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Gene Evolution Epoch

Gene Evolution Epoch

Author: Bing Shuang Ke Si Genre: Other

Wu Tian is about to graduate. He doesn’t fear or look forward to his future. Like many graduates, he feels lost. On another sleepless night, he looks out the window and sees an odd star. The star slowly becomes bigger and brighter. The next minute, he vanishes. When he wakes up, he finds himself lying in a cabin, covered in an unknown liquid. A slender figure with three fingers walks up to him. Is that…. an alien?

Chapter 140 Control The World 2021-05-14 14:50:44
Chapter List
Chapter 1 Graduated Chapter 2 Explosive Evolution Chapter 3 Mutated Giant Rat Chapter 4 Probe The Environment Chapter 5 Doomsday Chapter 6 Mutated Teddy Chapter 7 Enemy Meeting Chapter 8 Goodbye, Survivors Chapter 9 Enhanced Crystallization Chapter 10 Mutated Rabies Chapter 11 Road Rage Chapter 12 Re-encounter Evolved Beasts Chapter 13 Evolved New Human Chapter 14 Please Die Chapter 15 The Car Is Out of Fuel Chapter 16 Physical Evolution Chapter 17 Obedient Husky Chapter 18 Vengeance Must Be Avenged Chapter 19 Fierce Erha Chapter 20 Mutated Golden Python Chapter 21 Spiritual Power Outbreak Chapter 22 Orange Crystal Chapter 23 Psychosis Chapter 24 Base Attacked Chapter 25 Bio-electromagnetic Gun Chapter 26 Singularity Gene Chapter 27 Reevolution Chapter 28 Desperate And Lifeless Chapter 29 Zombie King Chapter 30 Phagocytic Regeneration Chapter 31 Cold Gas Of Huangquan Chapter 32 Capture Corpse King Chapter 33 Mind Control Chapter 34 A Slap in the Face Chapter 35 Born By Weight Chapter 36 Corpse King's Fear Chapter 37 Flee To The Base Chapter 38 Tilly Corpse King Chapter 39 Little Brother Corpse King Chapter 40 Ancient Spirit Channeling Tree Chapter 41 Escort Mission Chapter 42 Mutated Diamond Chapter 43 Outbreak Of Conflict Chapter 44 Be Sanctimonious Chapter 45 Z City Catastrophe Chapter 46 Tripod Faction Chapter 47 Professor Meng Chapter 48 Looking For Undercurrent Chapter 49 Start Of Revenge Chapter 50 Singularity Gene Reproduction Chapter 51 Psychic Flight Chapter 52 Initial Negotiations Chapter 53 Golden Python Invasion Chapter 54 Thoroughly Remould Oneself Chapter 55 Kyoto Noble Families Chapter 56 Noble Families Plan Chapter 57 Void Vortex Chapter 58 Intrinsic Flying Sword Chapter 59 Whirlpool Descended Chapter 60 Spiritual Saber, Protect Me Chapter 61 Imperial Flood Dragon Chase Chapter 62 Blood Contract Again Chapter 63 Underground Base Chapter 64 Temple Village Chapter 65 I'm Supposed to Be Biological Chapter 66 Uninvited Guest Chapter 67 Visitor From Temple Village Chapter 68 Temple Village, Well of Origin Chapter 69 Underground Murals Chapter 70 Divine Dragon Resurrection Chapter 71 Li Clan Seeks Vengeance Chapter 72 Open-hung Villagers Chapter 73 Overview Of Noble Families Chapter 74 Return To Z City Chapter 75 A Real Crisis Chapter 76 Sea Beast Crisis Chapter 77 Cthulhu Behemoth Chapter 78 Re-encounter Aliens Chapter 79 Cthulhu Ethnic Group Chapter 80 Star Destroyer Weapon Chapter 81 Fly Into Space Chapter 82 Ghost Embryos from All Over the World Chapter 83 Arrogant Dragon Soul Chapter 84 Mental Facies Chapter 85 Foreign Invasion Chapter 86 The Conspiracy Is Under Way Chapter 87 Western Angels Chapter 88 Here Comes Trouble Chapter 89 Arena Competition Chapter 90 Sparring In Taiji Chapter 91 Blood Chromatography Chapter 92 Third Party? Chapter 93 Vampiric Fiend Blade Chapter 94 Heartbreak Blow Chapter 95 Hua Wuying V. Gong Xue Chapter 96 Armor Piercing Blade to Jin Zhong Shield Chapter 97 Back Opening Fist Chapter 98 Devour Butcher Chapter 99 Mental Reorganization Chapter 100 Huaxia Corpse Race Chapter 101 Big Brother, Please Spare Me Chapter 102 Exchange Session Begins Chapter 103 Angel Appeared Chapter 104 Black Dragon Fa Xiang Chapter 105 Angel Besiege Chapter 106 Raguel Chapter 107 You Know Too Much Chapter 108 Cthulhu Resurrection Chapter 109 Divine Beast Awakening Chapter 110 Devour Black Tortoise Chapter 111 Underground Research Institute Chapter 112 Absorb Cancer Cells Chapter 113 Ugly To The Extreme Chapter 114 Brother Alien Chapter 115 Alien Mural Chapter 116 Zombie General Chapter 117 Noble Families Stealth Chapter 118 Internal Strife in Li Clan Chapter 119 Li Clan Secret Pavilion Chapter 120 Void Monster Chapter 121 Destructive Ray Chapter 122 Phagocytic Regeneration Chapter 123 World Upheaval Chapter 124 High Dimensional Organism Chapter 125 Dao Of Evolution Chapter 126 Phagocytosis VS Phagocytosis Chapter 127 Singularity Gene Out of Control Chapter 128 Rubik's Cube Maze Chapter 129 Progenitor Of Noble Families Chapter 130 Shatter Death Light Chapter 131 Day Of Escape Chapter 132 Return Of Wu Tian Chapter 133 Death Does Not Change Chapter 134 Commit Suicide Chapter 135 Blood-colored Divine Dragon Chapter 136 Rebirth Of Severed Limb Chapter 137 The Origin of the Universe Chapter 138 Human Ancestor Appeared Chapter 139 Recovery Source Chapter 140 Control The World