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God Emperor of Dragon Tripod

God Emperor of Dragon Tripod

Author: Chi Bian Ren Genre: Eastern

Chu Jun, a member of the special forces, has volunteered for an experiment being carried out by military scientists. He always knew there was a chance that things could go wrong, but he never expected to end up in another world!

Now in a strange land of fairies and magic, Chu Jun needs to find a way to survive. As a soldier, learning Physical Cultivation should come easily, and allies, such as the Tianmen Clan and the fairy, Zhao You, should help as well. But when Chu Jun crosses paths with the Fire Guerilla King, things get a lot more complicated. Will his new skills and friends help him come out on top?

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Chapter List
Chapter 1 Trek Chapter 2 Long Shenguang Chapter 3 Zhao Yu Chapter 4 Are You All Right? Chapter 5 Zhengtian Sect Chapter 6 Rushing Top to Open Aperture Chapter 7 Physical Cultivation Guild Chapter 8 Refuse Chapter 9 Thunderfluorite Chapter 10 New Moon Body Chapter 11 Blessing in Disguise Chapter 12 Little Girl Chapter 13 Martial Arts Conference (1) Chapter 14 Martial Arts Conference (2) Chapter 15 Heartbeat Chapter 16 Spirit Testing Chapter 17 Flooding Chapter 18 Prove the Dao With Lightning Chapter 19 Malpractice Chapter 20 Ghost Spider Chapter 21 Bite the Hand That Feeds One Chapter 22 Slap And Blessing Chapter 23 I'll Feed You Chapter 24 Coercion Chapter 25 Star Seizure Chapter 26 Harm Chapter 27 Settle Accounts Chapter 28 Soft-hearted Chapter 29 Frame Up Chapter 30 I Took a Bite Out of Him Chapter 31 His Eyes Smiled Chapter 31 His Eyes Smiled Chapter 32 Lightning Strike Chapter 33 Buy a Sword Chapter 34 Beauty's Favor Chapter 35 Strange Disease Chapter 36 Buying And Selling Chapter 37 Wulao Peak Chapter 38 Poisoning Chapter 39 Bizarre Snake Chapter 40 Strange Old And Young Chapter 41 Strange Flower Monster Chapter 42 Cold Pool Encounter Chapter 43 Ice Phoenix And Ghost Qi Chapter 44 Fallen Immortal Legend Chapter 45 Snake Attack Chapter 46 Enemy Meeting Chapter 47 Confrontation Chapter 48 Purple Sword Xilai Chapter 49 Emotion Chapter 50 Mysterious Girl Chapter 51 Bingyu Wushuang Chapter 52 Aggressive Chapter 53 This One of Mine Is Bigger Chapter 54 Ghost Kill Chapter 55 Dead Soul Ghost Forest Chapter 56 Brother Chapter 57 Attack Chapter 58 My Chest Hurts Chapter 59 Entrust to an Orphan Chapter 60 Counterattack Chapter 61 Death Filth Valley Chapter 62 If You Don't Give Up, You'll Never Leave This Lif Chapter 63 Blood Skull Chapter 64 Myelophagous Worm Chapter 65 Blaze Chapter 66 Rubbing Your Feet And Foaming at Each Other Chapter 67 Person in a Stone Room Chapter 68 Thunder Dipper Walnut Chapter 69 Who Is It? Chapter 70 Demon Charm Demon Chapter 71 Snap One's Nose Chapter 72 Extricate Oneself From Trap Chapter 73 Discuss Revenge Chapter 74 A Well-meaning Deception Chapter 75 Return to the Mountains Chapter 76 Allocation Chapter 77 Men Don't Have Good Stuff Chapter 78 9 Nether Profound Yin Bloodline Chapter 79 Germination Breakthrough Chapter 80 Metamorphosis Chapter 81 Ghost Mist And Naked Corpses Chapter 82 The Storm Is Coming Chapter 83 Break Through Chapter 84 Blow Nozzle Chapter 85 Gui Wei Chapter 86 Conditions of Dress Chapter 87 Cultivate in Seclusion Chapter 88 Envelop Chapter 89 Condensing Spirit Chapter 90 Bad Woman Chapter 91 Did You Do It? Chapter 92 Natural Calamity Chapter 93 Suspicion Chapter 94 Interrogate Chapter 95 Little Handsome Man, Lie Down! Chapter 96 Dark Fragrance Chapter 97 Li Xiangjun Chapter 98 Submit to Chapter 99 Iron-backed Copper-nailed Crocodile