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Almighty Doctor

Almighty Doctor

Author: Wo Shi Fen Nu Genre: Other

Li Huachen is a genius who has been cultivating for years. Ying Ningning is a socialite diva from a fabulously wealthy family. They are from different worlds. But an arranged marriage has forced them together. Could this be the start of something good? Or will Li Huanchen's life change for the worse?

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Chapter List
Chapter 1 Damn Baby Chapter 2 Meet for the First Time Chapter 3 Circular Trap Chapter 4 There Is No Bottom Line in Embarrassment Chapter 5 Break Through the Bottom Line Chapter 6 Rejuvenate Oneself Chapter 7 Gods Battle Armor Chapter 8 It's About Honesty Chapter 9 Clever Rescue Chapter 10 The Cripple Chapter 11 Chameleon Chapter 12 A Cripple's Leg Chapter 13 A Desktop Dilemma Chapter 14 Puzzlement, Puzzlement Chapter 15 Number One on the Beauty Rankings Chapter 16 All-round Beautiful Young Maiden Chapter 17 Perceived Danger Chapter 18 Once Again, He Was Unable to Extricate Himself Chapter 19 Business Is Business Chapter 20 There Is Not a Single Explanation Chapter 21 Plan And Plan Chapter 22 Guild Choice Disorder Chapter 23 The Future Is Dark Chapter 24 Goddess Of Love Chapter 25 Challenge Attack Chapter 26 Things Have Changed Chapter 27 Either Win the Horse Or Lose the Saddle Chapter 28 Something Strange Happened Chapter 29 Divine Assistant Chapter 30 I Don't Want To Chapter 31 Eldest Young Miss Had an Idea Chapter 32 Celebrity Effect Chapter 33 Get Face For Face Chapter 34 Compassion Chapter 35 In A Good Mood Chapter 36 The Gap Between People Chapter 37 Personal Grudge Chapter 38 Who Can Take This Chapter 39 Driving Without A License Chapter 40 That Is to Say, I Don't Understand Chapter 41 Have a Way of Making Money Chapter 42 Less Money Won't Do Chapter 43 Billion Repeater Chapter 44 Position Interchange Chapter 45 Instructor Li Huachen Chapter 46 An Incomprehensible Bizarre Situation Chapter 47 Inch By Inch Chapter 48 Golden Cicada Shell Chapter 49 Wrestling Power Chapter 50 A Furious and Deserving Letter Chapter 51 Distinguished Guest of Ying Manor Chapter 52 A Useless Recipe Chapter 53 Discuss Countermeasures Chapter 54 New Plan Chapter 55 Nightmare Black Cloud Chapter 56 Tyrant Gongyang Song Chapter 57 Life Crisis Chapter 58 At A Critical Moment Chapter 59 Campus King Chapter 60 Genius! ? Artist! ? Tyrant! ? Chapter 61 A Shocking Inside Story Chapter 62 The Price Of Provocation Chapter 63 Gongyang Ge's Endurance Chapter 64 A Confrontation Between Siblings Chapter 65 Blatant Provocation Chapter 66 As Long As There's Meat Chapter 67 Second Time Chapter 68 Don't Hit My Brother Chapter 69 In Exchange For Peace Chapter 70 Return Of The King Chapter 71 Wang's Analysis Chapter 72 It Was Different from What He Had Imagined Chapter 73 It Was Such a Coincidence Chapter 74 Pre-war Information Collation Chapter 75 Make Enemies Everywhere Chapter 76 Meat Is the King's Way Chapter 77 The Advantage of the Eight King Fist Chapter 78 Murder Kills The Heart Chapter 79 Final Stance Chapter 80 Data Is King Chapter 81 Friendship Eaten Chapter 82 Self-Cultivation Of Hot Pot Chapter 83 An Intractable Problem Chapter 84 The God Of Campus Chapter 85 A Stingy Man Chapter 86 An Irresistible Girl Chapter 87 A Sudden Request Chapter 88 Be Disrespectful to One's Old Age Chapter 89 A Corner of a School Uniform Chapter 90 His Footprints Chapter 91 Something Will Happen Sooner Or Later Chapter 92 Screening Procedures Chapter 93 You're In Trouble Chapter 94 Birthday Gift Chapter 95 Lai Qian Dao'er Chapter 96 Defend One's Reputation Chapter 97 Wild Sand Condor Chapter 98 Drop One's Chin Chapter 99 In-depth Review Chapter 100 A Day's Harvest Chapter 101 Cousin Is Reliable Chapter 102 Endless Tribulations Chapter 103 Was It Really You? ! Chapter 104 Investigation