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Daoist Changes the World

Daoist Changes the World

Author: Bei Shui Zhu De Qing Genre: Eastern

Yi Heng learns that the book, I Ching, could be used to cultivate. He embarks on a solo tour to find I Ching with his Bagua. During this journey, he survives many disasters and difficult situations. Will he become the best in the divine world?

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Chapter List
Chapter 1 Soul Piercing Off-place Chapter 2 Final Battle Chapter 3 Passing by Immortal Master Chapter 4 Rich and Honorable Immortal Fate Chapter 5 Poisonous Wild Fruit Chapter 6 The Old Affairs of the Continent Chapter 7 The Difference Between Immortals and Mortals Chapter 8 Introductory Cultivation Method Chapter 9 Immortal Sect Difficult to Enter Chapter 10 Crisis Again Chapter 11 Roadside Teahouse Chapter 12 Excellent Perception Chapter 13 First Knowledge of Spiritual Qi Chapter 14 Imperial Flying Chapter 15 Cosmos Hall Chapter 16 Outer Sect Disciple Chapter 17 Introduction To Cultivation Chapter 18 Cultivation Genius Chapter 19 Yi Men Sect Gauge Chapter 20 Common Sense of Immortal Cultivation Chapter 21 Bluff With Evil Chapter 22 Air Entrainment Chapter 23 Clean Mortal Body Chapter 24 Qi Refining Fourth Layer Chapter 25 Cultivate A Spell Chapter 26 Great Success of Spells Chapter 27 Sect Mission Chapter 28 Downhill Mission Chapter 29 Liu Clan Village Chapter 30 Jianghu Expert Chapter 31 Fierce Mountain Bandit Chapter 32 Qing You Dagger Chapter 33 Kill The Bandits Chapter 34 Black-clothed Cultivator Chapter 35 Abscond All The Way Chapter 36 Ten Thousand Miles Chase Chapter 37 Qi Refining Level 5 Chapter 38 Win By Fate Chapter 39 Jedi Survival Chapter 40 A Place Of Healing Chapter 41 Soul Refining Technique Chapter 42 Meet an Old Friend Again Chapter 43 Reunite Again Chapter 44 Jade Book Invitation Chapter 45 Enter The Inner Door Chapter 46 Elder Summoned Chapter 47 Mystical Soul Refinement Chapter 48 The Beginning of a Storm Chapter 49 Alchemy Preparation Chapter 50 Want to Compete for Personal Transmission Chapter 51 Heaven-defying Effect Chapter 52 Battle Arena Chapter 53 Win The First Battle Chapter 54 Battle Another Seven Floors Chapter 55 A Brutal Victory Chapter 56 Eight Layers One Strike Chapter 57 Attach Great Importance to Emotion and Righteousn Chapter 58 Foundation Establishment Recall Chapter 59 Seventh Layer of Qi Refining Chapter 60 Soul Fusion Chapter 61 Killing Move Again Chapter 62 Medium-grade Pills Chapter 63 Breathing Control Chapter 64 The Might of a Single Strike Chapter 65 Double Reward Chapter 66 Direct Disciple Chapter 67 Beginning Worship Chapter 68 Miraculous Formation Chapter 69 Purpose Of Yi Sect Chapter 70 Junior Sister Xi Yin Chapter 71 Jade Book Offer Chapter 72 Master Gifts Magic Tools Chapter 73 Counter Attack By Plan Chapter 74 Three Steps To Fame Chapter 75 Successfully Keeping a Low Profile Chapter 76 Medium-grade Magic Tools Chapter 77 Misty Forest Chapter 78 Forest Distress Chapter 79 The Might Of Dongxiao Chapter 80 Cultivate Desperately Chapter 81 Violent Grizzly Bear Chapter 82 Great Harvest Chapter 83 Kill Four People Chapter 84 Market Breakthrough Chapter 85 Top-grade Magical