Chapter 100 Deterrence Chapter 101 Marry You Chapter 102 Accident Chapter 103 Tribulation Flame Red Lotus Chapter 104 Great Perfection Of Foundation Establishment Chapter 105 Chapter 106 Chapter 107 Chapter 108 Chapter 109 Chapter 110 Monster In The Mist Chapter 111: Shangguan Yu Drives The Eagle East, The Frost P Chapter 112 Chapter 113 Chapter 114: Dragon Leaving Cauldron Emblem Chapter 115 Chapter 116 Profound Star Tree, Profound Star Fruit Chapter 117 Chapter 118 Running Wildly With One Sword Chapter 119 I Want To Carry You, Too Chapter 120-six Yang Blood Demonic Technique Chapter 121 Chapter 122 Chapter 123 Massacre Chapter 124 Heavy Rain Cave Chapter 125 Heal A Wound Chapter 126 Accidental Discovery Chapter 127 Interspatial Ring Chapter 128 Crescent Moon Clothes Chapter 129 Female And Male Twin Swords Chapter 130 Overseas Guests, 6 Blood Devils Chapter 131 Dead Spirit Abyss Chapter 132 High Up In The Ice Chapter 133 The Hegemon Of The Death Spirit Abyss Chapter 134 Spiritual Exorcism Curse Chapter 135 White Bone Divine Hall Chapter 136 Be Captured In Pairs Chapter 137 Forcefully Cultivate Chapter 138 Foundation Establishment, Sun Moon Divine Fruit Chapter 139 Ying Yang And The Full Moon Chapter 140 Enter The City Chapter 141 The Rudeness Of Phoenix Ice Chapter 142 Dragon Cauldron Discovery Chapter 143 A Headache Chapter 144 Seven-apertured Spirit Dragon Body Chapter 145 Who Are You Cursing? Chapter 146 Return To The Mountains Chapter 147 So Sinister Chapter 148 Murderous Intent Chapter 149 What A Murderous Aura Chapter 150 The Might Of A Sword Chapter 151 Ruthless And Ruthless Chapter 152 He Can Fly Chapter 153 1 Step On 2 Boats Chapter 154 Hidden Danger Chapter 155 Era Of National Upgrading Chapter 156 Ghost Domain Entrance Chapter 157 Little Secret (modified) Chapter 158 Phoenix City Chapter 159 Ghost Domain Descended Chapter 160 Female Hooligan Chapter 161 Night Probe Flying Snow Peak Chapter 162 Reunite, Clash Chapter 163 Failure Of Merit 1 Chapter 164 Rogue Chapter 165 Bright Eyes In The Rain Chapter 166 Ruins Chapter 167 Separate And Go Different Ways Chapter 168 Soul Nourishing Bowl Chapter 169 Valley Chapter 170 There's Still Hope Chapter 171 Soul Stabilizing Orb Chapter 172 Cast A Spell Chapter 173 Berserk Chapter 174 Awaken Chapter 175 Amnesia Chapter 176 Divine Ascension Chapter 177 Where Did He Pinch It? Chapter 178 Coercion Chapter 179 Internal Strife Chapter 180 Contract Collar (beg For An Initial Order) Chapter 181 Delight Chapter 182 Li Xiangjun's Revenge Chapter 183 Board A Ship Chapter 184 Trapped Dragon Goes Out To Sea Chapter 185 If You Like It, Rob It Chapter 186 Vinegar Fire Chapter 187 Reprimand Chapter 188 Blood Soul Demonic Heart Curse Chapter 189 At The Outset Of A Conflict Chapter 190 Bull Qi Vs Fierce Qi Chapter 191 Chu Jun's Life Saving Treasure Chapter 192 Half Spirit Race Chapter 193 Acceptance Chapter 194 The Most Beautiful Dudu Wreath Chapter 195 Dragon Shaking Cauldron? Chapter 196 Fragrant Yin Jade Snow Fox Chapter 197 King Wen Yu, Awakening Spirit, Grandma Chapter 198 Pill Formation Chapter 199 The Half Spirit Race's Talent Chapter 200 Find Sth. Both Funny And Annoying Chapter 201 Xiaoxiao Is A Demon Chapter 202 Uninvited Guest Chapter 203 Ship Deliveryship Deliveryship Delivery Chapter 204 Farewell Chapter 205 The World Is Going Downhill Chapter 206 I'm Jealous Of You Chapter 207 Old Drunkard And Little Drunkard Chapter 208 Secluded Sun City Chapter 209 Zi Hidden Chapter 210 Pass By In A Wrong Way Chapter 211 He Sets The Fox To Keep The Geese Chapter 212 Devastate Chapter 213 Master Chu, Do You Want To See A Woman? Chapter 214 Anton Chapter 215 He