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From Zero to Hero in the Doomsday

From Zero to Hero in the Doomsday

Author: Shi Jie Fu Tu Genre: Other

Chen Guangda is an undertaker. Death to him is something to be happy about because it brings in business. It is business even if the dead body is his old friend. But he did not expect him to come back to life and become a zombie! After he kills his zombie friend, he thinks everything will return to normal. But just then, he receives a message saying zombies have invaded the entire city...

Chapter 108 Lifeseizer Corpse 2021-05-14 15:11:09
Chapter List
Chapter 1 Corpse Collector Chapter 2 Night Assault on Widows' Gate Chapter 3 Night Soulshake Chapter 4 Cuckold Prometheus Chapter 5 Disaster Record Chapter 6 The Whole City Spreads Out Chapter 7 Survivors Chapter 8 Corpse Transformation Chapter 9 But Before He Could Conquer, He Was Dead Chapter 10 Viral Origin Chapter 11 Green Tea Bitch Chapter 12 Ferocious Chapter 13 As Long As It Is Alive, God Will Show It to You Chapter 14 Hongyan Tear Chapter 15 The Human on the Tip of the Tongue Chapter 16 Spongebob And His Buddies Chapter 17 Bite the Hand That Feeds One Chapter 18 Guangda Boats Without Slurry Chapter 19 Hu Yidao Chapter 20 Run Wildly for the Road Chapter 21 The Darkness of Human Nature Chapter 22 Ogata's Anger Chapter 23 Desperate Flying Car Chapter 24 Famous Stunt Chapter 25 Lifesaving Knife Chapter 26 See You Again, Survivors Chapter 27 Saved A Fox Chapter 28 Eighteen Bronze Men from Shaolin Temple Chapter 29 There's A Demon Chapter 30 Tang Fei Chapter 31 Hu Lisheng Chapter 32 Open And Secret Battles Chapter 33 To Living Chapter 34 Overlord Bow Chapter 35 Night Chapter 36 Gun Hunting Chapter 37 Fatal Joke Chapter 38 Crazy Corpse Out of Cage Chapter 39 Life And Death Decision Chapter 40 Goddess Or Bitch Chapter 41 Dilemma Chapter 42 Kill A Dawn Chapter 43 If You Dare to Fight, You Will Survive Chapter 44 Doomsday Maniac Chapter 45 Widow Chapter 46 Don't Leave Me Behind Chapter 47 Which Family Is Stronger for Torturing and Killin Chapter 48 A Refuge Chapter 49 Pseudo-serious Chapter 50 Deliver To The Door Chapter 51 Captain America Chapter 52 Soul-shocking Story Chapter 53 All Thoughts Are Blasted Chapter 54 Cardiograph Chapter 55 Tomb Bouncing Chapter 56 Living Corpse Slaughterhouse Chapter 57 Reverence Chapter 58 Group Battle Chapter 59 There Is No Cure Chapter 60 Laws Of Survival Chapter 61 Cocoon Oneself Chapter 62 Hate Chapter 63 Eighteen Chapter 64 The Other Side of the Bad Guy Chapter 65 Wild Beast Introduction Chapter 66 Have A Gun Chapter 67 Survivors Chapter 68 Dignity And Survival Chapter 69 Blonde Girl Chapter 70 Bad News Chapter 71 See You Later! Lover! Chapter 72 Cannon Fodder Chapter 73 Subway Tunnel Chapter 74 Help Me Chapter 75 Bloody Mary Chapter 76 Corpse Tiger Striped Worm Chapter 77 Decapitated Bridge Chapter 78 Live Corpse Fortress Chapter 79 Run, Chengguan Chapter 80 King Of QQ Chapter 81 Fatal Aquarium Chapter 82 Crazy Teddy Chapter 83 Manslaughter Chapter 84 Accidentally Enter a Gathering Place Chapter 85 Stimulus 1995 Chapter 86 \"Stimulus 1995\" Chapter 87 Jedi Counterattack Chapter 88 Fugitive Plan Chapter 89 Food Crisis Chapter 90 Bribe People Chapter 91 Toll Chapter 92 Gamble One's Life Chapter 93 Ai Ning Chapter 94 An Impending Battle Chapter 95 Suicide Forest Chapter 96 Mystical Kid Chapter 97 Everything Is Under Control Chapter 98 Betrayal of a Best Friend Chapter 99 Yan Xiao Chapter 100 Young Miss' Body, Maidservant's Life Chapter 101 My Zombie Brother Chapter 102 Archer Chapter 103 Lies Chapter 104 Bump Into Ghosts Chapter 105 Secrets In The Forest Chapter 106 See You Again Chapter 107 A Heaven-Shaking Conspiracy Chapter 108 Lifeseizer Corpse