Artifact Chapter 86 Be Blocked Again Chapter 87 Instant Kill Direct Descendant Chapter 88 Responses From All Parties Chapter 89 Vibrate In All Directions Chapter 90 Besiege Is Imminent Chapter 91 Three Gates Gathered at the Same Time Chapter 92 Before The Scuffle Chapter 93 Foundation Establishment Attack Chapter 94 One Against Two Chapter 95 Foundation Establishment Chased After Him Chapter 96 Bottomless Deep Hole Chapter 97 A Glimmer Of Life Chapter 98 Strange Creature Chapter 99 See the Light of Day Again Chapter 100 Return to the Mountain Gate Chapter 101 Jade Book Foundation Establishment Chapter 102 Reunite Again Chapter 103 Vitality Is Dead Chapter 104 Junior Apprentice-Sister Zhiyi Chapter 105 Why Not Fight Chapter 106 Foundation Establishment Consequences Chapter 107 His Intelligence Was Like a Demon Chapter 108 Dou Technique Selection Chapter 109 Spiritual Imperial Technique Chapter 110 Spiritual Imperial Array Chapter 111 Bagua Shengyu Chapter 112 To Haggle Over a Price Chapter 113 Downtown Quiet Enlightenment Chapter 114 Foundation Establishment Spirit Medicine Chapter 115 Linen-clothed Cultivator Chapter 116 Recent Foundation Establishment Chapter 117 Foundation Establishment in the First Battle Chapter 118 Foundation Establishment Retreat Chapter 119 Expel From The Sect Chapter 120 Yi Heng Returned Chapter 121 At the Beginning of a Contest Chapter 122 Meet Enemies Chapter 123 Fight Side By Side Chapter 124 Injure Foundation Establishment Chapter 125 Defensive Method Chapter 126 Take The Lead Chapter 127 Shock Door Initial Victory Chapter 128 Battle Of Geniuses Chapter 129 Junior Sister, Come on Stage Chapter 130 The Chances Are Slim Chapter 131 Yi Heng's Strength Chapter 132 A Flute Chapter 133 Dou Fa Result Chapter 134 One Joy and One Sorrow Chapter 135 Grief Rages On Chapter 136 Last Run Chapter 137 Spirit Medicine Secret Realm Chapter 138 Foreign Body Attack Chapter 139 Giant Python Guardian Chapter 140 Movement In All Directions Chapter 141 Amazing Spiritual Qi Chapter 142 Hearing The Flute Again Chapter 143 Anger Of Heaven-defending Chapter 144 Forcefully Snatch Spirit Medicines Chapter 145 Prepare To Abscond Chapter 146 Extremely Surprised Chapter 147 Guess True Chapter 148 Sect Master Reward Chapter 149 Pills Are Hard to Refine Chapter 150 First Order Emergence Chapter 151 Jade Book Attack Chapter 152 A Difficult Battle Chapter 153 Have the Intention of Death in One's Heart Chapter 154 Cancel Award Chapter 155 Yi Heng's Anger Chapter 156 Countermeasure Chapter 157 There's a Secret in the Forbidden Area Chapter 158 Eight Trigrams Diagram Discovery Chapter 159 Jade Book Transformation Chapter 160 Yue Zhan Yushu Chapter 161 Ancestor Reappearance Chapter 162 Battle Of The Soul Chapter 163 Soul Backlash Chapter 164 Who Owns The Kernel Chapter 165 Ancestral Master's Last Words Chapter 166 Terrorist Array Chapter 167 Foundation Establishment Will Be Successful Chapter 168 Dual Cultivation Dao Couples Chapter 169 Relying on Strength to Dominate Weakness Chapter 170 Challenges Coming Chapter 171 Mutated Spiritual Root Chapter 172 Extremely Disappointed Chapter 173 Jade Book Battle Chapter 174 Breakthrough Again Chapter 175 Kill with All Your Might Chapter 