Kicked The Iron Plate Chapter 216 Undercurrent Surge Chapter 217 What Are You Doing? Chapter 218 Reunite Chapter 219 Scavenging For Ballast Chapter 220 Soul Fixing Orb Splitting Chapter 221 There's Territory, There's A House, There's A Wo Chapter 222 Dragon Cauldron Reappearance Chapter 223 Ning Yun Meng Woke Up Chapter 224 Agkistrodon Stung His Hand, And The Strong Man U Chapter 225 Save A Person Chapter 226 Kill Him And Kill Her Chapter 227 Sausage Mouth Chapter 228 A Villain Chapter 229 I Won't Let You Go Chapter 230 Chapter 3 Chapter 231 Spirit Ore Chapter 232 The Position Of Sect Master Chapter 233 Female Zhuge Chapter 234 Qingshan Was Still There Chapter 235 Difficulty In Running A Family Chapter 236 Gift Chapter 237 Unintentionally Inserting Willows Chapter 238 Pill Sun Spike, Crescent Moon Spike Chapter 239 Azure Dipper Sword Intent Chapter 240 Male And Female Collocation Chapter 241 Dao Yuan Auction Chapter 242 Frost Decay Flower Chapter 243 Withdraw The Film Chapter 244 Whose Hand Did The Flower Fall To Chapter 245 Tutelage Wife Chapter 246 Strength Chapter 247 Temptation Chapter 248 Shaman Cultivator Chapter 249 Wu Tian Sect Chapter 250 A Thunderbolt From The Blue Chapter 251 The Pain Will Not Be Forgotten Chapter 252 A Thieving Heart Never Dies Chapter 253 Dao Is Sunless But Sunny Chapter 254 Leng Qingqiu, Wounded Farewell Chapter 255 Travel Ten Thousand Miles Together Chapter 256 Immortal Sword Seeking Love Chapter 257 Fallen Red Warbler Weeping Spring Dawn Chapter 258 Method Of Salvation Chapter 259 Alternative 3-man Gang Chapter 260 Little Demonic Woman With Impermanence Of Mood Chapter 261 Wind And Cloud Chaos Chapter 262 Spiritual Astral Heavy Cannon Chapter 263 Yellow Bird Chapter 264 We Are Both Unhappy--to The Sky's End Chapter 265 A Fantastic Idea Chapter 266 Make A Bet Chapter 267 Boss Chapter 268 Zhao Yu's Domineering Manner Chapter 269 Pill Feather Fire Phoenix Chapter 270 Take Advantage Of The Fire To Rob Chapter 271 Who Was Treacherous? Chapter 272 Maternity Chapter 273 Small World Chapter 274 Nucleus Chapter 275 Forbidden Book Chapter 276 Bet Chapter 277 Soul Embryo And Soul Weapon Chapter 278 Great Sun Veluriyam Chapter 279 Warning Chapter 280 The First Snow Chapter 281 Brother Chicken Eater Chapter 282 Force Battle Chapter 283 Young Master Young Miss Chapter 284 Clouds And Mud Chapter 285 Cry 1 Chapter 286 Green Robe Chapter 287 Ghost Tracing Chapter 288 Divine Illusion Chapter 289 Peach Blossom Miasma In Peach Blossom Chapter 290 Peach Blossom Immortal In The Miasma Chapter 291 Tao Fei Fei Chapter 292 Sister, Hello! Chapter 293 Will Not Be Lonely Chapter 294 Be Cowardly Chapter 295 18 Daughter Wine Chapter 296 Who Drank My Daughter's Wine? Chapter 297 Dawn Chapter 298 Don't Chase After Me If You Can Chapter 299 Illusion Annihilation Chapter 300 Qian Long Cauldron Chapter 301 The Three Kings Come, the Glutton Comes Chapter 302 Nine Firmament Divine Thunder Immortal Slaying Chapter 303 The Great Witch Arrived Chapter 304 Castrate Chapter 305 Ning Yun's Songs Chapter 306 Her Name Is Beauty Chapter 307 Griffin Guards Chapter 308 Reverence Chapter 309 Love At First Sight Chapter 310 Tracking Chapter 311 Covet the Beauty of This Servant Chapter 312 Human Snake Chapter 313 Break into the City Gate with One Sword Chapter 314 Pursuing Troops Chapter 315 Water Spirit Body Chapter 316 A Dead End Chapter 317 I Have A World Chapter 318 Five Elements Armor and Great Tonic Pill Chapter 319 Break and then Set Up the Spirit Vein, the Death Chapter 320 Witch Soul Embryo Chapter 321 You Serve Me Chapter 322 New Peach Garden Chapter 323 Pig Farming Chapter 324 Escape Chapter 325 