And Counter-Reconnaissance Chapter 105 Underground Boxing Field Chapter 106 Sandstorm Chapter 107 Act Recklessly Chapter 108 Invalid Threat Chapter 109 Love At First Sight Chapter 110 People In Jianghu Chapter 111 The Benevolent Have No Enemy Chapter 112 A Painful Cry Chapter 113 True Value Chapter 114 An Encounter Between School Flowers Chapter 115 Whose Mouth Is Tight Chapter 116 Decisive Battle Lightning Chapter 117 Have No Concept of Money Chapter 118 Bai Yu Hui Chapter 119 Five Elements Earth Fiend Formation Chapter 120 Bu Xiang Ancient Tomb Chapter 121 It Was Difficult to Break Through the Array Chapter 122 Disintegration Chapter 123 Tear One's Face Apart Chapter 124 Dark Laws Chapter 125 Life And Death Kill Chapter 126 Battle Armor Divine Might Chapter 127 Professional Physician Chapter 128 Sparrow In The Back Chapter 129 Bathing in a Fire Phoenix Chapter 130 Black Cloud Rebirth Chapter 131 Guanghan Cloak Chapter 132 Alliance Of Gods Chapter 133 High Society Chapter 134 Waiter Chapter 135 Romance Filled The Sky Chapter 136 Priceless Chapter 137 Trouble After Trouble Chapter 138 A Bizarre Table of People Chapter 139 To Intimidate Someone by Flaunting Your Relation Chapter 140 Burning With Jealousy Chapter 141 Sand Sculptures Appear Chapter 142 No Money, No Action Chapter 143 A Dignified Man Chapter 144 The Strongest King Chapter 145 Learn Badly As Soon As Possible Chapter 146 Angels And Devils Chapter 147 Brotherly Affection Chapter 148 Warn People by Taking Oneself As an Example Chapter 149 Flatterer Chapter 150 Rang Men Tian Shu Chapter 151 Accidental Injury Chapter 152 The Head Hit by a Comet Chapter 153 Transformation of Beautiful Young Maiden Chapter 154 There Is Always One Thing to Overcome Another Chapter 155 Enlightenment Chapter 156 Probe Into Chapter 157 Dense Fog Chapter 158 A New Clue Chapter 159 Release Oneself Chapter 160 Fragment Chapter 161 Inexplicable Chapter 162 Mad Dog Mode On Chapter 163 The Art Of Challenging Chapter 164 Isn't It Disgraceful Chapter 165 Refuse To Lead Chapter 166 The Goddess' Mind Chapter 167 Tracking Squad Chapter 168 Shamelessly Wrapped Chapter 169 Approach The Answer Chapter 170 God Of Contribution Chapter 171 Sha Xing Descended Chapter 172 Receive Orders in the Face of Danger Chapter 173 Survival Or Dignity? Chapter 174 Invincible Hero Chapter 175 Black Cloud Force Chapter 176 It's Full Of Questions Chapter 177 People In Jianghu Chapter 178 Involuntarily Chapter 179 It's A Man Chapter 180 Waterfall Entrance Chapter 181 Not A Man Chapter 182 Step-by-Step Plan Chapter 183 Heaven's Descending Wonders Chapter 184 The Scenery Is Boundless Chapter 185 Accidental Enemy Chapter 186 Nightmare Chapter 187 I Can't Take Any of Them with Me Chapter 188 The Green-Robed Old Man Chapter 189 Ordinary Friends Chapter 190 Reluctantly Parting Chapter 191 Growth Chapter 192 Break The News Chapter 193 A World-Shaking Change in Relations Chapter 194 Conspiracy To Kill Chapter 195 What Are You Leaving Behind Chapter 196 You Know Nothing About Power Chapter 197 Circle Kick Formation Chapter 198 Perfectly Matched Chapter 199 Apprentice-apprentice Conversation Chapter 200 Serious Provocation Chapter 201 Nine Lives Demonic Fox Chapter 202 A Man Protected by a Beauty Chapter 203 Twelve Ghosts Chapter 204 Xuni Fourth Young Master Huayu Chapter 205 The Art Of Negotiation Chapter 206 For Dignity Chapter 207 A Heaven-Shaking Battle Chapter 208 Back Pot Man Chapter 209 Major Transformation Chapter 210 Revenge Chapter 211 Fire Sea Survival Chapter 212 Dream Forgetfulness Chapter 213 The Appearance of a Third Party Chapter 214 Low-key Cheating Chapter 215 Stand High And Low Chapter 216 Reinforcements Joined In Chapter 217 Young Master Alliance Chapter 218 Fathers Love Each Other Like Mountains Chapter 219 Daddy Gang Chapter 220 Father And Son Chapter 221 A Safe Haven Chapter 222 Suppression Of