176 Late Stage Attack Chapter 177 Two Cultivation Methods Chapter 178 Refine A Magic Treasure Chapter 179 Finally Out Of Seclusion Chapter 180 Young Eagle Crossing Tribulation Chapter 181 Just One Sword Strike Chapter 182 Recount The Past Chapter 183 Hello, Senior Brother Chapter 184 Emergency Communications Chapter 185 Set Off At Once Chapter 186 Middle Gengmen Stage Chapter 187 Murder Liwei Chapter 188 Fierce Battle Chapter 189 Mid-First Order Chapter 190 Moment of Life and Death Chapter 191 Unable To Struggle Chapter 192 She Was About to Wake Up Chapter 193 I Can Only Look Up Chapter 194 Infinite Tenderness Chapter 195 Battle Of Races Chapter 196 The Setting Sun Is Perfect Chapter 197 A Year Later Chapter 198 Re-exploring The Secret Realm Chapter 199 The Secret Realm Is Difficult to Open Chapter 200 Do Not Give Up Chapter 201 Wind Lightning Benefit Trigram Chapter 202 The Harvest Was Enormous Chapter 203 Human Nature Is Like This Chapter 204 Bite the Hand That Feeds One Chapter 205 Late Stage Chapter 206 Swallow A Pill Chapter 207 Kitten Eagle Breaks Through Chapter 208 Brother Conspiracy Chapter 209 Plan Start Chapter 210 Vengeance Must Be Avenged Chapter 211 Avenge A Great Feud Chapter 212 Build Up One's Momentum with All One's Might Chapter 213 Yellow Springs Wizard Chapter 214 Inspiring Awe by Upholding Justice Chapter 215 Sky Tactics Chapter 216 Unbelievable Chapter 217 A Pleasant Surprise Chapter 218 Probe Each Other Chapter 219 Be Famous to the Heavens Chapter 220 Be Famous All Over the World Chapter 221 Return Of Hero Chapter 222 Intrigue Chapter 223 Create Opportunities Chapter 224 Bold Ideas Chapter 225 The Arachnids Are Coming Back Chapter 226 Begin The Battle Chapter 227 Make Great Strides in Singing and Advancing Chapter 228 Late Stage Is Approaching Chapter 229 Late Dudou Stage Chapter 230 Late Stage of Severe Injury Chapter 231 Be in High and Vigorous Spirits Chapter 232 Genius Pride Chapter 233 Fearless Ability Chapter 234 Situation Or Trend at Home and Abroad Chapter 235 Xuanyuan Caixue Chapter 236 Break The Balance Chapter 237 Non-compliance Chapter 238 A Critical Breath Chapter 239 Within A Few Breaths Chapter 240 The Arachnids Retreated Chapter 241 It's Hard to Come Back Chapter 242 Master And Disciple Probing Chapter 243 Start A Quarrel Again Chapter 244 A One-Year Period Chapter 245 Who's Scheming Chapter 246 Return Of Sect Master Chapter 247 Sect Leader Summon Chapter 248 Dilemma Chapter 249 Plausible Chapter 250 Difficult To Pass Chapter 251 Ascend The Altar Chapter 252 Omniscient Chapter 253 Senior Brother Under Heaven Chapter 254 Xuanyuan Wuyi Chapter 255 Outside The Game Chapter 256 In the End, the Situation Was Broken Chapter 257 Start To Fool Chapter 258 Fearless and Willing to Follow Chapter 259 Protect My Race Chapter 260 Drooping Old Chapter 261 Have A Good Chat Chapter 262 Kernel Ownership Chapter 263 Let's Continue Chapter 264 Have A Good Kill Chapter 265 Let's Watch the Battle for Now Chapter 266 The More He Killed, the Smoother He Became Chapter 267 Difficult To Kill Chapter 268 I'm Not Old Either Chapter 269 Strength Is Paramount Chapter 270 Alliance For Common War Chapter 271 Several People Traveled Together Chapter 272 What A Lonely