Ancient Great Array Chapter 326 Negotiation Chapter 327 You're Despicable Chapter 328 Soul Killing Blade Chapter 329 Aggressive Chapter 330 Zhao Yu Was in Charge Chapter 331 Plunder Chapter 332 Hit a Person When He's Down Chapter 333 Betrayal Chapter 334 Blood Staining Chapter 335 Tupou Dagger See Chapter 336 Tyrannical Sword Chapter 337 Ancestor of the Shao Clan Chapter 338 Suicide Drift Chapter 339 Combination Treasure Set Chapter 340 Primordial Chaos Old Devil Chapter 341 Double Sword Combat Primordial Chaos Chapter 342 Heaven Swallowing Diagram, Green Ruyi Chapter 343 Three Months Chapter 344 Trichromatic Fate Chapter 345 Butt Debt, Butt Repayment Chapter 346 A Big Deal Chapter 347 Female Man Chapter 348 Hug Each Other at Night Chapter 349 Combat Preparation Conference Chapter 350 Spirit Devouring Pill Chapter 351 Sect Master Chapter 352 Four Spiritual Springs Chapter 353 Escape Chapter 354 Transformation Chapter 355 Open Solution Chapter 356 Xiaoniang Chapter 357 Bastard Chapter 358 Divine Secrets Pavilion Chapter 359 Du Wu Chapter 360 Explosive Pill Chapter 361 Core Formation for Qing Dynasty Chapter 362 Goldbiter Chapter 363 A Bloody Battle Chapter 364 Beast Taming Gate Chapter 365 Detoxification Chapter 366 Beast Blood Berserk Chapter 367 Blood Worm Chapter 368 Innate Divine Insect Chapter 369 Reprimand Storm Chapter 370 Sao Years Of Yousang Chapter 371 Flower Sect Chapter 372 Continued Spring Chapter 373 The Might of the Sword Tower Chapter 374 I Will Reward You Chapter 375 Chongyang Physique Chapter 376 Battle Plan Chapter 377 Zhao Ling and Xue Jian Chapter 378 Red Apricot Out of the Wall? Chapter 379 Bright And Beautiful Chapter 380 Lei Huang Jun Tian Sword Chapter 381 Three Things Chapter 382 Grab Her Chapter 383 Start A Great War Chapter 384 Desperate Assassination Chapter 385 The Old Devil Personally Came Chapter 386 Bullshit Your Mother Chapter 387 Lure the Enemy into Attack Chapter 388 Let's Go Fight Chapter 389 Fight To The Death Chapter 390 Tu Zun Chapter 391 White Heat Chapter 392 Calculate East Radiance Peak Chapter 393 Close Combat Chapter 394 The Great Battle Ended Chapter 395 Tax Exemption Chapter 396 Harvest Chapter 397 Subdue Chapter 398 Heavenly Phoenix Sect Chapter 399 Three Sects Arrive at the Same Time Chapter 400 Ice Lotus Platform Chapter 401 Frost and the Spring of Youth Chapter 402 Master And Disciple Chapter 403 Soul-Shaking Drum Opens the Gate Chapter 404 Dark Battle Chapter 405 Shouyang City Chapter 406 Is There A Toilet? Chapter 407 Sail A Boat Chapter 408 Again, He Encountered a Sea Deity's Breeze Chapter 409 Fever Chapter 410 Zhang Liang Chapter 411 Encounter An Enemy Chapter 412 Nine Battles Academy Chapter 413 Battle General Chapter 414 Tao Fei Fei Decided Chapter 415 Dragon Shaking Cauldron Emblem Chapter 416 Let's Join Forces Chapter 417 Reunite Chapter 418 Negotiation Chapter 419 Teleportation Array Chapter 420 Dragon Shaking Cauldron Born Chapter 421 Big Loli Chapter 422 Hong Luan Sha Chapter 423 Spirit Ore Chapter 424 Found (Modified) Chapter 425 Conflict Chapter 426 Palace Master Chapter 427 First Meeting Level 18 Chapter 428 Reason Chapter 429 Group Mockery Chapter 430 Ximen Blowing Flute Chapter 431 A Sneak Attack Chapter 432 Seek Vengeance Chapter 433 Monstrous Killing Intent Chapter 434 Warning Chapter 435 Although the Sun Shine, Leave Not Your Cloak at Chapter 436 Wanxiang Array Chapter 437 Small Disturbance Chapter 438 Heavenly Policy Palace Chapter 439 Golden Battle General Clan Chapter 440 The First Prince Chapter 441 I Only Like Men Chapter 442 Passing By Purely Chapter 443 Tree Sect Chapter 444 Sword Heart Level 2 Chapter 445 Catastrophe