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A worn-out reporter stumbles upon a shocking conversation. Its contents will scandalize the world if uncovered. With a heart newly-reignited with journalistic passion, she puts her life on the line to deliver the truth to the people.
I hate it! I don’t want to be reborn! This sucks!! Take me back! Kas had her share of troubles in life. She had problems, and sometimes the day was down right horrible. But it wasn’t too bad either. At least, now that she got a job and can enjoy university-free life. Life is good.
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"Hmmm...Since you carried me out of the house, you should naturally carry me back in. Thinking of escaping the responsibility for your actions? That's wicked." He grinned. "Aye, love, I am so wicked. But only for you."
- Why offer someone a drink, if you can buy them a book? - You really like books, don’t you? - Have you ever seen it screaming ‘Two-timer!!” at you when you put it aside and start reading another one? - Good luck dating a book then. .............................. If you're into stories with shameless main characters, then luck is on your side today. Because here, the main cast is totally bad, hoho. Sure thing, Alfred can be called a playboy, but can he keep up with our female lead? After all, she's like a cactus, not letting any of his compliments close to heart. At the same time, he's melting like butter in her hands. So, is this love? ..............................
The newest chapter:暂无章节更新