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After?Ellen lost the duel, she suddenly could not leave the game.? She moved her fingers around the interface and?attempted to?contact?support, but failed. Ella stormed out of her?resurrection?point. Infuriated because she had nothing to cover herself with, she headed towards the marketplace.? After exploring, she bumped into a few NPCs, but found no players, and she had no money to buy clothes...
The newest chapter: 34 Tempering 3.5
A moments anger can end it all.
The newest chapter: 1 Pointless Death
Not a Naruto Fan-Fic, and 100% not a goofy novel, maybe a little... MC is Itachi's adopted son. Will follow the major plotline. I love Ten-Ten, just a little. Ok, maybe a little too much. Want to know more about the Goddess? Read the novel. =]
The newest chapter: 7 Tenten I have a sister