Water Diverted East Chapter 446 Linglong Treasure Pagoda Chapter 447 You Ling Zhou Chapter 448 Nether Gate Chapter 449 Rock Eater Chapter 450 Panic And Hesitation Chapter 451 Take Action To Save Chapter 452 Stone Hall Entrance Chapter 453 Lunar Spirit Stone Chapter 454 100,000 Chapter 455 Lord Husband Chapter 456 Discovery Chapter 457 Temptation And Opportunity Chapter 458 Remuneration Chapter 459 Body of the Heavy Moon Chapter 460 Fog Chapter 461 Accident Chapter 462 Sudden Change Chapter 463 A Fierce Battle Chapter 464 Seven Ye True Fire Chapter 465 Mirror Flower Water Moon Chapter 466 Demon Clan's Surprise Attack Chapter 467 Seventeenth Floor Chapter 468 Something Bad Is Going on Chapter 469 Divine Puppet Chapter 470 Life Hangs in the Balance Chapter 471 Evil Creature Chapter 472 Demon Army? Chapter 473 Break Out of the Encirclement Chapter 474 Fierce Battle Chapter 475 The Third Thing Chapter 476 Friendship Chapter 477 Ding Qing Chapter 478 Snow Saw Recurrence Chapter 479 Meet Chapter 480 Do One's Best Chapter 481 Rogue Soldier Attack Chapter 482 The Group of Dragons Had No Heads, Driving the E Chapter 483 Damn It Chapter 484 Parting Encouragement Chapter 485 Do You Dare to Enter the City? Chapter 486 At a Loss What to Do Chapter 487 Teleportation Tree Chapter 488 On Potential Chapter 489 Astonishing Discovery Chapter 490 Sister Chapter 491 Nine Nether Awakening Chapter 492 Good Offices Failed Chapter 493 Sword Cleansing Valley of Tian'an City Chapter 494 Tai Ah Sword Chapter 495 Borrowing Cauldron Chapter 496 Blackmail Chapter 497 Please Come to the Door Chapter 498 Tough Chapter 499 Aunt Ling'er Chapter 500 King Chongming Chapter 501 A Cloud Piercing Arrow Chapter 502 Empty City Plan Chapter 503 Turtle In Urn Chapter 504 Killing Array Hunting Chapter 505 Intimidation Chapter 506 Strong Regression Chapter 507 Little Beauty, Cheating on Daddy Chapter 508 Be Annihilated Chapter 509 Lightning Strike Villa Gate Chapter 510 Power Contest Chapter 511 A Fierce Name Stands Tall Chapter 512 Myriad Year Ancient Ficus Chapter 513 Three People, Three Swords Chapter 514 Deceive (Midnight Shift) Chapter 515 Rejuvenation Chapter 516 Three Small Merits Chapter 517 Xun Long Cauldron Chapter 518 Aunt Ling'er Was Angry Chapter 519 Maiden's Heart Chapter 520 Sit on the Ground and Ask for a Price Chapter 521 King Chongming Arrived Chapter 522 Good Butt Chapter 523 Breakthrough Chapter 524 Plunder Chapter 525 Be Indifferent Chapter 526 Gnash One's Teeth Chapter 527 Snare Chapter 528 Heterocentric Chapter 529 Arrive at Heavenly Arch City Chapter 530 Camping Conflict Chapter 531 Have a Drink When We Meet Chapter 532 Tragic And Desolate Chapter 533 Discovery Chapter 534 Soul Separation Formation Chapter 535 It's Really Tall Chapter 536 Twin Dragons Chapter 537 A Sudden War Chapter 538 Blazing Sun Extreme Explosion Chapter 539 Slogan Chapter 540 Anger Surged into the Sky Chapter 541 Great Victory? Chapter 542 Strong Chapter 543 Not Small Anymore Chapter 544 Lian Zhan Won Successively Chapter 545 Ominous Chapter 546 Urgent Report Chapter 547 Two Fish Chapter 548 Divide And Attack Chapter 549 Lian Zhan Chapter 550 Defeat Chongming Chapter 551 A Coincidence Chapter 552 Silent Mourning Chapter 553 Pa Pa Pa Pa Chapter 554 Target Nacheng Chapter 555 Dawn Seizing The City Chapter 556 Profiteer Chapter 557 Accumulate Strength Chapter 558 Can You Be a Lady? Chapter 559 A Big Deal Chapter 560 Dragon Saliva Vermillion Fruit Chapter 561 Next to Red Tail Island Chapter 562 Sleep A Little Longer Chapter 563 Reconnaissance Chapter 564 Damage Chapter 565 City Lord Chapter 566 Squad Leader Chapter 567 Ding Qing Called Urgently