Intelligence Quotient Chapter 223 Powerless To Complain Chapter 224 The Price Of Revenge Chapter 225 Minor Testing Knife Chapter 226 Make A Compromise Chapter 227 Acting School Chapter 228 There Is One Who Is Not in a Hurry Chapter 229 Reversal of Heaven and Earth Chapter 230 Berserk Killer God Chapter 231 And Eggs Chapter 232 Tricky Dad Gang Chapter 233 Police Flowers and Her Questions Chapter 234 Number Three Wind Cloud Chapter 235 Four Young Masters Chapter 236 Prison Winds And Clouds Chapter 237 Meet An Old Friend Chapter 238 The Truth Chapter 239 Killing Intent Chapter 240 Copper Hotpot Chapter 241 Hire A Murderer Chapter 242 Civet Cat for Crown Prince Chapter 243 Reversal Of The Situation Chapter 244 Unable To Negotiate Chapter 245 A Life-And-Death Battle Chapter 246 Trap Chapter 247 Different Missions Chapter 248 Fatal Interference Chapter 249 Calamity Star Comes to Your Door Chapter 250 Leng Xinghun Chapter 251 Eighteen Ghost Sword Strikes Chapter 252 Male God Star Soul Chapter 253 Dantian Hundred Losses Chapter 254 Great Humiliation Chapter 255 Calamity Star Comes to Your Door Chapter 256 Shut The Fuck Up Chapter 257 Compete Among Experts Chapter 258 Lightning Accident Chapter 259 Young Swordsman Chapter 260 A Disappointed Youth Chapter 261 Ten Beliefs Chapter 262 A Beauty's Temper Chapter 263 Romantic Car Accident Chapter 264 Be Overwhelmed With Jealousy Chapter 265 Intentionally Or Unintentionally Chapter 266 Saito Realm Chapter 267 Steel Cage Chapter 268 It Is Difficult to Fly with Wings Inserted Chapter 269 Utilization Chapter 270 Ancient Legends Chapter 271 The Plot Is Bizarre Chapter 272 The Truth Chapter 273 People Like Me Chapter 274 Peace And Love Chapter 275 Xiaoxiao Xiaoxi Chapter 276 Plan Start Chapter 277 Split Up Chapter 278 Great Ninja Alliance Chapter 279 Hang By A Thread Chapter 280 Different Ideas Chapter 281 Coastal Thunderbolt Chapter 282 Fish Out of the Net Chapter 283 Torture Severely Chapter 284 Young Maiden's Worries Chapter 285 Tiger Acupoint Dragon Pond Chapter 286 Triumph Chapter 287 God's Perspective Chapter 288 Bad Commander Chapter 289 The Old Marshal Took Action Chapter 290 Assassination Chapter 291 Suppression Of Intelligence Quotient Chapter 292 Empty-handed Chapter 293 Poor Trabecula Chapter 294 A Fair Duel Chapter 295 Growth Chapter 296 Cross In Pairs Chapter 297 Stand Firm Chapter 298 Heavenly Chosen Person Chapter 299 Goddess Mission Chapter 300 Lose in the First Battle Chapter 301 An Impending Catastrophe Chapter 302 Guilt Chapter 303 Tianrang Chapter 304 Mantis Catching Cicada Chapter 305 The Wither of a Family Chapter 306 The Last Madness Chapter 307 Burning With Jealousy Chapter 308 Shit Stirring Stick Chapter 309 It's A Talent Chapter 310 A Scuffle Between the Dragon and Tiger List Chapter 311 The New King Ascended to the Throne Chapter 312 The Crown Prince Arrived Chapter 313 Beizhan Capital Chapter 314 The Strange King Chapter 315 Companion Teacher Chapter 316 Wen Cheng San Fist Chapter 317 Long Shengjiuzi Chapter 318 Master And Disciple Chapter 319 Lonemoon Chapter 320 Herd of Heroes Chasing After Deer Chapter 321 Deceive The Little Princess Chapter 322 Friendly Enough Chapter 323 The Humiliation of a Lamb Chapter 324 An Unlucky Patch Chapter 325 Waves Of Strange Clouds Chapter 326 The King's Mission Chapter 327 Punishment And Reward Chapter 328 Martial Idiot Chapter 329 Irregular Chapter 330 To Enjoy Others' Misfortunes Chapter 331 Peerless Expert Chapter 332 Golden Orchid Of Yijie Chapter 333 Alchemist Weng's Whereabouts Chapter 334 Your Majesty Chapter 335 Night Visit to Martial Arts Mountain Chapter 336 Don't Want to Grow Up Chapter 337 Chaotic Relationship Chapter 338 Make a Series of Attacks Chapter 339 Seemingly Divorced Chapter 340 Day Of Escape Chapter 341 It 's Hard Not to Have Money Chapter 342 The Hooligans Ran into Bandits Chapter 343 Return of an Old