter 48 Utter Dreary Cries and Screams Chapter 49 Shameless Chapter 50 My Grandfather Has a Deed Chapter 51 Killing Intent Burst Forth Chapter 52 Be Diligent in One's Words Chapter 53 Watch Carefully and Study Hard Chapter 54 Call Someone Chapter 55 It Came at the Right Time Chapter 56 Recruitment Proposal Chapter 57 Things Are Going On Chapter 58 Cunning Chapter 59 Show Your Hand and Take a Look Chapter 60 Reject Kindness Chapter 61 Junior Sister Cheap Chapter 62 Perfume Allergy Chapter 63 A Girl Who Wants to Be a Hero Chapter 64 Let Me Sleep a Little Longer Chapter 65 Set Off Chapter 66 Watch Out for the Machine Chapter 67 The Dean Is at Home Chapter 68 Drive People Away Chapter 69 Transaction Chapter 70 Have You Suffered Chapter 71 Success Chapter 72 Come With Us Chapter 73 First Come, First Served Chapter 74 You Guys Go Together Chapter 75 Warlock Attack Chapter 76 It's Not an Ordinary Body Fixation Technique Chapter 77 You're on the Same Side Chapter 78 Warning Chapter 79 A Growing Conviction Chapter 80 But I Don't Believe It Chapter 81 Should I Kill Him Chapter 82 Su Youguo Took Action Chapter 83 A Sneak Attack Chapter 84 Stealth Chapter 85 Worry Chapter 86 Barrier Chapter 87 Offence Is the Best Defense Chapter 88 Real Lightning Chapter 89 The Majority Is Justice Chapter 90 First Smell of Evil Traces Chapter 91 Imperial Mausoleum Secret Treasure Chapter 92 Breakthrough Chapter 93 Xiantian Realm Chapter 94 It's Time To Leave Chapter 95 Little Brat Is Hard to Deal with Chapter 96 Lan Xing's Worries Chapter 97 Have Been Absent from School All Day Chapter 98 Su Youguo Left Chapter 99 Final Return To Campus Chapter 100 Campus Young Lady's Teasing Chapter 101 Rumors Are About to Start Chapter 102 See Also Zhou Wuluo Chapter 103 This Teacher Is Not Another Teacher Chapter 104 Happy Mid-Autumn Festival Chapter 105 Something About The Duo Chapter 106 The Tradition of the Third Middle School Chapter 107 How Could He Endure This? Chapter 108 Excuse Me for a Moment Chapter 109 You Go Get Dong Yan! Chapter 110 Love Veteran Zhou Wuluo Chapter 111 Treacherous Trio Chapter 112 Deliberately Making Things Difficult Chapter 113 Play Cards Out of Routine Chapter 114 School Gate Storm (1) Chapter 115 School Gate Storm (2) Chapter 116 School Gate Storm (3) Chapter 117 Encounter Under the Osmanthus Tree Chapter 118 It's Not What You Think Chapter 119 You Have to Go If You Don't Want to Chapter 120 B Plan Chapter 121 Objection By Cui Long Chapter 122 The People in Charge Are Fascinated Chapter 123 Registration Chapter 124 Who Was It That Provoked Them Chapter 125 Excitement Chapter 126 Fragrant Chariot Beauty Chapter 127 Do You Want Me to Do It Chapter 128 Wait For Me Chapter 129 Assistance Mission Chapter 130 No, No, No Chapter 131 Causal Symbol Chapter 132 Gossip Chapter 133 Monks Can't Run the Temple Chapter 134 Junior Sister Online Teaching Chapter 135 Chaoge Paradise Chapter 136 Let's Sing Chapter 137 Speak from the Bottom of One's Heart Chapter 138 Quarrel Chapter 139 Friends Chapter 140 You Don't Have to Walk