Chapter 568 Linglong Chapter 569 Crisis Chapter 570 Three Purities Order Chapter 571 Ambition Chapter 572 Same Bed Chapter 573 Picked Up A Woman Chapter 574 Bottom Line Chapter 575 Accidental Harvest Chapter 576 Anti-Monster Alliance Chapter 577 Make A Move Chapter 578 Jade-eyed Snow Mandrill Chapter 579 Sister Fei Fei Chapter 580 Black Jade Lotus King Chapter 581 Luo Feng City Chapter 582 Sister Qing Chapter 583 Westbound Ling Xue Chapter 584 Enter The City Chapter 585 Taoba Chapter 586 Here Comes The Climax Chapter 587 Dragon Exchange Cauldron Emblem Chapter 588 Blackmail Chapter 589 Fortuitous Encounter Chapter 590 Fire, Ice, Yin and Yang, Spring Sun, White Snow Chapter 591 Azure Dipper Sword Intent Chapter 592 Flee For One's Life Chapter 593 Just Want To Cry Chapter 594 Be Trapped Chapter 595 Seven Orifices Spirit Dragon Chapter 654 Coiling Peach Orchard Chapter 596 Make a Lot of Money Chapter 597 Meet By Narrow Road Chapter 598 Reunite After Farewell Chapter 599 Change Chapter 600 Ice Soul Qi Accumulation Chapter 601 Ginseng Swallowing Gall Bladder Chapter 602 Ten Years of Nirvana, Jade Man Goes West Chapter 603 Hidden Surge Chapter 604 Ding Tiangang VS Demon King Chapter 605 Nine Heavens Starfall Chapter 606 Seize The Cauldron Chapter 607 Fight To The Death Chapter 608 Soul Shedding Chapter 609 Chaotic Battle Chapter 610 Accident Chapter 611 Be Besieged Chapter 612 Kill A Thousand Years Chapter 613 Theory Of Luck Chapter 614 Listen To Your Words Chapter 615 Entrust With Chapter 616 Seize Power Chapter 617 Provocation Chapter 618 Xiaoxiao Entered The City Chapter 619 Bloody Battle Taniguchi Chapter 620 Frighten Back Chapter 621 Nine Suns Falling to the Heavens Chapter 622 The Power of a King Chapter 623 If You Don't Die, You Won't Die Chapter 624 Faint In The Snow Chapter 625 Tao Fei Fei's Stubbornness Chapter 626 Red Fiend Army Chapter 627 Never Leave Or Abandon Chapter 628 Be Touched Chapter 629 Return Journey Chapter 630 Brothers Of Misfortune Chapter 631 Trouble Chapter 632 Tease Chapter 633 Exposed Chapter 634 Anger Chapter 635 Fly Into A Rage Chapter 636 You Know What? Chapter 637 Don't Provoke Chapter 638 Killing Ruthlessness Chapter 639 The Yun Clan Is Looking for Trouble Chapter 640 You Guys Are Unlucky Chapter 641 Demon Sealing Stone Chapter 642 Rectify Chapter 643 For Your Own Good Chapter 644 Yu'er Left? Chapter 645 Fierce Name Chapter 646 Scare Away Chapter 647 Seven Planets Trapping Array Chapter 648 Be Uncomfortable Chapter 649 The Eight Desolates King's Coiling Peach Banquet Chapter 650 Tianyi Pavilion Chapter 651 This Is Chu Jun Chapter 652 Banquet Chapter 653 Wan Wujiang Chapter 655 Where Did This Little Fairy Come From? Chapter 656 Seems Like I Really Can't Provoke Chapter 657 Kill Chapter 658 The Truth Chapter 659 Hatred Chapter 660 Cyanine Chapter 661 Uninvited Guest Chapter 662 Flourish Chapter 663 Turn Sb. 's Trick to One's Own Use Chapter 664 Obscene Monk Chapter 665 Joint Attack Chapter 666 Adventure Plan Chapter 667 Lead The Troops Chapter 668 Bastard, Get Lost! Chapter 669 Peach Blossom Hairpin Chapter 670 Mysterious Woman Chapter 671 Middle Volt Chapter 672 Thunder Fiend Pearl Chapter 673 A Blessing In Disgrace Chapter 674 Analysis Chapter 675 Means Chapter 676 There Was No Discussion About Beating You Up Chapter 677 Vein Corrosion Golden Poison Chapter 678 Draw A Dagger Chapter 679 Body Of Absolute Poison Chapter 680 An Xiang Lai Chapter 681 Miao Ji Chapter 682 Schur's Cochlear Structure Chapter 683 Sneak into the Sovereign Mountain Chapter 684 Strange Chapter 685 Save A Person Chapter 686 Spirit Forbidden Spirit Barrier Chapter 687 End Of The Road Chapter 688 