Zero Chapter 273 Deceive Chapter 274 Who's Killing Intent Chapter 275 The First Appearance of the Word \"Qian\" Chapter 276 The Head of the Eight Gossips Chapter 277 Go Alone Chapter 278 High and Low Cultivation Method Chapter 279 Snow and Ice Are Smart Chapter 280 Loose Cultivator You Cheng Chapter 281 Cosmos Battalion Chapter 282 You Choose First Chapter 283 Rogue Cultivators Chapter 284 Squad Leader Chapter 285 Whose World Chapter 286 Intimacy Chapter 287 Fall Into Madness Chapter 288 Kitten Eagle Returns Chapter 289 Fellow Daoist He Fang Chapter 290 Shocked Everyone Present Chapter 291 Strength Of Cadres Chapter 292 Don't Leak Chapter 293 Arachnid Tracing Chapter 294 Walk Farther And Farther Chapter 295 A Year Too Long Chapter 296 Break in in Full Fury Chapter 297 When Do We Leave Chapter 298 Meticulous Thinking Chapter 299 Senior, Do You Dare Chapter 300 Who's Crazy Chapter 301 A Method Of Slaying Chapter 302 Mysterious Plan Chapter 303 Caixue Chapter 304 Seventh Or Eighth Junior Brother Chapter 305 Reproduce A Magic Treasure Chapter 306 Plot To Death Chapter 307 The Arachnid Said Chapter 308 Battle Intent Instantly Disappeared Chapter 309 Yi Is Here Chapter 310 One-man Reversal Chapter 311 Die For Me Chapter 312 Your Beard Chapter 313 Scare Off The Insects Chapter 314 Yushu Haoqing Chapter 315 Heaven-shaking Secret News Chapter 316 Here's To You Chapter 317 Whenever There Is a Mistake, There Will Be Punis Chapter 318 Jade Book Murder Chapter 319 The Profound Meaning of Gan Zi Chapter 320 All Breakthroughs Chapter 321 Probe Each Other Chapter 322 Shadow Loneliness Chapter 323 Miscalculation Chapter 324 It Can't Be Chapter 325 Kill the Eagle and Shut Up Chapter 326 A Message from the Southwest Chapter 327 Do You Want to Stay Or Not Chapter 328 What Price Chapter 329 The General Trend Will Change Chapter 330 I'll Lend You Something Chapter 331 I'm Here To Experience Chapter 332 Where Is The Gap Chapter 333 All Roads Lead to Rome Chapter 334 Get Dizzy With Success Chapter 335 Independent Sect Chapter 336 Wake Up the Jade Book Chapter 337 Plot Against The World Chapter 338 A Big Lie Chapter 339 Sect Leader Selection Chapter 340 Flawless Chapter 341 Seamless Connection Chapter 342 Sudden Heartache Chapter 343 The Beginning of a Grand Gathering Chapter 344 His Heart Was As Ashen As Ashes Chapter 345 Righteousness Is Aloof Chapter 346 The Position of Sect Master Chapter 347 Changkong Youyu Chapter 348 How To Decide Chapter 349 Yi Baoyun Tian Chapter 350 Xi Yinzhi Asked Chapter 351 Giant Worms Emerge from the Cave Chapter 352 So Cooperate Chapter 353 Absolute Self-Detonation Chapter 354 Go Up Alone Chapter 355 Be Apologetic Chapter 356 Retreat to Guard the Mountain Gate Chapter 357 Sect Master's Dignity Chapter 358 No Retreat, No Rest Chapter 359 Yushu Was Forced Chapter 360 Forcefully Enforce A Position Chapter 361 An Aggravated Crime Chapter 362 Direct Attack Chapter 363 And Kill Chapter 364 Battle Incantation Chapter 365 Second Order Dudou Chapter 366 Array Teleportation Chapter 367 Zhongzhou Continent Chapter 368 See a Town for the First Time Chapter 369 Goujia Pharmacy Chapter 370 Difficult To Treat Chapter 371 The Mysteries Of Qian Chapter 372 Prepare For Auction