Friend Chapter 344 Xu Ni Situation Chapter 345 Bastard Li Huachen Chapter 346 We Need to Be Clear Chapter 347 Difficult To Speak Chapter 348 Wound Parting Chapter 349 Everyone Is Happy Chapter 350 Enemy Gathering Chapter 351 Violent Loli Chapter 352 The Key to the Battle Chapter 353 War Clan Golden Body Chapter 354 It Is Rare to Meet a Hermit Chapter 355 A Secret Meeting Chapter 356 Know One's Surroundings Chapter 357 Deception Chapter 358 Ambition Chapter 359 Contradiction Chapter 360 Grandmaster And Loli Chapter 361 Peak Battle Chapter 362 Alliance Support Chapter 363 Big Brother Northeast Chapter 364 Accidental Visitor Chapter 365 Human Fairy Chapter 366 Group Rage Chapter 367 Taishan Beidou Chapter 368 Wonderful People and Wonderful Things Chapter 369 Master Teacher Inferior Apprentice Chapter 370 A Mortal Chapter 371 A Near-Death Solution Chapter 372 Bad News Chapter 373 He Had Already Entered the Devil Dao Chapter 374 False Imperial Edict Chapter 375 The Last Madness Chapter 376 Lost Everything Chapter 377 Stand Up For Righteousness Chapter 378 Power Of Gods Chapter 379 Battlefield Favors Chapter 380 Dog Walking Tactics Chapter 381 The Man Who Shattered His Ambitions Chapter 382 Risk Everything Chapter 383 Post-war Doubts Chapter 384 Kill And Punish Chapter 385 Well-deserved Rewards And Punishments Chapter 386 Return With Fame Chapter 387 Immortal Fighting Chapter 388 Forgiveness Of Life Chapter 389 A Man Of Destiny Chapter 390 The Smartest Li Jian Chapter 391 Deprive Of Hope Chapter 392 Battle Armor Famous Chapter 393 Star Soul Heavenly Ascension Chapter 394 Black Clouds Crushing the City Chapter 395 Undercurrent Surge Chapter 396 Calamity Star Comes to Your Door Chapter 397 Black Cloud Barrier Chapter 398 Undying Without End Chapter 399 Two Barriers Chapter 400 Rang Men Tian Shu Chapter 401 The Ninth Prince Chapter 402 Retreat Path Chapter 403 Master Teacher and Expert Apprentice Chapter 404 Heart Jade Lake Chapter 405 King Loneliness Chapter 406 Autarch Expert Stupid Chapter 407 Fool Grandpa Chapter 408 A Man Of Merit Chapter 409 Borrowing Driver Chapter 410 Kicking in Circles and Beating Cattle Across the Chapter 411 Electric Efficiency Chapter 412 Message Not In Place Chapter 413 Two Fists Are Hard to Defeat Eight Hands Chapter 414 The Threat of Soft Weapons Chapter 415 An Expert in Soft Weapons Chapter 416 Divine Artifact Unsolvable Chapter 417 Open-hanging Protagonist Chapter 418 Who Is the Most Handsome Person Chapter 419 Context Chapter 420 The Blood Is Still Not Cold Chapter 421 Measure For Measure Chapter 422 Reunion Of Old Friends Chapter 423 Commitment Chapter 424 Make an Empty Show of Strength Chapter 425 One-handed Doorway Chapter 426 Jittery Chapter 427 Forgive Me for Obeying Orders Chapter 428 Not A Miracle Chapter 429 After a Storm Comes Calm Chapter 430 Come in a Continuous Stream Chapter 431 Brotherly Confrontation Chapter 432 Leng Clan Nebula Chapter 433 Selfishness Chapter 434 Entanglement Chapter 435 Venomous Hand Chapter 436 Brother Huo Bing Chapter 437 Binary Phase Chapter 438 Dragon Separation Eight Immortals Chapter 439 Father And Son Chapter 440 Explicit Order Chapter 441 Inhibition Curse Chapter 442 Kou Yi Is a Wise Man Chapter 443 The Crown Prince Offered Treasures Chapter 444 Magnanimous Brushwork Chapter 445 Not Very Popular Chapter 446 Obstruct In Every Way Chapter 447 The Benefits of Establishing a Manor Chapter 448 A Front Chapter 449 Master, Show Your Might Chapter 450 Be Half-Dead With Rage Chapter 451 Dark Clouds Enveloped Chapter 452 Who Is This Person Chapter 453 Contingency Chapter 454 Romance of the Three Kingdoms Chapter 455 Pull Back A City Chapter 456 Negotiating Techniques Chapter 457 Bad Things Turn into Good Things Chapter 458 Flattery Is Not Worn Chapter 459 New Home Inaugurated Chapter 460 Staffing Chapter 461 The Stakes Are High Chapter 462 Go on the Road Alone