Compete For Zhao Ling Chapter 689 Torture And Murder Chapter 690 Recovering Jun Shan Chapter 691 A Frontal Confrontation Chapter 692 A Decisive Battle Chapter 693 Advanced Bronze Chapter 694 Celebration Banquet Chapter 695 Under The Moonlit Pavilion Chapter 696 Revenge Chapter 697 Who Is Wearing a Green Hat Chapter 698 Who Was the Most Treacherous? Chapter 699 The Secrets of the Immortal Tower Chapter 700 Light Of Eternal Life Chapter 701 Recall Chapter 702 Ding Ding's Wonderful Thoughts Chapter 703 Great Void Spirit Realm Chapter 704 The Person Who Hides the Deepest Chapter 705 Speaking of Which, Back then Chapter 706 Madam Ding's Festivities Chapter 707 Did He Sleep with You? Chapter 708 Legend Of Jade Transformation Chapter 709 Smash A Field Chapter 710 Jade Spirit Rumors Chapter 711 Little Tiger Chapter 712 Fairy Sister Chapter 713 I Don't Know You Chapter 714 Old Glutton Chu Who Had Gone Berserk Chapter 715 You're Jade Spirit? Chapter 716 Take Me to Your House Chapter 717 The Mysterious Jade Statue Had Four Wings on Its Chapter 718 My Name Is Pearl Chapter 719 Ravage Chapter 720 Battle the Thunder Jade King Again Chapter 721 Seventh Grade Heavenly Lightning Sword Chapter 722 Crescent Moon Divine Sword Chapter 723 Kill Another King Chapter 724 My Opponent Is Here Chapter 725 A Perverted Place Chapter 726 Make You Arrogant Chapter 727 See Also Sect Master Chapter 728 Rectification Chapter 729 A Young Girl in Her Arms Chapter 730 Urgently Needed Talents Chapter 731 It's Not a Bad Thing Chapter 732 Women Are Stingy Chapter 733 Capture Cape City Chapter 734 At the Peak of the Storm Chapter 735 Floating Sound Transmission Chapter 736 Don't Do Anything Stupid Chapter 737 Twist the Reverse Spirit Vein Chapter 738 Operation Decapitation Chapter 739 Liu Yong Is Amazing Chapter 740 Evolution Of Divine Sense Chapter 741 The Newly Rising Chu Army Chapter 742 Get Down To Business Chapter 743 Advancing to the Spirit Refining Stage Chapter 744 Fake Fake Chapter 745 A Ray Of Hope Chapter 746 King Chongming's Banquet Chapter 747 Drag Character Formula Chapter 748 Fool Chapter 749 Something Big Has Happened Chapter 750 Never Falling Glory Chapter 751 Mass Extinction Chapter 752 An Empty City Chapter 753 Two-way Teleportation Array? Chapter 754 She's Crazy? Chapter 755 Sixth Grade Slaughter Trapping Formation Chapter 756 Charge Interest Chapter 757 Wanxiang Grand Formation Exerts Powerful Power Chapter 758 Tianhuang City Chapter 759 Is He A Virgin? Chapter 760 Du Clan's Moon Chapter 761 The World Of Death Chapter 762 Bone Dragon Chapter 763 Close To Death Chapter 764 Bone Subduing Dragon Chapter 765 Pretend To Be Stupid Chapter 766 Holy Light Tear Beast Chapter 767 Be Robbed Chapter 768 Perverted Restriction Chapter 769 Mutated Divine Sense Chapter 770 Divine Essence Explosion Chapter 771 Preliminary Test Power Chapter 772 Three Defeats And Injuries Chapter 773 Return To Original Form Chapter 774 If You Don't Die, You Won't Die Chapter 775 Enemies Everywhere Chapter 776 Co-lease Chapter 777 Good People Chapter 778 Housekeeper, Do It! Chapter 779 These People Are Cut from the Same Cloth Chapter 780 Defend Sb. Against an Injustice Chapter 781 Looks Like an Old Friend Chapter 782 Accidental Harvest Chapter 783 Strange Physique Cultivator Chapter 784 Drag Bottle Chapter 785 Level 10 Mission Chapter 786 Yue Ye Shuang Jiao Chapter 787 Build Momentum Chapter 788 Seeing Blood Sealing Throat Chapter 789 Restoration Of Consciousness Chapter 790 Watch A Play Chapter 791 Mysterious Underground Ruins Chapter 792 Fifth Spiritual Spring Chapter 793 Eyes Hidden in the Shadows Chapter 794 A Brain-Sucking Monster Chapter 