Chapter 373 Broaden One's Horizons Chapter 374 Go To Purple Sun Chapter 375 Blood Escape Technique Chapter 376 Post-war Harvest Chapter 377 Difficult To Refuse Chapter 378 Courtyard 4 Chapter 379 Provocation Chapter 380 Underground Battle Technique Chapter 381 The Blood Mist Dispersed Chapter 382 Seed Player Chapter 383 A New Dwelling Chapter 384 Traces of Enemies Appearing Again Chapter 385 Pain Of Body Refinement Chapter 386 Fatty On Stage Chapter 387 Buddhist Technique Chapter 388 Simple Primary Chapter 389 Easy Entry Chapter 390 Purple Sun Auction Chapter 391 Begin Bidding Chapter 392 Xiyin Woke Up Chapter 393 Preparation For The Competition Chapter 394 Competition Mystic Realm Chapter 395 A Dangerous Land Chapter 396 The Venom of a Venomous Snake Chapter 397 Ten Days Harvest Chapter 398 Spirit Devouring Aliens Chapter 399 Underground Chase Chapter 400 Cultivators from the Same City Chapter 401 Scramble For The Kernel Chapter 402 The Two of Them Joined Chapter 403 Foreign Cultivator Chapter 404 Difficult Counterattack Chapter 405 Subdue Foreign Insects Chapter 406 Gather Six People Chapter 407 Who Is The Captain Chapter 408 The Benefits of Sword Arts Chapter 409 Arrive at a Secret Realm Chapter 410 Extreme Danger Chapter 411 Mountain Piercing Odd Soul Chapter 412 Prepare To Save Chapter 413 Divination Decides Vicious Auspiciousness Chapter 414 Push Into The Mountains Chapter 415 Two Major Events Chapter 416 Have No Recourse Chapter 417 Strength Rising Again Chapter 418 Heart Seeking Sword Technique Chapter 419 First Appearance Of Fame Chapter 420 Dang Fu Da Bai Chapter 421 Yin And Yang Errors Chapter 422 Three Cultivators Chapter 423 Meteorite Body Secret Realm Chapter 424 Terror Mystic Realm Chapter 425 Xiyin Core Formation Chapter 426 Calamity Of Heart Demons Chapter 427 Illusory Mystic Realm Chapter 428 Another Eight Words Appeared Chapter 429 Year Passed Chapter 430 Divine Court Cave Chapter 431 Corpse Refining Cultivator Chapter 432 To Be Shocked Again Chapter 433 Another Word Chapter 434 Increase One's Strength by Leaps and Bounds Chapter 435 Knowing The Trap Chapter 436 Lose First Chapter 437 Silent Contest Chapter 438 Be Plotted Against Chapter 439 Extremely Stressful Chapter 440 Fatty Venomous Snake Chapter 441 Cosmos And Earth Co-occurrence Chapter 442 Female Cultivator of Yi Sect Chapter 443 The Wind and Clouds Have Risen Chapter 444 People from the Small Island Chapter 445 Go To Move Continent Chapter 446 Gongsun Clan Chapter 447 How To Select Chapter 448 Pledge One's Blood As an Alliance Chapter 449 Advanced Stage Chapter 450 Someone Made An Appointment Chapter 451 Enjoy the Flowers and Listen to the Zither Chapter 452 Unbearable Killing Intent Chapter 453 The Dao Of Snowflakes Chapter 454 What A Coincidence Chapter 455 Arislan Chapter 456 Instantaneous Reversal Chapter 457 Eternal Madness Chapter 458 Seemingly Incomplete Chapter 459 All Kinds of Amorous Feelings Chapter 460 The Might of a Punch Chapter 461 Golden Treasure Leopard Bone Chapter 462 Life And Death Line Chapter 463 Hongyan Jiushui Chapter 464 Kill Nascent Soul Chapter 465 Golden Core Perfection Chapter 466 Be At Your Service Chapter 467 Senior Brother Bo Da Chapter 468 Heart Seal Military Manual