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Game Hunter

Game Hunter

Author: Xin Sheng Dai Cha Ye Genre: Other

Twenty-two years ago, Dream Inc invented a game that could combine reality and the virtual gaming world. But that also brought disaster to humanity. A deadly game virus was born. Almost all humans were infected, turning into game zombies. To save humanity, the remaining people developed weapons to deal with these monsters. Our story begins here.

Chapter 140 The Jungle Ran Wildly 2021-05-14 14:30:13
Chapter List
Chapter 1 Game Corpse Chapter 2 Game Cassette Chapter 3 Bat Weirdo Chapter 4 Wild Power Limit Game Cassette Chapter 5 Today's TV Station Chapter 6 Poker Tape Chapter 7 Ke Han and Bat Weirdo Chapter 8 Father-son Relationship Chapter 9 Spider Weirdo Chapter 10 Locust Weirdo Chapter 11 Unforeseen Circumstances Chapter 12 Locust Weirdo Reproduction Chapter 13 Be Saved From Death Chapter 14 Gorgeous Dressing Game Cassette Chapter 15 Target Is Child Chapter 16 Turn Sb. 's Trick to One's Own Use Chapter 17 Cancel Looking at the Game Tape Chapter 18 Shen Kuo's Tragedy Chapter 19 Cooperation With Shen Shi Chapter 20 A Mansion? Ghost Mansion? Chapter 21 Shen Shi's Requirement Chapter 22 100,000 Explosions Chapter 23 Exclusive Weapon Chapter 24 Gui You and Tu Fu Chapter 25 Shark Weirdo Chapter 26 A Surprise Dance Chapter 27 Make a Clean Break with Chapter 28 Eagle Strikes The Sky Chapter 29 Lobster Weirdo Chapter 30 Octopus Weirdo Chapter 31 Underwater Battle Chapter 32 The Sudden Arrival of Black Shadow Chapter 33 New Game Cassette Chapter 34 Luowan Port Chapter 35 Mysterious Black Shadow Reappearance Chapter 36 Antelope Weirdo Chapter 37 VS Jie Di Chapter 38 Civet Cat for Crown Prince Chapter 39 Buying and Selling Game Corpse Chapter 40 Sparrow In The Back Chapter 41 Open Hang Chapter 42 Parkour Sports Cassette Chapter 43 Military Rank Promotion Chapter 44 Kangaroo Weirdo Chapter 45 Feng Qing Chapter 46 Slap One's Face Chapter 47 Battle Kangaroo Weirdo Again Chapter 48 Kangaroo Weirdo's Real Identity, \"Feng Tian\"? Chapter 49 Collapse Of Mining Area Chapter 50 Kangaroo Weirdo In Prison Chapter 51 Trapped Feng Tian and Wu Wen Chapter 52 A Raided Slum Chapter 53 Feng Tian Struggling in His Conscience Chapter 54 Bitter Meat Trick Chapter 55 Shrewmouse Weirdo Chapter 56 Gas Capacity Chapter 57 Compensation For Embezzlement Chapter 58 Ji Wei Exposed Ambition Chapter 59 \"Trap Yourself!\" Chapter 60 Beaten Ji Wei Chapter 61 Promised Battle Chapter 62 An Undefeatable Battle Chapter 63 Competitive Boxing Cassette Chapter 64 King Of The Fist Chapter 65 Execution Of Ji Wei Chapter 66 Cheetah Weirdo and Zebra Weirdo Chapter 67 New Director: Chong Sheng Chapter 68 Decision of the Chong Sheng Chapter 69 Chong Sheng's Thoughts Chapter 70 Fund-raising Activities Chapter 71 Pirate Robbery Of Ships Chapter 72 Game Corpse's Alliance Chapter 73 Split Up Chapter 74 Gluttony Snake Game Cassette Chapter 75 The True Face of Chong Sheng Chapter 76 An Ambush in Broad Daylight Chapter 77 Cheetah Weirdo and the True Face of Zebra Weirdo Chapter 78 Action by the Ma Fei Chapter 79 Showdown Chapter 80 Chong Sheng's Plan Chapter 81 Delicious Cuisine Game Tape Chapter 82 A Battle Between Dishes Chapter 83 A Sailboat Fell from the Sky Chapter 84 Bunny Man Chapter 85 Senroe Impact Chapter 86 Purpose of the Bunny Man Chapter 87 Communication Base Station Chapter 88 Sharp Wolf B Team Chapter 89 Sports-type Game Cassettes Chapter 90 The Strength of a B-Class Team Chapter 91 Centeringcenteringcenteringcentering Chapter 92 Chameleon Weirdo Chapter 93 Ability To Penetrate Chapter 94 An Unexpected Decision Chapter 95 Digitized Buff Chapter 96 Chess Corpse Group Chapter 97 Factory Producing Game Cassettes Chapter 98 Chameleon Weirdo's Intentions Chapter 99 Limit Perception Game Tape Chapter 100 The Ability to Foresee the Future Chapter 101 The Fall of the Earth Chapter 102 Emigrate To Mars Chapter 103 Spatial Coordinates Chapter 104 Weedle Weirdo Chapter 105 Chong Sheng's Sacrifice Chapter 106 Fairy Pet Game Card Chapter 107 The Ability of Elven Pet Game Cassettes Chapter 108 Six Elven Pets Chapter 109 Elemental Cannon Chapter 110 Space Junk Chapter 111 A Trip To Space Chapter 112 Land On The Moon Chapter 113 Lunar Base Chapter 114 Sheng Tian Chapter 115 Zero Chapter 116 Chong Men Chapter 117 Zero Vs. Zuo Jie, Li Li Chapter 118 Ouyang Chen Chapter 119 Ouyang Chen's Past Chapter 120 Triple Personality Chapter 121 The Experience of Chong Men Chapter 122 Stag Beetle Weirdo Chapter 123 Versus Stag Beetle Weirdo Chapter 124 Luo Fei Teamed Up with Ouyang Chen Chapter 125 Transformation Chapter 126 Corpse Man Chapter 127 Superpower: Poison Chapter 128 Goodbye, Descendants Chapter 129 Arrive At Mars Chapter 130 Three Hunters Chapter 131 The New Pattern of the World Chapter 132 World Government Chapter 133 A Sudden Attack Chapter 134 Operations Team Leader, Sage Chapter 135 Underground Person Chapter 136 The President Is Actually a Robot Chapter 137 Billions Versus Tens of Billions of People's Lif Chapter 138 Sniper Panther Weirdo Chapter 139 Luo Fei Vs. Zuo Jie, Tang Ran, Li Li Chapter 140 The Jungle Ran Wildly