795 Void Moving Bead Chapter 796 Moon Taboo Divine Seal Chapter 797 A 300-Year Journey Chapter 798 Save Beauty Chapter 799 Top-grade Of Wonderful Flowers Chapter 800 Ding Ding Was Furious Chapter 801 Flower Sect Chapter 802 Meet An Acquaintance Chapter 803 You Take Care of Yourself Chapter 804 He Was Actually an Expert at the Soul Concentrat Chapter 805 Four Sects' Struggle Chapter 806 Tower Domain Space Chapter 807 Here You Go Chapter 808 Re-encounter Yu Zhenzi Chapter 809 See Through Chapter 810 Open The Knot Chapter 811 Insect Flower Battle Chapter 812 Divine Beast Kun Peng Chapter 813 Forcefully Enter The Tower Chapter 814 Heaven's Will Reflection Chapter 815 World Tree? Chapter 816 Watermelon On A Tree Chapter 817 An Old Man with a Bull's-Eye Chapter 818 Seconded Manpower Chapter 819 Banquet Meeting Chapter 820 Sitting Photograph Chapter 821 You Have a Great Body Chapter 822 Three Realms Of Life Chapter 823 Jade King and Ice King Chapter 824 Transaction Chapter 825 Sun Flame Battle Soul Chapter 826 Battle Soul Flame Chapter 827 Humanoid Crystal Lotus Root Chapter 828 Catch A Rape Chapter 829 Prestigious Chapter 830 Sect Leader Handover Conference Chapter 831 Tupou Dagger See Chapter 832 Good Fertility And Nourishment Chapter 833 Let Me Give You an Explanation Chapter 834 Sect Leader, You Don't Have to Be Chapter 835 First Battle Chapter 836 Seize Cape City Again Chapter 837 Explosive Chrysanthemum Chapter 838 What Is Slaughter Chapter 839 Waterfall Chrysanthemum Blade Chapter 840 King Chu's Victory Chapter 841 Above King Level Chapter 842 Tower Sealing Chapter 843 Owe A Beating Chapter 844 Steal Incense Chapter 845 Active Surrender Chapter 846 Gloomy Scholar Chapter 847 Cooperation Chapter 848 Doubt Is Hard to Get Rid of Chapter 850 Harassment Chapter 849 Two Women Chapter 851 Dark Feather Chapter 852 Either Return Or Scram Chapter 853 Challenges Chapter 854 Domain Breaking Chapter 855 Meet Chapter 856 Is Qingshan Still There? Chapter 857 Power Of Law Chapter 858 The Nickel Dance of the Crescent Moon Clothes Chapter 859 Pig Teammate Chapter 860 Two Cities for a General Chapter 861 Humiliate Chapter 862 Tea Immortal and Fox Essence Chapter 863 You Can Eat and You Can Tease Chapter 864 Heavenly Roar Horn Chapter 865 What The Adulterer Saw Chapter 866 Interesting Chapter 867 The King Said It Was Going to Rain Chapter 868 Separate and Go Different Ways Chapter 869 Centeringcenteringcenteringcentering Chapter 870 Wang Bugui Did Not Break His Promise Chapter 871 Surrender In Advance Chapter 872 Take The Initiative Chapter 873 An Emergency Chapter 874 Reverse Chapter 875 Temptation Chapter 876 Intimidation Chapter 877 Fall From The Sky Chapter 878 Ghost King? Chapter 879 Salute Chapter 880 Solicit Credit Chapter 881 Four Banners of the Chu Army Chapter 882 Things Are Like Chess Chapter 883 Take That Star First Chapter 884 Two Great Counselors Chapter 885 Every One of Them Is Its Master, and Every One o Chapter 886 DouLe (1) One Shift Chapter 887 Doule (2) Watch Chapter 888 Battle Song of King Chu Chapter 889 A Fierce Witch Chapter 890 Time Acceleration Array Disc Chapter 891 Am I Taller? Chapter 892 Before The War Chapter 893 Sha Ge Doesn't Withstand Smashing Chapter 894 A Tornado of Wind and Clouds Chapter 895 Chaotic Battle Chapter 896 New Situation Chapter 897 Dry Shelf Chapter 898 Surround Each Other Chapter 899 Chu Jun's Sword Edge Did Not Back Down Chapter 900 See Each Other Like This Chapter 901 On The Cliff Chapter 902 Shen Wansan Chapter 903 Eve Of The Storm Chapter 904 One Step Storm Cloud Chapter 905 Liu Yong's Deception Chapter 906 Simple And Rough Chapter 907 Drive 80,000 Li Crazily